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Reddit is getting as bad as Facebook as power-hungry moderators remove posts they don't like. Mayhem and murder are running rampant, Fast food chains are scrambling to corner the market and all the news wants to do is speculate about why Donald Trump is having dinner with Kanye West. Nowadays people have perverted the word racist so much that people barely know what it means anymore. Look to your history people, not a hashtag from the internet.
If Dave Chappelle ran for President the HypePodcast would be his campaign managers. We get more truth in one SNL opener than we could ever imagine. Victims of the Fifa stadium project in Qatar speak out and nobody is listening. Players refuse to recuse themselves from the World Cup and fans still flock to their seats. Turkey is out and Chicken Wings are in!!! New Thanksgiving traditions start now as we petition Chicken Wings with Johnny's salt and pepper for our Thanksgiving main course.
Sundays during the fall are known for 3 things, friends, football and FOOD. Apparently Winco foods never got that memo and left dozens of customers without chicken wings for game day.We live in a world where video is everywhere and county prosecutors are using that fact to pad their stats more than Russell Westbrook. No video. No crimeThe newest trick in the job market is an oldie but a goodie. Just to call in sick until you get fired. Unemployment benefits here you come!! Hype Line: 503-776-0167
Today is the day! The rhetoric is in full swing as politicians snipe one another all the way to the finish line in an attempt to turn every vote they can in their favor. The Brooklyn Nets put insane 6 stipulations on Kyrie Irving before they will allow him to come back to the court. And fortune smiles upon us as Oso hits the jackpot in the grocery store parking lot. Hype Line: 503-776-0167
You know society is collapsing when we can't just have a bunch of scantily clad women running around on Halloween and all we hear about is shootings at house parties. Purchasing trash service in your neighborhood is obligatory, but the trashman is not obligated to pick it up. They can skip you for weeks but don't you dare skip a payment. I'm certain Kyrie Irving wishes people would just go back to talking about him and flat earth again because he is facing a whole new backlash for liking a movie on Amazon Prime. Hype Line: 503-776-0167
It's totally fine to have drinks for lunch or an office happy hour. It's all good. BUT don't ever show up to work smelling like weed! As Kanye West continues to spout off in interviews the woke media industry continues to try and cancel him. He's got 11 Billion dollars, you idiots!!! Good luck!!! And if you have never been to Home Depot we are here to give you all the tips and tricks to get you as savvy as Tim the Tool Man Taylor.
This week on the Hype Podcast. There are good times there are bad times but The Hype Podcast is here to make it all better. If you've lost friends, relationships, have problems at work or just need general advice hit us up. The Host with No Name is having another rough patch as friends are lost and work turmoil abounds, but the good news is Deonte Wilder is back and gave us the best 2 minutes and 37 seconds of our lives.
What is this world coming to, when you can't get a burrito for less than $10? Also, it's time to share and give an update on the person you dated in middle school. Scrabbled wisdom: Kanye Sits down with a full beard and Tucker Carlson to an interview that maybe should have been saved for a therapy session.
This Week on the Hype Podcast. As tensions rise around the world, we find out Russia has a weapon called a Tsunami Missile Submarine!?!? The coolest name ever is also the scariest thing we have heard all year. And believe it or not CandleBox and Uncle Kracker are still rocking stages around the world for the 40 fans who remember them.
This week on The Hype Podcast: It's all fun and games until a busload of migrants shows on your doorstep like an Amazon package you didn't even order. Martha's Vineyard descends into chaos less than 24 hours after the antics of Governor Desantis. Are physical activities in your 30's injuries just waiting to happen? The Host With No Name gives us a first-hand look at what happens when you go overboard “Break” dancing. Trouble no man about his religion, unless you're beating them at football and jealous of their wholesome lifestyle. Ducks fans get out of hand with a new chant that has sports fans shaking their heads.
This week on the Hype Podcast: Maybe just get some new friends! Friends ask you for advice, do not take the advice, and then blame you for not taking the advice?Does working hard for the man bring you no reward? We have a few tips and “Boops!” to help you get your next raise. Get excited and feel enlightened its the Hype Podcast
Are there calls you simply refuse to answer? We keep a growing list of phone numbers that we know not to answer. More and more female athletes, like Serena Williams, are retiring from professional sports and nobody seems to be phased at all. TacoBell once again has its hooks in Oso Fresh and he's back on the app demanding all the points and all the perks.
Keys? Check! Groceries safely packed in the car? Check! You loaded up at the grocery store and when you go to leave your car decides not to start? Can Uber save you before you Cookies in cream becomes white liquid with dirt in it? Rich people play by their own set of rules and we have more proof. Wife of Kobe Bryant, (Vanessa Bryant) wins lawsuit over leaked photos of the crash site. Some family secrets should just stay secret. A friend and former guest of the show drops a bombshell to The Host With Name and her current husband and some of her own previous exploits.
This week on the Hype Podcast: You got fail! You know what they say if at first you don't succeed go get half-priced apps at Applebee's. The Host With No Name brings a whole new meaning to kick rocks and it's not a fun one. Walmart horror story turns into a fairy tale as a Portland man wins 4.4 million dollars after Walmart employee threatens him and calls police while he is shopping for a light bulb. Russia is getting a special visit and it's not from who you'd expect. Dennis Rodman vows to do everything in his power to get Britney Griner released from the gulag. Support us
This week on the Hype Podcast: Who doesn't notice the taste of drano in lemonade? A doctor that's who.. Man sets up a hidden camera and discovers his wife has been poisoning him for weeks. McDonald's locations across the US are under siege by Ticktockers out to trash the restaurant chain and it's getting so bad that hired security guards are getting maced. Last but not least; Friends of the card table we salute you! Are you happy now Captain!?!? Are you!?!?
This week on the Hype Podcast: Have you ever sent a text that ended a friendship and the text you sent wasn't even to the right person? The good, the bad, and the ugly. Donald Trump is back under the microscope with midterm elections right around the corner and for once Joe Biden has no comment. Coincidence, we think not. Oso's Scooters are finally ready to hit the town just in time for one of the favorite local spots to close its doors forever. RIP Cracker Barrel.
This week on the Hype Podcast What's your reaction when people bring up your ex? Do you get mad, sad or glad that you're not with them anymore? The government doesn't need to microchip its people if the people buy them willingly. Apple Air Tags allow you to track and be tracked but only if you have an Apple product. More drone missile strikes but less bang. The latest in missile tech reveals a lethal method of precision strikes with low collateral
After 50 years in the business, Vince McMahon finally retires from the WWE… citing his age as the reason, but we know otherwise. Communities are worlds apart these days. Back in the day when you wanted to check on neighbors all you had to do was knock. Now we just call the police. If you could afford your dream car, what would it be? With today's economy hopefully you pick something with good gas mileage.
This week on the Hype Podcast: Do you know your rights when you get pulled over? I’m just asking. New opportunities arise as the podcast apprentice has become the master. Welcome to podcasting 101. Do you fight or do you scrap! We recap stories of in-school scraps and after-school altercations.
This week on the Hype Podcast. There's a couple things you check for in your luggage before you head to Russia. Brittany Griner didn't, we see how that worked out. Waking up late for work, and what causes it. It's Russian too! OSO fresh shares his new addiction to redditWatch video and donate
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