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Tired of the same old, same old? Money + technology + consciousness = impact! Thirsty for inspiration on how to change the systems to support flourishing for people and the planet? Hungry to feed your mind with new ideas? Well, listen up while we introduce you to some of the greatest minds changing the world as we know it. Twice a month Host Kate Byrne will bring to you Rebels with a Purpose by KatapultX to open your mind to new ways of thinking, doing, financing, and being. We will address the impact ecosystem in its entirety. Better yet, each episode provides actions to take, so you can walk the talk! Produced by African Tech Roundup
21 Episodes
Are we on track to meet the scale of system change needed to get anywhere close to a 1.5-degree world? We produce 50 billion tons of Co2 each year, or 6-7 tons per capita per year - that's 100x more than the average person’s body weight! What will it take to get to Net Zero?In this episode, Jeremy Oppenheim from SystemIQ and Paul van Zyl from The Conduit discuss the three key things we need to achieve before we should even begin to talk about carbon removal, namely - electrifying the global economy with clean energy,shifting land use from feeding ourselves to regeneration and the restoration of natural resources, andhalving our material consumption.The two also share insights on what technology, capital, and policy we need in place in order to get there. Tune in to learn more! Episode guests: Jeremy Oppenheim from SystemIQPaul van Zyl from The ConduitEpisode references: Jamie ArbibKFF22 opening ft. Jamie ArbibHosted by Kate Byrne Produced by African Tech
Gifted author, social critic and women’s advocate, Minna Salami shares her theory and solution for what needs to take place for successful systems change. Prepare to learn about Systems Change from the place of 3 key powers - the freeing power of the outsider, the hidden power of the insider, and the healing power of multi perspectives and how to solve the key pains from which the world suffers.Episode guest: Minna Salami - brought to us by our partner and supporter, BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt Hosted by Kate ByrneProduced by African Tech
Prepare to be inspired and ignited into action after listening to the stories and wisdom that our hosts Kate Byrne and Lynn Casey gleaned from this powerhouse female panel - Julia Zhou (Tidal Impact), Fatema Hamdani (KH Aerospace), and Susie Alegre (Author & International Human Rights Lawyer). We tackle the compassion curse - that women are supposed to focus on compassion - not profit, the learnings from multi generational workforces, and the opportunity that LocalX brings to us all. We all agree that there has never been a better time to be a woman as we claim, step into, and own our power. Episode guests:Julia Zhou - Co-founder and Chief Development Officer at Tidal ImpactFatema Hamdani - Co-founder and CEO of KH AerospaceSusie Alegre - Author and International Human Rights LawyerModerated by Kate Byrne of PopVenture and Lynn Casey of ShineScoutProduced by African Tech
How do we do the most good possible? What’s the difference between effective altruism and impact investing? How do the two differ in assumptions, solutions, rigor and approach? These are the questions covered by Katapult Foundation's Alison Fort and Niels Brøgger as they walk us through the opportunities that both provide.Episode guests:  Alison Fort of Katapult FoundationNiels Brøgger of Katapult FoundationEpisode references: Good Food Institute (GFI)KFF22 opening ft. Anders SandbergTotal Portfolio ProjectIMP+ Project led by Alie KorijnProduced by African Tech
What are the impact opportunities and investment opportunities associated with alternative proteins and food tech? The industrial animal agriculture industry contributes almost 20% of the world's carbon emissions - on par with the entire transport sector. When thinking about alternative proteins and food tech, many miss the impact it will have on other areas of life such as the climate and healthcare. Alex Mayers, of The Good Food Institute, and Hooked Foods founder, Tom Johansson, educate us all on where the greatest opportunities are, where the investment should go, and where the greatest myths and misunderstandings lie in this exponentially growing field.  Alex Mayers  of The Good Food Institute (GFI)Tom Johansson of Hooked Foods Moderated by Kate Byrne Produced by African Tech
What would a mentally healthy world look like? What if all of us understood mental health and had access to mental health care in the way that many of us do for physical health care? 1 in 4 of us are affected by something that impacts our ability to function in our daily life. Mental well being and physical challenge are such pariahs when it comes to workplace conversations. There has been some headway in addressing physical challenges such as LEGO’s Braille bricks, that open and connect the world. The brain is our most important organ and yet we know so little about it. How do we help our children soar past the issues that older generations have experienced and normalized? Learning holistic skills (resilience, empathy), as well as hard ability skills, needed to cope and flourish in this world.Episode guests: Jules Chappell of Kokoro (a non-profit organization focused on mental health as the foundation for a safer, kinder and more productive world)Diana Ringe Krogh of The LEGO Foundation & The LEGO GroupEpisode references:  LEGO’s Play for All Accelerator Program - investing in startups with a neurodivergent focus or within the ed tech field with a playful learning integrationFuture Mental Health Collective - a global peer-to-peer network of both existing and potential mental health fundersModerated by Alison FortProduced by African Tech
Trustworthy AI - Yes It is Possible!Beena Ammanath, Award-winning Author," Trustworthy AI," Executive Director of the Global Deloitte AI Institute and Founder of Humans For AI, shares with us a very practical approach along with best practices for leaders to consider as they operationalize AI into their companies. Any time AI becomes untrustworthy, there is a person or people who are accountable for that outcome. If an AI tool is not secure and sensitive data is leaded, humans are at fault. Far from theoretical, our conversation includes the questions to ask and the steps to take.  A must for everyone as AI is here to stay. Join us on May 24th for our final episode of Season 1 with Katapult Foundation CEO Alison Fort!www.katapult.techwww.katapult.vcwww.katapultfoundation.orgProduced by African Tech Roundup
Accomplishing Your Inner Development GoalsThe term renaissance man does not begin to describe the capacity and impact that Tomas Bjorkman has had on the world. Finance, philosophy, philanthropy and more, Tomas has been disrupting each system he touches. Key piece to note: his work on the Inner Development Goals. The Inner Development Goals (IDGs) form a blueprint of the capabilities, qualities and skills we need in order to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).Join us on May 10th for a conversation with Beena Ammanath, Executive Director of the Global Deloitte AI Institute, on harnessing AI for good.www.katapult.techwww.katapult.vcwww.katapultfoundation.orgProduced by African Tech Roundup
The Magic of Disruption - Greater Equity All AroundFortunately for the world Amit Pradhan is a brilliant and generous soul. Be it his compassion for others (he is an active Board Member on the Norwegian Refugee Council), his vision for what responsible AI could look like and mean for us all, or his dedication to the decentralization of power and control that would result in a complete switcheroo on who makes the money on data(that would be you and I in his vision thank you very much). We cover it all and then some. Join us on April 26th with Tomas Björkman, Founder of Ekskäret Foundation, for a conversation on how to accomplish your Inner Development Goals.www.katapult.techwww.katapult.vcwww.katapultfoundation.orgProduced by African Tech Roundup
The Future of Women in BusinessDon’t settle and let your inner bad bitch speak her truth. To say that Lisa Carmen Wang (Angel/Crypto Investor, entrepreneur, women’s advocate, People and Profit Podcast host, author of the Bad Bitch Business Bible, and 4X USA National Champion & Hall of Fame Gymnast - ohh yeah there’s that too) is a force of nature is an understatement. This woman literally jumps buildings in a single bound. Lisa is on a crusade to disrupt the business establishment so that women rise and keep on rising and never look back - unapologetically. Nike may say just do it. Lisa Carmen Wang says just do it - again, and again and again. Powerful, inspirational and practical.Join us on April 12th with Amit Pradhan, Executive Chairman of Rainfall, where we’ll discuss how the token economy can unlock digital self-sovereignty for all. www.katapult.techwww.katapult.vcwww.katapultfoundation.orgProduced by African Tech Roundup
Rethinking Systems with an Eye Towards Disruption - A Smart Investment in the FutureJamie Arbib is not your average systems change revolutionary. He is both poet and quant, centering his work with mindful attention and an eye on the merits of technology in driving serious disruption. His company, RethinkX, makes sense of it all through in depth reports that reveal, instruct and encourage action. Climate in particular is the beneficiary making us all winners.Join us on March 29th with Shermin Voshmgir, author and Founder of Token Kitchen, where we’ll discuss Web 3.0 and how it can shift the dynamics of our socio-economic systems.www.katapult.techwww.katapult.vcwww.katapultfoundation.orgProduced by African Tech Roundup
Street Smarts: What Corporations Can LearnArnoud Raskin, Owner and General Director of Streetwize, is one of those rare individuals who sees brilliance and opportunity otherwise missed by many. The ultimate dot connector. His work encompasses next gen education, social entrepreneurship and helping the corporate world find its purpose, all through the talent and skill of the young street entrepreneurs Streetwize supports. The result: intragenerational connection and impact both in the streets and beyond. Join us for our next episode on March 15th with Jamie Arbib, co-Founder of RethinkX, where we talk about transforming our mindsets and unlearning so that we can see the extraordinary systems change possibilities emerging today.www.katapult.techwww.katapult.vcwww.katapultfoundation.orgProduced by African Tech Roundup
Third Times a Charm: How Quantum Computing will help us do more good in the worldAn amazing conversation with an extraordinary mind. Founder and CEO of Strangeworks, Will Hurley aka "Whurley" is a serial entrepreneur using his past experience and connections to demonstrate just how much good tech can do in the world. From his start at Apple where he first answered phones (they then discovered his brilliant mind) to starting a mobile company that built apps for Starbucks, The American Idol and The Daily to name a few - Whurley recognized that he was doing limited good. Realizing the need for a bigger infrastructure to really change the world, he got to work building it. His choices as he saw it : biotech, robotics, or quantum.  He chose the latter, feeling it was the right technology at the right point in time with the right needs to address. Putting community, collaboration and quantum computing to work, his impact has been amazing. Add to this, he is a former bass player, has a passion for healing education, and more.Join us for our next episode on March 1st with Arnoud Raskin, Founder of StreetwiZe, where we explore the street as a classroom, and discuss what corporations can learn from street youth.www.katapult.techwww.katapult.vcwww.katapultfoundation.orgProduced by African Tech Roundup
Deep Systemic Change - The Intersection of Consciousness, Capital, and TechnologyCharly Kleissner has never met a system he didn’t want to disrupt ….AND…. infuse with consciousness to bring it to its highest level of operation. Charly and his efforts operate at the confluence of technology, impact investing and consciousness with the latter being the key ingredient for true successful systemic change. Is ESG just impact washing? Is it another form of philanthropy being used by corporations? Can tokenization be used to fight us being the product of advertising? Can AI be used for good? A rich conversation with a visionary mind sharing solidly implementable solutions. Join us for our next episode on February 15th with Whurley, where we discuss the potential for quantum computing to become accessible to all and change the world.www.katapult.techwww.katapult.vcwww.katapultfoundation.orgProduced by African Tech Roundup
Teaching Old Banks New TricksCo-Founder of CNote, Cat Berman, is on a quest to diminish the wealth gap through democratized access to wealth creation - we’re talking financial security, not yachts, here. Core to CNote’s ethos is that we all can and must play a role in closing this wealth gap, and CNote provides the avenues and financial instruments to do so. What can truly change the game for not only individual families but communities overall? Ownership of property, entrepreneurship, health clinics, and education. CNote is empowering many around the globe to activate and drive true change.Join us for our next episode on February 1st with tech and impact investor leader and token economy visionary, Charly Kleissner, where we’ll talk about AI, tokens, new financial systems, and consciousness. www.katapult.techwww.katapult.vcwww.katapultfoundation.orgProduced by African Tech Roundup
The Power of Patient Capital in Delivering Lasting InnovationsWhen Co Founder of FiftyYears VC, Ela Madej, tells Tech Founders she feels their pain - she means it. Having founded a company or two herself, Madej has taken her own experience and puts it toward helping her League of Giants (her loving reference to the companies backed) by providing not just any capital, but patient capital. Listen to why and how she is doubling down on supporting world-class scientists to  become world-class entrepreneurs, 44 PhD founders and 22 PhD CEOs in fact.Join us for our next episode on January 18th with Cat Berman, Co-founder and CEO of CNote, where we’ll discuss new investment vehicles. www.katapult.techwww.katapult.vcwww.katapultfoundation.orgProduced by African Tech Roundup
Exponential Acceleration - The Future of the Venture ModelWhat happens when you combine thoughtful investment dollars with intentionally-minded Tech Founders? Success in building solutions to tackle some of the world’s trickiest problems. Katapult’s Accelerator Group CEO shares what the team looks for when selecting the companies that can deliver sustainable solutions… at scale. The Group is on to something as in 2021, Katapult Accelerator portfolio companies raised a total of 85M USD in funding. Furthermore, Katapult Ocean companies raised more than 100M USD of funding in 2021. A true triple win for Founders, funders and the planet.Join us for our next episode on January 4th with co-founder of FiftyYears VC, Ela Madej, where we discuss the impact of patient capital in uncovering truly innovative solutions.www.katapult.techwww.katapult.vcwww.katapultfoundation.orgProduced by African Tech Roundup
Living Redeux - can technology help us get to sustainable communities?Looking to the Mycelial network as inspiration, could we in turn write a software dialog with  the natural world that results in a Village OS? Imagine a neighborhood that has your back, where you experience “plenty”. Where you feel healthy and everyone has enough, including the planet. James Ehrlich and ReGen Villages are busy building exactly this, demonstrating that technology can play a key positive role in climate change and the future of living, shifting the equation to better math where the earth and all of us win.Note: this episode was recorded when California was battling a series of devastating wildfires.Join us for our next episode on December 28 with Fredrik Winther, where we’ll get a window into the future of venture capital - it's moving fast and along with it, can come exponential change.www.katapult.techwww.katapult.vcwww.katapultfoundation.orgProduced by African Tech Roundup
The Future of the Digital Divide: It’s Brighter than you ThinkViola Llewellyn, CoFounder of Ovamba, is facing risk head on and helping banks to do the same along the way. The result: decrease of the digital and financial divide and a healthier ecosystem, as those who formerly were turned away when requesting funding are better seen as promise rather than risk. Juggling multiple cultures has given her the unique ability to “code-switch”,  have better access and understand a broad range of stakeholders. One key takeaway - impact investing actually lessens the risk of a portfolio as it promotes wealth through healthy business whereas NGOs primarily prevent poverty. Far too often people mistake philanthropy as a form of impact investing.  Listen to learn more about impact investing, equity, fintech and the lessening of the digital divide. Join us for our next episode on December 14 with James Ehrlich, where we’ll talk about the future of living as we learn more about his regenerative community effort. Will tech finally be embraced as friend vs. foe? Listen to find out!www.katapult.techwww.katapult.vcwww.katapultfoundation.orgProduced by African Tech Roundup
The Future of Work and Systems Change and the Influence of ArtHow do we create a business system as a living system inspired by nature versus the current models based on mechanization? In our conversation with Futurist and Systems Artist Adah Parris, we cover this idea as well as human blockchain, art as technology, the beauty in chaos, and the link between capitalism, colonization, and climate change. A fascinating listen into how we have created a culture gap through the stories we share to the outside world versus the truth of those on the inside. Not to be missed.Join us for our next episode on November 16 with tech and impact investor leader and token economy visionary, Charly Kleissner, where we’ll talk about AI, tokens, new financial systems, and consciousness. www.katapult.techwww.katapult.vcwww.katapultfoundation.orgProduced by African Tech Roundup
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