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2024 Podcast Plans!

2024 Podcast Plans!


A brief episode to outline the plans for the podcast in 2024 and getting back on a weekly schedule.Support the show
In EOS® and Rocket Fuel University, we talk about the 5 rules for how a Visionary and Integrator™ work together.  Rule #2 is No End Runs.  This episode discusses end runs and how to address them.Support the show
In EOS® and Rocket Fuel University, we talk about the 5 rules for how a Visionary and Integrator™ work together.  Rule #1 is to stay on the same page.  This episode discusses how to leverage the Same Page Meeting.Support the show
IBM has been on the forefront of sustainability for over five decades. We discuss the company's focus and its products related to the effort.Support the show
Krezzo has taken the OKR methodology to a new level.  My guest, CEO Stephen Newman, discusses their methodology.Support the show
Introduction to OKR's

Introduction to OKR's


Logan Jefferson joins the podcast from Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand, to provide an introduction to OKR's.Support the show
A discussion with Susan Spiers who contracts GBS back in 2011 and continues to be challenged by its impact on her health.Support the show
Hiring Practices

Hiring Practices


Hiring is something many companies struggle with.  What are the critical elements of the hiring process to ensure the right people join?Support the show
Special guest Susan Spiers and I discuss the many challenges organizations are currently facing in the commercial real estate and facilities management world.Support the show
Discusses how scorecards work, and why leading and lagging indicators are critical to making good business decisions.Support the show
One of the keys to successfully growing a business is having the right Visionary/Integrator combination.  Which are you?Based on the concepts in the book “Rocket Fuel” by Gino Wickman and Mark WintersSupport the show
The Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Integrated Workplace Management Solutions (IWMS) markets in Pakistan are evolving.  This episode is a conversation with Shams Ladak, the CEO of Systech International, and Faisal Ladak, an Advisor on Technology Modernization about EAM and IWMS, and the business climate in Pakistan.Support the show
Eric Grill, the CEO of ChainBytes and one of the world's leading authorities on Blockchain and Bitcoin discusses the impact of Bitcoin and Blockchain.Support the show
My guest Traves Peterson, a Senior Solutions Engineer with IBM, and I discuss some of the technology around facilities.Support the show
IBM TRIRIGA and Maximo

IBM TRIRIGA and Maximo


Lisa Barclay and Dave Gasdia talk about IBM TRIRIGA and IBM Maximo.  The two products are leaders in the Real Estate, Facilities Management, and Asset Management solutions space.Support the show
JC Dupont from Serco Canada joins my co-host, Jean-Georges Perrin, and me to discuss facilities technology use in Canada, and some of the legal and cultural facts about doing business there.  Note portions of the conversation are in English and others in French.Support the show
John Foster, a member of the Tampa Bay Chapter of the Private Directors Association and co-chair of its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee and I speak about DEI.Support the show
Simon Davis and Tracy Jefferson talk about challenges in the workplace for 2022.Support the show
The COO Forum is a professional development association of Second-in-Command Executives: Chief Operating Officers, Operating CFOs, General Managers, Divisional Presidents, Operating CIOs, and Executive Vice Presidents. We serve with integrity, providing value to our Members, to our Member’s companies, and to our overall business community. Its goals are ​to provide a collaborative, peer learning forum of Chief Operating Officers and other Second-in-Command Executives. To expand individual member’s professional development. To develop and share COO-specific best practices. To connect the greater Second-in-Command community. To broaden understanding and awareness throughout the greater business community of the Second-in-Command and its crucial role.Visit for more information.Support the show
In this episode, we talk about IBM i and open source.                          Support the show
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