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Author: Jordan Crucchiola, Maximum Fun

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On Feeling Seen, writer and general enthusiast Jordan Crucchiola invites filmmakers, writers, comedians, and artists to discuss the movie characters that made them "feel seen." It's about that instant when a person connects to a piece of art so deeply that they see themselves reflected in it. Every week Jordan gabs it up with a guest about those magical moments when they were watching a film and realized, "That's me!" It's an informative, funny, and comforting show about our intimate relationship with movies, the impact they have on our lives, and how they influence our art.
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Sequoia Holmes, host of the Webby Award-winning BLACK PEOPLE LOVE PARAMORE grew up idolizing Raven-Symoné...or was the real inspiration Raven's character, the self-assured and big-dreaming Galleria Garibaldi in 2003's THE CHEETAH GIRLS? Jordan and Sequoia celebrate the surprising depth of this DCOM classic.Then, Jordan has one quick thing about TRIGGER WARNING (the movie).***With Jordan Crucchiola and Sequoia Holmes  
Actor (and director, writer, producer) Devery Jacobs might be most familiar to folks from her role on RESERVATION DOGS, but she's carving out her own space in Hollywood with projects like the new movie BACKSPOT (executive produced by Elliot Page and directed by D.W. Waterson). And even as she's playing her part in making sure Native actors feel seen on screens, she's still battling to be herself on screen in projects that aren't centered around the Rez. Hear about all that, plus (of course) the many varied (and variably queer-coded) faces she's seen herself in on screen.Then, Jordan has one quick thing about LONGLEGS.Harriet the SpyKiki's Delivery ServiceThe Watermelon WomanLady BirdRhymes for Young GhoulsJordan's interview with Jeff Barnaby***With Jordan Crucchiola and Devery Jacobs 
This episode originally aired in April of 2023, but has been edited to include a new and updated "One Quick Thing" at the end! Season 2 of  Manzoor's We Are Lady Parts is now streaming on Peacock in the US.Balancing the dark and the light sides of coming of age, womanhood, and navigating the social order is something filmmaker Nida Manzoor always strives for in her projects (like WE ARE LADY PARTS and POLITE SOCIETY). And she wants to shout one of her biggest inspirations from the rooftops: SLUMS OF BEVERLY HILLS (1998, Tamara Jenkins), which centers on high-schooler Vivian Abromowitz, as played by a young Natasha Lyonne.Then, Jordan has one quick thing about her momentous latest appearance on Screen Drafts.***With Jordan Crucchiola and Nida Manzoor
Whether he's starring in major movies like ELEMENTAL or JURASSIC WORLD DOMINION, or sinking his teeth into roles like his his latest (in Yorgos Lanthimos' new KINDS OF KINDNESS), actor Mamoudou Athie follows his gut and ignores the algorithms. When Dev Patel's directorial debut, MONKEY MAN hit theaters earlier this year, Mamoudou found new depths of admiration for Patel as an actor and director -- and he also found a character he could deeply relate to in the determined Bobby/The Kid.Then, Jordan has one quick thing about the latest film from past guest Ariel Vida, TRIM SEASON.***With Jordan Crucchiola and Mamoudou Athie
June Squibb was born an actor, and had a rich career on stage for years before becoming an on-screen performer in her sixties. It’s not your typical trajectory, sure, but then neither is being 94 and carrying your first feature film – which, by the way, is an action comedy. With her new movie THELMA new in theaters this weekend, the singular June Squibb joins us to talk about how the role of Kate in Andrew Payne’s NEBRASKA – for which she won an Oscar – reflected her life and shaped her career.Then, Jordan has one quick thing about the 2020s updates to her Vulture ‘Best Queer Horror Movies’ List.***With Jordan Crucchiola and June Squibb
The movie CLUE may not have been an instant hit, but it has an enduring legacy. And maybe everyone has a favorite character.  But for Adam Goldman, creator and writer of The Outs and Hot White Heist, Mr. Green (Michael McKean) is more than just a fave. He's a first example of what it means to be a "gay dipshit" (his words, we promise).  Then Jordan has quick thing about a couple of queer movies you may have missed!Listen to Hot White Heist***With Jordan Crucchiola and Adam Goldman
Actor, director, and writer Megan Rosati was not a child vampire. But from first watch, she so identified with Eli, the 12-year-old vampire in LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, the modern horror classic from Sweden, that she would show the film to people to help them understand her. In this episode, she and Jordan dig into the ways we can feel like we're different -- especially in adolescence -- and the power of genre films to make a statement.Then Jordan has a quick thing about the late, great Scott Wampler and the impact of his work.To support or learn more about THE VANITY, go to Seed&SparkTikTok @thevanityiswatchingInstagram @thevanityfilmTwitter @thevanityfilm***With Jordan Crucchiola and Megan Rosati
New Yorker cartoonist and writer for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Asher Perlman, related to Charlie Kaufman's self-deprecating self-portrait in Spike Jonze's 2002 film Adaptation - a movie we discussed here in one of our earliest episodes, with author Susan Orlean. As he's grown up -- both as a person and a creative -- has he gotten more in touch with his inner Donald, Charlie's (fully fictional) identical twin brother?This, and Jordan's take on Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga!Well, This is Me is available for preorder and will be released on June 18, 2024***with Jordan Crucchiola and Asher Perlman
You definitely know DeWanda Wise from somewhere. She's made a splash on the big and the small screen, in titles like SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT (the Netflix series) and JURASSIC WORLD DOMINION. Now she's starring in the horror film IMAGINARY, which just landed on VOD after being in theaters earlier this year. But if you didn't realize that was the same DeWanda in all of those projects, you're not alone -- and she doesn't really mind. After all, an actor's job is to drop into the emotionality of a character, whatever the world. Today she’s feeling seen by the emotionally sensitive May Boatwright in Gina Prince-Bythewood's 2008 film THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES. She'll talk about that, as well as how she uses that emotionality to navigate not just her performances, but also her career in Hollywood.  Then, Jordan has one quick thing about "June Squibb's BEEKEEPER"...that's right, it's THELMA (no spoilers).***With Jordan Crucchiola and DeWanda Wise
With CHALLENGERS, screenwriter Justin Kuritzkes tapped into what he really wanted to know about his favorite athletes: what are they REALLY playing for? Beyond the game? That's a glimpse we get into Brad Pitt's Billy Beane in the 2011 film MONEYBALL. What's more, we see Beane trying to do something anyone who's tried to get a movie or a play off the ground knows well: hustling to make magic with less money than the big guys.Then Jordan has one quick thing about FURIOSA's Cannes premiere.***With Jordan Crucchiola and Justin Kuritzkes
Sierra Katow is an Asian-American woman in stand-up comedy, but those parts of her identity are surface-level. What you might not know about Sierra (unless you watch her new special, FUNT) is that she's also a little sister. That's not the only point of recognition she has with Lilo and Mei, heroes of Lilo & Stitch and My Neighbor Totoro, but it's certainly first on the list. She and Jordan discuss that list, and why Sierra isn't interested in representing anyone but herself onstage. Then, Jordan has one quick thing aboutSierra's new stand-up special is FUNT***With Jordan Crucchiola and Sierra Katow
Drag superstar Latrice Royale has been in the game since before Ru Paul's Drag Race was a phenomenon. She won Miss Congeniality on her season of that show, and went on to appear on All-Stars and Drag U. An actor and performer, Latrice is one of the co-hosts of the just-launched Season 4 of HBO's We're Here. And if you know anything about Latrice, just a few moments with Della Reese's character, Vera Walker, in the Eddie Murphy-directed dramedy Harlem Nights  will show you how Latrice's persona may have been shaped by Vera's no-nonsense power and heart of gold.Then, Jordan has one quick think about Humane, directed the latest Cronenberg to join the family business, Caitlin.***With Jordan Crucchiola and Latrice Royale
This episode originally aired on  May 18, 2023.From her roles in a semi-autobiographical sitcom in 1996 (Life's Work) to The Parent Trap to Abbott Elementary, Lisa Ann Walter has played a lot of different kinds of strong, brassy women. And even though standards of beauty and acceptance in Hollywood are always changing, those winds haven't always blown in her favor. But what makes an icon iconic is her unwavering commitment to being her own unmistakable self.After talking with Lisa, Jordan has one quick thing about Fast X (and especially Jason Momoa).
Larry Fessenden is almost a kind of mythic figure in the world of indie filmmaking. He's a filmmaker behind dozens of his own independently produced projects, an actor, an editor, and a producer who's helped give directors from Ti West to Kelly Reichart their start. His new film is BLACKOUT, which focuses on a different kind of mythic figure: the werewolf (with Larry's signature thoughtful touch). Appropriatey, Larry is feeling seen by...Larry, the Wolf Man from the 1941 original THE WOLF MAN, starring Lon Chaney, Jr. as...well...the Wolf Man. Then Jordan has one quick thing from the premiere of CHALLENGERS!***With Jordan Crucchiola and Larry Fessenden
Avril Speaks, independent filmmaker and co-host of the film advice podcast DISTRIBUTION ADVOCATES PRESENTS tells us why J from AWKWARD BLACK GIRL was such a revelation -- even more so than when the successful web series morphed into INSECURE, and J became Issa. Plus, she shares her affinity with Summer, a teen girl coming of age as her mother converts to Islam, in her film JINN.Then, Jordan has a long-awaited one quick thing about...MAXXXINE!***With Jordan Crucchiola and Avril Speaks
THE SAVAGES (directed by Tamara Jenkins, who also directed SLUMS OF BEVERLY HILLS, and starrring Laura Linney and Philip Seymour Hoffman) is an often poignant comedy about adult siblings trying to get care for their elderly father, who suffers from dementia. That might not be the most expected pick from a director whose new horror film, IMMACULATE, now has  the distinction of being NEON's highest grossing opening weekend ever. But it's the movie that speaks most directly to an all-to-common, yet rarely depicted phase of life -- one that Michael found himself in right at the moment his Hollywood career hit its stride. After this moving and open conversation, Jordan has one quick thing about GODZILLA X KONG.***With Jordan Crucchiola and Michael Mohan
It's the final week of #MaxFunDrive! Thanks to everyone who has joined or upgraded so far; if you've been putting it off, now's thie time!'s been a long time since comedian Jackie Kashian (co-host of MaxFun's own Jackie and Laurie Show) has been a industry newb like Benji (Mark Linn Baker) in 1982's MY FAVORITE YEAR. But she felt really seen by Benji's journey into the world of comedy -- the risks, the shifting identity, and the heartbreak. She and Jordan will get into all of that, plus learn why Jackie relates to A.X.L., the top-secret robotic dog from  2018's A.X.L.Then, Jordan has one quick thing about the...ahem...Poohniverse?***With Jordan Crucchiola and Jackie Kashian
This podcast is part of the #MaxFunDrive! If you’d like to help this podcast continue and get great gifts in the process, go to and become a MaxFun Member for as little as $5 a month. You can also upgrade or boost your membership for as little as $1 more a month to help the show out even more and earn gifts and certain levels.COLOR OF NIGHT is one of the wildest, most surprising movies Jordan has ever seen, and now producer Marissa can say the same! Starring Bruce Willis as a psychologist who's also trying to solve his friend Scott Bakula's murder (while on vacation in Los Angeles, a vacation he went on to try and heal from a totally unrelated trauma), you won't want to miss hearing us walk you through it. Here's a sneak peek at the full episode, which (if you play your cards right) will hopefully be just the start of an entire Bonus Content series on erotic thrillers! But that will only happen if we get 100 new/upgrading/boosting FEELING SEEN listeners! !***with Jordan Crucchiola and Marissa Flaxbart
Susie Banikarim has been a freshman journalist. She's also been a boss. Now, she's the co-host and EP of the podcast In Retrospect, along with her friend, New York Times editor Jessica Bennett. Over the years, Susie has kept watching the 2006 modern classic The Devil Wears Prada, and she's noticed a funny thing happen. Where once she (obviously!) identified with the put-upon lead, Andy Sachs (Anne Hathaway), time and life have shown her that maybe Miranda Preistly (Meryl Streep) wasn't such a devil after's #MaxFunDrive! Listen to find out what becoming a member at can get you, to find out about our special bonus content for this year, and to learn what happens if you help us hit our goals! ***With Jordan Crucchiola and Susie Banikarim
Comedian Caitlin Peluffo (whose new album, DIRTY BIRD, just dropped) was a soccer star as a kid who craved attention from boys, despite not fitting the "cute girl" stereotype. Becky "Icebox" O'Shea, a central character in the 1994 family football comedy LITTLE GIANTS, is on the precipice of that same flight. Caitlin never did shake her deep affinity with Becky/Icebox, but her relationship to it has changed over the years.Then, Jordan has one quick thing about the upcoming THELMA, which just might prove to be June Squibb's BEEKEEPER.***With Jordan Crucchiola and Caitlin Peluffo