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We The Culture delivers straight talk and education about NFTs, Crypto, Blockchain, Web 3.0, and the Metaverse. Hosted by Mr. Wendell, who achieved great success in hip-hop/music circles as Cash Money tour manager (Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj), and worked live events/concerts all over the world with Justin Bieber, Jay-Z, New Edition, Puff Daddy, and many others; and Ron Baptiste, brand management and marketing executive who rolled out marketing activations for Lil Wayne, Tommy and Andy Hilfiger, and many others. Both have extensive Film/TV credits as well, including The Walking Dead and Stranger Things.Together these entrepreneurs joined forces to create We The Culture, a tech company that specializes in Web3, NFTs, and Metaverse development.Have questions about these spaces? You're in the right place! This is We The Culture.
Before you jump into the metaverse you have to have some sort of NFT (Non-fungible token). Before you obtain an NFT you have to own some type of cryptocurrency to obtain the NFT. That cryptocurrency sits on top of the computer network data base called The Blockchain. Mr. Wendell and Ron break it all down on this episode of Culture Capsules. 
In this episode Mr. Wendell and Ron Baptiste speak with Ruth McCartney of McCartney Multimedia, early pioneers in the online world since 1994. But Ruth's beginnings as a database manager go back to the 60's, as a fan club manager of her step brother Paul's band The Beatles. It's where she first learned about the importance of connectivity between people from different parts of the world.'The Digital Diva', Ruth was also part of the team that created the very first websites for bands and other talent in the 90's, when people would ask "What is a Web-SIDE"? She's currently 'all in' on the metaverse and NFTs, and is currently a part of, which has amassed the largest number of chef's recipes in the digital collectibles space.Hear about her amazing journey and her positive forward thinking, and find out what is too!
In this episode of Culture Capsules, Mr. Wendell is joined by his 'partner in crypto' Ron Baptiste, Chief Content Officer and Co-Founder of SDK Co. After hearing from Ron that he missed the 'drop' for the new Budweiser 'Budverse' NFTs, Wendell buys one during the show. This prompts them to talk about the steps of how to set up a wallet and purchase NFTs. They also discuss the recent Michael Jordan NFT drop (Six Rings Collection). While the team and utility looked good at first, the reveal and focus led to a quick price drop. They talk about the need to connect with the NFT community for a successful drop.They also cover the forthcoming Government regulations on digital money and possible implications of a 'FedCoin'.
In this episode Mr. Wendell talks to former TV host (CNBC, Fox Business), investor, analyst, economist, and hedge fund manager Cody Willard about his new endeavor SKTLs Space Crypto. SKTLs will help to clear the way for the space revolution with a new incentive system of social good through profit motive.Cory also shares his reasons for being 'bearish' on crypto and NFT investing at the moment. Considering he bought into Apple at .20c a share long ago, this is advice you probably want to hear!
How did Alex Dixon go from working for Goldman Sachs in the Mergers and Acquisitions Department to the CEO of one of only two casinos in the United States that run as a non-profit? Hear about his amazing journey as the first in his family "to reap the benefits of the country his family helped build". He sees more non-profit casino models being built to help regenerate areas and cities all over the country.Mr. Wendell and Alex also talk about the possibilities, hurdles, and opportunities for casinos in the meta-verse in the future. Alex also talks about his role in the $7.5 billion acquisition of Pixar by Disney!
Rashad Jennings has quite a resume, and he talks about his path from sports (NFL running back), to writing (NY Times Best Selling Author), to TV (Dancing With The Stars champion!), to Esports gaming entrepreneur (Nevahlost), to working in the non-profit space as a children's literacy advocate. Listen to Mr. Wendell explain NFTs and how they will affect Rashad, and all of us, in the future. Mr. Wendell tells us it's still early enough to get involved, understand, and gain knowledge of the new tech, you just have to get in the water!Hear how a challenge from his nephew to play a video game opened up a new world of connection and community for Rashad in the gaming world.
Mr. Wendell talks about the future of the Metaverse with Marina Worre, Founder and CEO of Worre Studios in Las Vegas.  Worre studios is a 25,000 square foot state of the art production studio used to produce the ultimate interactive online virtual experiences.Marina had a very strong support staff as a child, learning she could accomplish anything. She talks about how a bad relationship tore down some of her self confidence, and that it took almost ten years to build it back up. She now considers herself a "creative hurricane" that looks to empower as many women as possible to lead their 'dream life'. She explains anything is possible, you just have to work hard for it. She inspires, infects, and excites everyone around her to work hard, and Mr. Wendell explains why he thinks Worre Studios will help shape what the meta verse looks like in the next 5-10 years. 
Joel Comm is a New York Times bestselling author, NFT expert, blockchain enthusiast, professional keynote speaker, social media marketing strategist, live video expert, technologist, brand influencer, futurist and eternal 12-year-old.Travis Wright is a top marketing technologist, author, keynote speaker, blockchain advisor, tech journalist, and podcast host. He is the former global digital and social strategist at Symantec for the Norton brand. Wright is the author of Wiley & Sons, “Digital Sense, The Common Sense Approach to Social Business Strategy, Marketing Technologies, Customer Experience and Emerging Technologies”, which published in January 2017.Mr. Wendell, Joel,  and Travis discuss crypto, blockchain, bitcoin, and NFTs, as well as Play To Earn, Game-Fi, and the real Web 3.0. Strap in for a true Metaverse ride!
In Dallas, Texas at a rap show many years ago, a brash young rapper asked Mr. Wendell if he could get on stage 'if nobody shows up for their slot'. At first Mr. Wendell said no, but then took a chance on the young kid. That kid was Lil Twist, that performance legendary, and their amazing friendship and collaboration has continued to this day. Hear about the friends love of "Pops" collectibles and the meta-verse, while Mr. Wendell gets Lil Twist excited about the possibilties of crypto and NFT's. In 2003, ten-year-old Texas native Christopher Moore, under the name Lil Twist, scored a Dallas-area pop-rap hit with "Texas Twist." The performing name stuck, though a couple years passed before Moore's career advanced farther, when he sought out Lil Wayne at a concert and impressed the multi-platinum rapper enough to become his protégé. Signed to Wayne's Young Money label in early 2010, Moore debuted there with "The Leak," featuring Wayne, which became his first single to reach Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. The following year, XXL magazine featured Moore in their annual Freshman Class feature, and he issued a second charting single with another assist from Wayne, "Love Affair." "Turn't Up," featuring Busta Rhymes, charted in 2012, but Moore's debut album, Don't Get It Twisted, never materialized. Throughout the next few years, Moore recorded with the likes of Mindless Behavior and Soulja Boy, appeared on the Young Money compilation Rise of an Empire, and continued to release mixtapes. At the end of 2018, Moore joined Vh1’s Growing Up Hip Hop where he continues to publicly grow his brand. 
Mr. Wendell talks with Sam Taylor, who explains his journey from professional athlete to fashion designer. He began creating merchandise for Grammy Award Winners OUTKAST and their OUTKAST Clothing, which led him to senior design roles working with Fortune 500 companies such as Pac Sun, Levi's, and Old Navy. In 2017 Taylor founded his own label Silent Panda. He talks about the importance of fashion being tied to culture, and utilizing his designs to incorporate black history. He believes that "stories of community and value" open up opportunities for every community. Taylor is also an avid collector, starting with comic books as a kid and continuing with vinyl toys as an adult. 
Mr. Wendell is like a 'kid in a candy store' talking with collector, curator, and archivist David Bieber. Bieber's archives represent 50-plus years of collecting and preserving the popular culture, music and media of the 20th and 21st centuries. David has acquired more than two million artifacts, building a collection ranging from vintage vinyl to antique radios, movie memorabilia to original Andy Warhol art, posters to press kits, baseball cards to bottle caps, always believing that the transitory creations of today are the treasures of the future. Mr. Wendell and David share the thought processes inside the mind of 'the collector', and share some of their favorite pieces of their collections. Also hear their thoughts on why the emotional link to these collectibles continues to endure today. Truly a special Culture Capsules!
In this episode Mr. Wendell speaks with entrepreneur, activist, and producer Jaquial Durham. Jaquial talks about the inspiration for his non-profit organization "For The Love Of Community", and his "Public Culture Entertainment" production company. They also dive deeper into how the intersections of history, fashion, tech, and culture will help build future community.
On this episode Mr. Wendell talks with Fernando Varela, American operatic tenor, currently on tour with the legendary David Foster. While Fernando started singing later (age 17), he was already collecting baseball cards and other memorabilia. They talk about hanging with baseball greats, and how NFT's and physical collectables together will be around for a long time. Fernando also discusses how all of society will be involved in the future meta-verse, like it or not. 
Mr. Wendell talks with Darius of PK-9 Dog Training about creating "High Power Pets". They also talk Travis Scott collectables, and discuss how being successful running your own business can not only be positive for the owner but positive for the entire community. 
Carrie Able is an internationally renowned multidisciplinary artist, working with XR media, music, painting, cryptocurrency, and poetry. Her musical style has been compared to Patti Smith, Lou Reed, and The Doors. Carrie talks about her creative journey of bringing art and technology together, and that moment of being 'hooked' the first time she painted with a VR headset on. Mr. Wendell and Carrie dive deep into the future of art and music as they relate to NFT's and augmented and virtual reality. 
Please join Mr Wendell as he talks with Thaddeus Ford, a 6th generation jazz musician from New Orleans, Listen for his family's fascinating history in American music history. His talent is deeply steeped in his DNA.
Mr Wendell digs deep into the roots of the Atlanta music scene with one of its own, Q Parker. Q is hugely gifted- a multi-award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, businessman, philanthropist and exercise enthusiast. He is one of the co-founders of the award-winning, multi-platinum selling group 112, which began when Q was in high school. They found massive success during the mid 1990's to mid 2000's with hits featuring Notorious B.I.G.and Faith Evans on Puff Daddy's Bad Boy Records.
Join Mr Wendell as he talks with award winning actor, producer and director, Terri Vaughn-they have an amazing discussion that will make you feel welcome while learning about themetaverse, crypto and creating iconic entertainment projects for the masses. Their engagement and friendship is real, which is inviting to the listener.Terri has accomplished a are just a bit about her career.As an actress, Terri J. Vaughn first stole America’s heart with her comical portrayal of thelovable Lovita Alizay Jenkins on The Steve Harvey Show. After six successful seasons, she went on to star in Will Smith's executive produced comedy All of Us, Showtime’s hit drama Soul Food, and Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns. Terri has also starred on Oprah Winfrey’s hit series Greenleaf and made guest appearances on FOX’s series Rel and BET’s First Wives Club. Her poignant recurring role as Rose Cranberry on HBO’s Insecure, was developed into a scripted award-winning podcast series for Tenderfoot TV, Looking For LaToya.Having done so well with the podcast and winning a Webby Award, you’ll find Terri back asRose Cranberry for We Stay Looking anywhere podcasts are heard. Terri can also be seen as one of the lead characters on Season 2 of Ava DuVernay’s series, Cherish The Day. Terri has starred in several films, including Daddy’s Little Girls and has been honored with three NAACP Image Awards for her work on The Steve Harvey Show.As a director, Terri’s latest projects include the first comedic episode of BET’s TALES, theindependently produced kid’s comedy, Merry Switchmas, as well as Viacom’s and ReubenCannon Entertainment’s Soul Santa. Last year Viacom and MarVista Entertainment released her comedy classic, A Christmas Surprise, starring Wendy Raquel Robinson and Keesha Sharp. Terri’s directing debut, which she also produced, was the hilarious ‘Friday- isque’ independent comedy #DigitalLivesMatter, starring social media comedic influencers, DC Young Fly, Emmanuel Hudson and B.Simone, currently streaming on all platforms. Terri has directed several other Viacom movies, including the romantic comedy Angrily Ever After, the fun family classic ‘Twas The Chaos Before Christmas, starring Sherri Shepherd and Cynthia McWilliams and the hilarious female buddy flick, Christmas Belles, starring Raven Goodwin, Dominique Perry, Janet Hubert and the legendary John Amos.As a producer, Terri has produced over 16 projects under her independent production company, Nina Holiday Entertainment, with her producing partner Cas Sigers-Beedles, including thefamily film, Hamlet & Hutch, starring legendary actor Burt Reynolds. Terri also produced and starred in the highly acclaimed Girlfriends’ Getaway and its sequel, Girlfriends Getaway 2, as well as the romance drama Open, starring Keith Robinson, Essence Atkins and Matt Cedeno, for Viacom. Terri is a trailblazer in front of and behind the camera.Out of her desire to give back to her community, Terri founded Take Wings Foundation (1997), in the San Francisco Bay Area to mentor young women growing up in at risk communities. Terri's passion is to uplift and motivate young women to believe in themselves.
After a lifetime in the music business, Mr Wendell has incredible friends and tremendous relationships. This inaugural episode of Culture Capsules is a behind the scenes discussion with one of the preeminent tastemakers in the business, the iconic photographer who captured the moments that became music history's most famous images, Pat Johnson.Spanning fifty decades of Rock star history, Pat's work includes The Rolling Stones, Tina Turner, David Bowie, James Brown, The Jackson Five, Grateful Dead, The Clash, Journey and Tupac, and continuing through today’s Green Day, Snoop Dog and many more in between. Pat is known for his originality and creativity on album covers and studio images, as well as his documentary and live concert images of these artists in their element. These two talk music, artists and won't want to miss a minute.
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