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In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld interviews Barry Auchettl about his recent experiences inspired by the energy of Dr. Bates and his original approaches. Nathan and Barry are teaming up this November to lead their next 22 Day Vision Tune Up. Go to for more information and to sign up online. (1:18) Channeling Dr. Bates (2:28) The relaxed approach of keeping it simple (4:52) A recent story of natural vision restoration in 24 hours (7:00) Reconnection as healing (9:00) Glasses as barriers (10:00) Accessories as protection (12:49) 22 Day Vision Tune Up in November 2023 Visit Barry's website for more information Rent or Purchase the Vision 2020: From Eyesight To Insight documentary at Music by: Audionautix - Namaste!
In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld interviews Rikke Godthjaelp from Copenhagen, Denmark about her experience in the fields of Auriculotherapy, Auriculomedicine, Posturology, and Chromotherapy; with a current emphasis on treating PTSD with light therapy and color therapy applications on the ears. Nathan and Rikke are teaming up twice this fall, first for the FREE Color Lights Gifts to the World workshop on October 10th, 2023 and then for the 2 day Color & Light Immersions virtual retreat on November 11th & 12th, 2023. Go to to register online. Learn more about the Godthjaelp Maugendre International Institute go to Stay tuned for the next 22 Day Vision Tune Up starting up in November as well! More info at Thank you for helping me surpass 40,000 subscribers on YouTube! (6:15) How we met (8:08) TCM Acupuncturist (9:00) Posturology (10:00) Auriculotherapy & Auriculomedicine (14:00) Frequencies & Colors (16:00) How colors affect us… Limbic System, Thalamus, Pain, Cortex… Limbic system regulates the hormones. All the feelings! (22:22) Readiness for healing (23:33) Skeptics vs. Cynics (24:10) Cynicism comes from trauma (27:00) Emotions & Body (29:39) The eyes affect us physically and emotionally (31:55) The Rapid Healing Technique (32:48) Pain moves fast, color moves slower... Strain moves fast, Relaxation moves slower (34:24) Sympathetic vs. Parasympathetic Nervous system (41:00) Godthjalp Maugendre International Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark (42:24) PTSD Study (44:44) Healing trauma without talking about trauma (47:00) Visual flashbacks, Mental pictures (53:03) It’s not all rainbows and lollipops… Dare to be vulnerable (57:57) How healing traumas can improve life and improve vision (58:58) Perception of color dependent upon mental state Music by: Audionautix - Namaste!
THANK YOU FOR 40,000 SUBSCRIBERS!!! Watch this episode on YouTube to see the peak fall foliage and beautiful natural colors of Northern Vermont. Go to to register for the free Color & Lights Gifts to the World event on October 10th, 2023 and/or the Color & Light Immersions virtual retreat on November 11th-12th, 2023. Listen to the Better Eyesight Podcast at or join the Better Eyesight League at Stay tuned for more new episodes of The Naked Eye Podcast coming soon!
In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld interviews Fernanda Leite Ribeiro, an eye doctor from São Paulo, Brazil about her various alternative approaches to eye health. One of Fernanda's main specialties is binocularity. Having two eyes enables us to see in three dimensions... but are you experiencing the most 3-dimensional vision you possibly can? Listen to this conversation to learn more about ways to adapt out of glasses (which flatten the world) and reconnect with your own true depth perception. [0:10] Introduction [2:52] Welcome to the show Fernanda! [3:55] Fernanda's story... from dance, to natural vision improvement, to optometry school, to syntonics [14:00] What is Syntonic Phototherapy and how can it help the eyes? [17:00] Expanding Vision, Expanding Life [24:15] 3D Vision Tools - Brock string & suppression [27:27] Depth perception is a spectrum [30:00] Swinging and Shifting to improve fusion [31:41] Fusion Practices The Gateposts & Near to Far Shifting [34:55] The Myopia Epidemic [36:10] Narrowing and Expanding of Peripheral Space [37:37] Open Periphery, See Better - using a field divider [40:04] Periphery Supports the Center - Fernanda's approach [42:06] "Myopia is a problem with the periphery expressed in the central." [44:53] LOOK IN THE DISTANCE [46:15] Central Fixation & Peripheral Awareness during everyday life [49:50] Glasses collapse periphery, distort depth perception, contract the world [54:25] Weaning off prescription glasses as opposed to quitting cold turkey [1:00:21] Weaning off sunglasses, adapting to sunlight [1:02:02] Pupillary Response: smaller pupil, wider visual field / wider pupil, smaller visual field [1:05:44] Learn more about Syntonics at [1:08:04] Steps to stereoscopy: using stereograms, stereo pairs, red/cyan glasses, anaglyph glasses, polarized sheets... [1:15:21] The 4 Levels of Stereo Charts [1:19:00] Conclusion: take the pressure off your central vision by expanding your periphery More information at Subscribe to The Naked Eye Podcast! Go to Thank you!
In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld reads an article by Dr. William H. Bates M.D. called "The Imperfect SIght of the Normal Eye", originally published in the New York Medical Journal on September 8, 1917. After he reads the article (starting at 7:00), which overviews the various causes and natural treatments for vision problems, Nathan discusses some of the key points. Here are the four conclusions: All persons with normal eyes and perfect sight do not have normal eyes and perfect sight continuously. The cause is always an effort or strain to see. Treatment by eye training is successful when distant, small, familiar letters are read a few moments at least every day. The good results obtained justify the use of the method in all schools, the army, the navy, the merchant marine, on all railroads, in short by everybody who desires or needs continuous perfect sight. More information at & 
In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld explains how to...  5:40 - Take your glasses off and… 6:00 - 1) Relax, don’t strain 7:45 - 2) Close your eyes 10:07 - 3) Reverse blink 12:06 - 4) Blink 13:44 - 5) Breathe 15:30 - 6) Be patient 16:19 - 7) Open periphery 18:38 - 8) Swing (see things moving) 20:40 - 9) Colors, Shapes, Depth 25:25 - 10) Central Fixation 28:32 - Transitioning from the practical level to the deeper level 32:52 - 11) Look within Watch my videos about Central Fixation ( ( ( and Reverse Blinking ( Also watch my video about How To Get and Use Weaker Prescription Training Glasses ( - Get Nathan's book Give Up Your Glasses for Good  - Get Nathan's Holistic Vision Program  - Listen to the Better Eyesight Podcast  - Join the Better Eyesight League  - Listen to more episodes of the Naked Eye Podcast
In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld counts down the Top 6 Episodes of The Naked Eye Podcast so far from the past 7 years of the show's history. 6) Episode 6 - 5 Bad Vision Habits You Need to Break [3:18] 5) Episode 31 - My Journey From Blur to Clarity [10:54] 4) Episode 28 - Follow-Along Relaxation Routine [21:00] 3) Episode 8 - Arrested and Taken to Court for Teaching the Bates Method [27:05] 2a) Episode 2 - The Bates Method vs. Eye Exercises [36:00] 2b) Episode 63 - Why Eye Exercises Don’t Work (and What Does Work!) 1) Episode 25 - Reversing Astigmatism with Esther Joy van der Werf [57:27] More information at Rent or purchase the documentary Vision 2020: From Eyesight To Insight at Thank you for subscribing to The Naked Eye Podcast!
*** Sign up for the special Vision Panel on December 1st, 2022 @ 2pm EST called "Preserving Eye Health In A Screen-Filled World" with Nathan Oxenfeld and Dr. Ainhoa de Federico - *** In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld interviews Michal Mehler of Graceful Ease. Michal is a movement instructor who teaches the Paula Method, which deals with the sphincters/ring muscles of the body, including the eyes! Listen to find out what the overlaps between the Paula Method and the Bates Method are, and how you can keep exploring non-invasive approaches towards self-healing and natural vision improvement. [1:30] Michal’s story and the Paula Method [3:00] The 2 levels of the Paula Method [4:06] History of the Paula Method [5:00] Examples of external and internal ring muscles / sphincters [6:30] “Chain Reactions” between different body parts and systems [8:10] Following the chain reactions, allowing body to direct the work [9:35] Palming and sensing the body [12:45] Dealing with eye pain & myopia through digestive issues [15:55] People improving their eyesight with the Paula Method and breathing work [17:50] Sphincters / ring muscles in and around the eyes [25:25] Getting back in touch with the body [30:00] The human body is very expressive, if we listen [31:51] Michal’s experiment for releasing astigmatism: let your eyes go on a hike [37:41] Michal and Nathan experience Paula Method chain reactions with the tongue, eyebrows, and hands [51:30] Connection between eyes and pelvic floor [54:20] Dr. Bates had trust in his patients [59:11] The Paula Method helped Michal reverse asthma in her 40s [1:03:11] Michal’s website is [1:07:58] Combining the Bates Method with the Paula Method [1:09:52] How Michal approaches specific vision problems Michal's website is Find the full Naked Eye Podcast archive at Check out the Better Eyesight Podcast at and Join the Better Eyesight League at Rent or Purchase the documentary film Vision 2020: From Eyesight to Insight at Thank you!
In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld introduces you to the 2-dozen speakers featured in the 2022 Association of Vision Educators (AVE) Conference, which went from October 10-16. This will be the sixth conference recap episode, and here are the previous five in case you want to go on further vision adventures: Episode #14 - Boulder, Colorado Episode #19 - Edinburgh, Scotland Episode #27 - Portland, Oregon Episode #35 - Frankfurt, Germany Episode #39 - Buenos Aires, Argentina Nathan's next 6 Month Vision Improvement Program is going from November 2022 to April 2023!  PALM and COME ALONG to the 2022 AVE CONFERENCE DAY ONE [09:30] Nina Hutchings - The Somatic Sensation of the Eyes (also featured on Better Eyesight Podcast #16 and #38) [15:05] Dr. Jerriann Taber - Memory Brings Vision: How To Use Silhouette Cards (also featured on Better Eyesight Podcast #15 and The Naked Eye Podcast #40) [19:40] Esther Joy van der Werf - Fear Of Sunlight: Is It Valid or Misguided? (co-host of the Better Eyesight Podcast and featured on The Naked Eye Podcast episodes #25 and #42) DAY TWO [25:12] Dr. Lilla Ungvary - Experiences of an Aeromedical Eye Doctor [28:20] Anna Bambridge - Somatic Seeing (also featured on the Better Eyesight Podcast episode #25) [30:25] Larhken Carroll - Release Your Innate Healing Response  DAY THREE [32:28] Gloria Gina - Turning Your Temporary Clear Flashes Into Permanent Improvement (also featured on the Better Eyesight Podcast episodes #13, #22, and #37 and the Naked Eye Podcast episodes #42 and #61) [37:57] Michal Mehler - How Our Eyes and Breathing are Connected: An Introduction to the Paula Method [40:10] Judith Bolz - Two Eyes, Two Personalities: Connecting Inner Parts for More Clarity with the Help of Hypnosis DAY FOUR [45:45] Aileen Whiteford - From Eyesight To Insight: A Journey of Exploration and Discovery [47:57] Larhken Carroll - Releasing Deep Emotions with Brain Gym [49:11] Marybetts Sinclair - Eye Strain and Upper Body Tension (also featured on the Naked Eye Podcast episode #16) DAY FIVE [54:44] Anat Axelrode - Conversing With The Eyes: A Powerful Healing Tool for Eyes and Emotions [58:39] Greg Marsh - Immerse Your Mind in the Outcome You Want with Guided Visualization (also featured on The Naked Eye Podcast episode #24 and the Better Eyesight Podcast episodes #2, #12, #18, and #30) [01:02:17] Claudia Muehlenweg - Eat Right For Your Sight (also featured on the Naked Eye Podcast episode #55 and the Better Eyesight Podcast episodes #10 and #23) DAY SIX - NATURAL VISION IMPROVEMENT DAY [01:04:35] Nathan Oxenfeld - Bates Method During Screen Time [1:08:58] Orit Kruglanski - Bates Method For The Next Generation (also featured on the Better Eyesight Podcast epidodes #26 and #35 and the Naked Eye Podcast episode #53) [01:11:05] Claudia Muehlenweg - Roll & Relax: FaceTime (also featured on the Naked Eye Podcast episode #55 and the Better Eyesight Podcast episodes #10 and #23) [01:13:07] Dr. Marc Grossman - Vision & Relationship: An Integrated Model (also featured on the Better Eyesight Podcast episode #21) [01:15:15] Dr. Ainhoa de Federico - The Science Behind Natural Vision Improvement (also featured on the Better Eyesight Podcast episodes #20 and #32 and the Naked Eye Podcast episode #46) [01:18:00] Peter Grunwald - Reading Effortlessly: when the arms are getting too short to read fine print (also featured on the Better Eyesight Podcast episode #41) [01:21:47] Dr. Jacob Liberman - Color Therapy for Natural Vision Improvement (also featured on the Naked Eye Podcast episode #56) [01:23:45] AVE Panel moderated by Irena Castle (also featured on the Naked Eye Podcast episode #54) DAY SEVEN  [01:25:40] Dr. Ray Gottlieb - Central Fixation: A New Way To Practice (also featured on the Naked Eye Podcast episode #62 and the Better Eyesight Podcast episodes #5, #17, and #29) [01:28:00 Kate Keilman - Improve Your Vision Energetically (also featured on the Better Eyesight Podcast episodes #3, #8, #11, and #28) [01:30:00] Peter Grunwald - The Eyes The Windows of the Soul - The Joy of Transforming Long Held Emotional Stories Into Deeply Embodied Spiritual Attributes (also featured on the Better Eyesight Podcast episode #41) Go to for more information about the Association of Vision Educators and all the amazing teachers listed above. Go to for more information about Nathan and Integral Eyesight Improvement. Thank you!
In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld interviews Dr. Sam Berne about his new book Vital Vision (coming in February 2023), which answers the internet's most commonly asked questions about holistic eye care, including topics like eye floaters, cataracts, diet & nutrition, and more. Dr. Sam's website is Get your Free Color Lights Gifts on October 4th @ Don't miss Natural Vision Improvement Day on October 15th @ Thank you!
In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld shares a few upcoming opportunities to participate in natural vision improvement talks, workshops, and panels this fall and winter, and teaches a 20 minute lesson about why eye exercises alone don't improve vision and how the habit of central fixation does. [0:30] New Bates Method 101 Video on YouTube! Why Eye Exercises Don’t Work (And What Does Work) [2:00] Episode 2 of TNEP - Eye Exercises vs. The Bates Method [2:40] Naked Eye Podcast vs. Bates Method 101 YouTube videos [3:15] Central Fixation is what does work! Diffusion (Eccentric Fixation) keeps your vision blurry! [3:47] Color Lights World Project 2022 Events [4:31] Light Therapy & Color Therapy [5:34] Free Zoominar on Tuesday, October 4th, 2022 @ 2pm EDT featuring 10 speakers (including me!) [6:09] My Vision Panel with Ainhoa de Federico is on December 1st, 2022 @ 2pm EDT (Preserving Eye Health in a Screen Filled World) [7:51] The other 5 panels in October, November, and December [8:38] Register online at Gabrielle Buresch-Teichmann’s website  [9:11] Natural Vision Improvement Day is on Saturday, October 15th from 10am to 6pm EDT [10:08] AVE = Association of Vision Educators  [11:07] Natural Vision Improvement Day features Nathan Oxenfeld, Orit Kruglanski, Claudia Muehlenweg, Dr. Marc Grossman, Ainhoa de Federico, Peter Grunwald, Dr. Jacob Liberman, and an entire AVE Teacher Panel to finish [12:27] Go to for more info or   [13:22] New 6 Month Vision Improvement Program group starts this November 2022-April 2023 [13:52] More documentary screenings getting planned for early 2023 [14:18] Rent or Purchase the film (plus 4 extended interviews) [15:05] Natural Vision Teacher Training Program in development! [17:00] EXERCISE doesn’t work. RELAXATION does work. [18:30] Don’t take your eyes to the “eye gym”, take them to the “eye spa” [19:50] Dynamic Relaxation is achieving and maintaining relaxation in your eyes and mind as you’re using them [20:10]The Fundamental Principle of the Bates Method = Central Fixation [20:40] Palming is more of a passive relaxation (eyes closed) [22:08] Central fixation is more of a dynamic relaxation (eyes open) [22:44] Diffusion is trying to see everything equally clearly all at once [23:00] Central Fixation is seeing best where you are looking [24:12] The important difference between photographic camera and human eye [26:50] Artificial lenses lead to a loss of central fixation [29:05] Central fixation is a good vision habit to maintain in between your other vision practices [30:55] Get a visual demonstration of diffusion vs. central fixation look like in the YouTube video [32:52] Subscribe to my YouTube channel   [33:11] Daily Routine video has over 900,000 views- let’s get to a million! [34:34] The Better Eyesight Podcast & The Better Eyesight League  [36:36] Mark your calendars for October 4th, October 15th, and December 1st, 2022!
In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld is joined by Dr. Ray Gottlieb as they review some key parts of his Bates Fundamentals & Procedures document, which you can download at 0:00 - 13:00 - Nathan's Introduction 14:14 - Find the PDF on Ray's website 14:56 - Dr. Ray Gottlieb's introduction 15:35 - Ray's vision history 16:00 - Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, and Bates in 1970 17:00 - Self-Taught Bates System leads to first clear flash 18:00 - Central Fixation at an optometry meeting 19:00 - Comparing learning eyesight improvement to learning piano 20:00 - On-demand clarity 21:00 - Curiosity and dedication help get through plateaus 23:00 - Using self-massage techniques on face and neck to relax eyes 24:00 - Being patient with the process to fizzle out frustration 26:00 - Any form of relaxation counts 27:00 - Everything in the Bates Method is about relaxing the eyes 28:00 - Story of the Presbyopia Reduction Chart 30:00 - Vision habits showing up in everyday life, practicing all the time 32:00 - Make an appointment with yourself, and show up 33:00 - Palming without the palms, maintaining visualization 34:00 - Become aware, remember to be aware, prolong attention span for the awareness, maintain awareness in demanding situations 37:00 - Blink and Breathe Now! Signs 39:00 - Breathing well changes pH of blood and increases threshold of when fight/flight response takes place 40:30 - Current research backs up Bates' practice of "Dodging" 44:00 - Bates wants us to maintain good vision habits for life 45:00 - Palming Visualization Practices 46:00 - Extending attention span for breathing 47:00 - Five Finger Exercise 51:00 - The Big Squeeze 56:00 - The Light Touch 58:00 - The Alexander Technique 59:00 - Visualizing Letters and Numbers 1:00:00 - Body Posture and Vision 1:02:00 - Love Trust and Gratitude 1:08:00 - Visualizing the Color Black 1:09:00 - Using the Star Charts for Central Fixation 1:16:00 - Convergence and Divergence on the Star Charts 1:18:00 - Building depth perception by touching the tip of a pointer to the center of a star one eye at a time 1:20:00 - Deepening the breath with breathing games 1:25:00 - The Bates Method is about the eye-mind connection, bringing more attention to where you are looking 1:28:00 - What is your #1 tip for getting started? 1:29:00 - Toning and vibration cleans your brain 1:32:00 - Brahmari Pranayama 1:33:00 - Don't try too hard to visualize 1:35:00 - Breathe 100 times, Call for the letters 1:39:00 - Go to for more information
In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld interviews Gloria Ginn who has been teaching natural vision improvement for over 40 years. Gloria tells us the story of how she improved her own vision, overviews the different levels of vision improvement, recounts the collection of Gary Gunter's talks into her book Free Your Mind to Improve Your Eyesight, explains what a Shifter is and the benefits of using it properly, and provides plenty of powerful vision tips along the way. You can get your own Shifter and learn more about Gloria's work at her website You can also hear her on Episodes 13, 22, and 37 of The Better Eyesight Podcast at  More information at  Thank you!
In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld explains why a new episode hasn't dropped in March (hard drive crashed!) and reads recent success stories from two of his vision students instead to provide some inspiration. Watch the replays of Nathan's Palming Parties by searching for "palming party" on YouTube. Listen to the Better Eyesight Podcast at Join the Better Eyesight League at Rent/Buy the Vision 2020: From Eyesight To Insight documentary film at Get a copy of Give Up Your Glasses For Good: Holistic Eye Care for the 21st Century at  Email with feedback or suggestions for future episodes of The Naked Eye Podcast or Bates Method 101 videos on YouTube. Thank you for listening, subscribing, and sharing!
In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld interviews Dhruvin Patel who is an optometrist and a founder of Ocushield. His mission is to help eyes thrive in the digital age, so he has created a line of screen filters, glasses, and light bulbs that are designed to block blue light, which has been found to affect circadian rhythms and eye physiology. 1:11 - 10 years of mitigating blue light 1:51 - Dhruvin’s story 3:00 - Mom was right! 3:25 - Research Project: blue light’s effect on eye physiology and circadian rhythms 3:40 - Blue light causes visual stress in form of headaches, and suppresses melatonin to make it harder to sleep 4:40 - The creation of Ocushield 5:27 - Science-backed blue light filters for smartphones, tablets, laptops, monitors, blue blocking glasses, and eye healthy lighting 6:30 - Blocking blue light without affecting the other colors 8:10 - Natural blue light vs. Artificial blue light 9:17 - How to mitigate blue light in indoor lighting 9:35 - Kelvins = color temperature lighting… above 5000k is for daytime, not nighttime 10:21 - Oculamp allows you to control the color temperatures 11:40 - Blocking blue light for reading before bed 13:03 - The skin senses light, not just the eyes 14:07 - 30 hours of exposure to screen time (blue light) caused 40% increase in skin inflammation 16:47 - Short term effects of blue light on the eyes 17:39 - The 20:20:20 Rule 18:13 - Long term effects of blue light on the eyes 19:25 - Children’s eyes have half the protection to blue light as adult’s eyes 20:25 - Blue light and lens health 21:51 - What about night shift workers? 24:08 - The flexibility of our evolutionary biology 25:00 - The 1:1:1 Rule 26:48 - The future of Ocushield 29:09 - Nutrition & Blue Light: Zeaxanthin acts as a blue light absorber in the retina 31:00 - Letting eyes thrive in the digital age 32:19 - Looking ahead: visual stress from virtual reality 33:35 - Go to for more information Use Coupon Code “nakedeye” at checkout for 15% off!
In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld interviews Meir Schneider about his amazing story of going from 1% vision to 70% vision with the help of the Bates Method, bodywork, emotional healing, and more. Not only does Meir overview some powerful principles of natural vision improvement, but he also shares lots of inspiring success stories from his decades of experience in the natural vision world. [0:40] From 1% vision to 70% vision: naturally! [2:22] Jumping on trampolines when filming the Vision 2020 Documentary [4:06] A normal lens vs. Meir’s lens after five surgeries [4:26] Meir was born with cataracts, and his kids were too [7:50] Yoga for Your Eyes [8:44] Meir’s childhood in Jerusalem & Tel Aviv [11:22] Meir’s introduction to eye exercises [15:00] Dr. Bates is the father of natural vision improvement [15:29] Eyes are meant for distance vision [16:25] Two biggest enemies: chair and shoes [16:46] Poor blood flow leads to vision problems [17:31] Cataract surgery vs. stopping cataracts from growing naturally [18:50] Injections for macular degeneration vs. stopping bleeding naturally [19:12] Prevention of eye problems starts with eye exercises as a part of your life [21:11] Tension in your neck starts in your toes [23:10] Vision problems a result of poor blood flow to the visual system [23:55] Emotional connections with vision problems [25:44] Physical diopters, emotional diopters, psychological diopters [26:06] Physical benefits of gazing far into the distance in a pleasurable way [27:11] Poor vision leads to a lot of tension, and tension leads to poor vision [28:06] Do not strain to see! The power of acceptance [30:50] Stretch to loosen the fingers, wrists, neck, shoulders [31:40] Try walking backwards to activate muscles differently [33:05] We become so stiff in life, and don’t even feel it [33:46] Vision is a full-body kinesthetic experience [34:15] An interesting story about treating glaucoma naturally [38:45] Sunning to reduce eye pressure naturally [39:09] An interesting story about increasing eye pressure when it is too low [42:32] An interesting story about macular pucker [44:44] Function leads to structure, thought leads to function [45:17] Adapt to the sun [46:26] Adapt to the dark [47:07] Look at small details [47:30] Look into the distance [47:45] Expand your peripheral vision [49:25] An interesting story about a stroke of the optic nerve [50:27] Increase circulation to the eyes and brain through a variety of daily movements [51:08] The difference between muscle strength and muscle tone [53:00] Wearing glasses is like eating McDonalds [53:38] An interesting story about Meir’s partner’s vision improvement [55:50] Don’t fight with your glasses, use reduced strength lenses [56:56] Any improvement in vision is a big deal [58:35] Vision improvement is a lifelong process [58:55] Meir’s Six Day Workshop in San Francisco on February 10-15, 2022 Call 415 665 9574 or Email Meir's website: Nathan's website: Subscribe to The Naked Eye Podcast & The Better Eyesight Podcast Join the Better Eyesight League: Thank you and have a relaxing day!
You're invited to my Palming Party! Since this Palming Party happened on the Winter Solstice, we will be reflecting back on all 12 months of 2021, and project ahead into the 12 months of 2022. After about 30 minutes of palming together, Nathan answers some questions from the audience at the end of the Palming Party, which you can view on YouTube. Stay tuned for the quarterly Palming Parties on the equinoxes and solstices!
In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld interviews Dr. Jacob Liberman O.D., Ph.D. about his Spectral Receptivity System (SRSIII) and his unique approach to color therapy, among many other deep topics. [1:00] Nathan’s introduction to Dr. Jacob Liberman [3:33] Jacob’s instantaneous vision improvement in 1976 [5:10] What is the Source of our Seeing? (Not the eyes, not the mind) [6:10] ~90% of disease is either directly caused by or contributed to by STRESS [7:10] Stress is a symptom of an “experiential allergy” [9:10] When reality doesn’t match mentality [10:10] Effortless vision is about seeing vs. looking [11:10] A vision improvement story of one of Jacob’s clients using the SRSIII [14:10] Vision improves without “doing anything” [16:10] The emotional/psychological connections with vision [18:10] The placebo effect: getting something from nothing [20:10] The beauty of the Bates Method: Swinging, Sunning, Palming, Visualizing Blackness/Nothingness [21:10] Open Focus = Open-Eyed Meditation [24:55] The Spectral Receptivity System III [26:10] The frequency of wellness in the universe is expansion and contraction [27:10] Thinking, Trying, Doing, stops the breath [29:10] Clear Flashes [30:10] Jacob explains his color protocol [35:10] The part of you that never sleeps [37:10] The answers are within [41:00] Palming helps us achieve neutrality and non-discernibility [42:00] Non-material thoughts become material reality [46:10] Noticing vs. Doing [48:00] Life is an energetic, vibrational experience [49:10] Color works on the subtlest levels of consciousness [51:10] Accept full spectrum of color, accept full spectrum of life [53:10] We are natural beings that cannot escape the light [54:10] Light is invisible, yet it dictates every aspect of your physiology [55:10] Circadian rhythms dictate our wellness [57:10] Luminous Life means we are guided by light all the time [1:00:00] The fire of passion, purpose, and stream of consciousness [1:01:00] Natural vision improvement humbles us [1:02:10] Difference between SRSIII and other colored lenses [1:05:10] Where to get the SRSIII and more information [1:06:10] The new generation of natural vision improvement Go to for more information about the SRSIII and more. Subscribe to The Naked Eye Podcast or go to for more episodes. Thank you.
In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld interviews Claudia Muehlenweg who is also a Certified Bates Method Teacher! They discuss the role of relaxation in the vision healing journey, and various physical, mental, and emotional ways to achieve relaxation of the eyes, mind, and body. Follow Claudia on Instagram @holisticvisioncoach Subscribe to Claudia's YouTube Channel  @Claudia Muehlenweg - Holistic Vision  Claudia's Website: Nathan's Website:
In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld interviews Irena Castle about her brand new invention called Overbound Eyesight Trainer and how it can help us achieve more "360º Vision" through peripheral stimulation. This exciting new device utilizes selective vision obstruction to block the central vision, which allows the user to activate their peripheral vision. The implications of this can not only help athletes improve their performance, but it can also help anyone improve their overall visual performance in everyday life.  ***PRODUCTION UPDATE*** The kickstarter campaign has ended and the produced has officially launched! Get your pair today: For more information, visit Irena's website or Nathan's website Make sure you subscribe to The Naked Eye Podcast & The Better Eyesight Podcast [0:11] Welcome! Why are you wearing a post-it note? [1:02] The Melissa Patch: Visual Obstruction [2:41] Irena Castle, Creator of Overbound Eyesight Trainer [5:15] Kickstarter Campaign Goes Until October 24th, 2021 [6:44] Integral Eyesight Improvement Updates [9:05] Beginning of the interview [9:50] How Irena discovered natural vision development [12:43] Applying sports vision training for young and collegiate athletes [14:02] Applying relaxation to sports vision training [15:00] What does the Overbound Eyesight Trainer look like? [16:43] The purpose is to expand and stimulate peripheral vision [17:30] What is 360º vision? [19:30] Central Vision vs. Peripheral Vision [21:31] Cones vs. Rods [22:08] Do you have sleepy rods? Wake up your periphery! [23:21] Rods see movement, rods see in the dark [24:00] Expand your periphery and “see in 360” [25:00] Wave your hands to stimulate your rods [27:00] Periphery helps with reading, walking, driving [28:50] Design of Overbound Eyesight Trainer Glasses [34:55] Try blocking your own central vision with 4 fingers [36:20] Near Periphery, Middle Periphery, and Far Periphery [39:00] The Kickstarter Campaign is Live! [43:41] Using Eyesight Trainer Glasses as part of Bates Method [45:12] Won’t these training glasses fall off while playing sports? [46:41] First line extension: Nose Card Holder [48:46] What is a nose card / field divider? [49:31] What is the Overbound Athletic Vision Program? [52:03] General Program & Specific Sport Programs [53:39] Blending the Bates Method with Sports Vision Training [55:33] Does this work with young athletes? [58:59] Activating night vision and adapting to dark environments [1:01:14] Go to for more information [1:03:38] See and Feel Victorious!
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Sharon Hylton

Thank you so much for creating this podcast, Nathan! I barely listen to podcasts or follow YouTubers, but I am riveted by yours! I really appreciated hearing about your personal journey. In everything I've listened to so far, I sense your kindness and authenticity. Thank you for inspiring and guiding me as I start my vision recovery journey.

Jul 6th
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