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Author: Justin "Master Chim" Garcia

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Join Justin "Master Chim" Garcia, TNG Uber-Fan, as he breaks down and discusses the strongest episodes, characters, plots, and themes of the Roddenberry Universe's masterpiece, The Next Generation. Warrior Ethos, Tribalism, Leadership, and a dab of Humor, this Journey will be for die hard fans and newbies alike. Q'Plah!
7 Episodes
POD 7 - Portal"s Power

POD 7 - Portal"s Power


Ferengi stealing stuff, The Enterprise losing power, and the greatest security system in the galaxy. There's plenty of power in "The Last Outpost" of season 1. Join Justin Garcia on this pod to discuss!
Author extraordinaire, Keith R.A. DeCandido, stops by for an incredible talk that covers everything from his humble beginnings as an editor, to getting the opportunity to write for numerous super-popular brands, to the rumblings of fandoms to sometimes meet ambiguous standards. Keith is a geyser of scifi writing power and I enjoyed having him on. ALL scifi fans should listen to this talk!
How can an episode on TNG be called racist, clumsy, cliche', and terrible have a silver lining EVERY TNG fan should embrace? Join host Justin Garcia for this powerful pod on Tribe, Honor, Alliance, and DEATH!
Maaan...where do I begin?! Why the creators decided to get everyone drunk on the third episode of their new Star Trek series is beyond me! Lol. Despite the circumstances, join me for a very sober 20 minutes of critique! Q'PLAH!
Finally...Episode 1 of the show! Join me, Justin Garcia, as I get into "Encounter at Farpoint" and explore the beginning of the TNG Journey! From a stern Picard, to the meddlesome Q, and yes, even the Space Jellyfish (Lol), this episode sets the tone for the series. Let's talk TNG POWER!
Why does Star Trek inspire such hope and wonder amongst its fans? Where do so many fans falter in remaining true to its gift? Join host Justin Garcia as he discusses the magic of a Roddenberry future and the tremendous possibilities it allows us to explore. Q'PLAH!
Welcome to the TNG Power Podcast! Join me, Justin Garcia, as I introduce listeners to the blueprint of TNG Power, reveal what to expect in future PODS (episodes), and remind everyone why TNG is where it's at!
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