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Studio KOHLER Presents: By Design

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Erin Lilly, KOHLER Design Studio Manager, speaks with global architects and designers about the ideas that are shaping the spaces in which we spend our time. In our first season, we explore the Dimensions of Wellbeing, which contends that design is foundational to wellbeing (and vice versa).
7 Episodes
Hosted by Debbie Millman featuring guests Claire Weisz, Founding Principal of WXY, Jonathan Cropper, Managing Partner and Founder of Futurlogic, and Laura Kohler, SVP – HR, Stewardship & Sustainability at Kohler Co., this episodes explores how designers can reimagine and reinvigorate conversations around sustainability to lead radical change.
Hosted by Debbie Millman with guests Laura Kohler, SVP – HR, Stewardship & Sustainability at Kohler Co., and Suchi Reddy, Founder of Reddymade Architecture & Design, this discussion centers on design led by style and design led by feeling, and how thoughtfully designed spaces impact mental health.
Hosted by Debbie Millman with Michael Chen, Principal of Michael K. Chen Architecture and Co-Founder of Design Advocates, and Walei Sabry, Digital Accessibility of NYC Department of Information Technology and Telecommunication, this conversation focuses on issues around inclusive design and innovative design strategies that can reshape the way we navigate our city.
Casey Flanagan – Kohler’s Director of Brand Strategy and Consumer Insights – joins Erin for a look back at season 1 of Studio KOHLER Presents: By Design. They discuss the value of shared understanding, the “zeitgistiness” of Wellness Architecture, and the widespread benefits of designing for differences.
Veronica Schreibeis Smith – Founding Principal of Vera Iconica Architecture and Chair of the Wellness Architecture Initiative at the Global Wellness Institute – joins us to talk about designing buildings that promote health and wellbeing. We start with Vera Iconica’s Wellness Kitchen, and the ways in which kitchen design can promote healthier eating habits. Erin and Veronica then discuss well-washing, and Veronica shares the top three architectural factors influencing our wellbeing.
William Paley – Creative Director for tonychi studio in New York City – joins us to discuss the relationship between invisible design and wellbeing. The conversation starts with a dive into Bill’s unique and fascinating background.  Bill then shares his take on tonychi studio’s renowned philosophy of invisible design. Erin and Bill discuss the relationship between wellness, unwellness, and architecture.  They then talk about how tonychi studio – whose most notable projects are in hospitality and commercial design – approach residential design. Finally, we share some suggestions for delivering the Dimensions of Wellbeing in your next project.  Learn more about the Dimensions of Wellbeing and KOHLER’s past Perspectives of the Year at 
Komal Kotwal – Sustainable Design Leader for Health, Wellbeing and Equity at HOK in Houston, Texas – joins us to discuss what it means to design workplaces with inclusion in mind. The conversation starts with a look at Komal’s research into designing offices for the neurodiverse. Erin and Komal then discuss a sensory framework for design. We explore some different ways to think about productivity and flexibility.  And finally, Komal considers what a post-pandemic office might look like. Learn more about the Dimensions of Wellbeing and KOHLER’s past Perspectives of the Year at 
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