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A major search operation is continuing for Ebrahim Raisi and his foreign minister after their aircraft went missing in bad weather. Also: Argentina's President Javier Milei insults the Spanish PM's wife, and the how the battle to be the English Premier League champions went down to the wire.
Benny Gantz has set a three-week deadline for the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to agree to a plan that includes the establishment of a multinational civilian administration for Gaza. Also: Georgia's president vetoes "foreign agent" law, and a napkin linked to the footballer Lionel Messi sells at auction for nearly $1m.
We hear from Georgia Laurie on the 'superhero move' to save her twin sister from a crocodile that's earned her a bravery award from King Charles. Her sister Melissa tells us how Georgia's singing helped her fight for her life. Also: Bringing the joy of Irish dancing to a global stage -- the Gardiner Brothers, Michael and Matthew, talk about their rise to social media fame. We go to Thailand to find out what happens if you let children take control of their school. Sven the heartbroken reindeer finds new love after generous donors helped pay for a new stable mate. Why Stevie Wonder wanted to become a citizen of Ghana. And the girls football team who went from losing every game to winning their local cup -- beating a boys team five divisions above them. Our weekly collection of the happiest stories in the world.
The three had been killed in the Hamas attack on Israel on the 7th of October and their bodies taken to Gaza. Also: Putin claims Russia is not seeking the capture of Kharkiv, and Indian spices face heat over global safety concerns.
Israel tells UN's highest court, the ICJ, that accusations of genocide in Gaza are a distortion of facts as it defends its military campaign. US confirms first Gaza aid trucks arrive via pier. Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili on the controversial 'foreign agent' law. French police shoot dead man who set fire to a synagogue. The row in Australia over an unflattering portrait of the country's richest woman. And scientists say they've solved the mystery of how dozens of pyramids were built in Egypt.
The US State Department wants Israel to provide sustained humanitarian access to both southern and northern Gaza. Also, the European Union begins a formal investigation into allegations that Facebook and Instagram are failing to protect the safety of children, and India's most famous footballer announces his retirement.
Putin vows China will "always be a good friend to Russia"- at the start of a two day visit to Beijing. Since the invasion of Ukraine, Putin has relied on Xi Jinping's support in the face of Western sanctions. Also: Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico remains in a serious condition in hospital after an assassination attempt, widespread floods in southern Brazil cause Olympic hopefuls to give up on their dream, and could English Premier League football scrap VAR?The day’s top stories from BBC News. Presented by Jannat Jalil.
The attack happened in Handlova as the Slovak prime minister greeted people in front of a community centre where a government meeting had been held. Also: Biden and Trump agree to participate in two televised presidential debates in June and September, and a photography collection belonging to the British singer Elton John is going on display in London.
Announcement comes as Russian forces mount an offensive in the northern Kharkiv region. Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announces an extra $2 billion in foreign military financing to Ukraine. Also: Reports from Slovakia say the Prime Minister, Robert Fico, has been shot and taken to hospital following a cabinet meeting. A new study suggests millions of middle aged people may mistakenly think they're not obese because of the way they calculate their body fat, and American music legend Stevie Wonder is granted Ghanaian citizenship.
Opponents say Georgia's 'foreign agent' legislation will stifle democracy and are calling for the government to step down. The US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, says America will remain alongside Ukraine until its security is guaranteed. President Biden introduces new tariffs on imports from China. Also on the programme: a new study has found that the summer of 2023 was the warmest in the northern hemisphere in 2000 years. Two prison officers have been killed in northern France, as an inmate was freed by a heavily armed gang while he was being transported back to jail. Voters in the EU take part in European parliament elections next month - our correspondent hears from people in the German city of Hamburg. Flooding in southern Brazil worsens after three more days of heavy rain. Canada's first ever winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature Alice Munro has died at the age of 92. Meryl Streep receives an honorary Palme D'Or at the opening ceremony of this year's Cannes Film Festival.
The US Secretary of State -- on a visit to Kyiv -- has said a new American weapons package will make a real difference to Ukraine's hard-pressed army. Also: Parliament in Georgia approves a contentious new law that will force civil society groups and media organisations to declare foreign funding. A Thai activist, who was detained for insulting the monarchy, has died in prison after a long hunger strike. And how a British woman saved her twin sister from a crocodile attack.
Mr Cohen told the court he conspired to bury stories harmful to Donald Trump's 2016 election campaign. Villagers close to Ukraine's north eastern border with Russia are moved away from their homes as Ukraine's military fights to contain recent Russian incursions. In Israel, fighting continues in parts of Gaza with clashes reported around Rafah. A big search and rescue operation is underway in Afghanistan after heavy rains cause flash flooding in the north. A former Kazakh economy minister is jailed for murdering his wife. A minute's silence is held in South Africa to mark one week since 30 people died when a building collapsed. A group of international politicians, named in the trial of the imprisoned democracy activist Jimmy Lai offer to testify as witnesses. A high court in Germany upholds a ruling that the intelligence services can investigate the far-right AfD party as a 'suspected extremist' organisation. One of Europe's most wanted people-smugglers -- nicknamed "The Scorpion" -- has been arrested in Iraq. And, Rome's Opera House stages a sleepover for 130 children. Top news and analysis from our correspondents around the world.
Tens of thousands of Georgians demonstrate all night against a Russian-style foreign agents bill. Also: Release due for Chinese woman jailed over Covid reporting in Wuhan, how powerful is Hamas after seven months of war with Israel and raise a glass for World Cocktail Day.
Russian President Vladimir Putin is replacing his long-standing ally Sergei Shoigu as defence minister. Mr Shoigu, who has played a key role in the war in Ukraine, is to be appointed the head of Russia's Security Council. Also: The government crackdown on dissent in Tunisia, and the geologist who claims to have solved the mystery of where the Mona Lisa was painted.
Israel is planning an assault on Hamas fighters in Rafah and orders tens of thousands more Palestinians to leave. Also: Switzerland wins the Eurovision Song Contest while Israel came fifth, and mass demonstrations in Georgia over a controversial proposed law.
The volunteers restoring the beautiful beaches of Bali and beyond by clearing plastic pollution from Indonesia's rivers, and upcycling it into chairs. The profits are used to fund more river clean ups. The deaf toddler who has near normal hearing after groundbreaking gene therapy. Why are hundreds of sea lions gathering at Pier 39 in San Francisco? After seagull boy, we bring you lion girl - the five year old whose amazing lion roar has been viewed millions of times. We chat to two old friends who reconnected -- and then studied why old friends find it hard to reconnect. And we meet the football fan who moved to a new country to support his team in the English Premier League.Our weekly collection of the happiest stories in the world.
The United Nations General Assembly has enhanced Palestine's rights within the organisation and called for it to be accepted as a member. Also: India court grants bail to jailed opposition leader Arvind Kejriwal, and how important is it to read the small print?
President Zelenskyy says a fierce battle is underway and people are being evacuated in the Kharkiv region. Also: tensions grow between the US and Israel over the war in Gaza and Israel's offensive on Rafah, the BBC tracks down one of Europe's biggest people smugglers, and is there a future for the African penguin?
The Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu says his country will "stand alone" and "fight with its fingernails", after the US warned it could halt arms shipments if Israel ordered a full-scale invasion of Rafah in Gaza. Also: Israel heads to Eurovision final despite protests; and the tech company Apple faces a backlash over the destruction of musical instruments and books in an iPad advert.
The Rapid Support Forces in Sudan are facing allegations of war crimes and genocide in West Darfur. The New York-based Human Rights Watch says the leaders of the RSF and its Arab allies should be sanctioned for deliberately targeting non-Arab communities. It says the international community has failed to respond to the scale of the crisis in Sudan. Also: Saudi Arabia is accused of using lethal force to clear land for a futuristic desert city, why Russia is opening an embassy in Sierra Leone - after more than three decades, Japan announces expansion of whale hunting, a supplier to the aircraft manufacturer Boeing says major parts left its factory with serious defects, and a trial to send a former Paralympian into orbit.
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May 18th


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Simon Parr


May 12th

Vice Morris

no warning for Isreal tho huh?

May 9th



May 7th

Anh Nguyen

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May 7th

Bhamidipati Venkata Satyanarayana

How many Palestinians are to be killed

May 7th

Teresa Wilkinson

😳 61 b for Ukraine, but America has a housing crisis?

Apr 24th

Vice Morris

Yet no headline mention of Aaron Bushnell, the US Air Force who set himself on fire outside the Israeli Embassy in protest of genocide on Feb 25 2024

Apr 20th



Apr 18th
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Parastoo Alaei

Iran is not Gaza, even women and children are warriors... our war is not guns and bombs, it's been 40 years that we are fighting for the freedom of our country. dollar price is our war, unemployment rate is our war, morality police is our war, youth execution is our war, Islamic republic is our war. we are making jokes with this war because we've been warriors for our hole lives. we would defend our 50 meters of our land that even we cannot afford to buy.

Apr 16th
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Mandy Galloway

Why would you say "and her friend"!?! Ron Goldman was his name. it's even less letters!

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Stop war … Stop

Apr 8th

Lara Queen

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BN has already caused a humanitarian catastrophe. This is just the USA waking up to it.

Mar 28th

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How arrogant The reporter visiting Kremlin was. He only wants the answer He expected and nothing else can persuade him.

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