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Karen Cinnamon has been dubbed “the world’s number one Jewish wedding expert” and the “queen of Jewish positivity”, and is the founder of both Smashing The Glass, the world’s biggest Jewish wedding media platform, and Smashing Life, a private club for Jewish women. Karen is also the creator of her own popular website ‘yourjewishlife’, where she educates her followers on matters such as safely tackling antisemitism, understanding Jewish customs and how to raise proudly Jewish children. In this episode, Karen tells us about safely standing up to antisemitism, why she doesn’t judge other Jews and her secret to happiness.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Nicole Lampert is a freelance journalist and best-selling ghostwriter. Nicole’s work has appeared in The Spectator, The Independent, The Jewish Chronicle and Glamour to name but a few outlets. She was also the former Showbusiness Editor of the Daily Mail, and while she may have cut her teeth writing on entertainment, in recent years she has also been writing about other topics, including antisemitism.In this episode, Nicole tells us about her extensive primer on antisemitism within the Labour Party, the threatening phone calls made to members of her family, and stories from her life as a showbiz writer.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Ben Rebuck is a Jewish vegan chef and activist who runs the popular Instagram page Ben’s Vegan Kitchen. In addition to his passionate work in promoting healthy and appealing vegan food, he also uses his large platform to speak out against antisemitism.In this episode, Ben explains why he hates comparisons between industrialised farming and the Holocaust, how antisemitism plays a role in Jewish foods and how he became vegan.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Rudy Rochman is a Jewish-rights activist who rose to prominence after videos of his on-the-street debates around issues of antisemitism and Jewish identity went viral. In addition to creating engaging and educational video content, Rudy’s work also sees him delivering speeches to students on campuses across America and, most recently, starring in and producing We Were Never Lost, a forthcoming documentary series about unknown Jewish communities worldwide.  In this episode, Rudy reveals how came to be kidnapped in Nigeria, why he is happy to debate anyone, no matter how extreme they might be, and how he manages to stay calm when coming face to face with antisemites. Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Ysabella Hazan is a Canadian activist and the founder of Decolonized Judean, a movement based on Jewish pride and empowerment which seeks to educate people about Judaism through the perspective of a Jewish lens.In this episode, Ysabella explains how she tackles antisemitism through a framework of ‘decolonisation’, how Jewish pride saved her life and how her family escaped persecution. Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
John Daly is the subject of the documentary Escape from Room 18  which tells his fascinating life story of how he, a Jewish man, was forced into joining a neo-Nazi gang in Florida, and the devastating repercussions of what happened once his fellow gang members discovered his Jewish identity. In this episode, John recounts the terrifying ordeal of his time in the gang, visiting Auschwitz concentration camp with a fellow ex-gang member, and how his life has been impacted by his three brain surgeries, all of which he was awake for.  Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Rabbi Joseph Dweck is the Senior Rabbi of the S&P Sephardi Community of the United Kingdom and one of the country’s most prominent Jewish figures. In this episode, Rabbi Dweck discusses why he has always stood by CAA’s side and the challenges that his community is facing, as well as regaling the podcast with highlights from his career.Plus, with Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, just around the corner, the podcast reflects back on advice given by some of the Season 2 guests on how to tackle antisemitism.This episode is the final installment of Season 2 of Podcast Against Antisemitism. We’ll be taking a short break and returning in October for Season 3 with a really exciting line-up of guests. We’d like to thank all of you for listening, and hope that you’re finding our podcast as enjoyable to listen to as we do in producing it.Now, please enjoy this week’s episode.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Moshe Reuven is a Hasidic hip-hop musician, rabbi, and the CEO of a successful tech company. Having had his debut single top the charts internationally, and with over two million followers across Instagram and TikTok, Moshe has gone from strength to strength and, most recently, he released a single with Julian Marley, son of the reggae legend, Bob Marley.In this episode, Moshe discusses antisemitism in the music and tech industries, why he chooses to write inspiring music and how he balances being an observant Jew with a career in rap, a genre of music whose values don’t necessarily reflect those of Orthodox Judaism.Plus, the podcast mourns and reflects upon the life of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, and the contributions that she made to British Jewry, and welcomes in His Majesty King Charles III. Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Rabbi Menachem Margolin is the Chairman and founder of the European Jewish Association (EJA), an organisation that promotes and defends Jewish interests in Europe, a large part of which involves raising awareness of, and tackling, antisemitism.In this episode, Rabbi Margolin discusses the EJA’s first-of-its-kind report which polled the best European countries for Jews to live in.Plus, the podcast discusses the reported unprecedented suspension of the new President of the National Union of Students.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Isaac de Castro is an activist and journalist. A Panamanian Jew of both Ashkenazi and Sephardi descent who now lives in the United States, Isaac has used his unique perspective and platform to highlight the stories of Latino Jews.In this episode, Isaac describes what it was like moving from Panama to the United States and the differences he noticed between the Jewish communities. He also sheds light on what life is like for Jewish students who are facing antisemitism on campus today and recounts the formation of the ‘Jewish on Campus’ movement, of which he is an integral part.Plus, the podcast questions why French authorities have been so quick to rule out an antisemitic motive after yet another French Jew has reportedly been murdered.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Natan Levy is currently the world’s only Israeli fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, commonly known as UFC, a mixed martial arts promotion. In this episode, Natan explains how he uses his platform as a martial artist to address antisemitism and his plans to auction off his ring gear and donate the proceeds to Holocaust survivors. Plus, the podcast considers the impact of Mahmoud Abbas’ accusation at a German press conference that Israel has committed “50 Holocausts”.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Rabbi Mordechai Lightstone is at the cutting edge of the intersection of Jewish thought and technology, having launched projects such as Tech Tribe and NFTorah. The Brooklyn-based rabbi is also one of the key figures spearheading the social media of, the official website of the worldwide Chabad-Lubavitch movement.In this episode, Rabbi Lightstone assesses the pluses and minuses of tech and describes his community’s response to the spike in antisemitism against identifiably Jewish people, from the deadly Crown Heights Riot of 1991 to today.Plus, the podcast takes a look at the far-right group Patriotic Alternative and examines why its latest stunt didn’t go to plan.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Shoshana Gottlieb is a writer, content creator and podcaster whose work has been featured in The Times of Israel, The Jerusalem Post and Hey Alma, but she is best known for running jewishmemesonly, a popular Instagram account that playfully exposes how ludicrous and nonsensical antisemitic beliefs can be, as well as highlighting some of the weird and wonderful aspects of Jewish culture.In this episode, Shoshana divulges her love for all things pop culture and Jewish, and how she manages to make fun of antisemites through her content without taking away from the seriousness of the subject matter.Plus, the podcast recaps Campaign Against Antisemitism’s participation at Stamford Hill Shomrim’s annual Open Day and the important work that the Jewish volunteer group carries out.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Dan Wolff and Sam Thorpe-Spinks are two actor-producers whose newest production, titled Emanate Presents: A Night of New Jewish Writing, features six, stand-alone short plays created as a response to their experiences of antisemitism.In this episode, the creative duo describe what it’s like for young, Jewish actors just starting out and the challenges posed by the acting industry, the difficulties in speaking out against antisemitism and what can happen when you do.Plus, the podcast explains what Tisha B’Av is and why Jews around the world will be marking it this weekend.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Khaled Hassan is an Egyptian political risk and intelligence analyst whose research looks at antisemitism, Islamism and conspiracy theories. In this episode, Khaled recounts the fascinating story of how he went from living in Egypt and harbouring antisemitic views himself, to living in the United Kingdom and not only disavowing those views but actually converting to Judaism.Plus, the podcast examines the controversial record of the Anne Frank Trust.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Rabbi Michael Schudrich is a native New Yorker and graduate of both the Jewish Theological Seminary and Yeshiva University who served as the Rabbi of the Jewish Community of Japan before undertaking his current position as the longest-serving Chief Rabbi of Poland.In this episode, Rabbi Schudrich talks about his fascinating life and career, his role in the revival of Poland’s Jewish community following the Holocaust and the fall of Communism, and some of his close calls with antisemites.Plus, the podcast recounts a recent Court of Appeal sentence of an antisemitic online troll following a referral brought about by Campaign Against Antisemitism.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Rachel Myers is an award-winning director, designer and actor with hundreds of TV, film and stage credits under her belt. Her work is critically-acclaimed with her short film, Wendy’s Shabbat, screening at film festivals and being broadcast on PBS.BournRich is an artist and activist who aims to confront division through his art. In addition, he travels the world teaching kids and at-risk youth how to become artists, and his Tiny Kindness project is the subject of Rachel’s most recent film which had its premiere at this year’s Tribeca film festival.In this episode, the Jewish creative duo discuss their latest film and how tackling antisemitism and promoting Jewish visibility have been recurring themes in both of their works.Plus, the podcast asks why controversial United States Congresswoman Ilhan Omar was recently welcomed to the United Kingdom by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and several other high-ranking politicians.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Lyn Julius is a journalist and author of the book Uproot­ed: How 3000 Years of Jew­ish Civ­i­liza­tion in the Arab World Van­ished Overnight. She is also the co-founder of the charity Harif, which aims to educate people about Jews from the Middle East and North Africa.In this episode, Lyn explains how the persecution of Jews in the Arab world resulted in a destroyed civilisation almost overnight and the lasting impact this had on modern Jewry.Plus, the podcast questions why British universities fail to tackle antisemitism allegations relating to faculty.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Izabella Tabarovsky is an expert in Soviet and contemporary left antisemitism and the Senior Program Associate at the Wilson Centre’s Kennan Institute, an organisation widely considered the home of America’s leading experts on Russian studies. In this episode, Izabella discusses the parallels between antisemitism in the Soviet Union and contemporary left-wing antisemitism, the recent remarks made by Vladimir Putin and Sergei Lavrov, and her escape from the Soviet Union.Plus, the podcast takes a look at the recent antisemitic attacks against children allegedly committed by a gang in Stamford Hill.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Simon Brodkin is an award-winning comedian who has enjoyed three hugely successful BBC series and has performed and hosted on Live at the Apollo (BBC One), Sunday Night at the Palladium (ITV), The John Bishop Christmas Show (BBC One), Children In Need (BBC One), Channel 4’s Comedy Gala and many more TV shows.In this episode, Simon discusses how he transitioned from performing comedy as different characters to performing as himself, enabling him to talk about his Jewish identity and antisemitism in his act.Plus, the podcast reviews the humiliating end of Tony Greenstein's failed defamation case.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
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