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Author: Elliot Gamble & Erika Williams

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The Shift and Pivot podcast is all about sharing people’s stories about life and leveraging how they were able to come out better every time. Hosts Erika Williams and Elliot Gamble explore different ways their guests have overcome adversity by shifting and pivoting. Topics include relationships, finances, health and wellness, and spirituality. You’ll learn tools and techniques to make positive changes in your life—whether it’s through better habits, improvements in physical health, mind management, self-love, or setting goals. Each episode will allow listeners to be connected, inspired, motivated, encouraged, and most importantly, remember that life is all about the Shifts and Pivots.
21 Episodes
Free To Be Me with special guest  Candace MeredithToday’s episode is exceptional. We are speaking to a guest whose career journey sounds like a story from a novel or a movie on Netflix or Hulu. Please allow us the opportunity to introduce you to Candace Meredith - a true POLYMATH. In this episode, you will learn how Candace carved out a way in this life so that she could be "Free To Be Me."  Candace’s life story challenges us to think about how can we become "Free To Be Me"  in ourselves and the power of our dreams. She grew up knowing she was different from others. She did not try to act normal. Instead, Candace embraced her uniqueness. At age 21, she discovered the power of manifestation and the law of attraction.Candace graduated from Howard University with aspirations of becoming a lawyer. She got a job working in a law firm that made her realize she wasn’t ready to spend the rest of her working life in that environment. Candace transitioned into the music industry, where they were managing artists. She worked there for some time and later felt there was more. She went to a barber school in Manhattan and became a renowned barber. Currently, she is a chef.In this episode, Candace will share her journey and how she transitioned to different careers. If you are looking for motivation and inspiration, this episode is for you. Listen in!Key Talking Points of the Episode:[04:11] Candace’s youth and growing up[07:05] How Candace’s dad army career impacted her[09:33] The power of being different[15:24] How Candace became so mature mentally at 21[17:10] Candace’s tribe in Howard University[20:07] Candace’s journey from legal paralegal to makeup artist[27:45] Working in a male-dominated world[30:24] Candace’s manifestation process[31:48] Candace’s experience at Universal[36:38] What did Candace learn from working in the music industry?[40:33] Candace going to a barber school[47:15] Candace’s most memorable [53:36] The importance of showing up[55:01] Candace’s career as a chef[01:00:11] Candace’s golden nugget[01:00:46] Top of the dome questionsMagical Quotes from the Episode:“Those of us who believe in a higher being, the spirituality, it tells you, when it’s for you, it’s for you. sometimes, when it’s for you, it’ll take you from A to Z without any explanation.”“Thoughts travel faster than sound, faster than the spoken word. That’s why we must be careful of what we’re thinking.”“When the floodgates open, just be ready.”“As a black woman, one of my professors still insists on always rising to the occasion, no matter what.”“All these gifts and abilities which have been bestowed upon me are here to bring light and love to whomever I can.”“Follow your heart. That keeps you going, you know, outside of breathing.”Connect with Candace Meredith:Instagram:  
Finding Your Sweet Spot with Patrick SuttonHave you found your sweet spot yet?  Patrick Sutton has found his sweet spot and he joins us on the show to share his journey to finding his sweet spot. From a tender age, Patrick knew the screens were meant for him. He even made it to the movie ‘A Time to Kill.’ It was such a moment for him, but he never realized what it meant until some years later. Patrick deviated from the creative industry and got into the corporate world. He dreamed of retiring as a vice president of the firm he was working for. Most of us do not change our lives until changing becomes the least comfortable option. Patrick’s stay in the corporate space always made him feel something was amiss, but he didn’t want to quit the space before becoming the VP. In 2019, Covid came, and Patrick was among the people laid off. It gave him an opportunity for a fresh start. In this episode, Patrick shares his journey to finding his sweet spot, going back to the creative space and how he put together a whole film without going to a film school. Listen to hear more.Key Talking Points of the Episode:[03:36] Who is Patrick Sutton?[04:27] Patrick’s journey to finding his sweet spot[10:18] How Patrick got into ‘A Time to Kill’ movie[22:14] How Patrick transitioned into the creative space from corporate America[26:40] How Patrick made his movie[34:18] Patrick’s fear[39:41] Patrick in tech[42:42] How Patrick dealt with his layoff during Covid[47:20] Patrick’s projects[54:03] Top of the dome segmentMagical Quotes from the Episode:“When we hit those successes at work or in our lives, it should make us feel good.”“When you are confident of who you are and what you bring to the table, no one can take that away from you.”“If you’ve been fired or something, don’t let that one moment stop you from doing what you need to do or being the best, you can be.”“When you can’t bring your whole self to work, it’s not them that’s missing out. You miss out because you deserve to be 100% happy.”“Friendships are seasons, and people come in for a season. Some stay longer. Some don’t. When they end the season, be okay with it. Don’t harness it too much. And accept it for what it was, appreciate the good and the bad. And keep it moving.”“You are the creator of your script. When you are at that stage in life, remember, it’s all about you.”Connect with Patrick Sutton:LinkedIn: Instagram: 
Are you a law lover? If yes, you are in for a sweet treat! Today we have Natasha L. Robinson, Esq joining us on the show. She is a retired attorney who is passionate about the law, practicing it, and teaching it to others. She is committed to championing the criminal justice system’s legal rights. Also, she is dedicated to teaching and exposing our young people to She is also the creator and curator of “Legaleaze Please!™”. A space that empowers the development of individual and collective comprehension of criminal laws, cases, and policies through decoding, deconstructing, and demystifying legal language.Today, we will seek to hear about Natasha’s career journey because it is so interesting that we cannot afford to miss out on any minor detail. It is the perfect combination of determination, dedication, and commitment. I am sure if you are keen enough, you have noticed her name has Esq at the end. What does it stand for, and how did she earn it?Also, we have been seeing some TV shows on law, and many people must wonder, is that how courtrooms are? Natasha has all the answers for us. Listen to this episode to learn more. Key Talking Points of the Episode:[06:38] Who is Natasha Robinson?[10:25] How Natasha decided she wanted to become a lawyer[13:55] How Natasha acquired the Esq title [20:35] Natasha’s transition from studying to the workforce[23:58] How Natasha’s law career affected her circle[30:31] How Natasha’s career as an attorney has transitioned[33:46] Lessons Natasha learnt from her clients[38:48] Natasha’s plan as a retired legal eagle[45:30] Why do we have an imbalance of people of color in the legal system?[52:09] Where to find Natasha[01:01:26] How to act in a courtroom[01:05:54] Top of the Dome questionsMagical Quotes from the Episode:“There’s no way I cannot share my story and make way for others because others have made way for me.”“Despite what people may project, none of us have all of it together.”“You can’t speak for me if you don’t see me.”“When I teach, I teach with the understanding that at the same time I am a teacher, I’m also a student.”“Language is a way in which people can be oppressed.”“There are no such thing as single topic issues because there are no single topic lives.”Connect with Natasha L. Robinson, Esq:Facebook: Website: YouTube: 
Running for my life..A Marathon to find me - with special guest Stephanie McSwine.Have you ever committed to everyone else besides yourself? Chances are you have especially if you are a mother. Mothers tend to be the worst culprits when it comes to taking care of others and forgetting themselves. Stephanie McSwine was a stay-at-home mom, and she home schooled her children. Her target was to make sure she raised children who would be successful adults. She did an excellent job. Unfortunately, she lost herself. Her wake-up call came when she was walking with her son one day, and he challenged her to run. She was always the person making sure her children were active but did nothing for herself. Stephanie kept running and would use different things at targets during her runs. Little by little, she started loving it because it was a moment to have time to herself. She kept getting better at running until she managed to run around Stone Mountain Park nonstop and participated in Black Girls Run.Through running, Stephanie managed to reclaim herself. At age 40, she left her marriage to start life again and build a life for herself and her children. Imagine being out of the workforce for 20 years and getting back to earn an income. It wasn't easy for her, but her determination and commitment weighed heavier than the challenges. She was determined to change the narrative not just for her but for future generations too.Out of her passion for running, her venture Muscle Mom LLC Lifestyle was born. It aims at helping every individual to work toward being their best self not only for themselves but for their future generations. In this episode, Stephanie will share her journey and how running saved her. Listen to this episode to hear more.Key Talking Points of the Episode:[01:40] What has Elliot been up to lately?[06:19] Who is Stephanie MCSwine?[12:47] What drove Stephanie to run?[16:47] How Stephanie balanced the different aspects of her life[19:56] The essence of committing to yourself[23:13] Was Stephanie selfish when she decided to commit to herself and her children?[30:43] Stephanie's venture, Muscle Mob Venture, and how it has affected her life[34:35] How Stephanie manages to maintain high energy in her 50s[39:23] Stephanie's thrifting skills[47:54] What's next for Stephanie[50:14] Top of the dome segment[55:11] Stephanie's last wordsMagical Quotes from the Episode: "If you can't commit to yourself, shame on you because you commit to everything else, but why can't you commit to yourself?""You can't put a price tag on peace. Money, come and go. My peace and my sanity are more important.""When the woman and the wife are at peace and happy, the whole family benefits from it.""We as a society need to recategorize where it's selfishness. People use selfishness as if it's a negative thing. There's nothing wrong with taking care of yourself.""There's nothing more honourable than knowing your purpose and being purposely driven as you age.""Sometimes difficulties make you better. You have to learn through difficulties, and you study difficulties.""Children and elderly people will break you down. They will tell you the truth. And they will break you down."Connect with Stephanie MCSwine:Facebook: Instagram: 
In this episode of The Shift and Pivot Podcast - Erika welcomes guest Joffrey Holloway to share his story about life - and how it has steered him down paths he never thought he would journey. His humble roots are firmly connected to Mississippi and the South in general, but life also had plans for him that took him away from the comfort of his modest upbringing. Joffrey shares experiences and how they have shaped and sharpened his many skills in athletics, corporate America, and entrepreneurship. According to Joffrey, "your network is your net worth." So, prepare for this fantastic journey that Joffrey shares with us - we are sure you will hear and receive some dynamic nuggets of wisdom, hilarious random life events, and uplifting motivation to help you seize the day. Key Talking Points of the Episode:[02:02] Who is Joffrey Holloway?[03:06] Jeff’s experience growing up in Mississippi [04:19] Jeff’s love for sports[06:45] The educational side of Jeff’s upbringing[10:43] What always inspired Jeff to do better?[14:04] The first thing Jeff did on campus that made him feel he was in the right place[16:24] How Jeff made relationships with other players in college[17:13] Jeff’s senior year[19:30] What did Jeff’s job at the Ford Motor Company entail?[22:14] Jeff’s engineering career[26:33] Jeff’s move to Dallas and the relationships he established[33:38] The birth of Dallas Cigar Events[35:15] How Jeff and the rest of the team raised money to fund the Dallas Cigar budget[38:13] Top of the dome questionsMagical Quotes from the Episode:“Everything about the Southern University was just a vibe that meant success.”“I will say that engineering degree, helped me see and gain a lot. It also taught me that I wasn’t just going to be an engineer based off the book knowledge that I got in college, you must adapt to the job.”“Theoretical never helps in the real-life situation itself sets the foundation.”“God and family first. Also, take advantage of those opportunities to establish those networks value those friendships. Stay fast with those friendships.”“Opportunities are plentiful. You just have to maintain those relationships and keep things healthy between those friendships that you establish.”Relevant Links:Check out to see the activities they have lined up.  Did you enjoy this episode? Check out more episodes at and don’t forget to subscribe to our email list for regular updates.Also, if you loved the episode, share the goodness with a couple of people.  
This week's episode of the Shift and Pivot Podcast - Elliot and Erika interviews Nomtha Makhosana. Nomtha shares with us several critical life events that shaped the most instrumental shifts and pivots of her life, the secrets to her happy life, and most importantly, the unbeatable power of perseverance, which she holds on to even today. Nomtha also opens up about her different experiences living and working in two continents, including facing racism, the many kinds and sides of corporate life, life in different American cities as a person of color, and her love for travel. In the end, Nomtha says, it all boils down to your priorities in life. Create for yourself a life you enjoy.  We have tons of laughs, moments of inspiration, and a lot of general life introspection in store for you on the episode -- have fun tuning in!Timestamps:[00:00] Intro[02:14] Meet our guest, Nomtha Makhosana[04:11] The prejudices faced when growing up as a person of color in Cape Town[08:06] The experience living in a racist environment[11:00] The path to accounting and finance[13:30] Nomtha’s South African friends in Cape Town and the paths they took in life[15:04] Pursuing Accounting from the University of Cape Town[17:42] What Nomtha thinks she could have experienced in college that she did not when studying there?[19:21] Joining a big 4 corporate consulting company in Johannesburg[22:11] Working for a big 4 company straight out of college[24:35] Slowing down amid the fast and tough corporate rat race and why quitting has never been an option for Nomtha[26:56] Nomtha’s plans for her career moving forward[28:19] Did Nomtha have a plan for her career starting out right after college?[30:22]Preparing herself to start afresh in America[33:08] Being open to opportunities and new possibilities[39:27] Two years of living in Atlanta: traveling, exploring places, making the best out of opportunities[41:48] The experience heading back to Cape Town after living in US and the differences in pursuing an Accounting career in US as compared to South Africa[45:03] Going back home to Cape Town with no plans absolutely about her career and founding a consulting company there before landing a good job[53:58] The perks of living in a city familiar to you and why Nomtha headed back to Cape Town, quitting her job in America[54:58] Nomtha’s future career plans[57:45] What Nomtha wants you to remember from this conversation[59:48] Waiting is different from not giving up[01:01:15] Nomtha’s place of refuge in Cape Town[01:01:31] Nomtha’s guilty pleasure[01:01:47] The one person Nomtha would have a conversation with if she could go back in time[01:02:01] The conversation Nomtha would have with herself if she could go back in time[01:02:16] The one thing Nomtha would do if she had the opportunity to have absolutely anything in the world[01:03:08] Nomtha’s favorite food combo Connect with Nomtha MakhosanaInstagram:              
Growing up is never easy…trying to navigate from being a boy to a man is an epic feat. Closing the chapter of childhood and embarking on the next stage of life as an adult comes with many physical, mental, and emotional challenges.  In today’s episode, Erika and Elliot interview Al Williams, whose own unbelievable shift and pivot led him from a life of crime to a level of success most can only dream of. Listen as Al describes his Growing Pains - Shift and Pivot from a young boy in Savannah, GA—enduring abuse and hustling; to being a misguided teen incarcerated and searching for his true purpose in life. AL WILLIAMS WORDS OF WISDOM: “I should have been dead, man. I had a dude shoot me at point-blank range with a .357, and I heard a bullet slide by my head. He missed all seven times. He missed me. You can’t tell me that ain’t the hand of God on somebody’s life saying, ‘Man, I got something for you. Not today’.”“Failure is not an option. Even when you lose, you [got] to look at the fact you won. Because you just learned something from the fact that, whatever it is you [was] trying to do, it didn’t work that time. So you should have learned something from it.”“That’s what I’m doing. Being the best human being that I can be in life. Period.”TIME STAMPS:  0:00 Intro1:42 Who Is Al Williams?12:50 Hustling As a Means of Survival16:16 The Turning Point and Al’s First Arrest26:14 The Worst Parts About Prison30:47 Better Than This34:16 Prison and Finding God37:23 Life After Prison42:45 Moving Forward49:30 Reflection On Good AdviceIf you enjoyed this episode, please take a moment to rate our show 5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️You can also download and listen to previous episodes of the podcast on our website or any of the popular podcast apps.
Many of us have heard the saying "A Dream Deferred" (if you haven't, please pause this Podcast and go check out Langston Huges' powerful poem entitled "Harlem.") and we take that to mean dreams that go unmet, unbaked, unactualized - but what if that dream was not deferred but detoured? What if you had an epiphany and realized that your visions, plans, goals, and dreams - needed to take an abrupt detour? A complete 360-degree turn leaves you and your immediate tribe to think that you have gone insane. Well, this does, in fact, happen more often than you think. Our guest for this episode has lived this life-altering experience and is willing to share the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything else involved in making that necessary Shift and Pivot. So please join and listen as we have a heart-to-heart conversation with the energetic, vivacious, and lovely Marta Gwyn. 
Lauren A. Morgan has accomplished a lot in life; she is an entrepreneur, author, and attorney. In addition, she has a solid spiritual foundation and an insatiable desire to travel and experience the world. But one key component was still missing from her life – LOVE, after several dating mistakes, misjudgments, and some heartache. Finally, Lauren realized that if she was going to find the LOVE meant for her, she would have to let go and let God manage the process. In this episode of The Shift and Pivot Podcast, we learn about Lauren’s personal journey and the emotions and discoveries she has experienced along the path to finding her God-revealed spouse. In true Shift and Pivot Podcast fashion, this episode is a personal story that is relatable, funny, and encouraging. Stay tuned as Lauren shares:●  Her passion for becoming a lawyer since she was 14 years old●  Realizing her interest in business and pivoting to business law●  Finding  herself the right coach and how it shaped her life positively●  The role of a sex therapist in your relationships and why it shouldn’t be considered taboo to consult them●  Opting  out of the societal pressure and living life consciously●  The internet’s role in the downfall of relationships●  All about Lauren’s book, Faithfully Yours and what it teaches about the power of vulnerability in relationships!Timestamps:[00:00] Intro[02:43] Meet our guest, Lauren Morgan[03:48] Lauren’s childhood and her passion for relationships[06:13] How the experiences from Laura’s childhood made Laura the woman she is today[08:25] Laura explains her five love languages[12:27] How Laura found herself the perfect coach[16:11] Why being vulnerable isn’t synonymous with being weak[18:49] What is the role of a sex therapist in helping you move forward with your relationships? How did Lauren’s therapist allow her to be more vulnerable in life? [21:30] Is the pressure of marriage more strongly felt by women than men?[26:06] Why there is always a pressure to move to the next phase of your life - college, then work, then marriage, then kids...[31:32] Laura’s upcoming book about the dating culture[36:37] How the internet has contributed to the downfall of relationships[40:41] Where to buy Lauren’s book, Faithfully Yours[42:40] What is Lauren’s theme song?[43:28] What would Lauren be if she wasn’t a lawyer or author?[43:43] The one thing Lauren would regret not experiencing[43:56] What is Lauren’s favorite season?[44:29] Given the choice of anyone in the world, who would Lauren want as her guest for dinner?[46:30 What Lauren would like you to learn from today’s conversation [47:23] Closing thoughtsDid you enjoy this episode? Leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts!Join The Shift and Pivot Podcast Community:                with Lauren Morgan:  Instagram: justfalaurenKW: power of vulnerability, Vulnerability In Relationships, love languages, business law, business law attorney, dating culture
Today's episode of the Shift and Pivot podcast with Tasha Edwards will teach you how to look for opportunities in trying times. Her story is a testament to overcoming obstacles, leaning into your passion, and making your way no matter the circumstance. From being bullied at school to getting married and pregnant at college, fighting financially for her education and family, and working two jobs while pursuing her master’s and caring for her baby, Tasha turned her struggles into learning experiences.A want to-be lawyer turned health and wellness 'paradigm shifter', Tasha didn't give up when forced to veer off from her chosen path. At 25, as a mother, student, and working professional, Tasha Edwards had already traversed the times that taught her to build a thick skin, resilience, and the ability to stand on her own feet. Her secret? Adapting to the times. She made her way from neighborhood organizing to professional health and wellness coaching + training by seeing the possibilities in problems, moving up one opportunity at a time.  Stay tuned as Tasha shares: ●      Being bullied as a child and finding solace in writing – poems, short stories, or just paragraphs that explained her state of mind fearlessly.●      How her personal journals became her friends●      Marrying at 22 (when still in college) and going through a divorce at 23: How Tasha cared for her mental health in those times●      The pros and cons of early pregnancy and childbirth ●      Feeling comfortable in your own skin irrespective of whether people lifted you up or tore you down●      Learning to be open to new opportunities and possibilities. Timestamps: [00:00] Intro: General chit-chat and life update[04:34] Meet our guest, Tasha Edwards[06:15] What makes Tasha Edwards unique? [07:37] Why Tasha calls herself a Movement leader/ Wellness bridge[08:48] The pros and cons of early pregnancy and childbirth [10:58] Tasha’s early Chicago life[14:58] What aspect of her childhood would Tasha like to change?[17:39] On being a ‘closet dancer’ and a wanna-be lawyer[20:42] Claire Huxtable fandom, middle-class life, and the lessons she learned from her experiences in childhood[24:35] Navigating the struggles during college: [29:14] The hustle of work + college: [32:39] Living in Nashville when her family was in Chicago and the help (if any) that she received from others[34:03] Why writing is therapeutic and how journaling, or writing in general, helps Tasha let out her innermost emotions freely[36:20] What Tasha means by “Not everyone deserves to have all of you”[38:13] Pulling out of silence and deciding to do the work to come out of the troubled situations[42:48] The social media rabbit hole: [45:35] What is Tasha’s idea of a perfect life?[47:22] How Tasha made her way into the health and wellness space[55:25] Life as a professional freelance mentor, a comprehensively trained Pilates instructor[58:57] The aspects of fitness and fitness training that we fail to notice[01:03:00] Why health and weight are not synonymous[01:04:07] Tasha’s connection with the Shift and Pivot podcast[01:05:05] Who is Tasha Edwards today?[01:06:37] Tasha’s upcoming conferences and what they will have[01:08:40] How to GET IN TOUCH with TashaConnect with Tasha Edwards:  Instagram: hiphealthychick    
In today's episode, Erika and Elliot welcome Jarred Denzel, a man on a mission to speak up and speak out to break the stigma society has around depression and other mental health issues. With his upbeat personality, passionate energy, and comedic style punchlines and jokes, one cannot resist engaging with Jarred Denzel. But he will quickly inform you that he hasn't always been in this space, and at times, he also doesn't feel as upbeat and lively as he would like. Jarred takes The Shift & Pivot Podcast Listeners on a very relatable journey of his life growing up in a humble, southern Christian family – to his fast-paced overworked, celebrity-filled dream career in New York City. Jarred has seen the full spectrum of emotions from awestricking highs to debilitating and dark lows. But like the mythical creature the Phoenix – He rose from his ashes anew – filled with new energy, passion, and a laser-sharp focus on what's important and meaningful to him in life. Please download this episode from your favorite podcast platform. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.  If you or someone you know is struggling with depression or suicidal ideation, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 (TALK) or Text "HOME" to 741741 to reach a Crisis Counselor.
For this episode of the Shift and Pivot Podcast, we take it overseas to Europe off the coast of France.  Elliot and Erica share the microphone and speak with the multitalented, accomplished, and outspoken Dawn Belisle. Dawn captivates us as she describes the many Shifts and Pivots her personal and professional life has delivered. As she identifies it, passion is the driver that has spearheaded several significant shifts in Dawn’s life. The most recent shift and pivot is a complete change of address that places her across the Atlantic Ocean. Please, listen to this episode and learn how Dawne lives her life full of purpose, love, and unforgettable memories unapologetically.   
"A Brand-New Day"

"A Brand-New Day"


Ever think about the fantasy of packing your bags and leaving behind everything, to move across the world and live in a new foreign country. The excitement of surrounding yourself with something different and exciting. All while you leave your former life, your comfort, challenges, stress, and struggles behind. In this week’s Shift and Pivot Podcast episode, Elliot and Erika welcome guest Samke Mhlongo into the studio. Samke shares with us her heroic journey of traveling and reinventing herself in America. 
"The Renaissance Man"

"The Renaissance Man"


For this Shift and Pivot Podcast episode, Erika and Elliot share the microphone with guest Terrance “Terry” Bates. Terry shares how LIFE has made him take several Shifts and Pivots in love and relationships, career, and family. Terry’s story is fascinating, to say the least – from growing up in Europe as an African American child – to his time as a global competitive soccer player – to anchoring the morning news in Charlotte, N.C. and interviewing former United States Presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush. Download this episode and listen in on how Terry takes the experiences and lessons from life and turns them into something new and exciting.
"A Woman's Gold"

"A Woman's Gold"


An inspiring new episode of the Shift and Pivot Podcast – your hosts Elliot and Erika welcomes guest Davida Selby into the studio. Davida shares with us her bold-audacious life story of failure, self-reflection and soul searching that led her to tap into the resiliency and strength she needed to grow.  Betting on oneself and “figuring it out” was the path she needed to take to understand her own WOMAN’S GOLD. 
"My Brother's Keeper"

"My Brother's Keeper"


Relationships are complex, hard, and at times difficult to balance and maintain in healthy shape. In this compelling episode of the Shift and Pivot Podcast, hosts Erika and Elliot speak with Maurice Ingram; and he shares with us a very personal and challenging life story. 
 For the first episode of the Shift and Pivot Podcast, Elliot and Erika welcomes My Style Matters Co-founder, community leader, and “HOPE” dealer - Tiah Tomlin. Listen in as Tiah shares her personal Shift and Pivot around health; and how she responded when an unfathomable life challenge presented itself.  Her strength, faith and fortitude is a wonderful reminder to us all that even in the midst of difficult times, the best of our days remain ahead. 



This week’s episode of the Shift and Pivot Podcast, Erika, and Elliot welcome guest Dr. Raishell Adams. Join us as Raishell shares her personal Shift and Pivot around relationships; and how faith, education and resilience guided her through some unexpected life circumstances. 
The Importance of Pursuing your Passion with Ken L PolkAre you pursuing your passion in life? Meet Ken L Polk. One of the people who pursue their passions with all they are. Ken is a husband, father, a preacher, teacher, chef, a caterer, counselor, and culinary chef.Ken grew up in Chicago. From childhood, he was always involved in the kitchen. He would grill meat with his father and help his mother in the kitchen. His passion for the kitchen was undeniable, but he felt like it wasn't his place; little did he know that he would become a culinary chef and touch many lives.When Ken joined a culinary school, he knew without a doubt that he wanted to swim with the big fish. After school, he focused his efforts on working for big restaurants. The most amazing thing about Ken is he never got intimidated by anything. Ken has worked for restaurants, a bank, and the Chicago Public Schools and is currently collaborating with chefs and consulting with restaurants. In this episode, Ken shares how he has transitioned to different roles in his career all while Pursuing His Passion in Life. Listen and learn.Key Talking Points of the Episode: [04:39] Getting to know Ken L Polk[06:42] Ken as a city boy[10:16] The difference between a cook and a chef[11:43] How Ken got into culinary school despite not wanting to be a chef before [13:31] Ken's culinary experience[21:10] Ken's experience after culinary school[25:44] What was it like for Ken to work in Michael Jordan's restaurant?[28:31] What made Ken so ambitious when he was [30:04] How Ken got to work at the Chicago Public Schools[37:25] What inspired Ken to teach children culinary lessons?[38:33] What made Ken leave teaching after 14 years?[43:24] How Ken got into consulting for businesses[46:18] Ken's collaboration with other chefs[53:17] Why didn't Ken quit when the light bulb at CPS went off?[55:28] Ken's current projects[59:20] How to try out new food[01:01:15] Top of the domeMagical Quotes from the Episode:"Anyone in an element doing anything is a wonderful thing to watch.""Everything gets stored in your brain in the combinations in which you had it.""Cooking is feeling and technical at the same time. It is subjective and objective.""If you can reach one, you've done your job.""If I'm going to win, we all have to win. It's not it's not competition. It's an expedition for me.""Brand recognition makes all brands stronger.""Brand collaboration builds brands.""Everybody great is great because they are serving somebody something.""Intimidation is what keeps people from learning."                       Connect with Ken L Polk:Instagram: Website:        Be on the lookout for Ken's podcast, The Black Skillet.   
We all have five senses (taste, smell, touch, hearing and vision) that are used constantly in our lives; but what about that sixth sense….You know the sense of intuition or as it is commonly referred to our “Gut Feeling”.  This week’s episode we speak with Kalato Holts and she shares with us her life story of lost, fear, determination and her ability to understand and trust her “Gut Feeling” both figuratively and literally.
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