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Author: Jeff Fletcher

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Jeff Fletcher is a positive mindset music creator and founder of positive mindset songs specializing in vibration raising songs for positive manifestation, motivation and self empowermen.The Law of Attraction is a very popular subject these days. However, if you're struggling to manifest what you want in your life. It is most likely because you are not in the right mindset for long enough of the time. In this podcast series we will use some of the positive mindset songs that Jeff creates that help to establish a perfect mindset. Also we will be discussing different topics related to mindset and how it affects the reality that we experience. Join Jeff for an episode of Feeling Our Way to A New State of Being! The goal of every episode is to take you on a vibration raising journey using mindset tools, self help and positive mindset songs to help you feel wonderful and attract the life you want.
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Using positive songs and conscious reality creation to create a better reality for yourself.
Feel better fast! Also transmuting past negative experiences into positive feelings in the now! The songs featured in this episode can be found here Unlimited Resources is also part of the money magnet shifter package which can be found here
Feel your way to a new state of being and utilze conscious reality creation and the law of attraction to help manifest your perfect life.  A blend of talk, tips and positive mindset music created by Jeff Fletcher to help put you in the mindset where you can easily attract the life that you want and raise your vibration and feel wonderful in the process. Links to songs included in this podcastFeeling Our Way To A New State Of BeingI Am A Concious Reality CreatorI Am A Million Dollar Creator I AmI Will Consciousaly Create My DayAn Ocean Of Infinite MotionLife Is A Ding Dong
What is the ego, what is it for and how does it affect the reality we experience in this physical reality.  Most people seem to have a hate relationship with the ego but is it really something that we need to diminish or is it something wonderful that we should appreciate.What are the differences between the concsious mind and the subconscious mind and how do we maintain a balance between them.  Also what does love have to do with our feelings and is love the highest frequency?Songs LinksYou Make It RealThe Conscious MindThe Best Is Love
We all know that feeling: when we're too stressed and we just need to chill out and relax. In this podcast, I'm going to show you how to feel better fast and find inner peace when you can't stop worrying about everything. Also in this episode, I am going to show you how to transform negative energy into positive energy quickly and easily. allowing you to be more in control of your mood enabling you to be happier and overcome anxiety and depression.links to songs featured in this episode...Information OverloadLet it All GoA Portal For The ImmortalWe Can Create All That We Want
How Can We Feel Our Way to a New State Of Being? Also how  do you nurture and bring to fruition the lovely ideas and inspirations that you get when you are in alignment and feeling wonderful?  In this week's episode Jeff Fletcher discusses how to focus your thoughts to allow yourself to flow into the vibration of Who You Really Are,  as well as be aware of "seeds of potential" that pop in to your mind when you are feeling good: These high vibe nuggets of potentiality are just waiting to be manifested but can easily be disengaged by the negative inner voices of self doubt or by the perceived views of others who are not of a similer vibration.This episode features the songs in the following links:What Ya Gonna Do?I Have a SeedI'm In charge of My LifeA Real Good TimeJeff Fletcher is a self empowerment music creator, composer and singer songwriter. He is also a conscious reality creation coach. For more information on his work check out his website  www.manifestationmusic.comalso follow him on Facebookfor new updates and special announcements.
Join me for this pilot podcast episode where I discuss the power of manifestion music and how it can shift your feeling space from negative to positive. I also share some of my favorite tracks that are instrumental in shifting my feeling state, as well as some great tips for how to use music to help manifest your perfect life.All songs featured in this podcast are available for download from my website or from the individual links below...Feeling  Our Way To A New State Of BeingThe Center Of The StormEverything Is Going As It ShouldIt Doesn't Matter What Other People ThinkIf I Wanna Be Free I Gotta Be MeLink to downloadOpportunities For Appreciation   Link to downloadWe Are Love Mantra  Link to downloadJeff Fletcher is a self empowerment music creator, composer and singer songwriter. He is also a conscious reality creation coach. For more information on his work check out his website also follow him on Facebookfor new updates and special announcements. 
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