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Author: Trevor Crump & Mark Goldhardt

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Trevor Crump and Mark Goldhardt bring you quick marketing and entrepreneurial tips, tricks, and trends for DTC business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers. These are lessons they've learned through the years of being right in the thick of scaling dozens of businesses. Whether you have an established business looking to grow, just starting your business journey, or trying to become a digital marketer, this marketing podcast will not let you down.

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Launching new products can be massive wins for a brand, but on the flip side they can be super detremental to the brands identity and cashflow. On this week's episode listen as Mark and Trevor talk about well known brands launched new products and failed miserably vs brands who did it and succeeded very well.We touch on the volatile landscape of changing target audiences, using comedian Matt Rife's recent controversy as a case study. We discuss the potential pitfalls of such shifts, examining the repercussions on a brand's reputation and success. In a world where pleasing everyone can be an uphill battle, it's crucial to remain authentic to your audience. Buckle up as we zoom into an episode packed with lively discussions and unique insights.Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
This week's episode with Taylor Offer, the dynamic CEO of Feat Clothing was LEGIT! Listen as we explore the Black Friday season, finding balance, and his viral bagel scooping controversy. Dive into Taylor's transformative journey through Thailand, where he reshaped his perspective to build an authentic brand. Uncover the delicate balance between metrics and creativity in business, with insights on aligning objectives and fostering a team appreciative of non-ROI initiatives. Brace yourself for powerful discussions on trust, risk-taking, and detaching from results in the business world. Join us on the Unstoppable Marketer podcast for a captivating exploration of business and marketing.Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
Everyone loves a good success story, and Kory's is no exception. From launching a successful Kickstarter campaign to a deal on Reddit that skyrocketed the sales, it's an entrepreneurial story for the books. But it's not just about business. Kory opens up about the emotional connection in the shoe business, the challenges of selling a product with a specific unemotional purpose, and the risks of using social media to express thoughts on mental health.Finally, as we wrap up our conversation with Kory, we dig deep into his decision to sell his company and his future business plans. Kory shares his mental health journey and generously imparts advice for new parents. So tune in, because this episode is a potpourri of wisdom, laughter, and surprising twists you wouldn't want to miss!Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
Strap in as we take a detour into the fast-paced world of business and branding. We talk about the challenges and opportunities presented by the evolving e-commerce landscape, where chasing quick-term money can kill long-term success. How and why you should focus on building a brand.  We draw on the journey of the Star Wars franchise from a small production house to an international phenomenon, we underline the importance of creating products and experiences that resonate with audiences. Filled with insights and personal anecdotes, this episode promises to be an enlightening journey. We delve into the importance of open dialogue and understanding in fostering a reciprocal relationship with our children and draw fascinating parallels with customer relationships in marketing. Also who do you think were more die hard in their prime? Beatles Fans or Swifties? We may or may not jump into that discussion...Join us!Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
Q&A w/ Mark and Trevor.Ever wondered how competitor research can fuel your creative strategy? Or how the e-commerce boom of the past two years has squeezed businesses? Roll up your sleeves as we explore these topics in-depth, unravel the law of averages, and share a sprinkle of personal anecdotes about our creative grandparents. Also, we answer some intriguing questions from our listeners. Finally, we maneuver into investing with a limited budget, the art of expanding a startup apparel brand's reach, and the significance of budgeting in Q4. As Apple gears up for its new iOS privacy update, we put our thinking hats on and discuss its potential impact on brands and their marketing strategies. Be ready for some insightful advice on creating content that connects with consumers without relying on conventional tracking tools. All this and more - for the entrepreneur in you.Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
Every Q4 people start panicking on how they should handle Black Friday/ Cyber Monday... Which makes sense because for some brands BFCM can make up over 50% of its annual sales...In this podcast episode, we discuss the importance of seasonality for businesses, particularly the significance of planning for upcoming trends and investing in marketing. We present strategies for maximizing success during the critical fourth quarter, especially on Black Friday. And we don't stop there, touch on the advantages of offering discounts and free gifts to boost sales, as well as potential pitfalls to avoid. We dive into an in-depth examination of how strategy can impact retail brands, using the example of Ron Johnson's failed customer acquisition branding at JCPenney. Don't get left behind, tune in to become part of this enlightening conversation!On a less serious note, but still from a marketing perspective we peel back the veil on the mystique of Halloween and haunted houses. We also delve into the distinctive world of Tim Burton, debating his style and whether we're fans of his work. Moving from the supernatural to the natural, we turn our attention towards the wild new show 'The Golden Bachelor,' a senior citizen version of the popular show 'The Bachelor.' We tease apart the fascinating exploration of love and relationships among this older demographic. And what type of success its having and why it is happening in 2023.Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
Ever catch yourself wondering how a Brazilian immigrant, armed with an American Express credit card and a passion for fashion, could revolutionize the apparel industry? Tune in as Fernanda Bohme, co-founder of a women's fast fashion chain featured in Forbes, Cosmopolitan and Fast Inc 500, weaves a story of resilience, faith, and an unplanned Playboy Bunny fanbase. This episode is a montage of candid insights, laughter and timeless wisdom, offering a front row seat to Fernanda’s journey from Brazil to the corridors of a successful fashion brand.Our conversation takes an unexpected yet exciting turn as we venture into the mystical realm of horoscope readings. We unveil our own astrological talents and challenges, leading to an intense discussion about judgement and compassion. We also dive into Fernanda's family history and her compelling journey from a law firm to co-founding a fashion brand with her sister. The story of how Playboy Bunnies became some of their best customers is a delightful twist you don't want to miss.As we unravel Fernanda's journey, we address the elephant in the room – the 'retail apocalypse' myth, and the real cost of doing business online. We contrast the overheads of a physical retail location with the costs of online marketing and hiring developers. Fernanda elegantly reveals the secret to her success - a mix of hard work, empathetic understanding of customers, and an ability to quickly pivot with fashion trends. We round off our discussion exploring the role of her musical background in business, and how hardships only tuned her into her true frequency. Prepare to be inspired by this unique story of a woman, who didn’t just survive the fashion world, but mastered it.Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
Ever thought about the psychology behind our fascination with mascots, or the influence celebrities wield in shaping trends and consumer behavior? Prepare to have your mind blown as we, your hosts, journey into the intriguing world of mascots, marketing psychology, and gender-specific decision making. We'll explore how ancient societies used animals to symbolize their values and characteristics and how these have evolved into fun, modern-day mascots representing group identity.Hold your breath as we delve into the trend of 'girl math' on TikTok, and its significance in the marketing world. We'll analyze the celebrity effect using Taylor Swift and her devoted fan base, the 'Swifties'. Drawing insights from Chip and Dan Heath's book, Switch, we'll spotlight the crucial role of emotions in marketing and decision-making. We'll also dissect the nuances of male and female consumer behavior, using real-life examples to illustrate how diverse selling tactics resonate differently with each gender.Using the success stories of brands like &Collar and Kizik as examples, we'll explore the power of understanding and catering to the motivations of different customer demographics. So plug in your headphones, grab a cup of coffee, and get ready for an information-packed episode that will change the way you think about mascots, celebrities, and the psychology of consumer behavior!Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
We had a fascinating conversation with Brett Curry, the CEO of OMG Commerce, a renowned marketing agency. Together, we explored the dynamic world of digital marketing and some unexpected influencer insights.Brett enlightened us on the immense potential YouTube offers to brands of all sizes. He emphasized the platform's unique ability to engage audiences and provided valuable tips for small brands looking to make a big impact.We delved into the effectiveness of long-form content and its role in building trust and authority within your audience, which is often overlooked in today's fast-paced digital landscape.Brett also shared his thoughts on the evolving landscape of SEO in ecommerce and talks about if it is worth it or not...We also dive into Brett's take on Deion Sanders, aka "Coach Prime." As an influencer, Coach Prime has not only made a significant impact in the college football world but has also provided marketers with a lesson in innovation and differentiation.This episode is a must-listen for marketers seeking to harness the power of YouTube, explore long-form content strategies, adapt to the changing SEO landscape, and draw inspiration from unexpected influencers like Deion Sanders. Tune in for invaluable insights and fresh perspectives from Brett Curry, a distinguished expert in digital marketing.Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
Join us for a delectable conversation with Nick Greer, the CEO of BUILT, a modern healthy chocolate bar company that's redefining indulgence. In this episode, Nick shares the secret ingredients to his success:Nick's a risk-taker, and he's not afraid to admit it. Discover the power of taking calculated risks and how it's propelled BUILT to new heights.Understanding customers is key. Learn how Nick's insights into his audience have transformed BUILT into a brand that truly connects.Messaging matters. Nick reveals how crafting the right message has shaped BUILT'S irresistible brand identity.From omni-channel marketing to creating unforgettable experiences, Nick spills the beans on the strategies that set BUILT apart.And as a surprising twist, we explore the rise of Taylor Swift and what businesses can learn from her journey to success.Tune in for a mouthwatering episode filled with insights, inspiration, and a touch of pop culture as we journey through the world of BUILT with Nick Greer.Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
In this BANGER of an episode , we sit down with Ben Perkins, the visionary founder of &Collar, a brand that has not only survived but thrived during the pandemic. Ben shares invaluable insights into their journey, highlighting their fearless approach to marketing spend, their strategic investment in video ads, the importance of listening to customers, and their unexpected success in selling white dress shirts.Discover how &Collar's bold marketing strategies paid off in unprecedented ways during challenging times. Ben offers real-world examples of calculated risks that resulted in tremendous rewards and growth for his brand.If you're looking for inspiration on how to navigate the ever-changing marketing landscape, learn from your customers' feedback, and leverage innovative approaches to product offerings, then this episode is a must-listen. Tune in as we delve deep into the world of marketing, entrepreneurship, and the unexpected triumphs of &Collar.Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
In this episode, we sit down with the visionary entrepreneur and Cofounder of The Spacestation, Sean Holladay. Get ready to explore the unconventional path to building a successful empire as we delve into a wide range of topics that challenge traditional notions of entrepreneurship.Sean Holladay, one of the masterminds behind, takes us on a captivating journey through his unique approach to business and success. Bucking the trend of focusing solely on one aspect, Sean shares his insights on how diversification and multi-faceted ventures have been key to his remarkable achievements.Tune in as we uncover the power of cultivating a network in the world of business. Sean Holladay breaks down the art of forging genuine connections and how these relationships have played an integral role in his rise as a successful entrepreneur. Learn how to leverage your network not just for financial gains, but for personal growth and shared prosperity.But that's not all – our conversation with Sean takes an intriguing turn as we discuss the untapped potential of content creation. Discover how creating valuable and engaging content can be a game-changer when it comes to scaling businesses. Sean Holladay reveals his strategies for harnessing the digital realm to expand his ventures and reach a wider audience.In this thought-provoking episode, we also explore the profound impact of kindness in entrepreneurship. Sean Holladay passionately advocates for the principle that kindness is an entrepreneur's most potent tool. Learn how incorporating empathy and compassion into your business model can drive success while fostering a positive impact on your community and beyond.Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur, a budding business enthusiast, or simply seeking inspiration to navigate your own path to success, this interview with Sean Holladay is a must-listen. Join us to uncover unconventional wisdom, redefine your approach to business, and embrace the multifaceted journey to building an empire.Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
What kind of content should brands be creating to attract new customers?Mark and Trevor talk about all different types of content you see brands create to attract new customers, from: UGCListiclesValue prop centered contentStorytellingTestimonialsand moreWhich of these formats are working the best and at what part of the marketing funnel are best to show your future customers. They talk about the importance of being new to trends, but how much more important it is to create content that helps you stand out and not blend in.Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
In this episode of the Unstoppable Marketer Podcast, we are joined by special guest KC Holiday, former founder of QALO, to discuss the challenges of starting and growing a successful brand.KC shares valuable insights on identifying the best platforms for content distribution, emphasizing the importance of understanding your audience to maximize engagement.The challenges of launching new products in a competitive market are explored, as KC discusses the need for unique value propositions to capture customer attention.Drawing from his experience, KC highlights the distinction between starting and running a company, shedding light on the evolving role of a founder.He challenges the notion of a definitive playbook for scaling a business, encouraging entrepreneurs to pave their own paths and embrace uncertainty.Instead, KC advocates for understanding fundamental principles and strategies, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and foster creative problem-solving.Tune in to the Unstoppable Marketer Podcast for invaluable entrepreneurial insights and a fresh perspective on building a sustainable business from KC Holiday, the former founder of QALO.Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
Evora is a fast growing up-and-coming DTC company that is doing a lot of stuff right... But it didn't start out that way...  Evora started out just like many of our businesses. Had a good product and a good audience but was struggling to put all the pieces together.Listen as Rigden talks about the three things that have helped him double his sales month over month. 1) Eliminated friction from his website and from his product2) Focused on one single thing in front of him3) Dialed in their messagingWe hope you enjoy this episode. Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
Community is one of the biggest buzzwords in marketing... Every business owner and marketer is talking about how you must build a community in order to scale your business. Chris Hall and the Bruce Bolt team disagree with this idea... well kinda...It's not that they disagree with the fact that community is important. They just don't believe that you have to build it... Instead of building, why not just find an existing community and make an innovative product for that community?Listen as Trevor and Chris talk about what it takes to build a successful company, how to cultivate a community, the importance of product market fit, and how the simplest marketing tactics can drive the biggest results.This is a listen you won't regret!Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
Let's talk about how to ACTUALLY grow your business... Understanding the in's and out's of your business is everything when it comes scaling the right way...In this episode Mark and Trevor interview Andrew Faris, Founder of AJF Growth. Andrew walks us through the proper questions you need to ask about your business before you can answer questions like, "what is a healthy ROAs?". We talk about unit economics, contribution margin, product market fit, what your personal goals are, new customer acquisition and more...If you want to truly understand what it takes to scale your business the right way. Then this episode is for you.Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
Do you know who your ideal customer is? If you can't answer that question in 15 seconds or less... you probably need to work on it...In this episode, we'll talk to Aaron Orendorff, the CMO @Recart (ex-Shopify, ex-Common Thread Collective), a marketing expert who specializes in helping DTC businesses grow. Aaron shares his insights on the importance of knowing who your ideal customer is and how to find, understand, and reach them.When you know your ideal customer, you can create products and marketing campaigns that are specifically designed to appeal to them. This will help you reach more of your target audience and convert more leads into customers.Here are some of the key takeaways from our conversation with Aaron:Your ideal customer is the foundation of your business. Everything you do, from product development to marketing, should be focused on your ideal customer.It's important to understand your ideal customer's needs and wants. What are they looking for in a product or service? What are their pain points?You can find your ideal customer by talking to them. Conduct surveys, interviews, and focus groups to get a better understanding of your target audience.Once you know your ideal customer, you can create products and marketing campaigns that resonate with them. This will help you reach more of your target audience and convert more leads into customers.If you're a DTC business owner, this is a MUST listen to... This is like a 4 year college degree fit into 1 hour...Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
If you have a subscription business, are thinking about starting one, or if you don't think your business can offer subscriptions this episode is for you...Chris is a legend when it comes to the subscription world. He has worked with some of the biggest subscription brands on the planet. From Netflix to Bark Box, this guy  knows his craft. Listen as Mark and Trevor ask for Chris' direct play book when building a subscription business. Chris gives real live examples of what to do and what not to do when building a subscription business. This is a must-listen-to-episode. One thing Chris said that blew our minds was that every single business should have some sort of subscription element to it!Make sure to take some notes. This podcast is wildly actionable!Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
In this episode, we interview London Lazerson, a renowned content creator with 9.5 million followers on TikTok and a multiple thriving businesses. Join us as we dive into his secrets for content creation and scaling businesses. @londonlaz jumps into his creative process, engagement strategies, and valuable advice for aspiring creators. Gain insights into building a personal brand, leveraging social media, and achieving entrepreneurial success. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the industry's legends. Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
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