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Steve Endow's Business Central Podcast

Author: Steve Endow

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I talk about Dynamics 365 Business Central! More resources at
48 Episodes
Cradle a cup of brew and join Steve as he recounts an amazing DynamicsCon LIVE 2024 conference!Music by Philip E Morris - Good Morning -
Happy Friday! Grab a cup of brew as Steve shares his week of BC antics and learning!Music by Philip E Morris - Good Morning
Chug some coffee with Steve as he does a turbo Weekly BC Review before running to the airport!
Brew a cup of premium third wave coffee and join Steve as he tries a new Weekly BC Review live stream format!Tool of the Week: COSMO Alpaca!
It's been a while! Grab a coffee and join Steve as he shares some Business Central updates and observations!Directions NA Conference: Live Conference: Minds Conference: Web API v2.0 Docs: Brained Ideas: Center of Excellence:&...
Grab a cup of your fanciest coffee as Steve shares a list of potential warning signs that ERP customers should look out for
Enjoy the aroma of your favorite coffee as Steve lists some classic warning signs from past ERP implementations
Grab a cup of your favorite brew and join Steve as he shares some Business Central updates!
Join Steve as he works on developing the best Business Central training program in the world
Dynamics 365 Business Central Training and Certification program for Latin America
Steve chats with Jeremy Vyska about the Dynamics Minds 2023 Conference. Grab a drink and join us to hear about this new Dynamics conference!
Grab an iced coffee and join Steve as he asks: How do you make progress?
Relax with your favorite beverage and hear about Dmitry Katson's CentralQ search engine!
Step into the Coffeeverse as Steve ponders if everyone can know everything
Sip some fresh gourmet coffee as Steve ponders the value of 1% extra effort
How can small partners and ISVs start to improve their cybersecurity? Steve offers some suggestions on how to get started.
Steve nurses a hot latte, shares Business Central updates, and more!
Steve and Christoph Krieg talk about being a Business Central ISV and geek out about Address Validation!
Steve tries to argue that complexity is not mandatory
Steve and Christian discuss the controversial topic of Estimates in the context of Agile software development!