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The Season of You Talkshow

The Season of You Talkshow

Author: Meagan Herself

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You know what season it is? The season of YOU, that's right! Meagan will talk all things putting yourself first, creating space for you, rediscovering who you are and what ever else her ADHD mind throws in. In this space, therapy is normal, mental health is a real priority and growing is an every day thing. Join Meagan and step into your season of YOU!
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Meagan has been juggling a lot of craziness and in the midst of the craziness, she was able to witness a beautiful unfolding within her life. She challenges YOU to do the same with something you are passionate within YOUR life! 
On today's episode, we have guest Hannah Rose. Hannah gets vulnerable and walks us through her season of dancing within strip clubs, idolizing money, men, and drugs, and leaving it all behind to fully walk with God. Hannah shares how her first YES, lead her into a lifestyle that continued to impact her for eight years. Hannah shares how she is all in on Jesus, and what it took for her to get there. Enjoy this real and honest conversation, and tag us and let us know you listened! Follow Hannah: Follow Meagan:
Have you ever gone to the store and then wanted to cry the second you couldn't zip the zipper? Have you decided that you just weren't going to eat because the number on the tag was too high and you needed to squish your body isn't a smaller size to follow suit with the number you've always been? If so this episode is for you. Meagan shares a recent experience jean shopping and a checklist you can do before, during and after your shopping experience. Follow Meagan on the gram:
Meagan has been alchol-less for about 9 years. She has been through many phases of sobriety and now she is at a healthy balance of living life to alcohol ratio. If you are just starting out, knowing your why behind cutting down alcohol, will make the biggest difference between sticking to your guns through the process. When you respect your boundaries, you respect yourself. 
Adult friendships are HARD and no one is talking about it. Lo joined the podcast today to work through and have some hard conversations about letting go of friendships that are no longer bringing life and joy into your life. Follow Lo:
Meagan speaks straight from her heart on this one. Holidays can feel like you are a moving target waiting to get hit and knocked down. The hope is this episode eases the worry, anxiety and uneasiness in your heart and mind today and this holiday season! 
Making friendships as an adult is hard. Here are my top tips to making adult friendships and navigating the limited time and the inevitable disappointment that comes with making new friendship and putting yourself out there. GIVE YOURSELF & THE OTHER HUMAN GRACE! Exciting news- There will be a new episode of the podcast every day from December 1-25th celebrating 25 days of Podmas! Subscribe on Twitch:
These is no shame in being single. You are allowed to experience and grow through all different seasons of life. Singleness has taught Meagan so many things and continues to do so. Boundaries within your own heart, understanding who you are and how you experience Joy is SO important. Meagan wants you to know you are not alone. You are not broken. You are allowed this season. Make the MOST of this season and truly know deep deep down that you are whole, perfect and complete without any other human! PERIOD. Connect with Meagan:
Belonging can feel like the scariest thing ever. But I challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone and try new community oriented things and BE YOU while doing it. You can do so much more surrounded by people supporting you than you can do long term alone 💛💛💛 Tag me in your pic @meaganherself on the gram! 
Cole is an instagram queen, an MLM leader and a lover of trash TV. She serves up some realness on how to navigate working full time, going to school, having a side hustle and having a social life. We talk about mocktails and making moves and I hope that you can see yourself in these stories and hope that we become your new BFFS for the next 42 minutes! Follow Nicole: Buy A Lumi:
In this episode of the season of you talkshow Meagan dives into her experience as a new believer in church. Meagan is so grateful that one person's yes to preach the gospel in a way that speaks to where she is at, cultural references and just the right amount of beyonce lyrics said YES, because it allowed her to experience Jesus. Meagan goes into the awkward, the uhhhhhhs and the amazing things that can take place in the house of God. Of course Meagan's life can't be simple, because the church she loves in 3,000 miles away. This podcast was recorded in Meagan's hotel room after attending the 4th birthday party at TFH/OC. Meagan still looks like bambi learning how to walk, but there are certain things that have without a shadow of a doubt shifted within her life in the last year of welcoming Jesus in. Meagan never wants you to feel alone or like you don't belong because YOU DO FO SHO! This is a real and honest experience as someone who is still a faith baby navigating the thing. Look up Bianca Olthoff on Youtube, buy her book on Amazon, run it up.
It's funny how life plays out. You go in search of one thing and realize that what you end up leaving with is something completely different. That is how Meagan's birthday went, she went in wanting to rewrite the story surrounding that day and she came out with a completely different take away one that changed the way she lives her life moving forward. Please vote if you want to do it LIVE and you would show up and hang out on twicth and have conversations and enjoy a sense of community! 
Ep. 49| Faith Baby

Ep. 49| Faith Baby


It's my Jesus birthday! It was 365 days ago when Jesus moonwalked into my life. In so many ways my life has changed. I am beyond grateful every day that I was invited to the dance party to spend my life dancing and building a relationship with Jesus. I hope this takes away some fears around following Jesus and stepping into a life filled with peace and possibility. Shout out to Bianca Olthoff for doing what she's doing, and being a vessel for Jesus in such magical ways 🤍 Buy Bianca's Books: Undaunted by Christine Caine: You Got This Devotional: Positivity Scripture Cards:
I don't know who needs this, but if you are called to do something, stop wishing and wanting to do something and DO IT. Even if no one claps. Even if at first no one buys. If it is what God put you on this planet to do. Keep going. Start acting. If you know a girl in middle school or high school, share the PG Meagy B with them: Join August Hype Club: I am so grateful for everyone who listens, shares and allows me to be a part of their day 💛
Ep. 46 | We Out Here

Ep. 46 | We Out Here


Coming to you live from my car, hot off a car test drive to tell you YOU CAN DO THE HARD THUNGS. Stop holding so much shame around things that you have yet to do. I know the feeling of being inadequate pops up far too often, so let's squash it together. Also, don't test drive cars that smell bad 😭🥲👏 I also came back and added an extension of how everything eventually worked out.
Bad day? Struggling? Feeling alone? I wanted to create this episode where you could come back to over and over to hear the amazing words of Ruby Jones and her book.
Shohreh Davoodi is a true leader in her expertise, she is the lesbian queen of the internet who helps queers come home to themselves. This conversation on sexuality, self trust and values is one that everyone can take something away from. If you have been struggling to face hard truths within your life, this episode may allow you to take one step closer to breaking free from the chains that keep you stuck.  Follow Shohreh on instagram: Connect Further with Shohreh: If you are interested in my unchained coaching container, slide into my dms:
Ep. 42| Flakey People

Ep. 42| Flakey People


We all have flakey people in our lives. It's the hard part to swallow that the reason they are still in our lives is because we are not kicking them out. Relationships take two to tango. One person putting in all the effort trying to keep this ship afloat, is NOT going to work no matter how hard they try. In this episode I share an actionable talk track you can use to have hard conversations with the flickety flakes in your life. If you are interested in my unchained coaching container, slide into my dms:
I got real, raw and vulnerable and truthfully I am done hiding myself and what I am here to do. It has come up so much in the last few weeks that I need to trust myself, trust God and fully step into this next season. If you are this woman and you want to break free of the chains that are weighing you down, send me an email and let's connect further. Email 
Julia Rene is an IFBB Wellness Pro, which means she is a bad ass body builder. My goal is that you get lost in this conversation and leave feeling that you can do whatever your heart is drawn to. This is a real conversation about how pivoting and completely changing who you are and what yours goals look like is 100% okay. Julia is a breath of fresh air and definitely NOT wallpaper. Know Your Power Journal: Instagram: Youtube: Connect with me on the gram: