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Once a month we will do an episode that we call, The Neighborhood Watch. On these episodes we will talk about all of the games we've been playing that may not fit into any of our other structured content. On this episode, we talk about Hunt Showdown, Tales of Arise, Xcom 2, Blasphemous, Weird West, Little Hope, Halo Infinite Season 2, Kirby and the Forgotten Lands, and Thymeisa!WEBSITE TWITTER CRITIC LEAGUE
Andrew and Dylan are joined by the host of the Unlockables podcast and the Sidequesting podcast, Eric Gess! Listen to hear about Eric's gaming history, why he started podcasting, and what he has in store for the future!Keep up with Eric's shows here out his cohost Tom's streams here GAMERS LINKSWEBSITE TWITTER
The FN Gamers are joined by a friend of the show, Braedon Kimball to talk about two awesome games set in the Lord of the Rings universe, Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War. This episode contains spoilers so keep that in mind. The guys talk about all the things they love about these games and some of the things they don't. Then they close the episode with a fun Lord of the Rings-themed trivia game!LINKSWEBSITE TWITTER
The FN Gamers are joined by the host of two great podcasts, Tales from the Backlog and A Top 3 Podcast, Dave Jackson! Get to know Dave's history as a gamer, as well as why he decided to start podcasting. Talking points include, Pokémon, The Last of Us, gaming memories, avoiding negativity in our content, social media woes, and of course, a whole lot of FromSoftware talk!Check out Dave here Gamer's LINKSWEBSITE TWITTER
Andrew is joined by former co-host and long-time friend, Caleb Van Nice to chat about an incredible game on the Nintendo Switch, Metroid Dread! This mostly spoiler-free conversation covers all of the things the guys like about the game, a few things they don't, and a final rating of how good they think it is at the end of the day. Follow Caleb here TWITTER
On this episode, Andrew and Dylan have the great honor of speaking with Katie Shesko. Katie is a musician who combines her love of video games and the flute to create unique arrangements of iconic video game music. She also streams on Twitch where she plays music, does Breath of the Wild bingo, and most recently has been diving headfirst into the world of Elden Ring as her very first “souls game.”Katie generously provided the music that is used in this episode. If you like what you hear, go check out the rest of her catalog and content with the links below!Keep up with Katie here up with the FN Gamers hereWEBSITE TWITTER
Aubrey Kimball joins the FN Gamers to talk all about the spiritual successor to Valve's Left 4 Dead games, Back 4 Blood. Does this new game from Turtle Rock studios live up to the legacy left behind by Left 4 Dead? Or does it fall short of that high bar? Listen to find out!LINKSWEBSITE TWITTER
Andrew and Dylan chat with Eric Serna aka MrEricAlmighty and Phil Smith aka PhilTheFilipino about their history as gamers and about being hosts of the excellent Wait For It Podcast! Talking points include Skyrim woes, Gamestop theft, foxes in tuxedos, avoiding burnout, Elden Ring evangelists, measuring success, and of course, Super Bracket Bros!Check out the Wait For It Podcast here up with the FN Gamers hereWEBSITE TWITTER
Yo, everybody! Elden Ring is finally here and we have a lot to talk about. Andrew and Dylan welcome their friend and former co-host Joe to break down all the things we love about this game. This conversation contains minimal things that might be considered spoilers.WEBSITE TWITTER
The FN Gamers are interviewing Kyle Eccard, host of Geek Ketchup, friend, and member of the podfam! Get to know Kyle as a gamer and why he started podcasting in this super fun interview episode!Check out Geek Ketchup here! up with the FN gamers here!WEBSITE TWITTER
Andrew and Dylan are talking about FromSoftware and the genre they have pioneered, Souls-Likes! This episode covers all of the games from Demon's Souls to Elden Ring and our thoughts on them. Listen to hear us gush about Dark Souls 1, 2, and 3, Bloodborne, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, and more!Keep up with the FN gamers here!WEBSITE TWITTER CRITIC
Andrew and Dylan interview the host of the Game of Groans podcast, and friend, Emily Bateman! Get to know Emily's gaming history and why she decided to start a Game of Thrones podcast.Go follow Game of Groans the FN GamersWEBSITE TWITTER
New Year, New Games!

New Year, New Games!


Andrew and Dylan are looking at the year ahead to all the games they are excited about!Here is a list of the games covered in this episode with links to information about them. And be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram to be featured in the closing segment of the show!Elden RingThe Sequel to The Breath of the WildHorizon Forbidden WestGod of War RagnorokA Plague Tale RequiemSaints RowForspokenGotham KnightsSifuThe Witcher 3 Wild HuntCyberpunk 2077Monster Hunter Rise SunbreakDestiny 2 The Witch QueenTotal War Warhammer 3RedfallStarfieldTiny Tina's WonderlandWEBSITE TWITTER
Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite


This is the first of the FN Gamers' game-specific episodes. In these episodes, the guys will dive deep into one specific game and talk about all the things they like and dislike about it.The game they are diving into this time is Halo Infinite. The latest game in the long-running series from Xbox Game Studios. FN GAMERS' LINKSWEBSITE TWITTER
The FN Gamers are joined by a special guest and friend, Jay Davis! Jay is the host of two great podcasts, Super Bracket Bros, and the Ultimate Sports Mashup! Jay tells us all about his gaming history and what he's into currently. And gives us the origin stories of his shows. You don't want to miss this!Check out Super Bracket Bros and Ultimate Sports Mashup GAMERS' LINKSWEBSITE TWITTER
The FN Game Awards 2021

The FN Game Awards 2021


Andrew and Dylan break down all of their favorite games that they played in 2021! Thank you so much for checking out the first official episode of Your Friendly Neighborhood Gamers! Please leave a 5-star rating and review if you enjoyed the episode and follow us on social media to be included in future episodes!WEBSITE TWITTER
PODCAST LAUNCHES ON JANUARY 3RD 2022!Welcome to the podcast, and thanks for listening! This is our trailer episode to let you know who we are and what we're all about. LINKSWEBSITE TWITTER
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