DiscoverFairy Tale in Magical Realms丨Folklore Fables & Fanciful Stories for Kids
Fairy Tale in Magical Realms丨Folklore Fables & Fanciful Stories for Kids
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Fairy Tale in Magical Realms丨Folklore Fables & Fanciful Stories for Kids

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Timeless classic fairytales, folktales, and fables were narrated in a different way. We are going to take you on a journey of the fantastic story world.
The stories tailored for kids are perfect for bedtime routines, car rides, and road trips. Let's start our incredible journey right now.

"Wonder Tales in Magical Realms" Podcast is produced by Babybus.
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352 Episodes
📚Hey kids! Ready for an exciting tale?🌟 Join Maia the Magpie and find out what happens when a sneaky peddler, a wise donkey, and some unexpected friends go on a wild adventure! 🐴🦅🐦 ✨Curious? Stay tuned for part two of "The Peddler's Pack"! 🎒🤫
🕷️🐯🐍Today, our tiny friend Anansi the spider is on a mission to become the most famous animal in the forest! But can he outsmart the mighty Snake and impress Tiger? 🕸️🐷 🌟Full of twists, turns, and a whole lot of laughs, this story is one you won't want to miss!🕷️📖✨
🌳🐉Our brave friend Xava is on the run again—this time dodging mammoths and climbing cliffs! 🐘🧗‍♀️ With lots of surprises and a magical bracelet, this tale is packed with excitement! 💫 ✨Can she outsmart a dragon? Stay tuned to find out! 📖
🐉🌳Our brave friend Xava has quite the story—facing dragons, talking to magical frogs, and even chatting with birds! 🐸🦜 With lots of surprises and some unexpected help from the Swamp Sorceress, this tale is packed with excitement! 🧙‍♀️✨ 🏞️Can she outsmart a dragon? Stay tuned to find out! 📖 ✨To be continued… 😄🔮
🐦🚀 Ever seen a whole town run in fear from a... pigeon? 😱🤣 Join us for the wildest tale yet, where pigeons rule and heroes... well, let's just say things don't go as planned. 😂
🍊 Remember Darvin Duttonfutton? Our grumpy guy is now cruising down Kindness Lane, and it's getting juicier by the minute! 🚶‍♂️🦸‍♂️ Mules, magic, and marvelous surprises await! 🐴✨ Stay tuned for more of his epic journey. ✨
😵‍💫Ever wondered if the meanest person ever could discover their sweet side? 🌟 Meet Darvin Duttonfutton, the grumpiest guy with a big surprise waiting for him! 🍊🦋 Stay tuned for an amazing adventure full of magic, kindness, and a little bit of orange-y goodness. 😉
🧚‍♂️🐾Something magical is happening in the forest, and it involves a mischievous fairy, a grumpy gnome, and a hungry baby fox! 🌳🦊 📢Stay tuned for all the giggles and surprises📜✨
🧚‍♂️✨ Get ready for a magical tale! Maximus the fairy is about to receive his very own wand and grant wishes. But when a wish goes haywire, chaos ensues! Stay tuned for part two of "A Lost Wand"! 📜🔮✨
✨👑Our math heroes, Kiki and Miumiu, have a brilliant plan to save Princess Math! 🧠🔮 But oh no, there are TWO Princess Mathes! 😱 Who’s the real one? With some clever thinking and a tricky question, they figure it out! 📚💡 Curious about the thrilling end of their adventure? Stay tuned for all the fun and excitement! 🎉
⚔️👑Our brave heroes, Kiki and Miumiu, are ready to save Princess Math! But uh-oh, the Muddlehead Demon King is causing trouble with his goofy weapons! 😱😂 Will Kiki and Miumiu outsmart him and rescue the Princess? Stay tuned for this hilarious and thrilling adventure! 🌟
✨🏰Kiki and Miumiu reached the Math Castle and had to follow a special pattern to knock on the door! 🤔🚪 With help from a friendly talking street lamp, they learned the secret. 💡😄 But beware, knocking without a pattern could make someone very grumpy! 😠😂 Curious about their adventure and how they'll save Princess Math? Stay tuned for the next episode! 📚✨
🏰✨ Join Kiki and Miumiu on their quest to the Math Castle! But watch out for Muddlehead Demon King, he's up to his tricks again! Which path will lead them to the Figure Gem? Comment below with your guess!🏞️🔍
🏁🚗 Ready, set, go! Join Kiki and Miumiu in the ultimate Time Race adventure! Who will win the coveted Time Gem? Find out in this hilarious Math Game showdown! Which race car would you choose: the Hour Hand Car, the Minute Hand Car, or the Second Hand Car?🏎️ Comment below with your pick and let the race begin! 🕒💨
🤖✨ Join Kiki and Miumiu on their math-filled adventure in the Math Games Garden! 🌟🔢 Can you help them solve the Powerball Robot's tricky number puzzle? 🤔💡 Share your answer in the comments below! Let's see who's got the math magic! ✨📚
📚🔮 Join Kiki and Miumiu on a magical math adventure! ✨🔢 When a book comes to life and calls for help, they find themselves in a world of numbers and puzzles! But watch out for the mischievous Muddlehead Demon King... 😈🎩 Stay tuned for the next thrilling chapter! 🌟
🎈🐰🐸 Hey there, kiddos! Gather 'round for a tale that's sure to make you jump for joy! 📖🌟 Bunny Jen and Froggy embarked on a golden adventure to buy the ultimate inflatable castle! 🏰🎈 But oh boy, it wasn't all smooth sailing... 😅 Join them as they count golden peas, hunt for treasures, and discover the true value of friendship and saving! 💰👫
🌟🐲✨ Little Dragonfly's flying adventure took a turn when he faced a windy mishap during a competition! But with the help of friends like Bunny Jen, Froggy, and some kind-hearted animals, he soared to new heights. Discover the power of kindness and teamwork in this heartwarming tale! 🚀💖
🐰💰 Bunny Jen's got a birthday coming up, but she's got saving on her mind! 🎂🎈 With a little help from Froggy and Grandpa Elephant, they're learning the importance of balancing saving with splurging. 😄 Join the fun as they navigate the world of golden peas and hilarious jokes! 📚🤣
🧦 Froggy and Bunny Jen are on a hilarious sock-shopping adventure with Grandpa Elephant! 🐸🐰 But when their new socks cause chaos on the dance floor, they learn that not all socks are made for Smart dancing. 😂 Join the giggles and mishaps as they search for the perfect pair! 🎉🩲
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Sahar H


Aug 25th

Sahar H

its soo good

Aug 25th

Patrisha Tatum

I listen to this and granny mcduff every night i love it

Jan 19th