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Energized! Secrets To Your Success
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Energized! Secrets To Your Success

Author: Dean Robbins

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Within each of us is the ability to achieve incredible things in our lifetime. Success is not something to be achieved only by a special few, we have all inherited this same wonderful trait whether we realize it or not.
The desire to want a better life, to be a better person, a better parent, better in business or a better leader is always in our thoughts. We as humans have the yearning for wealth, abundance, and prosperity, it’s in our DNA.
The preface of these Podcasta is about finding that star quality in ourselves and putting it to work for us, all that is required to light off a massive torch is one small spark. We need to create a level of inspiration in ourselves strong enough to transform interest into a desire that ultimately causes us to act.
Within this series are 75 separate motivational concepts enginered in such a way as to locate the hot button within you. Any one of them if put into action can assist you in transcending your life from the mundane to a place of unimaginable possibilities where your desire to be more, do more and have more in your life are waiting to be fulfilled.
Energized - can help you overcome a multitude of obstacles from your successful future. It can help you remove fears and doubts about your abilities to achieve the life that you deserve, help you find something that motivates you enough to commit to it, assist you in breaking free of living an ordinary, mediocre life by giving you the power to change things that are not working for you. It will help you to improve your self –image, sharpen your vision and redefine your definition of accomplishment. It will teach you how to make good things happen by use of the proper mindset.
Energized - can show you how to break free from boundaries and limitations that have been holding you back, and how to handle adversities by building self- confidence through action; create higher expectations of yourself and increase your level of accomplishments; get the upper hand on opportunities; live your life with a purpose and turn dreams into reality.
Energized - will share with you the secrets to winning and how to better utilize your talents, gifts, and resources. It will help you to take control of your life and point yourself in the direction of success, teach you how to take chances and win, create and maintain a winning attitude, deal with procrastination, develop future objectives and set your life on fire like never before. The material is condensed, direct to the point, arranged into short mini-chapters and probably the easiest podcast you have ever listened to.
From the opening chapter, the listner will be excited and passionate about filling their life with expectation, gratitude, self confidence, desire, and motivation. This is turn helps the listner to build a better image of themselves and visualize new opportunities unfolding before them while overcoming personal obstacles, failures, and setbacks. You simply cannot listen to this material without feeling Energized!
So let’s get started, follow me if you will on this path where your dreams are waiting to become reality and the future is now!
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75 Episodes
All things are possible unless we say they are not. This is substantiated by the fact that everything we are surrounded by once thought to be impossible has been made possible. Why, because someone decided to look at it from another angle. Likewise, when we change our approach to the way we view possibilities in our lives, we open up a whole new world where anything is possible.
We either plan to be successful or fail because we didn't plan. If we are committed to arriving at the desired location,then we must write everything in writing as to the who, what, when, where, why and how we are going to succeed.
Perhaps you think you can't get to where you want to go from where you are because everyone has told you that no-one else has accomplished it and you won't either, so you believe them. We have been told a lot of so-called truths up until now haven't we? You hear this from just about everyone these days and who do you believe? Good question, anything you hear that has even a hint of limitation mixed in with it is definitely not true!
First, get your mind working in the right direction and everything else will follow. If you tell yourself everyday that you are on fire with enthusiasm and excitement, super successful, highly intelligent and extremely motivated you will be and before too long that energy will transform itself into a mere image of something you most desire.
We either do something or don't do something that causes something to happen or not happen to us. For every action or non action there will always be a result of some kind. Nothing happens by chance; whatever we are experiencing in our lives currently is the direct or indirect outcome of an earlier situation.
There are two sides to every situation, there is the problem side, and then there is the solution side. The problem side is worth nothing, zip, zap, nada, but the solution side could be worth millions depending on how well we can answer the question.
Do you know what separates The Doers from everyone else? It's the same thing that separates the haves from the have nots. It just happens to be the only thing that can possibly stop most of us from becoming wildly successful, you guessed it; they provide action!
The level of our self confidence rules what we accomplish and what we don't in life. The belief that we can do, or cannot do a certain thing is founded in our self understanding of what we are capable of, and that depends upon the quality of information we feed into our minds. Attitude is everything!  
Have you ever noticed that the winners have no excuses for winning. That´s because they accomplished what they set out to do. We would be miles ahead in both our personal and business life if we would take 100% responsibility for the failures the same as we do our successes.
We each have certain characteristics as personal as our DNA. We do things a certain way, we talk, we walk, have certain mannerisms or react a certain way to situations because that's who we are. Unlike our DNA though, we can change all or part of who we are simply by changing the way you think.
Nothing can turn adversities in your life around faster than a positive mindset. What bad can be said about a positive attitude? Is there anything a great attitude can´t create, is there anything it cannot do? Develop the habit of looking at difficulties from a new perspective and notice that there is always another side to the equation.
If we are ever going to get further than we are now we are going to have to start seeing double. How do we do this? We concentrate on increase, good breaks and more than enough. Whatever amount you are making, start focusing on making twice as much. See your health twice as good as it is now. Envision having double what you need for retirement and instead of envisioning decrease focus on double increase.
Everything has its price and the price of success means you are going to have to give it all that you have. Going for it translates into adjusting the throttle to maximum power and leaving it there until further notice, but first, you´ll need to build up some good solid momentum.  
There is a big difference between playing to win and playing not to lose. One person will do whatever it takes and another will do just enough to get by. If you are going to be here anyway and for how long nobody knows, why wouldn't you want to participate by being all that you can be instead of just surviving? Good question isn't it? Listen and learn!
The entirety of our leaders have one big thing in common, they are all people who press the envelope! Humanity is in love with those who refuse to listen to others as to why something can´t be accomplished.
Ok so you are moving along and everything is going great, then out of the clear blue develops a situation that is not in your favor. It is right at that moment the sun goes away and the clouds roll in. No matter how grounded you are, there are some days that test everything you believe in.
We need to change the way we think, realize there is no ceiling on anything. Instead of thinking of all the reasons why what you want can't happen, think of the reason why it can. 
You cannot take action in the past and you should dismiss the past from your mind. If you take action in the present with your mind on the future or your present action will be with a divided mind and not be effective. You cannot act where you are not, you cannot act where you have been, you cannot act where you are going to be, you can only act where you are. Wallace D. Wattles
What you are seeking is also seeking you. In order to find success you must be totally consumed by it, and continually moving toward that objective. Whatever you are looking for in life is also looking for you, and with the same degree of effort as your level of interest in finding it.
Anyone can be a superstar if the “why” is strong enough. What is it you want out of life? Do you want something so badly that you are willing to make it your life purpose, your calling? Is your motto “I am going to be successful no matter what it takes? If it isn´t, it should be because the only way it will happen is with that attitude!
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