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Take a trip down memory lane with other Cornellians. Weekly conversations with Michelle and Stephanie will introduce you to past and present Cornellians to hear where they are now and why they are most thankful to Cornell. (Not affiliated with or sponsored by Cornell University)

100 Episodes
It's been a BIG few years for Erik, also known as Dinardo and Lenny. You'll find out why--one is slightly more obvious than the other.Erik's early passion for tennis and completion of the Boston Marathon has taught him valuable lessons in discipline and goal-setting that he applies to his professional life.We explore his time at Cornell and how he's applied his MBA knowledge to propel himself into a key role at AB InBev. Did you know they give their employees free beer??Also he settles more best friend wars.Speaking of best friends, he's the best friend of Steph's nephew Alexander, and now we love him too.  So will you!Not sponsored by or affiliated with Cornell University
Oooh, so many hair puns we can use here, such as: Rumbi - the mane event! Rumbi- shear ambition, tresses and all fits. She has created a hair care distribution center and business model to solve a problem you may not know exists.Rumbi is a '23 grad with a story and a business that made our hair stand on end (OK, puns are finished for now). From her high school days, to every second she spent at Cornell, Rumbi has started up, taken on, and jumped into countless experiences. Her resume reads like the best list of great ideas you have ever seen. No wonder Dyson accepted her.She THRIVED at Cornell and we met her through Gwen Whiting who could not say enough good things about Rumbi and her tireless effort to be her best self and make life a lot easier for others. She's brilliant. And FUNNY.Plus her interests are hair-raising (sorry).Find her at:LinkedIn: Rumbidzai MangwendeInstagram:Rumbidzai._Ethossphere:Ethossphere.comNot sponsored by or affiliated with Cornell University
In this episode, we bring you David Barton, an entrepreneur, a fitness genius, and a multi-talented man of the arts, who transformed the fitness landscape in NYC and the world. He discusses the challenges he faced and the innovative fitness philosophy that set his gyms apart. His newest gym, U, is state-of-the-art everything and positive energy everywhere. PLUS, he lovingly critiques our pushups.It's a conversation you do not want to miss and an exploration of David Barton's extraordinary life, from his Ivy League roots to his enduring legacy as a fitness visionary.Follow David on Instagram:
Laurie has a pretty great Cornell story, including meeting her husband, connecting with a family abroad, honing the skills she'd use for the rest of her career, and having a very unusual campus job.And now...Laurie is the business transition sherpa.She is also the former CEO of a $100 million revenue company that was sold to a Fortune 50. She provides Strategic Business Transition Planning (pre-M&A services) with her firm, SmallDotBig LLC. She provides a structured process for business owners to plan successful transitions of their companies. And that's not nearly all.She's also an award-winning podcast host, so you know this was a very smooth episode.Plus she wrote a book you can buy here: help us settle the croissant/cwoissant debate. DM us your opinion.Website: https://thebusinesstransitionsherpa.comLinkedIn: sponsored by or affiliated with Cornell University
Tune in for this episode with Senior Jonah Gershon for a story that's still unfolding about his brown butter breakthrough, what it's like to be a Food Network competitor and how he appreciates the entrepreneurship community at Cornell.He also takes us through what it's like when the Cornell student body comes together for all the traditional on-campus celebrations, how he will balance launching his product with his studies, and whether he just might reinvent the PMP. And do you recognize the song for his outro? We loved talking to him - he's the best friend we all would want on campus.Not sponsored by or affiliated with Cornell University.
As application season approaches, we get an inside look at Kyle's journey through the exciting process of applying to Cornell.Kyle comes from a family with strong ties to Cornell, but came to the realization all on her own that the veterinary program at Cornell is the one for her. She has a love of animals and learning and a deep appreciation for the importance of community and giving back.  She is a determined and passionate student with a personality that immediately draws you in. We absolutely loved her, you will too. We are hoping she will come on again as a newly admitted student...stay tuned on that!Not sponsored by or affiliated with Cornell University
Aliya Haq is Vice President, U.S. Policy and Advocacy at Breakthrough Energy.She leads the team that advocates for an ambitious climate and clean energy policy agenda in the U.S., with the goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.  Before that, she was a kid who recycled and later carried her passion to Cornell with a goal of future-proofing our planet. There is a lot to her story. She even reveals the parallels in creative solutions, resource utilization, and community engagement in her job and in her pumpkin carving contests (she wins).Find out more here:https://breakthroughenergy.orgNot sponsored by or affiliated with Cornell University
Meet the masterminds who have played an integral and pivotal role in reshaping the culinary options and landscape of Las Vegas.Elizabeth Blau and Jason Lapin of Blau + Associates share how their time at the Cornell Hotel School put them on a path to create a world-renowned strategic restaurant planning and development company.They have worked with the biggest names in the industry from their earliest days, and it just gets better from there.Also, if you visit Vegas, check out their own restaurant, Honey Salt, a unique experience where feeling at home is the secret ingredient.This episode was a thrill.Check them out:Elizabethblau.comHoneysalt.comNot sponsored by or affiliated with Cornell University
We cannot imagine there are many stories like this one:A student, who loves Cornell and dreams of being a professor (we have all been there I think), gets her PhD and gets a job as a professor at Cornell! Suddenly, her colleagues are the very people that inspired her as a student.But there's more...She's not just an incredible professor - tune in to hear all the other things she has taken on. She's changing lives and perspectives.Almost equally as important, she was a phenomenal game contestant.Thanks to our pal Gwen Whiting for making another remarkable connection!Not sponsored by or affiliated with Cornell University
After talking with Jason Feinsmith about his incredible path to, and success in entrepreneurship, he suggested we also talk to his wife Elana. Elana has a career we have never heard of but now we think we will hear about it endlessly in the years to come - she is onto something.This is our first-ever double episode - Jason and Elana have an incredible and somewhat scandalous Cornell story and fascinating careers. Fascinating.Do you know what a semiconductor is? A Financial Therapist? TUNE IN!Thanks to Cheryl Strauss Einhorn for the connection. You will learn a lot and you will love them.You can learn more about Jason on linkedin or get his top life hacks at and you can learn more about Elana at .Not sponsored by or affiliated with Cornell University
Burning question: when will Rachel Apfel Glass ('02) open one of her hygiene-first, waterless, membership-based, celebrity-loved nail salons in Ithaca? We need it!After a successful career in finance, Rachel saw a hole in the nail salon industry and bootstrapped the first two NYC locations of her salon to fill it. Clients went CRAZY.And now, many locations later, she has some VERY big news. Like, huge.We take her back to her Cornell days where her major just may surprise you.We also get the full career story and quiz her on the latest trends in nail style.Follow her on Instagram @glosslab and check out her beautiful website Not sponsored by or affiliated with Cornell University.
Athlete, extreme skier, maple syrup connoisseur, belly dance expert, oh, and a doctor.Dave Trachtenberg seemed like the typical amazing Cornellian, but went on to take on some of the most challenging patients and roles in psychiatry.Also, hear his side of the "how they met story" that his wife Jen Trachtenberg told in episode 21.Dave's got a great story - and in no way is it the typical pre-med path.Not sponsored by or affiliated with Cornell University
An SDT icon, in 1987 Livia scared us to death. But...she was also incredibly brilliant and fun.Find out what happens when you make a late switch to the Hotel School and when your 3rd career is your calling.If you want to buy or sell a house in the tri-state area, she's your dream!You can find Livia on FacebookLivia Tuzzo Pearceor Instagram:Liviatuzzo2020Not sponsored by or affiliated with Cornell University
What happens when you mix proven acting skills with corporate communication? Or any communication for that matter? PINNACLEToday's guest, Dave Lewis,  co-founded Pinnacle, which is putting an end to boring and pointless meetings, taking the anxiety out of presenting, and teaching clients how to understand audiences and truly reach them. It's fascinating.Dave also played BOTH football and baseball for Cornell  - at 18, even he was shocked to hear that was his plan. And he gave himself a nickname (accidentally).You can find out more about Pinnacle, their offerings and books Dave's written here:https://new.pinper.comHe's amazing and we loved meeting him.
A Cornell Ambassador in every way, Cristina Pines is improving the campus with every passing day.We first saw her on the Cornell Admissions Instagram page and she was a burst of energy and enthusiasm. No surprises, that's who she is in real life too. Tune in to hear all the things she's doing and how she's committed to making her dreams come true.Not sponsored by or affiliated with Cornell University
Have you ever wondered what it means to get the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval? Have you wondered if people are fire testing products by lighting things on fire? Do you recall the Pirate's Booty scandal? Have you suddenly been hearing about the fiber science major as often as we have? If yes, then this episode is going to be very satisfying. Lexie Sachs explains it all and tells a little secret about Dinos too.You may have seen her on the Today Show and the like, and you can read her articles in Good Housekeeping and online. She's brilliant, and she's FUN.Here are some links:Instagram @lexiesachs sponsored by or affiliated with Cornell University
Dream. Guest. From day one we have wanted to interview Andrea Savage.You know her from everywhere: Step Brothers, Veep, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Man Bites Dog, Tulsa King and our absolute favorite show, I'm Sorry, which she created, wrote and starred in.Before all of that, she was a sorority sister, a Cascadilla squatter, a government major and a registration line dream girl at our beloved Cornell.There is no better way to start or end your day than with this podcast - you will laugh and smile. And she settled our best friends debates as well.Andrea's Instagram:@andreasavageNot sponsored by or affiliated with Cornell University
If he had given us 10 hours, it still would not have been enough.We all know Mickey Rapkin for his groundbreaking, trend setting, mania inducing novel, Pitch Perfect. Now hear the rest of the story - a Cayuga Waiter, journalist, screenwriter, runner, kindergarten teacher and brilliantly funny human, we loved Mickey. Pitch Perfect is just the tip of the Rapkin iceberg. He's endlessly talented and full of ideas. Listen to two of his solos at the intro and outro of the episode.PS, you're welcome, we just found the ultimate baby present.Not sponsored by or affiliated with Cornell University
Lots of hopeful students write in their college essays that they will "give back" to Cornell and Ithaca if they are accepted. Some do it, some don't. Ryan did it in a HUGE way and was recognized for it.From being on the dean's Undergraduate Advisory Council, to conducting community service projects in Ithaca, to restarting his fraternity, Ryan looked to improve life on campus every chance he got.He's one of only eight students to win the SUNY Chancellor Award and still finds time to be the club lacrosse goalie, and wait until you hear his GPA!This kid has no ceiling and we loved him!He also has a really good pet peeve - and it's fixable, people. Get it together in college town!Not sponsored by or affiliated with Cornell University
May is Mental Health Awareness Month.In this episode, our friend (and idol) Stacy Smith Ross, shares her story of parenting a child with Borderline Personality Disorder, and all the highs and lows that are her life.  She has a book due out next spring that she hopes will help and heal the readers. She is very open about an incredibly personal journey her family is on.When we met Stacy decades ago, she was business savvy, driven, brilliant, funny and warm. None of that has changed. You will love her.Not sponsored by or affiliated with Cornell University.
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