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Welcome to Your Soulful Podcast, the show for people who believe they can have it all! Your dream life, soul mate relationships, loving yourself, and heart-based business/career are all available to you. You can be your best self, get out of your head and into your heart and live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Hosted by Charlotte Beswick, Spiritual Life Coach, Master Energy Healer and Sprinkler of Joy. Join me as I fly solo; share my intuitive downloads, practical tips, energy hacks, the truth about the healing path and how it’s possible for you to heal. I’ll get real AF and share the highs, lows and bits in between. I also sit down with some very special and inspiring guests in the fields of spirituality, self-love, and personal development.Follow Charlotte on Instagram @charlotte_beswick - Book your virtual energy healing here -    All other courses/programs - 

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Today comes from 13 years of living a courageous life and facing fears. It’s time for you to stop letting your fears dictate what you do/don’t do! You get to take action, move through your fears and use them for your evolution.💪In today's episode, I reveal what I feel is a human flaw that actually makes us so afraid to make moves and take action (Lesson 3 is juicy and my personal fave!)💡Imagine if you didn’t feel afraid to take action, imagine you had so much belief in yourself that you COULD face those fears and as a result, you lived life fully and courageously… I believe that’s possible for you.🌟And if you’re to live a courageous FREE Life, a Life you LOVE, then I’ve got you - Life You Love Hub opens soon. Email 'LOVE' to to be the first to get the juicy details.🔥 Don’t forget to hit like 💗 and subscribe to the podcast. 🔔Enjoy and Much Love 💕Charlotte xx
What if the thoughts, the stories, the beliefs, the way you judge yourself can be changed? What if a lot of the way you talk to yourself, isn’t even yours to begin with?🔄There is nothing wrong with you if you have some self-judgement but let’s work on reducing this so you can feel better and grow up as your best self. 💪Today I dive into 📝-➡️ Why I feel we judge ourselves so harshly and how it’s ok to some degree because everyone does.➡️ What is going to support you in reducing this and what do you need to build on, so this becomes easier to navigate?➡️ I also share how to instantly get out of your head with a juicy little tool.1-1 Coaching Spaces are officially open 🤗. Time to get out of your head, clear the shitty beliefs, have more confidence and Live a Life you Love. APPLY HERE - Love 💕Charlotte xx
When you KNOW you want more, you want to make changes but don’t know the how. What does it take to be a courageous MF and make decisions, change and pivot? 🔀➡️ It’s time to stop letting your fears dictate your future➡️ Play in the space of wouldn’t it be great if…➡️ Let your desires be bigger than your doubt➡️ If you trust yourself and the universe what would you do?➡️ If there are no wrong decisions… what would you do?➡️ There is one PERSON in the world who can help you make kick-ass courageous decisions and they are ready to give you some adviceToday is straight-up fire, filled with so many nuggets that will help you be more courageous and make the changes you want to live a life you love. 🌈Don’t forget to hit like 💗 and subscribe to the podcast. 🔔A Journey Within is this weekend - Feb 11th in Perth. JOIN US HERE - Fire 1-1 Coaching Spaces are officially OPEN. Just 3 available. Apply HERE - and Much Love 💕Charlotte xx
Flipping the idea of having one purpose on its head. 😄 Today is the first episode where I'm answering your questions. 🎙️This one dropped into my DM over on the gram ‘Charlotte how do I know what my purpose is, I love so many things but feel unhappy doing what I’m doing, what is my purpose help?' 🤔I cover -A new perspective on your purposeHow to find your purpose in the season you’re inWhat it's not and how to get out of the trap you might be inDo you have a burning question you want to ask - ASK HERE - I’ll either answer this on the podcast OR via an Instagram Live.Ready to map out your 2024, gain clarity on where you’re going, bust through shitty beliefs holding you back? Apply for 1-1 Coaching Here - Design Book - Love 💕Charlotte xx
Self-belief is icky and hard. 😖 Mostly because your inner-critic, the voice inside your head is negative, loud and not all that kind! 😣So if you want to make a change, do something new and different you can cultivate RADICAL-SELF-BELIEF and use that as the driving force of your life! 🚀 THEN… you go out into the world with that energy. It’s powerful AF. 💪In today’s episode, I share -Why you don’t believe in yourselfWhy you need to start3 Things to Cultivating Radical Self-BeliefSomething exciting is coming to support you drop BELIEF into my DM for first access 📬. Perth Event is here Feb 11th. Come take A Journey Within, nourish your mind, body and soul. Epic 3-hour heart-filled event just for you. SIGN UP HERE - Love 💕Charlotte xx
I'm entering 2024 differently this year - slowly and softly! 🌟 I know you may have been feeling this pressure as we start a new year, do this, set goals, have intentions, choose a word. This episode is a big fat No to that. 🚫Supporting you to ditch the pressure, the have to, the should, the need to’s inside your head and instead, to do it differently. 💪What’s going to support you as we start a new calendar year, how can you land gently and trust what is true for you and on your heart? Not comparing yourself to others on social media is a start. ✨I hope you enjoy this episode and take my motto - Let Go, Trust, Surrender. 🌸The Perth Event is in less than 1 month! Come take A Journey Within. Feb 11th - SIGN UP HERE - Love 💕Charlotte xx 
What a bloody doozy end to the year, I know for shizzle I was not alone in saying catch ya later to 2023! It ended with some heavy energy for so many 😓 I really felt downtrodden and exhausted, but there was some goodness in it too. We get to have both and all things simultaneously! 🌟Today I’m sharing my end-of-year reflection, why I’m easing into the new year, highs and lows from 2023 AND what I’m feeling is IN and OUT in 2024. 🎉 It's a REAL, Honest, Raw Episode and I just love what you're going to get out of this. I also give you some juicy questions to reflect on that can support you AT ANY TIME of the year. 🤔💭Enjoy and Much Love 💖Charlotte xxA Journey Within PERTH Event is here, yeehooowww just 20 spaces left. Feb 11th, SIGN ME UP - Coaching Applications for 2024. If Healing, Expansion, Going all in on YOU and your dreams are in for 2024. APPLY HERE -
Do you feel like you want answers and clarity as to what is next for you? How can you make your dream life possible? What does it even look like? What is the next step you 'should' take?If you find yourself running around in circles in your head or stuck at Procrastination Central Station then I’ve got you!I’ve been in a big season searching for clarity and from that season, I feel like I earned a first-class ticket to share this episode with you.Today includes -✨ How there are POWERFUL messages in the mess, maybe you need these before the clarity comes forward.✨ How to gain clarity with curiosity.✨ Do you already have it or are you waiting for it to drop in?PLUS - It’s my Birthday so I’m celebrating with a huge sale, yehoowwww use code BDAY38 for 38% off my programs and healings. (Healings must be booked before Dec 31st) - Coaching Applications for 2024 are now open. APPLY HERE - you loved the episode don’t forget to hit like and subscribe.Much Love 💕Charlotte xx
This episode is coming to you with some unhelpful advice you can avoid so you can grow and heal in a deeper way. I have personally followed these at some point and I hear clients have been following and aren’t seeing the results they would like. 😓 It can be really frustrating to feel like you’re doing all the ‘things' but not getting anywhere 🤷‍♂️.Here they are in short form -Tools as bandaidsIt's all Love and LightMindset your way throughYou don’t need to feelEscape the MatrixI want you to grow, let go of the past, quit overthinking and live a life you love ❤️ . Tune in today and hear what I believe is the latest unhelpful Spiritual/Coaching advice 1-1 Coaching for that next level you in 2024 APPLY HERE - you loved the episode don’t forget to hit like and subscribe.Much Love 💕Charlotte xx
I don’t like rules, I actually love breaking them so today is a bit out there for me to share as an episode. 😜However, I want to bring you BTS of one of the rules that has allowed me to live more fully and have more joy and happiness in my life. When you bring compassion to yourself during the heavy/challenges and big emotions that we all experience, you honour your human experience vs judging it. 🌈Embrace your humanity and let yourself have it all with this 80/20 rule.Healing is a journey so go love yourself a little bit today. 💖Just a few spaces left for A Journey Within JOIN HERE - Coaching Spaces - APPLY HERE - Love 💕Charlotte xx
If I had the clear action steps with the things I could have done 13 years ago, it would have saved me so much time, money and energy. I was so frustrated trying to figure out the how. 😫Today I share the 4️⃣ steps I have taken and continue to take year after year to create the freedom, joy and life I'm in love with. This has allowed me to - Quit my 9-5, let go of friendships that don’t align, to attract soul-mate clients, sell out events, have soul-sister friendships and travel the world full-time as a nomad. 🌍👩‍💻Listen in and hear how you can start taking these steps today. I hope you enjoy today’s episode, don't forget to leave a review on iTunes.✍️Much Love 💕Charlotte xx Join A Journey Within - Perth Event - 1-1 Coaching Spaces for 2023 available - APPLY HERE -
The past few weeks feel like a lot energetically and physically. For me personally, I’ve really felt it. Speaking to clients and surveying my audience they felt the same. So I wanted to bring you an episode to support you on navigating this time.💪Today I share a 3️⃣ step process I have found so deeply supportive -1. Give yourself permission to be human2. Awareness3. Meet whatever arisesI hope you enjoy today’s episode, don't forget to leave a review on iTunes.✍️If you’re in Perth, Australia I have just announced my first in-person event in almost 2 Years. I cannot wait to meet some of you IRL! If you want to give yourself self-love and self-care, you’re ready for a slice of peace and calm come along to A Journey Within, Early Bird ends 5th Nov. JOIN HERE - Coaching space for November is officially open, if you’re ready for your next level in life, gain clarity, clear your blocks 🧱 & ground your energy 🌱. APPLY HERE - Love 💕Charlotte xx 
The worry/fear that you’re wasting this life and you’re not doing all that you can to live life to the fullest is draining 😥. It often comes from a negative and self-critical place which stops you from taking any action 🚫.So in order to break-free from it will require 2 things✌️- 🤗 Self-Compassion ⏳Not to waste it In today’s episode, I share how you can take aligned action and make the most of this big beautiful life, without believing you’re wasting it 🌟.If you’re ready to break free from limiting beliefs, love yourself, and have the courage to go after your dreams 🚀, apply for 1-1 Coaching HERE - Love 💕Charlotte xx 
One of the biggest gifts you can give yourself and the world is to break free from your limitations. 🌟 Your limitations often exist in your subconscious, so we want to bring that into your conscious awareness so you can change it. 💡 Today's episode dives into some powerful questions you can ask yourself to identify and then rewire your limiting beliefs. 🚀Because - your beliefs directly correlate to your reality and what you feel, receive and experience in your everyday life. ✨ If you're on the spiritual path, you've been feeling stuck and don't know how to move past something 🤔 or you want to improve an area of your life 🎯 - you probably have a sneaky belief. 🕵️‍♀️Listen in and don’t forget to screenshot this episode and share it on your stories tagging me @charlotte_beswickFeeling called to work with me, I have one 1-1 Coaching Space left for this month - APPLY HERE - Love 💕Charlotte xx
Today I will share with you the 3 Things that helped me to break free from worrying what people think about me.I truly believe that if you follow these three principles and you re-wire the limiting beliefs you have about yourself, the world is your oyster!Because ‘worrying what people think’ is so exhausting, draining and it’s likely STOPPING you from doing something or altering the action you are taking.If you're someone who is ready to break-free from the doubt, fear and limiting beliefs stopping you. You’re ready to live a life you love, have more freedom and flexibility then Hells Yes Life is for you. My brand new program has just been announced. 4 weeks of kick-ass accountability, motivation, strategy and how you can take aligned action now towards your dreams and desires. JOIN HERE - Don’t forget to leave a review on iTunes or Spotify so I can keep these episodes coming to you. Much Love 💕Charlotte xx
Today is the final part of the 4 part series of my journey into the Jungle to sit with Ayahuasca and the Shipibo Tribe.This episode is all about the lessons and learnings I have experienced, what’s changed immediately for me, what is going to change moving forward, how I’m integrating it all and of course the questions you’ve asked.So much is still coming through from this experience but I have a newfound respect and love for myself and my body, a deep acknowledgement of my strength, a trust I didn’t even know was possible and it’s all still beautifully unfolding.If you’re ready for up-levelling your life and relationships, healing your past, taking divine action steps for the rest of 2023, and clearing shitty beliefs that aren’t serving you so you can live a life you love, then beautiful soul fast-fire coaching is officially open. It's time to embrace that change energy with confidence and belief in yourself. I have just 3 X 1-1 Coaching Spaces available for Oct and I cannot WAIT to see some of you inside - Apply Here - you so much to the Shipibo Maestros, Soltara and the medicine for this incredible experience. I am forever grateful. I journeyed with Soltara Tarapoto in Peru and here is the link to their site -’t forget to leave a review on Spotify or iTunes if you liked this podcast so I can keep these episodes coming to you.Much Love 💕Charlotte xx
This episode shares Ceremony 3 & 4 and the darkness I entered and wasn’t sure how I’d make it out.Your pain, the trauma and anything else you have experienced were not your fault, however, your healing is your responsibility. You are not your past and I hope this episode supports you in knowing you get to re-write your future. Let go of anything you’ve been holding onto and remember how powerful you are. You get to decide WHO you want to be this lifetime.I am the most vulnerable I have ever been on the podcast and in my business. I share a story I’ve been so ashamed and embarrassed about for so long and I hope that my share supports you on your healing journey. So you can realise your past really doesn't define your future. I pay my respects and honour the traditions of the Shipibo people, their tribe, lineage and the origins of this powerful medicine.P.S I have 2 spaces left for 1-1 Fast Fire - Shift some shitty energy and get aligned with your future 90 Minute Energy Sessions. Let’s clear the fears, gain clarity and get you moving into who you came here to be. APPLY HERE if you know your name is on one.Much Love 💕Charlotte xx
The much-awaited episode on my journey to the Peruvian Jungle to sit with Ayahuasca. I couldn’t possibly fit this into one episode, so here is Part 2 and my first few days at the retreat centre and Ceremony 1&2. Part 3 will be next week. I get really honest, raw and real about the challenges, emotions and fears that came up for me. The reality is that it is not for the faint of heart and this particular healing journey took me to the depths. Pain, Grief, Trauma - it all came to the surface. It was powerful, beautiful and equally challenging and integration is still happening.Please note this is my personal experience and not a recommendation for you or what you would get if you decided to embark on a journey with plant medicine. Everyone's journey is unique and individual and there are contraindications to sitting with this medicine.I pay my respects and honour the traditions of the Indigenous and the Shipibo people, their tribe, lineage and the origins of this powerful medicine. If you’re ready for support with coaching, to break free from limiting beliefs, heal your past, and get out of your head, I have opened up 3 X One-off 90-Minute 1-1 Coaching Sessions. They’re fast fire to move energy in your biz, life & relationships - APPLY HERE - 3 of my journey - COMING NEXT WEEK.Much Love 💕Charlotte xxPssst. Don’t forget to hit like and subscribe to the podcast. Share it on your stories tagging me @charlotte_beswick, so I can keep these episodes coming to you. 
I’ve made a big decision and over the next 2 weeks, I am journeying to the Peruvian Amazon to sit with Ayahuasca and the Shipibo Tribe.Ayahuasca is a plant which has been used by the Amazonian tribes for thousands of years for healing. Whilst it is becoming more known in Western society it is so important we are respecting and honouring its roots and traditions.In this episode, I break down my journey back in 2017, my decision, my thoughts on Plant Medicine, Do’s and Don’ts from my experiences and what I don’t like seeing happen in the Spiritual Community.I’ll be sharing more about the experience afterwards in follow-up episodes.Download your Freebie Library Here - the Ayahuasca Documentary - Fungi Documentary on Netflix - Love 💕Charlotte xx
For so long I thought happiness existed ‘out there’ in relationships, success, things, abundance and when I had X,Y,Z. Only to feel disappointed when I had those things and didn’t feel truly happy.Today I share -How you can start to cultivate more happiness in your lifeWhat it isn’t and why - HINT: I’ll be happy when…. (Nope)The key for you and your happinessI hope you enjoy today’s episode and if you’re feeling called to deeper work right now I have 2 spaces available for 1-1 Coaching until the end of the year. APPLY HERE - your 1-1 Reiki/Breathwork Session - BOOK HERE - Love 💕Charlotte xx
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