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In Wyoming, there's a town that not too many people know about. A town with an optomisic name. Unfortunately, the founders and homesteaders of this town were unable to sustain their dreams, due to the unrelenting scorched earth, dust and racism. Join Jessica as she takes a quick detour off the route to Empire, Wyoming.Visit us:www.smalltownusashow.comFollow us:Twitter --> Instagram --> by ZapSplat
What's that smell? Why it's the Great Salt Lake's sulfuric stink. I think Mark Twain would be proud of our stop in Tooele, Utah. He would probably not be so proud of the horrible Utahn dad jokes Jessica decided to share. Pop a quick squat with Karmen and Jessica, then let's get the heck out of Utah.Visit us:www.smalltownusashow.comFollow us:Twitter --> Instagram --> by ZapSplat
What do you get when you combine a giant sand mountain, the pony express, some secret hybrid melons, and Karmen and Jessica? The end of the SmalltownUSA. I mean, that would be heavy and they probably wouldn't survive. Thank goodness it's not the end and we can head over to Falcon, Nevada, an oasis, for a pit stop. And really, just a pit stop. Not too much here to see.It's also Black History Month. Karmen and Jessica shed some light on a couple trail blazers in Nevada, who helped advance social justice and equity. Visit us:www.smalltownusashow.comFollow us:Twitter --> Instagram --> by ZapSplat
What would you do if you were stranded for months on a cold, blizard-ridden mountain top with your family and little to no food? More importantly, who would you eat first? Even more importantly, what part would you eat first? Karmen and Jessica are still in California visiting Donner's Pass, where the infamous Donner Party decided to take matters into their own hands and become cannibals. They truck in over to Truckee to learn about its dark past. It's getting serious over here.
The Lincoln Highway, a forgotten passage through the US. First stop, Dutch Flat, California. Home to only 110 folks, but with a rich history. And when we say rich, we mean Gold. Dutch Flat isn't all shiney and precious, it has some dark history too. Don't miss your exit, join Jessica and Karmen as they start their cross country tour full of wood, sausage, and tatters. Follow us:Twitter --> Instagram --> SFX by ZapSplat
January celebrates some crappy national days and can be a bit chilly. Make sure you check your Spam folder and join Jessica and Karmen as they prepare for Season 4 of SmallTownUSA, traveling back in time...(seriously, time travel) to some warmer, but shaky island sand in Guam.Follow us:Twitter --> Instagram --> SFX by ZapSplat
Happy New Year! From SmalltownUSA. So many traditions, so little time. What do they all mean? Round things, yellow things, eating things, dropping things, resolving things.... there's just too much to do. Jessica and Karmen embrace the New Year ahead in this episode, looking for ways to bring them luck, prosperity and peace.Follow us:Twitter --> Instagram --> SFX by ZapSplat
Christmas time is here. Who better to celebrate with than an alcoholic horse skull knocking at your door, challenging you to a musical rap battle? I can't think of any. Cuddle up with a cup of hot cocoa in your mummers costume, as Jessica and Karmen un'rap' the holiday season.Follow us:Twitter --> Instagram --> SFX by ZapSplat
It's the holiday season, so whoop dee do and dickery dock. SmallTown is appreciating one of the first original holiday celebrations in North America, the Navajo Night Chant. We're casting out the ugliness and healing from our Yucca whipping in this episode. There's always room for Jell-o, don't miss our first holiday episode of the season.Follow us:Twitter --> Instagram --> SFX by ZapSplat
Lions and Tigers and Bears that bite you head off, oh my! SmallTownUSA has officially made it one year in the books, in the sound stream, in the great echos of tomorrow. We are surrounded by family and friends as we celebrate our anniversary in this special red-letter day episode. Join us as we interview folks, laugh, and genuinely agree that Karmen's mom is a bad ass. Follow us:Twitter --> Instagram --> SFX by ZapSplat
Gather around the campfire as Jessica and Karmen share scary small town ghost stories. Don't forget your flashlight.Follow us:Twitter --> Instagram --> SFX by ZapSplat
Looking for your next Airbnb getaway? We've got the place for you! Next time you're in Crestline, CA, check into Satan's Castle. It's got local art, pets are welcome, and a great view. At night the sounds of the castle really rock you to sleep. You'll never leave... I mean...forget your experience here at the Castle. Get creeped out and eat all your Halloween candy with Karmen and Jessica this week, as the SmallTown ghost stories continue.Follow us:Twitter --> Instagram --> SFX by ZapSplat
(Intense music with clock ticking in the background) "Every year, over one man drowns because of ghosts. That's close to 100 deaths in the last 99 years (about 10 per decade). This is because they are very aggressive and territorial, and have a habit of not understanding the concept of meeting in the middle. It's 10 o'clock, do you know where your children are?" This has been a SmallTown public announcement. Join Jessica and Karmen as they visit small towns with ghost stories.Follow us:Twitter --> Instagram --> SFX by ZapSplat
Love, Bermuda, obtuse. There's nothing right about these triangles. But we are forgetting a very important triangle. The Bennington Triangle, where there are reports of missing people, serial killers, big foot, ufo's, and a naked man running around with a gun (or maybe he's just really happy to see us). Join Jessica and Karmen as they make their way over to Vermont, to visit the mountain that swallows men whole.Follow us:Twitter --> Instagram --> SFX by ZapSplat
Labor day. The holiday without a candy. This holiday, unfortunately for dentists, is an important holiday that not very many kids and families celebrate. Jessica and Karmen explore the history around the first Monday in September. It turns out, that candy is not the only thing it's missing.Follow us:Twitter --> Instagram --> SFX by ZapSplatReferences:
In 1735, a real house wife in New Jersey birthed her 13th baby. Some would say, "Wow, that's a lot of kids. What a blessing." Not this momma. She cursed that baby and called it the devil. She was the original real house wife, of course. Join Karmen and Jessica along the Jersey shores, as they level with the Jersey Devil.Follow us:Twitter --> Instagram --> SFX by ZapSplat
You're Weird. No you're weird. Your face is Weird. Your town is weird... yes we said it. Jessica and Karmen visit some very weird places in Massachusetts. We've got slippery pole dancing, creepy rocking horse henges, bad art museums, and a killer wave of molasses. Don't miss this episode, it's weird.RIP Olivia Newton John - We love youFollow us:Twitter --> Instagram --> SFX by ZapSplat
What's up Beaches, it's Sharkweek! Karmen and Jessica explore a small island off the cost of New York, Fire Island, where recent attacks have been plaguing the shores. Fire isn't the only thing that's hot on the island, if you know what I'm saying (wink, wink). This episode is sure to give you that 'Fire Isle Smile.'Follow us:Twitter --> Instagram --> SFX by ZapSplat
What do Intercourse, Blue Ball, and Big Beaver all have in common? Hey! Quit being a Noodle Doozie and get your mind out of the gutter, we're talking about small towns here! Karmen and Jessica are doing mushrooms the right way, as they travel through Small Town Pennsylvania.Follow us:Twitter --> Instagram --> SFX by ZapSplat
'Merica. Hot pavement candy, chicken poop, chowder, and the dreaded hotdog eating contest. The fireworks are not all that's crackin' in this episode as Jessica and Karmen celebrate Independence Day on the road. Follow us:Twitter --> Instagram --> SFX by ZapSplat
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