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We are a team with over 40 years of experience in coaching, educating, and supporting others to become better learners. Our passion is to freely support our fellow humans in discovering and expressing their best qualities to the highest degree. We are not looking for donations, sales, or any other outside form of support. We are simply doing our best to get people to participate in recognizing all that is possible for them to learn and sharing with them in ways to bring that about. Our belief is that the best way to do that is to give people the tools, perspectives, and motivation to learn how to more effectively learn in each and every area of their life.
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In this micro-series podcast episode, we explore the transformative power of reshaping our perspective on obstacles. We can learn to view challenges not as towering mountains, but as simple bumps in the road. By embracing this shift in mindset, we discover the profound impact this simple shift in our perspective and the benefits it brings to the rest of our life.
We have choice about the identity we live from. If we view ourselves as small, we get small results. How do we move into living from a large presence?
Just as consistent workouts strengthen physical muscles, regular engagement with educational opportunities enhances our capacity to learn. However, societal messages often discourage this mindset, leading many to abandon their potential. Drawing parallels between the gym and the classroom, we encourages you to embrace the transformative power of continuous learning and self-improvement. Join us as we unravel the myth of fixed learning. 
We have to consistently apply ourselves to get the outcomes that we so want. How do we develop that consistency? Dive in with us and explore how to make consistency dynamic.
When we have a vision that always extends beyond where we are, we are hugely drawn into that future. This is an essential component that we need to move ourselves forward.
In this episode, we delve into the profound significance of imagination and its transformative potential in our lives. Discover how imagination can either confine us or liberate us and explore practical strategies for nurturing and expanding this vital tool. Drawing insights from the immersive world of children's imaginative play, we uncover the key to unlocking new neural pathways and enhancing cognitive flexibility. Join us as we navigate through the distractions of modern technology and reclaim the lost art of active imagination, empowering ourselves to cultivate creativity and innovation in every aspect of our lives.
What do we need to do to be able to persevere. We know that if we can just stick to what we're doing, our chances of success in learning and life become so much greater.
In this micro-series episode, we explore the transformative potential of imagination through a real-life example of an athlete striving for Olympic success. By guiding them through a vivid imaginative exercise, envisioning themselves winning the gold medal, their performance drastically improved, leading to Olympic qualification. This powerful demonstration highlights how our imaginative experiences can shape our reality and self-perception. By shifting our mindset and assumptions through imagination, we can overcome challenges and unlock our full potential in various aspects of life, from athletics to academic endeavors. Join us as we delve into the profound impact of harnessing imagination for achieving success and personal growth.
Discovering what we are fundamentally passionate about is a key to developing tenacity. The more we recognize what drives us, the more we unleash that, the more likely we are to succeed.
This micro-series episode explores how our imagination shapes our experiences, particularly in social interactions. Whether meeting a friend, colleague, or stranger, our preconceived notions and anticipations heavily influence the outcome. The power of imagination is always at play, setting the stage for either positive or negative experiences. We discuss how the imagination can either liberate us from constraints or further entrench us within them, depending on how we engage with it. Understanding and harnessing the power of imagination becomes crucial in navigating various social situations effectively. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of imagination's role in shaping our interactions and experiences.
Like working out at the gym, the secret to success in learning or anywhere in life is being tenacious. But how do we develop that?
Developing clear thinking is one of the most important outcomes of school and most of the learning that we engage in. How do we achieve clearer thinking more easily?
In this micro-series episode, we explore how our imagination influences our perception and experience, even in seemingly mundane situations like a math class. Our interpretation of concepts like addition and our self-concept as math learners is rooted in imagination. Through examples, we learn how to shift our mindset from negative to positive by harnessing the power of imagination. By understanding the role of imagination in shaping our experiences, we gain greater control over our perceptions and increase our chances of success. Join us as we unravel the intricate connection between imagination, perception, and achievement.
These days, many of us have heard something about the importance of dopamine in our brain. We explore with you here, simple but powerful ways to trigger the dopamine we need to get to the outcomes we so want.
In this micro-series episode, we delve into the profound role imagination plays in shaping our lived experiences. Whether envisioning a trip to the beach or any other scenario, our minds construct vivid images laden with emotions and meanings. These mental simulations influence our responses and motivations, guiding our actions and decisions. Through our imagination, we interpret and imbue significance into our encounters, ultimately shaping our subjective realities. Join us as we explore the intricate interplay between imagination, perception, and experience, revealing the profound impact of our inner worlds on our outer lives.
Yes, we can actually train our brain to produce more success in so many areas of our lives. How do we do it? Listen up...
In this micro-series episode, we challenge the negative perception surrounding imagination. From a young age, we're often urged to stifle our daydreams and focus on reality. However, dismissing imagination as a mere distraction overlooks its immense potential. While grounding children is important for practical tasks, there's a loss in the widespread suppression of imagination. Rather than viewing imagination and willpower as opposing forces, we discover how they can harmonize to enrich our lives. Join us as we uncover the untapped potential of our imagination and its role in shaping our reality.
Straight out of the research, we learn how important it is to pause in the midst of our day for just minutes in a way that let's just get so much more out of what we're doing. Such a small thing for such big results.
While imagination is often thought of as a negative or a distraction, we explain the power and importance of not only allowing yourself to use your imagination, but to actually foster its development. We go much more in-depth into how to develop your imagination in our full 3-part episodes, “Your Imagination is Transformational.”
So many of us think we can outrun our need for sleep. Or we assume that we're getting enough and suffer because of it. How do we get deeper sleep and enough of it? With a little understanding, we can get so much more out of our sleep and out of our lives.
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