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Moodle is the learning management solution used by hundreds of millions of learners worldwide. Across every country and in nearly all languages - schools, colleges, universities, vocational trainers and all types of workplaces use Moodle as a toolbox to manage their online learning.In a series of conversations, this podcast series explores topics, provides insights and uncovers personal stories from a range of guests who are specialists in their field whether in education technology, instructional design, Moodle-based solutions or the future of online education. Join us and become part of the global community that supports freedom and access to high quality education technology as fundamental to allowing education to flourish and grow in a more equitable and accessible way.
22 Episodes
Join IntelliBoard Chief Product Office Becky Keith for this insightful discussion with Carles Aguiló-Collado from Moodle HQ. Together, they will discuss how to increase cybersecurity in your company, harness tools such as IntelliBoard within Moodle LMS, and turn insights into action. Listeners will hear real-world examples and learn practical strategies to fortify their organizations against emerging digital threats. Learn more about IntelliBoard on their website. Learn more about SensCyVisit...
In this episode, Barnana Sarkar of Moodle HQ interviews Willian Mano Araujo about his presentation at MoodleMoot Global 2023 in Barcelona, "Evoke Game in Moodle to empower students to solve global grand challenges: Outputs and experiences from the World Bank's Evoke project". This award-winning educational initiative in project-based learning game mechanics, graphic novel content and storytelling captivates young learners and encourages them to tackle global issues while honing their 21s...
In this episode of The Moodle Podcast, Moodle Founder Martin Dougiamas talks to Abby Fry about the Moodle Research Lab’s mission to provide a long-term view for the future of learning and the development of Moodle. This insightful discussion focuses on the potential of AI to enhance teaching and learning and the importance of maintaining an open ecosystem of tools and resources to support the new “golden age of learning”.Visit Moodle at
At MoodleMoot Global 2023 in Barcelona, Marvin D. Hoffland and Mario Wehrof FH Kärnten gemeinnützige Gesellschaft mbH (Carinthia University of Applied Sciences) presented at MoodleMoot Global 2023 on how they used Moodle App at their university. We caught up with them to discuss further. Watch their presentation from MoodleMoot Global on YouTube.Watch the video on YouTube of their customised version of the Moodle App. Get the Moodle App. Visit Moodle at
In this episode of The Moodle Podcast, host Lucy Sherwood dives into the world of accessibility in education with the passionate team from Brickfield Education Labs, a certified integration partner of Moodle. Joined by Gavin, Karen and Laia, the conversation unfolds into a rich exploration of their mission to enhance the accessibility of online courses.Learn more about the Brickfield Education Labs certified integration toolkit for Moodle, and the significance of accessibility, and gain valua...
As Inclusiv Education says: "Education has a profound impact on people’s lives but not everyone can access it." Steve Watt from Inclusiv Education joins Lauren Foss Goodman from MoodleHQ in this conversation around a use case for MoodleBox and Raspberry Pi, and how it is possible to bring eLearning to those with limited access to infrastructure and resources.Find out how Inclusiv Education used Moodle and MoodleBox to teach children and empower educators in a refugee camp in Kenya....
Lucy Sherwood from MoodleHQ recently met with Chad Outten, founder and CEO of mylearningspace, to discuss AI and education. Chad recently presented at MoodleMoot Global 2023 in Barcelona about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on education. This presentation was one of the most popular presentations of the event, as voted by other attendees. Join us as we deep dive into AI, including how AI is changing how we teach and learn, including challenges, opportunities, algorithm...
Introducing Kayla Yucha, Kate Huttenlocher and Dan Arnold from Oakland University. Together, they work in the eLearning and instructional support office at Oakland University and co-host the podcast Inclusive & Online. Inclusive & Online podcast covers topics relating to inclusivity, educational technology, and online learning. Today we discuss their key learnings and favourite episodes as well as their usage of Moodle at Oakland University. Oakland University uses Moodle as the...
In this episode, Moodle HQ Communications Manager interviews Zoe Rippon from The Moodle Experience Lab. Participants in the Moodle Experience Lab can contribute to research and design projects that make a difference for over 300 million people worldwide.Join the Moodle Experience Lab or learn more here: Visit Moodle at
In this episode, join Lucy Sherwood from the Moodle Communications team as she interviews neurodiversity advocate, Lizzie Somerfield.Together, they speak about Lizzies lived experience and make suggestions for educators to make more neuroinclusive eLearning environments for their students. You can find Lizzie on Instagram @Lizzie.Somerfield, LinkedIn, or her website, here: more about Branching Scenarios in Moodle here:
The work of our volunteer language pack maintainers is essential to ensure the teaching and learning of Moodle users all around the world.In this episode Mary Cooch , Moodle Education Manager, speaks to Koen Roggemans, Moodle's volunteer Translation Coordinator about the importance of translating Moodle into many languages.Learn more here: Moodle at
MoodleHQ Head of Product, Marie Achour joins us to share insights on the jam packed schedule for Moodle Moot Global on the 18th-21st September 2023 in Barcelona, Spain. This years moot promotes lifelong learning and features streams that suit educators, administrators, developers and more. Early bird sale is on now, so register now: you are interested in presenting at the conference, abstract submissions are open now and close on June 2, 2023: https://moodlemoo...
In this episode, Marie Achour, Moodle Global Head of Product, interviews Jon Miles, Head of Technology from Titus Learning, Moodle Premium Certified Partners. In this podcast, Jon Miles shares the Titus Learning approach to scalability and experience in scaling Moodle for large installations. Learn more about Titus Learning: out more about Moodle LMS here: Moodle at
Join Mary Cooch, Moodle HQ Education Manager, as she interviews Moodler Gemma Lesterhuis, a committee member from the Moodle User Association (MUA). Together, they discuss User Experience testing and research and why joining the MUA is important to the Moodle LMS open source project. Connect with Mary Cooch on Twitter (@moodlefairy) and ‌Gemma Lesterhuis on LinkedIn here: the Moodle User Association up to date on Moodle and ...
Join Aurelie Soulier, Community Engagement Lead at Moodle HQ as she interviews Rob Lowney. Rob Lowney is a learning technologist at Dublin City University, and founder of MoodleMunch. In this episode, we unpack the origins of the MoodleMunch webinar series and learn more about Robs passion for advancing teaching by equipping people with new insights to help them in their learning and teaching practises.Find Aurelie Soulier here:LinkedIn:
In this first episode for 2023, we will talk about the importance of ePortfolios to empower learners to be creative in representing their credentials by leveraging a platform that allows more authentic assessments. Listen to find out more about the topic and where open-source educational projects are heading in the future. Hosted by Sonya Trivedi, Communications Manager at Moodle.Join the Moodle open source community at If you are interested in Open EdTech, visit Openedte...
Learn how Building Markets delivers training in local languages to foster new opportunities for SMEs in countries such as Myanmar, and Turkey. This inspiring podcast with Bora Arican, Program Services Director of Building Markets, gives insight into the not-for-profit’s important work and how open source Moodle helps achieve social and economic benefits for local businesses.Visit Moodle at
In this podcast episode, Mary Cooch, Moodle Academy Education Manager, talks about her love of learning and Moodle’s journey in supporting the learning of its global community.Visit Moodle at
In this podcast episode, CEO and Founder of Moodle, Martin Dougiamas, shares his vision for a more equitable global education ecosystem with open education at its core . This is an empowering call to action for all those involved in education to collaborate and strengthen education as a common good to make a peaceful, just and sustainable world.Visit Moodle at
Learn about MoodleNet and its role in strengthening education and the open education movement. In conversation with Abby Fry, MoodleNet Product Manager, Paul Hodgson, explains the development and vision of MoodleNet - Moodle’s new social network designed to help teachers collect, curate and share open educational resources.Visit Moodle at