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Challenged: A Podcast About MTV's The Challenge
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Challenged: A Podcast About MTV's The Challenge

Author: Bryan, Amanda, and Tim

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Challenged is a podcast all about MTV's The Challenge. Every week Bryan, Amanda, Tim and sometimes Hillary get together to discuss the current season (War of the Worlds) as well as reminisce about old seasons. We talk gameplay, strategy, drama, eliminations, challenges and make guesses as to who will go far in the show. We're a spoiler-free podcast, so enjoy without worrying about spoiling!
206 Episodes
We go over the cast for the all new season of The Challenge: Double Agents.
The final is underway! Teams start to make waves as they battle for the cash. This final we see the first overnight final in Challenge history. Some of our favorites show up as there is an eating challenge (not the one we like though), lots of puzzles, and they even climb a mountain!
The last Men's Elimination takes a hard hitting turn as the teams start to look to the final. Also when the beginning of the final starts teams get turned around and start to get frustrated about their place in the final.
The Challengers travel to Argentina where tensions rise as the final nears. Some soda is spilled, tears are spilled, and hopes are dashed.
After some technical glitches we lost the episodes that we recorded for the 5th, 6th, and 7th episodes of the Rivals season. We do a quick recap of who got eliminated and who won in these episodes to get our coverage back on track.
Rivals: D-Day

Rivals: D-Day


It's guys elimination day, and they pull out all the stops to get their common enemy nominated for elimination. Their plan hits a snag of course.
Another power team winds up in last place and therefore elimination. A plan is hatched to throw in another powerful team to ensure one power team is sent packing. Who will ultimately go home?
It's the first men's elimination, and we see most Challengers finding a common, and intimidating, enemy.
Last week Wolfie made his Couch Pilots premiere, this week it's Tim's turn to review a British sitcom called Canned Laughter starring Mr. Bean. Next time we'll be back to Challenge related content, for real.
We're taking a break from The Challenge! We're officially in the hiatus between Challenge seasons, so we're posting Tim and Bryan's (aka Wolfie's) appearances with The Couch Pilots themselves. We talk a bit about The Challenge but mainly stick to the failed pilot, Mainly for Men.
We chat about the reunion show but really just go off on tangents and some awesome listeners call in to let us know what they thought of this season.
Total Madness: The Finale

Total Madness: The Finale


It's finally the finale! Our group of 9 Challengers heads out to the mountains to fight their way to a million dollars. Some surprises pop up along the way. Who will walk away a winner?
We're getting down to the wire and with everyone having a red skull, paranoia starts to run rampant as a final elimination nears. Who survives to make it to the final?
Time is winding down for those without a Red Skull but luckily this week one guy and one girl get a chance to correct that.
It's women's elimination week. The Challengers are driven into a puzzling challenge. A competitor has a meltdown about their position in the game. Who ends up going home?
It's men's elimination week and we're in for some heavy lifting. Also a whole lot of scrambling for a red skull happens while a whole lot of Dee is missing from this episode.
This episode we chat about the situation with Dee and Black Lives Matter and what we plan to do to help the community as a podcast with info on how you an help too. After that we jump into this week's shortened episode. It's a women's elimination and some backstabbing might be in the making.
It's a men's elimination week and one competitor decides to throw himself into elimination before the week's challenge even starts but it could derail a friendship.
Total Madness: Backstabber

Total Madness: Backstabber


It's female elimination week and a surprise makes female competitors jumping to go into elimination while one of them begins turn against her number one ally.
It's double elimination week! Who goes in? Who goes home? And Who gets stitches? Find out in this week's episode!
Comments (6)

Derrik Larsh

OMG This podcast is so annoying!!! clearly bias to certain competitors 0 stars

Jun 4th

Gracey the Giant

Eating chips into the mic is far, far less funny than you think it is.

May 10th


too negative. watch afterbuzz instead

Aug 17th

KB Perini

Finally, CT might have been a douche bag 8787654322347644 times. But Diem NEVER was part of that equation. I'd only believe, and would need concrete, absolute, factual proof, to support such a claim. I am just an educated, random, periodic, (yet long time MTV, guilty pleasure,) viewer, who is sickened at the insinuation anyone would use Ms. Brown's suffering and memory to their benefit.

Jun 21st

KB Perini

oh goodness, I edited!

Jun 21st

KB Perini

My heart hurts for The Bourdain Family. However 2 dad's, both with hearts, with Jackass tendencies, with Diem memories, with my age group, I think Team Dad Bod could find a balance. Mr. Bourdain and Ms. Brown's memory are exquisite, no comparison! However, I enjoy CT and Tony and believe an eating show would be a watchable idea, preferably not MTV, prefer a little different editing but with similar humor... Bravo? Pop? hmmmm, thoughts?

Jun 21st
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