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After the  last episode aired, I received questions from dedicated listeners who were curious about the podcast hiatus announcement.  I've decided to delve into this with my guest today. This episode explores how my views of Web3 and Blockchain have evolved since I started this podcast. It also sheds some light on why I decided to put things on hold indefinitely. If you want to know what I'm doing next, listen to the very end. In this episode, I chat with Keith Corbin, an Engineering and Product leader with decades of experience across multiple industries. Keith is also an executive coach with his own practice called Evolution Coaching. Evolution Coaching provides transformational leadership coaching to executives at various if that's of interest to you, I highly recommend him.In addition, Keith is a mentor and a friend of mine. I wouldn't be doing this episode with anyone else. Links from this EpisodeEvolution CoachingFollow on Social Media KeithLaide
The case against Web3

The case against Web3


In this episode, Laide chats with Tante (a.k.a. Jürgen Geuter) about his criticism of blockchain and the web3 ecosystem. Tante also shares what counter-arguments or applications will turn him from skeptic to believer.Tante is an independent theorist working at the intersection of technology, politics, and social sciences. He currently works at a media art company but also writes articles for his blog and for many major publications. Tante studied computer science with a minor in philosophy. He's a self-proclaimed luddite and generalist. Tante doesn't own any cryptocurrencies or NFTs.  Topics & Timeline2:23 - Tante's background3:40 - When Tante first learned about NFTs7:10 - Tante's issue with Art and NFTs12:29 - On the discovery problem for artists14:50 - On digital vs physical art17:57 - On other Web3 applications26:14 - Privacy advocates and owning your data29:05 - When it makes sense to use a blockchain36:45 - Web3 and similarities to cultism41:54 - Areas of improvement for Web3 if it's indeed here to stayLinks from this EpisodeTante's BlogWeb3 is going greatFollow on Social Media TanteLaideOnchain Medley Podcast
In this episode, Laide chats with Maria Shen, partner at Electric Capital - an early stage venture firm focused on cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and the Web3 ecosystem. Maria sheds some light on how Venture Capitalists (VCs) add value to the web3 ecosystem even though some may see their participation as antithetical to the ethos of web3. We chat about which blockchain applications and opportunities she's most excited about. Maria also shares more about Electric capital - what's next for them, typical check sizes, and their current hiring needs. Topics & Timeline1:35 - Maria's background & interest in Web3/Blockchain3:57 - Why the remittance use case of the blockchain hasn't taken off as expected5:44 - Electric Capital & how they differ from traditional VC firms7:44 - How Venture Capitalists (VCs) fit into the Web3 ecosystem11:10 - On whether VCs own web312:43 - Why Web3 founders seek funding from VCs14:09 - How Maria & Electric Capital evaluate investment opportunities16:10 - Electric Capital's time horizon for returns on investment17:10 - On NFTs21:11 - Exciting opportunities in Web327:30 - On the Metaverse31:32 - Other areas of interest for Maria & Electric Capital33:10 - Whether there'll eventually be consolidation of the various chains38:10 - Typical check size of Electric Capital's investments40:40 - What's next for Electric CapitalLinks from this EpisodeElectric CapitalMagic EdenKomorebi CollectiveFollow on Social Media Maria ShenElectric CapitalKomorebi CollectiveLaideOnchain Medley Podcast
In this episode, Laide chats with Tim Rich about how blockchain can be used to facilitate the charity ecosystem. Tim is the Co-founder, Chief Data Officer, & Cryptoeconomic Design Lead for Blockchange. Blockchange is a social innovation platform that combines cryptocurrency, NFTs and gamification to create an efficient, transparent and regenerative charitable donation ecosystem.Tim is also a sociologist and Historian as is evident throughout this episode. He shares his insights on blockchain as a creative medium, provides some interesting analogies, and also discusses how blockchain can be a net good for society when it's all said and done. Topics & Timeline2:25 - Mashiat's background & interest in Web3/Blockchain1:57 - Tim's background & interest in blockchain5:11 - Blockchain as a medium for social & economic forces8:10 - NFTs, Blockchain & the monetization of culture18:27 - Why Charities & NGOs need to get involved in blockchain22:52 - How Blockchange facilitates fundraising for charities & NGOs28:23 - Developing countries & donation transparency33:25 - How society typically responds to technological shifts38:28 - Creative evolution & cultural credibility with blockchain51:11 - What's next for BlockchangeLinks from this EpisodeBlockchangeRethink FoodThe Medium is the Massage by Marshall McLuhanFollow on Social Media BlockchangeRethink FoodLaideOnchain Medley Podcast
In this episode, Laide chats with Mashiat Mutmainnah about her conviction on blockchain/Web3, what DeFi is, what Celo enables for countries in emerging markets, and her involvement with Boys Club.Mashiat is a product partner and NFT Lead Contributor at Celo. Celo is an open platform that makes financial tools accessible to anyone with a mobile phone. Celo focuses on mobile-first and its Ethereum-compatible blockchain is optimized for peer-to-peer payments using only a mobile number.Mashiat is also a leader and active contributor for Boys Club, a community that aims to be a no bro zone for the crypto curious by making crypto and web3 accessible to everyone else. The community hosts dinners, educational sessions and is designed for women and non-binary people but welcoming to all. Topics & Timeline2:25 - Mashiat's background & interest in Web3/Blockchain6:42 - Mashiat's conviction about blockchain & microfinance for emerging Markets8:35 - What DeFi enables13:30 - About Celo18:53 - Boys Club & Mashiat's involvement with the community23:25 - What needs to change about the ecosystem today25:09 - Mashiat's advice for folks interested in this space27:18 - What's next for Celo, BoysClubLinks from this EpisodeCeloBoys ClubRabbit HoleFollow on Social Media CeloBoys Club LaideOnchain Medley Podcast
In this episode, Steve chats with Laide about Music NFTs, what's broken with the music industry, and where the industry needs to evolve for a more equitable experience for artists and music fans alike. Steve also talks about how Web3 and blockchain play a role in that evolution as well as what he and his team at Vezt are building.Steve is the CEO and co-founder of Vezt. Vezt provides a digital marketplace for artists and songwriters to share a percentage of a song’s royalties to fans and brands for royalty-based financing through a process that Vezt calls Initial Song Offering or (ISO™). Topics & Timeline1:45 - Steve's background & interest in Web37:25 - Why music artists no longer need record labels12:25 - Music NFTs & what most are underestimating with Royalty payments13:57 - Music NFTs versus Initial Song Offering (ISO)20:42 - Why mindset needs to shift around music consumption to ensure artists are properly compensated25:30 - More about Vezt's Initial Song Offering (ISO) Process37:25 - Vezt's switch from Ethereum to Stellar43:35 - Vezt's controversy about customers not receiving royalty payments53:30 - What's next for Vezt?Links from this EpisodeVeztFollow on Social Media VeztLaideOnchain Medley Podcast
Ian Lee chats with Laide and  provides his insights on DAOs, what they are, and how they fit within the Web3 Ecosystem. Ian also shares more about the various tools Syndicate has created to simplify DAO formation, coordination, investments amongst others. Ian is the co-founder of Syndicate, an Investing protocol and social network. Syndicate is revolutionizing investing by changing how communities and capital work together through accessible, effortless, and social web3 technologies. Syndicate recently launched a Web3 investment club, which turns any wallet into a web3-native investing DAO. Topics & Timeline1:50 - Ian's background & interest in Web33:50 - Incumbents & their reception to blockchain technology9:25 - DAOs as a coordination mechanism13:20 - Origin and Evolution of DAOs20:37 - DAO Formation26:05 - DAO discovery problems & potential opportunities29:45 - About Syndicate's Web3 Investment Clubs38:45 - Legality & Regulation of DAOs42:10 - Next steps for DAOs45:22 - What's next for Syndicate49:08 - Ian highlights a few of his favorite DAOs51:30 - Ian's recommended resources Links from this EpisodeSyndicateBFF Eve WealthThe CouncilGlobal Women in DCWe3 Ian's Recommended ResourcesSyndicate's GuideDAO Mastersa16z DAO Canon Follow on Social Media Ian LeeSyndicateLaideOnchain Medley Podcast
Laide chats with Kristina Liburd about Intellectual Property (IP) rights and what many creators miss as they aim to capitalize on the offerings of Web3 and blockchain technology. Kristina also shares her insights on what needs to change legally to ensure artists and collectors are protected and so much more. Kristina is Founder & CEO of Viageur, a travel company that aims to take the stress out of planning trips. With its AI-driven digital concierge service, Viaguer not only provides travelers with safety information on their travels but also saves travelers valuable time on destination research and planning, bringing them closer to hidden gems, events, and many other great activities while they travel. Kristina is also IP rights attorney. She has worked in different legal and executive capacities for various companies like Sony Music Entertainment and Combs Enterprises. Topics & Timeline2:50 - Kristina's background6:15 - Entry into Web3/Blockchain & its application to her startup, Viageur13:45 - Viageur's business model19:20 - What creators should know when it comes to Intellectual Property (IP) Rights25:40 - Proof of Authorship, Proof of Ownership, Current Legal System and What needs to change30:45 - What's next for Viageur 33:20 - Kristina's Recommended ResourcesLinks from this EpisodeViageurViageur's WhitepaperVVIP TokenKristina's Recommended Resources's DiscordFollow on Social MediaKristina LiburdViageurLaideOnchain Medley Podcast
Ancient Warriors is an NFT collection that features warriors from some of the greatest African and Latin American empires in history. The team launched this project because they noticed a lack of representation in the NFT space.In this episode, we discuss Emmanuel's background and interest in Web3, his reason for starting the Ancient Warriors Project, how he and his co-founders found & convinced artists to work with them, pitfalls and learnings along the way. Emmanuel also shared his number one advice to anyone looking to launch an NFT collection.Topics & Timeline2:40 - Emmanuel's Background4:35 - What sparked Emmanuel's interest in NFTs6:25 - How Ancient Warriors NFT got started10:40 - How the team found and convinced Artists to work with them15:30 -  How the team  decided on the number of NFTs in the Ancient Warriors collection19:45 - Vision and Roadmap for Ancient Warriors25:30 - Pitfalls en route to Launch29:40 - Emmanuel's Number One Advice32:00 - Factors that went into selecting a blockchain to build on34:30 - What's next for the Ancient Warriors team38:55 - Emmanuel's Recommended ResourcesLinks from this EpisodeAncient WarriorsCultureDAOAfrofutureDAOPagzi TechEmmanuel's Recommended ResourcesAncient Warriors DiscordCurious Addys'Follow on Social MediaAncient WarriorsEmmanuel UdotongLaideOnchain Medley Podcast
In this episode, Fadumo Osman shares what Play-Learn-earn is and how that differs from Play-to-earn model, which was popularized by the game - Axie Infinity. Fadumo also shares insights on the Play-Learn-Earn model as a great way for improving soft skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, and negotiation. Fadumo is relatively new to Web3, which I found quite refreshing as she has a more nuanced perspective on this ecosystem.Fadumo is relatively new to Web3, which I found quite refreshing as she has a more nuanced perspective on this ecosystem.Topics & Timeline3:00 - Fadumo's Background4:15 - Play-to-earn (P2E) model12:00  - Where Roblox and similar companies fall short13:08 - Play-to-Learn & Education14:30 - We3 & Financial Inclusion17:00 - How Fadumo got started in Web319:00 - About Red Cat MultiverseLinks from this EpisodeRed Cat MultiverseRed Cat Multiverse SubstackRed Cat Multiverse DiscordFadumo's Recommended ResourcesBoys ClubWomen in NFTsWeb3 FamiliaFollow on Social MediaFadumo OsmanRed Cat MultiverseLaideOnchain Medley Podcast
In this episode, Laide chats with Breanna Faye, Executive & Chief Metaverse Officer at Metarkitex. We discuss what NFTs are, the value they provide for creators and artists. Breanna also shares her insights and view on virtual real estate, the metaverse, the intersection of digital and physical experiences and so much more.Topics & Timeline 2:00 - Breanna's background & foray into blockchain3:00 - NFTs & what's behind the hype11:00 - What NFTs unlock for creators & artists25:00 - The importance of Virtual Real Estate36:00 - What the Metaverse is38:00 - Web3 & the Digital/Physical hybrid41:00 - Areas for improvement44:00 - About Metarkitex48:00 - Key Takeaways50:00 - Recommended ResourcesLinks from this EpisodeMetarkitexMetamerican Dream NFTsBored Ape Yacht ClubSteemitBreanna's Recommended ResourcesBreanna's TwitterZeneca_33's TwitterMetarkitex TwitterFollw on Social MediaFollow Onchain Medley PodcastFollow LaideFollow Breanna FayeFollow Metarkitex
In this Episode, Laide chats about Decentralized Identity with Danny Zuckerman, Co-founder of 3Box Labs, a company whose mission is to transform the web's relationship with data. 3Box Labs creates software for a more open, safe and collaborative web. Their identity and data infrastructure is already being used by some of the world's most ambitious web3 applications.We discuss the importance of self-sovereign identity and identity management, why it is a key piece of unlocking online innovation that wasn't previously possible, what web 3 offers, reputation building amongst others. Danny also shares what sparked his interest in blockchain as well as what he and his team at 3Box Labs are building.Topics & Timeline1:30 - Danny's background & interest in blockchain4:30 - What Identity & Identity Management is7:15 - Web3 & Permissionless Innovation12:30 - What 3box Labs' Ceramic Networks unlocks14:20 - User data management & Governance18:12 - Reputation building22:00 - Identity & Privacy26:30 - Challenges around UX for data management28:15 - Why Decentralized Identity isn't getting much attention29:30 - How wallets will evolve to manage cryptographic keys30:50 - About 3box Labs35:00 - Recommended ResourcesLinks from this Episode3Box LabsCeramic NetworkiDXAragonColonyBoardroomDanny's Recommended ResourcesForefront DAODeveloper DAOCeramic NetworkSocial MediaFollow Danny ZuckermanFollow Ceramic NetworkFollow Onchain Medley PodcastFollow Laide
Laide chats with Igor Mandrigin, CTO at, a blockchain infrastructure company. We discuss how Igor defines blockchain, its practical applications, Layer 1 and Layer 2, the various consensus mechanisms (and I learned there was another one besides proof of work and proof of stake), zero-knowledge proof. We also talked about why he doesn't want to live in the metaverse, how he went from blockchain-skeptic to believer, and what he and his team at are building.Links from this EpisodeSnow Crash BookEthereumSolanaPolygonLayer 1 and Layer 2GatewayIgor's Recommended ResourcesEthhubMessari2022 Crypto ThesesRektSocial MediaFollow Igor MandriginFollow Onchain Medley PodcastFollow Laide
Depending on when you're listening to it, we are actually still in the early days of the Blockchain revolution, even though sometimes  with how quickly things are changing, it often doesn't feel like it.On this show, I attempt to demystify blockchain blockchain and cover compelling applications through interviews with the innovators in this space. Guests include technologies, entrepreneurs, business executives, creators, and community members shaping this space.  Whether you're a skeptic or believer in blockchain technology, I invite you to join along on this journey. There's bound to be something for you. Don't forget to subscribe to the show and stay tuned for new episodes. Follow on Twitter:
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