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Today’s episode of The Family Circle is a special one, with guest host Jen Rachman, who’s a Parent Outreach Associate at Circle, a social worker, and a parent through surrogacy. She’s here to host a discussion of the types of support that can be helpful during a surrogacy journey, whether you’re an intended parent or a surrogate. Jen opens the episode by talking about the importance of having a support network when going into a surrogacy and how Circle can become part of that as a professional agency. She also emphasizes Circle’s role in connecting intended parents with a community of others going through the same process and introduces Carlos Dolan, another surrogate parent, who shares his experience of Circle’s communities.Next, Jen welcomes her colleague Alana Gorden, Manager of Surrogate Screening and Support at Circle, who’s here to discuss the surrogate’s side of the journey. Alana explains the support Circle provides for surrogates, emphasizing that their focus is understanding what the surrogate wants from the process in order to provide the best level of support. She talks through the team assigned to each surrogate and the hands-on support they provide, as well as other support channels, including Circle’s Facebook page and mentorship program. Alana then introduces Jessi, an experienced Circle surrogate, who shares her experiences of surrogacy and how Circle has supported her through them, especially the staff and the members of the Facebook community.Episode Highlights:The types of support Circle provides Parent networking and community How Circle supports surrogates The journey from the surrogate’s point of view The Circle Facebook community and surrogate ambassador programQuotes:“Regardless of where you are in your research, or your steps, or your planning, utilizing the supports that are there and being able to connect with others that get it, I think, is an important aspect of this experience because a sense of community on both sides of this equation is, I think, incredibly substantial and important.”“Everyone knows people who are going through pregnancy but going through surrogacy is different. And the fact that Circle gave us an opportunity to connect with other parents that knew or were feeling the same things as us was great.”“How Jessie might have utilized her support could be really different than how another surrogate utilizes her support. And that’s okay. We are here to really give our surrogates the experience that she is needing and that she is looking for to make all this happen. Because at the end of the day, we want her to have the best experience possible.”“I’ve been in other surrogacy Facebook groups before, but the communication and openness in the Circle Facebook group is unlike anything I have ever seen. So, not only having a ton of women on there to speak with and talk about. I learned so much. The surrogates really care about other women and care to be there and care to help people.”“Some women use the Facebook page, some would prefer a one-on-one, some don’t really need us, and they know we’re here, and we will be there for them if something comes up. So, I think there’s just so many different ways that support pops up in a surrogacy journey, and that we want to do for our surrogates and to make the experience as best as possible.”Helpful links from the episode:Parenthood through surrogacyBecoming a surrogateConnect with the Circle team (email:
This month’s episode of The Family Circle is hosted by Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation Marketing Director, Kristin Marsoli! Kristin hosts Kate, a mother through egg donation, and they discuss everything from IVF, deciding to use an egg donor, building a relationship with a donor, and advice for anyone going through infertility struggles. Interested in learning more about becoming a parent through egg donation? Check out the parents page on our website for more info:’t forget to Like/Subscribe/Follow wherever you listen to podcasts! 
This month Kristin hosts Ali Prato! Ali is a journalist and mom of two, living in North Jersey. She's an infertility warrior and advocate, the founder and host of the Infertile AF podcast, and the co-founder of Fertility Rally, a community that offers 24/7 support, curated content and events for anyone going through infertility and family building through ART!Ali and Kristin chat about Ali's podcast, InfertileAF, her own journey to parenthood, and the creation of Fertility Rally, a supportive community for those struggling with infertility. Their personal experiences with infertility weave in and out of this episode that feels more like two old friends talking than it does an interview! You won't want to miss it! Interested in learning more about Fertility Rally? You can visit the site here: or follow them on Instagram @fertilityrallyYou can listen to InfertileAF wherever you listen to podcasts and can follow along on Instagram @infertileafstoriesDon't forget to Like, Follow, or Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts! 
This month Kristin and Lauren go back to the basics and hosted a Surrogacy 101 episode. This episode outlines the basics of surrogacy that you've always wanted to know.They discuss third party reproduction acronyms, why women pursue surrogacy and egg donation, what it means to be an intended parent, and so much more. If you're new to surrogacy, this is the perfect episode for you! In the episode we mention a number of links for those interested in learning more.If you're looking to become a surrogate, you can find more information about requirements here: you're interested in learning more about egg donation, you can read about the process and experience here: the episode, both the Progyny and Egg Donor Panel episode of the podcasts are mentioned.Progyny - Donor Panel - provides an overview of the most frequent surrogacy and egg donation acronyms, but we've got a much more extensive list in a blog post that you can find here:'t forget to like and subscribe! 
This month's episode of The Family Circle is a special panel episode featuring three experienced egg donors through Circle Egg Donation. Marketing Director, Kristin Marsoli, hosts Jordan, Tia, and Liv as they discuss why they became egg donors, why they choose the type of donation they did, why they wanted to work with an agency, and they each provide some words of wisdom for women who may be interested in becoming egg donors. Jordan, Tia, and Liv have each done multiple egg donations over the years for different intended parents. They all have one thing in common though, and that is they love to talk about egg donation. Jordan and Tia have achieved their goal of sharing egg dontation with other women by joining the team here at Circle as Egg Donation Coordinators! Liv on the other hand has been sharing her journeys through her TikTok channel and meeting women and answering their questions on her page. You can follow her @oliviaroww you interested in becoming an egg donor? Apply today or reach out to chat with someone on our team! can't wait to hear what you think when you leave us a review! 
In our seventh episode, Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation Director of Marketing, Kristin Marsoli, sits down with Lissa Kline, SVP, Provider and Member Services at Progyny! They discuss the services that Progyny provides, the importance of fertility benefits, why folks choose surrogacy & egg donation, and how to address infertility with your employer. Lissa shares about what makes Progyny special and how to reduce the costs of third party reproduction and have a higher rate of success. Circle Surrogacy is proud to partner with Progyny and help make surrogacy and egg donation more affordable and accessible. Interested in learning more about surrogacy and egg donation? Check out our website at Interested in learning more about Progyny and their incredible fertility benefits? Check out their website: 
Content Warning: This episode features a conversation about a miscarriage and how to share the news of pregnancy loss with intended parents. This may be triggering for some listeners, so if this is something you'd like to avoid hearing about, please be advised to skip over 24:30-32:09We're halfway through season one of The Family Circle and this episode is the perfect heartwarming episode to carry us into the back half of the year! Episode 6 is hosted by Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation Director of Marketing, Kristin Marsoli. She hosts our two incredible guests, Nicola and Mandi. Nicola is a parent through surrogacy after giving birth to her own son, and Mandi was her gestational carrier. You may know Mandi as a Surrogate Advisor on the Circle Surrogacy team! In this episode, Nicola and Mandi share about their beautiful bond, why they both chose surrogacy, why they chose each other, and how they overcame obstacles to bring baby Squish into this world. They are both open, honest, and vulnerable about their journeys and what has kept them close in the five years since their journey together ended. You won't want to miss it! 
In the wake of the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe vs Wade on June 24th, Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation saw the importance in providing information on how this decision will impact surrogacy at Circle Surrogacy and the industry. Lauren Mello, Social Media & Culture Manager at Circle, hosts three members of the Circle Leadership Team as they discuss the legal and technical implications that overturning Roe vs Wade will have on surrogacy and answer questions we've gotten from intended parents and surrogates.On the panel is Dean Hutchison Esq, VP of Legal Services, Solveig Gramann LICSW, Director of Surrogate Services, and Emily Sonier LICSW, Director of Culture and Program Support. Each share their expertise about the surrogacy process and what we can expect moving forward. If you'd like to learn more about Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation, please visit our website here: 
This month's episode is the first of it's kind for The Family Circle as we do not have a guest! Our fourth episode features the Marketing team Dynamic Duo - Kristin and Lauren. Kristin is the Director of Marketing here at Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation and Lauren is the Social Media and & Culture Manager. These two jump right in to answering all of our most asked questions about surrogacy. They challenge each other with some tough questions about the cost of surrogacy, vaccination requirements, how we match surrogates and intended parents, and everything in between! Throughout the episode, they reference blog posts, website pages, and other podcasts episodes that we've provided links for below:1. Intended Parent Requirements (blog post) - Surrogate Requirements (website page) - The Surrogate Panel Episode (podcast) - in learning more about surrogacy? Check out our website at or visit us on our social channels @circlesurrogacy! 
In our third episode, Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation President, Sam Hyde, hosts our amazing guest, Brian Rosenberg! Brian is the founder of Gays With Kids which is a continuously growing community of dads, families and industry experts. They provide education, anecdotes and advice for wherever you might be in your journey to fatherhood. They chat about Brian's experience growing up during a tumultuous time for gay men surrounding the AIDs crisis, his own HIV status, meeting his husband, and becoming a dad. It's an emotionally charged episode with a beautifully happy ending. You won't want to miss it. Brian mentions the clinic partner, RMA CT and Dr. Mark Leondires. RMA CT has recently rebranded and is now called Illume Fertility. You can find more information on Illume here: also mentions his first blog post called "All You Really Need Is a Suitcase or a Drawer" which you can find here: learn more about GWK Academy, you can check out the website here:
Content Warning: This episode mentions a failed embryo transfer. If that is going to be upsetting or triggering, we recommending skipping over the question about what can go wrong during a surrogacy journey. There is also an explanation of infertility in an age appropriate way for a small child. The reference to "having a sick belly" is in no way referenced to invalidate or demean the struggle with infertility and was specific to the situation. We hope you enjoy the episode! In our second episode, Kristin Marsoli, Director of Marketing at Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation, chats with three gestational carriers on our surrogate panel about their experience carrying for multiple sets of intended parents both domestically and internationally. Megan, Heather, and Sarah talk about all things surrogacy from what piqued their interest in surrogacy, what it's like to match with intended parents, and muse about the craziest places they've ever given themselves their shots. Whether they're sharing about how they told their kids about surrogacy, or what their first video call was like with their intended parents, these women speak truthfully and from the heart about their incredible, and not always perfect surrogacy journeys. Interested in learning more about surrogacy? Check out our website at! 
In the pioneer episode of The Family Circle, Kristin Marsoli, Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation's Director of Marketing, interviews Circle founder John Weltman. 
We are excited to introduce, The Family Circle, Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation's podcast! This podcast will highlight different stories within the surrogacy, fertility, infertility, and egg donation space. We'll be chatting with partners, parents, intended parents, surrogates, egg donors, and those with incredible stories to tell. You wont want to miss it! 
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