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The Matrix: Resurrections is here! Shawn and returning guests Gero Alberino and Dan Kalwhite talk about Lana Wachowski’s new film: The Matrix: Resurrections. What works? What doesn’t? What’s new? And how does it stack up? All that and more!Twitter: @highbrowshawn, @dannyboy3030IG: @lowbrowshawn IG: @nobodyaskedshawn @dannyboy3030 @joyyyy_boyyyy
The Matrix: Resurrections is almost here! In honor of the upcoming release, Shawn and returning guests Dan Rice and Dan Kalwhite talk about the movie that started it all: The Matrix. The discussion covers how they were all introduced to the film, what makes it great, what makes it cool, and what has allowed it to retain such a strong presence in pop culture. Twitter: @highbrowshawn, @dannyboy3030IG: @lowbrowshawn IG: @nobodyaskedshawn 
Shawn welcomes first-time guest Allie Palazzo. After learning about her personal history with movies and some of her favorite filmmakers, they go in-depth on her short film “Soleus”, discuss what it was like creating the film in one weekend as a part of the 48-hour film project, compare notes on their writing processes, introduce upcoming projects, and somehow get into a discussion about furries. Allie’s short film Soleus can be found on YouTube.
The Beatles: Get Back | E10

The Beatles: Get Back | E10


Shawn and the great Dan Kalwhite react to Peter Jackson’s 8-hour documentary project THE BEATLES: GET BACK. They talk about the massive undertaking of condensing 60 hours of footage into an 8-hour presentation, Jackson’s silent filmmaking flourishes, the thrill of witnessing classic songs come to life, and geek out over the Beatles’ creative process, interpersonal dynamics, and idiosyncrasies. Subscribe! Twitter: @highbrowshawn, @dannyboy3030IG: @lowbrowshawn IG: @nobodyaskedshawn @dannyboy3030
Spurred on by the recent Spider-man: No Way Home trailer fervor, Shawn and Gero talk about being exhausted by the churn of the MCU, the futility of making new Spider-man movies after Into the Spider-verse, “Hollywood Accounting”, the future of Star Wars and more! 
Shawn and returning guest Dan Kalwhite discuss the career arc of Edgar Wright from SHAUN OF THE DEAD to his latest feature LAST NIGHT IN SOHO. They talk about how Wright brings a strong sense of story and character to his comedies, his unique visual style, and the connective tissue between all his films before breaking down the strengths and weaknesses of his latest movie. LAST NIGHT IN SOHO is now in theaters. Twitter/IG: @Dannyboy3030IG: @lowbrowshawn IG: @nobodyaskedshawn Twitter: @highbrowshawn 
Shawn and returning guests Stosh Mikita and Gero Alberino talk about Wes Anderson's THE FRENCH DISPATCH, how Wes is quietly one of the most skilled filmmakers working, the value of having a distinct style, his excellent casting choices, and all the little things that made this move a treat. THE FRENCH DISPATCH is now in theaters. IG: @freudmayweatherIG: @lowbrowshawn IG: @nobodyaskedshawn Twitter: @highbrowshawn IG: @gero_alberino
Shawn and returning guests Dan Rice and Gero Alberino talk about  Denis Villeneuve’s DUNE, their personal histories with the book series, why artful blockbusters are important, how it will come across to those unfamiliar with the books and whether we’ll ever see the necessary sequel. DUNE is now in theaters and streaming on HBO Max.The Hard Times thehardtimes.netIG: @lowbrowshawn Twitter: @highbrowshawnIG: @gero_alberino
Shawn and returning guest Gero Alberino talk abou NO TIME TO DIE, their personal histories with the James Bond franchise, and where the franchise should go after Daniel Craig’s last outing as the iconic character.
Shawn and his guests, fellow comedians Dan Rice and Stosh Mikita discuss HBO Max’s latest streaming offering “The Many Saints of Newark”, including whether its a satisfying Sopranos movie, where it fits in the legacy of TV to Movie adaptations, why David Chase didn’t just make a miniseries, and who the hell is Harold McBrayer?The Hard Times ( @lowbrowshawn Twitter: @highbrowshawnTwitter: @freudmayweather
Shawn and his guests, fellow comedians Dan Kalwhite, Stosh Mikita, and Coury Brown talk about the trailer for the new PTA movie “Licorice Pizza” and they talk about the dearth of great studio comedies of late, and rank their  favorites from the past decade.
Shawn and Gero go in-depth on the Matrix: Resurrections trailer and the Wachowski’s career, “The Tragedy of Macbeth” and DenzelWashington working with top-tier directors, and talk about the incredible action-thriller “The Raid” at 10 years old.
Shawn and his guest comedian Dan Kawlwhite talk about the latest in movie news, and what’s on their radar in the upcoming months. Afterward, they launch into a discussion of Marvel Studio’s latest film Shang Chi, the impact the film will have, and what it means for the future of the MCU. Using superhero films as a jumping off point, Shawn and Dan talk about iconic characters and the actors behind them, including the late Michael K. Williams as “Omar” in HBO’s “The Wire”.
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