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Portland’s longest-running podcast: THE HYPE PODCAST! THE HYPE PODCAST is raw uncut banter between two guys from different worlds. Try not to laugh as OSO Fresh and " The Host With No Name" take a long cynical look at the outlandish world we live in. Sling educated and inspired opinions about everything and nothing all at once. If you can't find the funny in the current state of the world we live in these two will. We would like to welcome you to The Hype Podcast.
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This episode covers three topics: giving good gifts, the negative effects of Grand Theft Auto, and why restaurants have their menus in different languages.Giving Good GiftsWhen giving gifts, consider the recipient's interests and hobbies. Think about what they would use or enjoy. Personalize the gift if possible. Make sure the gift is appropriate for the recipient's age and lifestyle.Grand Theft AutoGrand Theft Auto has been criticized for its portrayal of violence and misogyny. Some critics argue that the game glorifies violence and encourages players to act out in violent ways. Others argue that the game's portrayal of women is sexist and harmful.Restaurant Menus in Different LanguagesMany restaurants have their menus in different languages to accommodate their diverse clientele. This can be helpful for tourists and immigrants who may not speak English.Having menus in different languages can be a positive thing for restaurants. It can help to make them more accessible to a wider range of customers and can create a more inclusive dining experience.
Just when you thought you were safe, Draymond Green returns after five games, suspended for choking somebody Now he's socks a guy in the face. Is it time for the NBA to move on from Draymond Green? Are you the person in your office who fixes everything if you are do you know what you think this job we're gonna talk about today join us for another rousing episode of the hype podcast.
How many times have you gotten away with swearing during a job interview? With Christmas fast approaching we wonder what has been the worst present you have ever received? And a fresh perspective on the obligations of tipping don't miss this episode of The Hype Podcast.
What's the dumbest thing you have ever lied about, your age, your race, or that you voted for Hilary? Shocking new allegations involving artists, and former bodyguards come back to haunt Sean “P Diddy" Combs just in time for the holidays. Don't miss this episode of The Hype Podcast.
You know it's an epic weekend when you donate to a good cause on Saturday bouncer pats you down on a Sunday. If you're one of the many who think Kyrie Irving was wrong for an internet post let us introduce you to Josh Giddy of the Oklahoma City Thunder. And a golden rule for life is: You don't know her, you don't chauffeur her. Don't miss this episode The Hype Podcast.
This day and age you can't go anywhere without someone bringing a pet, and we've had enough!!! This is a dog free zone!Have we seen the last of Captain Marvel? After an abysmal box office debut “The Marvels” is potentially the worst Marvel movie to date. You can miss that movie but don't miss this episode of The Hype Podcast.
The trash man doesn't play. You miss one payment and they will not pick up your garbage until you're paid in full. A week in the woods with the boys has never been more enlightening. Don't make it weird! We'll do it for you. Don't miss this episode of The Hype Podcast.
Do you like to sing? Join us for Hype Podcast Karaoke! You hear it all the time from friends, loved ones and gurus alike get the excrement out of your life! Damian Lillard is back in the headlines and not good news. Don't miss this episode of The Hype Podcast.
Have you ever helped a friend with something that should have taken less than 2 weeks and took 2 years? A new revelation in the Tupac Shakur murder has come to light this past week. But do police have the real killer in custody? Plus! Will Smith is back in the news and the only person getting slapped center stage is him. Don't miss this week's episode of The Hype
Episode 2121 Sparkles

Episode 2121 Sparkles


Travis Kelce is the next set of lyrics in the Taylor Swift playbook and now she is getting more coverage during the game than the Kansas City Chiefs. When getting your favorite fried chicken don't forget to ask for sparkles? Damian Lillard is officially a Milwaukee Buck and his first appearance had fans waiting over 5 hours. Don't miss this episode or The Hype
Episode 2118 Roof Ninjas

Episode 2118 Roof Ninjas


What's the best way to handle a hit-and-run? No not that kind. Aaron Rodgers is out for the season already and it turns out his Achilles heel is, well, his… Heel! Gym life has more in common with DJ life than you might expect. For an in-depth look check out this week's episode of The Hype Podcast.
Do you ever have flashbacks to the days of old when you find yourself on a stolen Huffy running from the cops? Copier companies are just as bad as used car salesmen. They do half-assed work and leave before the job is finished! Mitch McConnell has another mental lockup live on TV and both parties sweep it under the rug as if nothing happened.
Have you ever left something lying out in public? What was it and did you ever recover it? Donald Trump gains momentum among African American youth after his mugshot hits the internet. Not even baseball is sacred in the streets of Chicago as 2 women were shot at a White Sox game. Check out this week's episode of The Hype Podcast.
I'm going to keep this short because if it's more than 4 lines I might get blocked! Have you ever tried to change internet providers and found out it's more painful than getting your teeth pulled? Joe Biden fumbles again as he blatantly lies to the people of Hawaii and makes their tragedy about himself instead of focusing on relief efforts. Let's Go Brandon! Don't miss this episode of The Hype Podcast.
Let the pheromones flowSome things in this world never change. Like trashy friends that always want to steal your energy like Oso steals bags. Jake Paul is talking more smack than ever after his victory over Nate Diaz. What's the next move, Jake? Are you going to try your hand at MMA? Don't miss this episode of The Hype Podcast.
Ever been trapped in a conversation with an old friend you didn't want to be in? The Host With No Name almost comes to blows with someone who won't stop interrupting a Tears for Fears concert. If you need a fix and don't know which fast food app to use we got you covered. Don't miss this episode of The Hype Podcast
As inflation rages on airline fees shoot sky-high for baggage, upgrades, and anything else they can squeeze money out of. Including their employees! Plus Oso finds out some bad news about one of the rappers he hates the most. Find out what it was on this episode of The Hype
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