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Steve Endow's Business Central Podcast

Author: Steve Endow

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I talk about Dynamics 365 Business Central! More resources at
33 Episodes
How can small partners and ISVs start to improve their cybersecurity?  Steve offers some suggestions on how to get started.
Steve nurses a hot latte, shares Business Central updates, and more!
Steve and Christoph Krieg talk about being a Business Central ISV and geek out about Address Validation!
Steve tries to argue that complexity is not mandatory
Steve and Christian discuss the controversial topic of Estimates in the context of Agile software development!
Steve shares a story about a production Azure outage and new contingency plansMake all things redundant
Steve shares ten more interesting Business Central updates!
Steve shares what it's like to clean up malware!  Mistakes that were made and lessons were learned!
Steve shares ten interesting Business Central updates!Please visit to see the links an QR codes for this episode.QR Code GeneratorDynamicsCon LIVE ConferenceAL Workbook for Beginners V2Troubleshoot BC ConnectivityShould AppSource Apps show pricing?BC Guided Experience ItemBC 21 Dev EnhancementsBusiness Central Snapshot DebuggingLaunch in Specific Company from VS CodeUsing Query to Get Distinct ValuesApplication Insights Data Collection RulesFiltering telemetry signals with Azure Monitor Data Collection RulesKim Dellefeld's Business Central BlogWindow on Technology Podcast by Tobias Fenster
How do you and your company manage mistakes? Steve speculates that it might matter more than you think.Music by Philip E Morris - Good Morning -
Steve shares a long list of back end work required to support a BC appAzure Functions Security: SQL Security: Central Security and IP Protection: Central AL Access Property: by Philip E Morris - Good Morning -
Join me to review a busy month in the BC world!Music by Philip E Morris - Good Morning -
Can small & medium businesses implement cybersecurity?Blog post:  Mitigating WiFi deauth attack Incident Response Techniques for Ransomware Attacks Enesse - IT & Cybersecurity YouTube Channel: IT Support Course: Security+ Certification: by Philip E Morris - Good Morning -
How can we encrypt data in BC?  Can we do better?
Steve speculates about the practicality of OAuth v2.0 adoption by Business Central customers and partners.
Steve investigates what custom Business Central fields and indexes look like in SQL Server when you create a Table Extension
What do an SUV and ERP have in common?  Steve shares his car repair story.Music by Philip E Morris - Good Morning -
Ever work on a small project that became a big messy project?  Steve has.Music by Philip E Morris - Good Morning -
Steve sees so many bugs, he should be an entomologistWhen trying to insert a General Journal Line with the Power Automate Business Central Create Record (V3) connector, I am getting this error:ErrorCode: Application_DialogException  You must specify a journal batch ID or a journal ID to get a journal line.Music by Philip E Morris - Good Morning -
Grab your favorite libation and join Steve as he shares some BC news, tips and info!https://links.steveendow.comMusic by Philip E Morris - Good Morning -
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