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Have you ever been ghosted? Have you ever been reprimanded in front of a client? It doesn't feel good, does it? How you treat others goes a long way and other people notice how you handle these awkward situations.Support the show
Kim Nelson is the owner of QC Fuel, a series of drive-thru coffee shops in the Quad Cities. Support the show
The best stories are told by the Greatest Generation and the Boomers. The is an art to storytelling and those older generations had it. This is a story I'd like to share with you. It's one of my favorites. Support the show
Daniel is a regular contributor to and the owner of Quest Education, a company that helps entrepreneurs obtain capital for their companies, pay off high-interest debt, and use self-directed retirement accounts to invest in alternative assets. With over 10 years of educating small business owners, Daniel has a knack for helping individuals get creative with their finances, which leads to life-changing results. Under Daniel’s leadership, Quest Education has reached the 7-figure mark two years in a row with a thousand customers throughout the United States. His book B.L.U.E. PRINT to Your Best Retirement is an Amazon Best Seller. He also hosts the podcast, “How Winners Win” with Keitoh Spears.Support the show
Have you ever felt overwhelmed or that you don't have control of a situation? You always have power in the next choice you make. Support the show (
Darrin Charles and I chat about what it was like being drafted in the NFL, and afterward how he saw that when a player’s athletic days were behind him there was a significant drop-off in life success. He speaks to former athletes about revisiting a second, third, or fourth dream and transitioning from the game of sports to the game of life by sharing his athletic and life journey.Support the show (
Do you know your worth? Should you rely on others for your mental image of your self worth? You can discover your worth in these ways.Support the show (
In this episode, I chat with Life Coach, Kimberley Houghton. We discuss what put her on the road to becoming a Co-Active Life Coach, why she created her passion project, Wild Women Within Project, and how we can get our inner critic under control.Support the show
When  you hold that baby in your arms you have all sorts of expectations for that child. But what if  you're thrown a curve ball and realize that those expectations won't happen because of a disease or condition? How do you navigate that new world? And what you can do for a parent or caregiver of someone on the Autism spectrum.Support the show (
Arnab Sinha is a copywriter helping Wellness professionals scale their brand with email copywriting. We chat about his health journey, the realizations he had after living a monastic life for 9 months, how important mentorship is, and he gives us tips on how to write successful copy.Support the show (
Every year my mother has to tell me the story of my birth. She doesn't think it was traumatic, but the fact that she tells me every year about it tells me that it was for her. Trauma can be suppressed and expressed in many ways.Support the show (
Denise Hnytka is an evening anchor for WQAD and the host of the "On a Mother Level" podcast. We chat about what event influenced her to become a journalist, why she created the podcast "On A Mother Level," and what advice she would give young people going into journalism today. Support the show (
You're getting older and realizing that you may have hit middle age or are in that autumn of life. Do you feel relevant? Do you still have something to share and do the younger people care about what you think or say? You bet they do!Support the show
Lisa Weinert is a certified running coach, personal trainer and yoga instructor and is the owner of RunFitYoga in Georgia. She is certified in Functional Movement Assessment. Lisa designs custom plans for clients to regain their health and refers clients if they need additional services such as chiropractic care, massage therapy, etc.Support the show (
We hear the term "Holding Space" a lot nowadays. What does it mean? Can anyone do it? And what does it have to do with onions? Support the show (
Jim and I chat about who and what influenced him to become a pharmacist, the personal reward of compounding medication for individuals and animals, and the importance of Vitamin D.Support the show (
Are you happy all of the time? We are constantly being told that we should be happy all of the time. If we aren’t then something is wrong with us. How can we get the happiness we want?Support the show (
Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, Heather Honig Schwenneker works on developing leaders by integrating data from different sources like surveys and assessments. She helps individuals and groups see the patterns in the data and inspire them to action. Heather helps individuals sort out their thoughts, sift through the data, develop goals, and the steps they need to take to achieve them.Support the show (
Thinking of giving up on those resolutions already? Let me show you how to tweak them so you can meet your goals!Support the show (
I chat with science fiction author, Mark McLaughlin. We discuss where he found his love for writing, should you self-publish or not, and where he finds his inspiration for his stories. Support the show (
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