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Author: Keith Hernandez

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The Changeup sits down with leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs to learn about doing a big career switch from being a high-rising employee at larger company to starting your own thing. It's about the excitement of taking risks, following your passion, and building something new.
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This week's guest is CEO and Co-Founder of Cognitiv, Jeremy Fain.The media and marketing world has recently become obsessed with artificial intelligence and deep learning, marking it as the future of the business as a whole. Cognitiv has been applying these practices for years to help predict consumer behavior and drive marketing performance for their clients. We talked to Jeremy about the genesis of Cognitiv, the importance of ethics and AI, and how emerging technologies will revolutionize advertising. 
This week's guest is the CEO and founder of Reimaginez, Therese Gedda. Reimaginez specializes in designing, redesigning, and scaling culture successfully. They help founders, CEO's and leaders keep, attract and lead high achievers while living as high achievers themselves.We talked about how growing up in Sweden building her own company was always going to be her path forward, her connection to weightlifting and sports led her to focus on high performance in the workplace and reimagine company culture. 
This week's guest is the CEO and Founder of De Kabeza, Alana Kalin. De Kabeza is a tech platform with gamified communications and live interactive trivia and games, based in Mexico City.We talk about her decision to move herself and the company from New York to Mexico to refocus on a Mexican audience, the evolution of gamification, the differences in startup culture and finally how for some of us, wishing to be an Oscar Mayer Weiner is where the dream ends. She shares what it takes to actually drive the Weinermobile. 
This week's guest is the CEO and Founder of Malida Advisors, Natasha Kehimkar. Malida Advisors is a strategic advisory firm, focusing on areas of diversity, equity, inclusion, organizational change, and scaling your HR function. We talk about her career journey in the Pharma world, to tech start-ups, to building her own thing. She also shares how during the pandemic she recorded her family's life story, interviewing her mom and dad daily for posterity. 
This week's guest is co-founder and CEO of Curacubby, Steven Khuong.Curacubby is a next-generation, fin-tech, SAS platform that helps education, recreation, and family service programs save time and money by optimizing finance and business workflow functions. We discussed how a very personal family hurdle led to the creation of Curacubby, how his family moved from Hong Kong to Grand Rapids, Michigan, and his incredible stories about being a Bay Area hip-hop DJ and producer in the 1990s.
This week's guest is the founder of Farmer Nick, Nick Cutsumpas. I met Nick when he was a sales executive at Thrive Global, where we hit it off due to his empathy and creativity and his love of baseball didn't hurt either. Nick bet on himself and has grown a small empire focused on urban farming. His Farmer Nick Instagram account has over 169,000 followers, his plant coaching business is booming in both LA and New York and his new book "Plant Coach: The Beginners Guide to Caring for Plants and the Planet" is out now. 
This week's guest is Career Strategist, Executive Coach, and Consigliere, Jill Griffin. Before going out on her own, Jill was a senior executive at massive media agencies like Publicis, overseeing Fortune 500 branding, strategy, and media partnerships. We talk about how what was initially going to be a few months of consulting turned into a 6+ year career, her ongoing mission to help workforces build inclusive teams and embrace those with disabilities, and how she built her podcast "The Career Refresh".
This week's guest is the Founder of Press 2 for Espanol, Carmen Diaz. We talk about her journey from teaching in schools in Texas to teaching Spanish online. We discuss how she took her love of language and passion for helping others and turned it into a business, and her plans for growth to help her home country of Guatemala. 
This week's guest is Co-Founder of Bumper, Dan Misener. Bumper is a podcast growth agency that helps organizations reach their business goals through the power of audio. Dan is one of the sharpest minds in audio. We talk about the Faustian bargain some audio companies took to garner scale, what it means to focus on engagement versus download numbers, where he thinks the industry is headed, and how critical podcast strategy will be to it. 
This week's guest is the author and executive performance strategist, Laura Garnett. At Laura's firm, Garnett Consulting, Laura and her team work with highly driven, industry-leading executives and teams to achieve the impact and fulfillment they desire. We talk about her decision to leave one of the biggest companies in the world, executive burnout, and our psychology at work, as well as some key insights from her book "Find Your Zone of Genius". 
This week's guest is the founder of Schlaf & Co, Steve Schlafman. Steve was a venture capitalist who made the decision a few years back to leave the industry to focus on building his boutique leadership company that focuses on helping early-stage founders and VCs. He is also an avid reader and writer and something we explore during our conversation together is how he made it an intentional part of his life. We talk about leadership, forging your own path, and most importantly, creating a space to be present for your family while running a company. 
This week's guest is the Founder and CEO of Sparkfly, Catherine Tabor. Sparkfly is a retail technology solutions company that helps innovative retailers and merchants like Chipotle, Texas Roadhouse, and Great Clips leverage technology to create a meaningful connection to their customersWe talk about how she was able to win her first big client and turn that into her business, how vital consumer privacy is in the age of digital, and her awesome business perspective of if you can't get in the door, climb through a window. 
This week's guest is the creator of Shameless Acquisition Target, Laura Mayer. Laura and I worked together at the Slate group, where she was a producer at Panoply, also known as Megaphone, prior to its sale to Spotify. She has had a front-row seat to the podcast acquisition boom and helped launch dozens of award-winning shows. It has not punched her ticket to podcast millions, like some lucky people we know have.That's where Shameless Acquisition Target comes in. It's a smart, funny and incisive examination of the internal machinations of the podcast industry, and it's one of my favorite shows of the year. We talk about its creation and its culmination with her sharing if the company was sold or not. 
This week's guest is the Chief Learning Officer at Weill Cornell Medicine, Dr. Ruth Gotian. Dr. Gotian is also the author of The Success Factor – Developing the Mindset and Skillset for Peak Performance, where she researched CEOs, Nobel laureates, and Olympic and NBA champions to find out how we can all optimize our success. Last year, she was among the 30 people worldwide to be named to the Thinkers50 Radar list, dubbed the Oscars of management thinking.  Get ready to get motivated as we discuss peak performance, becoming aware of and managing your strengths, and how we all can apply these lessons to our daily life. 
This week's episode is with the Founder and CEO of SalientMG, Mack McKelvey.SalientMG is a strategic marketing firm, focused on accelerating market position for growth stage tech companies. We talk about leveraging digital tools to better share your skill set, why being a Chief of Staff is the ultimate pipeline to becoming a CEO, and the discrepancy she sees in how founders are able to raise money. 
Season 3 Premiere! So excited to welcome the CEO and Co-Founder of Mojo, Vinit Bharara. Mojo is a sports stock market, where fans can literally invest in their favorite players' careers. Along with Vinit, there are some pretty big names as co-founders, Bart Stein, Mark Lore, and a baseball player turned businessman,  you might have heard of Alex Rodriguez. Vinit has founded and sold multiple companies prior to this. Quidsi to Amazon, Some Spider Studios to Bustle Digital Group, and CAFE Media to Vox Media, so it's safe to say he knows a thing or two about building companies. We absolutely nerd out about sports in general, and we talk about the vision for Mojo.Mojo is now live in New Jersey, check it out! 
We took the month off of interviewing and while on break, we put together two special episodes with some of our incredible past guests to highlight some themes that were recurring. This week we focus on diversity and race. These entrepreneurs have firsthand experience with the disparities within the corporate and business world and offer insight into their own stories and possible solutions. 
During our short break from interviewing, we decided to reflect back on some of our great past guests. This week we’re highlighting some of our female entrepreneurs from seasons 1 and 2 to reflect back on their experiences in the male-dominated business world. 
This week we welcome the CEO and Co-Founder of Quantified, Noah Zandan. Quantified is the leading firm in combining behavioral science, AI, and experiential learning technology to help people enhance their impact, improve their interactions and establish a greater human connection. We talk about how a former Wall Street guy got into behavioral science, what it’s like to prepare for and give a Ted Talk and we learn some of the small ways we all can be better communicators. 
This week we welcome my friend and my mentor, Andy Wiedlin. Andy is the founder of the VERY creatively titled Andy Wiedlin Consulting, an advisor to many startups and publishers, and the host of the marketing podcast, Backstage with the Brand. We talk about what it takes to be a great sales leader, the differences in the advertising world now versus when he started and I try to get him to be the commissioner of Major League Baseball for a day. 
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