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If you're someone who's struggled with anxiety, this video is for you. In this follow-up episode of our mini-series on anxiety, we talk about two main reasons that people struggle with anxiety and discuss strategies to help you overcome that feeling.You can find more mini-series episodes and full-podcast episodes on a wide range of topics on our website:
You are capable of doing anything. We've given strategies to help you recognize and capitalize on this in other podcast episodes, but in this short episode, we talk about one particular strategy and encourage you to try it now. You can always say you'll do it later, but why not take action and see how it changes your life?
In this podcast, we first taken overview of how to make clear the changes that we want. Then we dig deeply into the specifics of how to we bring about the changes that we want so that we get the success that we're yearning for.
What makes you really, truly happy? We explore this idea in this short, and give a suggestion on how to figure out what drives your happiness on a deeper, more fundamental level.
In so many ways, questions are at the root of our learning. We are trying to figure out, how does this work? What else is possible? Who can I be and what can I do? Questions motivate our learning. Learn how to ask better questions and get better outcomes.
How do we keep our dreams alive? We all know the feeling of getting really excited for a goal or dream, only to let it fade away. We talk about that challenge in this short, and some strategies to not let our dreams die.
Memory obviously is at the core of all learning. The better our memory, the better we become at learning. We share in this podcast a number of ways to enhance your memory and with this you're learning.
You may think you want a good grade, a new boyfriend or girlfriend, a new car, etc., but what is the reasoning behind that? What is the experience you're hoping to have by getting something new?Let's explore that in this short and see how we can identify what we really want.
To become better learners, it is very helpful to understand that there are very different levels of learning. We explore those in this podcast and show you how to use those to enhance your learning.
In this mini-series episode, we discuss how brain development impacts our learning evolution. How can you further evolve your way of thinking? We start to address this question in this episode.If this is interesting and helpful to you, we dive much deeper into this and similar topics in our full podcast, which you can find here:
When we're learning without obstruction, without limitation, it creates a very pleasurable response in us. Watch a young child learning new things. They are so enthused and happy. With our approach it can be the same for you.
How do you define success?There are traditional measures of "success" such as making lots of money, having an attractive partner, getting good grades, etc. but do those really define success?We would say they do not define success.Instead, we take a different approach, and we talk about that here.
In part two of our interview, we help Jasmine see and understand even further ways to apply the technologies that we have been presenting. This may help you to much more fully understand what you can do with our approach.
What is your purpose in life? Do you know?We believe that understanding your purpose in life is what leads to that feeling of fulfillment that we all search for.Without understanding your purpose, how can you be truly fulfilled?We talk about this here and why it's so important to deeply know and understand your own sense of purpose.If this is interesting and helpful to you, we dive much deeper into this and similar topics in our full podcast, which you can find here:
This is part one in an interview with a very delightful college student who used our system to achieve greater success in her learning. This is a very fascinating interview.
What does it mean to live your life big? We know what it feels like to feel small, and we see people that are confidently living life as their true self, but how do we do that?That's a question we talk about in this video; we'll walk through a strategy to engage with life as the person that you want to be, that you've always wanted to be.If this is interesting and helpful to you, we dive much deeper into this and similar topics in our full podcast, which you can find here:
Many of us actually pull back when we face new challenges. We feel pushed beyond our limit and often overwhelmed. What if we can turn those challenges into the very thing that propels us forward? We show you here exactly how to do that.
In this mini-series episode, we share a research article that just came out in March. The research shows experimental validation for one of the techniques we shared at the beginning of the podcast, and wanted to share the results with you.If this is interesting and helpful to you, we dive much deeper into this and similar topics in our full podcast, which you can find here:
Based on research and clinical experience we share with you ways to go beyond your brain's current capacity. This extends our ability to learn, to be happy and to readily succeed, rather than be held back by our current limits.
Our ability to listen and clearly understand is the foundation of a great deal of learning and certainly impacts our ability to be successful. In this podcast, we explore easy and readily useful ways to dramatically shift our capacity to listen and comprehend and make use of our interactions in school and work and beyond.
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