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Our 10th episode features an authentic conversation with KnowledgeWorkx’s founder and International Director, Marco Blankenburgh. Shelley Reinhart, KWx's Global Network Liaison, conducts this engaging interview. She asks Marco about his childhood in the Netherlands, his service in the Dutch Special Forces, his love of plants, and the story of the creation of KnowledgeWorkx. Listen to Marco's journey and how his interactions with culture gave birth to a desire to create cultural tools to help everyone navigate the cultural complexities in our global world. Marco and Shelley go on to discuss the impact that the Inter-Cultural Intelligence Framework has in their own lives and in the world around them. Don't miss this fascinating conversation!Learn how you can become a Certified Inter-Cultural Intelligence Practitioner here:   | In this episode, you will learn -- The story of the birth of KnowledgeWorkx;The beauty of each of the three colors of worldview;The impact understanding intercultural intelligence has on how we engage our worlds;| Articles: - Three Colors of Worldview ( Discovering the Power-Fear Cultural Paradigm ( How We Created an Inter-Culturally Intelligent Office Space ( Brought to you by KnowledgeWorkx
Join Ming-Jinn Tong, Andy Gray, and Marco as they unpack how cultural agility is building exciting new bridges in racial equity and diversity and inclusion work in Minneapolis. Ming-Jinn Tong is a Certified Intercultural Intelligence Practitioner and owner of Cultivate, specialty consultation firm helping companies connect better across cultures. As an amateur chef, Ming-Jinn likes to equate culture with a good meal. He loves everything about culture. The flavors, the textures, the colors, the sights, the smells. He sees culture everywhere and is eager to engage with it. Find out more about his work at meetcultivate.comAndy Gray is the Executive Director of Catalyst for Harmony. Teaming empathy, truth, understanding, candor, and compassion together, his disarming approach to navigating difficult matters has served as a catalyst to build bridges of hope and oneness.In this episode you will learn --  What culture has to do with racial equity and DEI work;How to build safe communities where challenging racial and cultural topics are discussed; How to use cultural agility to build bridges in diversity, equity, and inclusion; | Articles: -- Unity in Diversity in Your Organization ( The Key to Unlock Success in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives ( Better Conversations, Smarter Questions, and More Listening ( Brought to you by KnowledgeWorkx
Join Nic Labuschagne and Marco as they explore how cultural agility helps you adapt communication to fit audiences from many different cultures. Nic Labuschagne is a senior director of strategy at APCO Worldwide and is based in Dubai. He is a communications strategist with over 30 years’ experience in helping governments and organisations in emerging markets (Middle East and Africa), to successfully and sustainably manage reputational risk. At APCO, Mr. Labuschagne leads the Crisis and Sustainability practices, providing communications strategy, issue, crisis and change management advice, and communication capacity building to corporate and government clients.  Prior to joining APCO, Mr. Labuschagne was a senior advisor to the Office of Government Communications of the Abu Dhabi Government. Before that he was seconded to Brand Dubai in 2006 to manage a series of politically sensitive issues that were negatively impacting the reputation of Dubai. In this episode you will learn --  How cultural agility helps us understand why people say and do the things they do; How to create simple and effective culturally aware crisis protocols;  Using cultural agility to better brief, give feedback, and behave under stress to those we work with; | Articles: -- Creating Messaging that Resonates Across Cultures ( Better Conversations, Smarter Questions, and More Listening ( Brought to you by
Join, Learning and Development Professional and Certified Intercultural Coach Kerry Lee, as she and Marco explore how we position ourselves and our ideas in a way that connects across cultures.Kerry is a life-long learner with an insatiable curiosity about people, potential, and cultures. She works with individuals and teams to develop their potential through coaching and customized learning experience design by embracing the unique genius of each individual.In this episode you will learn: -- How to design culturally agile trainings that draw out people in their differences. -- How to create safe learning spaces where people feel culturally included. -- How to meet a coachee in a culturally agile way by examining the lens your questions are coming through. Join our upcoming webinar to learn how to slow your responses in coaching here (| Articles:-- Intercultural Mindfulness in Coaching ( -- Creating a Third Cultural Space ("Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid"Brought to you by
Join Michael and Shelley as they explore the ways teachers, parents, and school administrators can transform their schools and classrooms into culturally inclusive spaces. Michael Bartlett is the Head of School Partnerships at Suraasa. He has founded schools, served as an executive school principal, and consulted for international schools around the UAE. Shelley Reinhart is the Director of Knowledgeworkx Education. She has twenty years of teaching experience and loves weaving cultural agility and educational instruction together, equipping teachers to connect with their students.Learn more about how you transform educational spaces with Cultural Agility at:  www.knowledgeworkx.educationIn this episode you will learn:     - How to use Cultural Agility to better understand students, parents, and colleagues.      - How to create inclusive classrooms by understanding how worldviews shape your students.      - Why Cultural Agility helps schools not only retain teachers but also attract students. Deeper Reading:Defining values and value behaviors that resonate across cultures ( What Does It Mean to Be a Third Culture Kid? (  From the Innate to the Intellectual: An Inter-Cultural Intelligence Practitioner’s Story ( Follow KnowledgeWorkx Education on Facebook and Instagram
Listen to stories of three Third Culture Kids (TCKs) growing up outside their home country, with all the challenges and amazing opportunities that come with it. - Ahmed: Born and raised in Dubai, Ahmed’s home country is Tanzania. He is currently studying at the University of Toronto. - Maggie: Born in Maryland, USA, Maggie moved to Dubai as a young teen. She studied Human Services at York College in Pennsylvania, and currently is living and working in Delaware, USA. - Helen: Born and raised in the UAE with a Dutch dad and a South African mom, she is currently in her first year at the University College Roosevelt in the Netherlands. Unpacking their experiences alongside them is Shelley Reinhart, Director of KnowledgeWorkx Education, who loves weaving cultural agility and education together to help teachers connect with their students. You want to learn more about Third Culture Kids go to www.knowledgeworkx.educationListen as these young Inter-Cultural Intelligence Certified Practitioners share their deep insight on cultural agility.  Are you TCK? Apply for a scholarship to develop your own cultural agility here --- ---| In this bonus episode on Third Culture Kids you will hear:     - The stories of three distinct TCKs using cultural agility to enter diverse careers.     -  Ways culture affects both teachers and students.     - Tools for understanding others regardless of ethnicity and nationality. Deeper Reading:-- Wandering the World - A Hopeful Tale ( -- --  -- Brought to you by
Join Chris and Marco as they explore the gifts and challenges unique to Third Culture Kids and how those parallel the realities of our globalized world. With his characteristic wit and engaging storytelling, Chris brings the intuitive into the intellectual so that we can all benefit from a shared language around our experiences. Christopher O'Shaughnessy is a speaker, comedian, and author who “gets to fly around and chat for a living.” He is a global expert on Third Culture Kids and speaks around the world about cross-cultural skills, Third Culture Kids, identity, belonging, and change management. If you are interested in bringing some of these skills into your school, you can see an array of available workshops offered by KnowledgeWorkx Education and Christopher O’Shaughnessy at .Learn more about Christopher O’ Shaughnessy at: . Listen to his humorous and insightful podcast “Diesel and Clooney Unpack the World” found at: .Read His Book: Arrivals, Departures and the Adventures In-Between By Christopher O'Shaughnessy .In this episode you will learn--  What is a Third Culture Kid;  What we can learn from TCKs about our global world;  How to take our intuitive experiences and share them; | Articles: -- -- -- Brought to you by
Join Apollo Perelini and Marco as they explore the bridge building power of rugby across cultures. Apollo Perelini is a former professional dual-code international rugby union and rugby league footballer. Now he is the High Performance Manager of the United Arab Emirates’ Rugby Federation. In 2021, he organized the first ever friendly match with the national rugby teams of Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Learn more about Apollo’s work at In this episode, you will learn about--  The role culture plays in sports: from the players’ culture they bring with them, to the team culture they join, to the culture of the sport as a whole.  What being a high-performance team really means.  How sports can be used to bridge the most divisive cultural gaps. | Articles---- -- -- Brought to you by
Join Corrina Cross as she explores how understanding empathy, personality, and intercultural wiring helps managers create powerfully productive teams. Corrina is a People Skills Consultant and Lead Facilitator at The People People.  She has been in Dubai for 27 years and in the middle east for many more years. She helps business owners and managers improve teamwork, increase productivity and reduce turnover through learning and development solutions. Her intercultural background inspires and intrigues.  Examine the depth of self-culture with her as she connects it to everything from corporate teams to mothers-in-law. | You will learn about: How empathy, personality, and cultural agility combine to create effective teams.  How to engage in this new world without borders. The role that people skills will play in a future alongside Artificial Intelligence. Learn more about the work Corrina is doing at  | Articles-- Two Spotlights for Illuminating Human Behavior (  Are You Equipped for Relational Success in a Global World? (  Motivating My Team... "The Inter-Cultural Manager" (  -- Brought to you by
Join Paul and Matt, leaders in coaching as they talk with Marco about the intersection of culture and coaching. Along the way, they share their own personal experiences in intercultural marriages and intercultural work environments. Matt is an internationally credentialed coach of 10 years experience, founder of North Point, and a past president of the Dubai chapter of the International Coach Federation. Paul’s career as an executive coach and chartered accountant spans more than 28 years working in personal & organizational change, sales, leadership, conflict management, financial planning & analysis, system implementation, and project management. He works with clients ranging from Chief Executives to high potential talent and entrepreneurs.You will learn about--  The intersection of culture and coaching.  How managers can become better leaders through an understanding of Inter-Cultural Intelligence and coaching.  How being anchored in your understanding of who you are, and your own culture helps you engage intercultural.  How to create safe intercultural spaces where your staff is empowered. -- Learn more about the Certificate in Intercultural Coaching at| Articles-- -- Brought to you by
Dive in with Linda Berlot— Entrepreneur, Executive, and Certified Team Coach. She is the owner of an International Team Coaching Practice and an ICF accredited coach training school that provides professional and personal development for multicultural executives in the field of team dynamics and change management. Listen as she shares her story as a uniquely wired cultural human being. They will not just talk about the “what” of differences, but will go deeper and explore the “why.”  You will learn about-- Creating a third cultural space.   Looking at culture from an individual perspective versus a national perspective.   Cultural and system dynamics on teams.   Self-Cultural Analysis  Get in touch with Linda Berlot at | Articles-- Culture Made Practical: Self Cultural Analysis ( Creating the Multiplier Effect On Your Team Using Systems Thinking (  What Does it Mean to be a TCK (  -- Brought to you by



Get ready to meet some of the most advanced Intercultural practitioners from around the world. Join Marco Blankenburgh, International Director of KnowledgeWorkx, who has been equipping people with cultural agility for over 25 years. Along the way, you will gain cultural insights that will help you find relational success in our globally diverse world. 
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