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Mindset has had a massive impact on humanity. That is undeniable. 20 years ago, we wouldn’t be talking about values, culture and mindset in organisation and in society. This has definitely been a step in the right direction. However, my own experience (which has taken me through being left at the altar, followed by a role as a mindset coach in large enterprise followed by embracing the artist within me, having a spiritual awakening and then tapping into the spiritual growth) has taught me…Consciousness is the leap that humanity must take in order to save ourselves.Where mindset is a framework created by human beings, open to perception… consciousness is the very life energy within us created by creation itself.Where mindset is a band-aid solution, consciousness addresses the root cause of the problems faced by human beings.Consciousness is experiential and every human being has the same experience of consciousness ; not subject to interpretation.The direction of this podcast (#beYou) will be focusing on humanity’s leap toward consciousness.
15 Episodes
In this episode, I dive into three key topics:- western science and psychology- yogic science and how the mind works- my journey in 2022 I hope this episode will inspire you to embrace your true nature as a human being and thrive beyond the constraints of your thought and emotion!Love,AJ
In this episode, we talk about a lot of topics that touch on the artist mindset and what it takes to release music in 2022. Our special guest is Keenan (Kwyze) who has represented New Zealand for sport as well as dance and an up and coming artist who  is just about to release his first single.We are also joined in the studio by Phoebe and Mitch (Brown Sugar Factory), Alice (Freya) and Rika with his partner Sonia.#beYou #theajsound #releasingMusic
In 2021, I got diagnosed with bipolar disorder as a result of a manic attack and was put on medication for 6 months to follow.Now, having been off the medication for a while and having had some time to reflect - I share my experience.I am so grateful for having had the chance to go through this powerful experience. The purpose of this video is to provide my perspective on what I went through at the time and hopefully you all take something away from this video that you can apply to your lives.I strongly believe this was a spiritual awakening but I’m keen to hear from others that have had similar or vastly different experiences! (Heck, come have a chat on the podcast!)#theajsound #beYou #bipolar #spiritualawakening
In this episode Ruzbeh and I talk about growing up, migrating to New Zealand and overcoming challenges and parents.#beYOU #parents #immigrants
In this episode, we explore topics such as anxiety, overcoming challenges and the world of a creative / actor in 2021.Lets explore together with Shama Shaheen!#beYOU #theajsound #ShamaShaheen
In this episode, listen in to Shanon and I speak our truths and share our perspectives about finding yourself and finding happiness.#beYOU #theajsound #podcast
In this episode, we talk about #passion, #impostersyndrome and the NZ music industry. We also get to learn about Paul the Kid's personal journey to becoming the artist he is today!#beYou #theajsound #PaulTheKid
In this episode we explore a bunch of topics including the PURPOSE of life, meditation and #selflove / #selfcare.#theajsound #beYOU
In this episode of #beYOU - Anoushka Jain and I tell our stories and explore some of the key issues / topics and opportunities for 1st gen immigrants living in New Zealand.We explore topics like #individualism vs #group culture, #moralscience vs #socialscience, #religion, #culture, #selfconfidence, #insecurity and MORE.Don't miss this one :)
In this episode, we explore the importance of TRUST with my amazing friend and working professional Priyal Bangia. She is an Associate Director at the BIG4 under 30 years old.#theajsound #beYOU #directortips #5dysfunctions
"I'm not a criminal" - in this episode we learn about Brandon Lyng and his story. The podcast touches on finding yourself, finding your passion and being an independent artist.
Hi, My name is Arjun (aka: theajsound) and in this episode, I reunite with Paule Enso ; my very first vocal coach 8 years ago.#theajsound #rapidvocalresults #pauleenso #vocalcoach #coaching
In this episode we meet local singer/songwriter Zoe Scott. She makes some amazing heartwarming indie music and I have the utmost respect for Zoe and her craft.Being a woman in the music industry is not easy ; in this episode we talk about it!#theajsound #beYOU #musicindustry #nzmusic #feminism
In this episode of #beYOU - we explore the top 8 songwriting tips for new / emerging artists through the lenses of a songwriter / singer / artist (myself) and an experienced vocal coach / artist (Paule Enso)For more INFO on paule:https://rapidvocalresults.com Feel free to reach out for more information!
This was an actual live recording of one of the talks I delivered to my last organisation Vodafone.This covers my story, being an immigrant and growing up in New Zealand, and the importance of #gratitude and how that has led me to #happiness.
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