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In this episode we sit down with Krishna Sriram, the Managing Director of Quantstamp, to discuss insurance in crypto.Why? Because over the past year, billions of dollars have been locked in DeFi protocols. Yet more and more hacks seem to be occurring, and in the first four months of 2022 alone $1.3 billion was stolen. That's an enormous number and it's critically relevant to traders and LPs who might lose money. That’s why this episode seeks to break down common vulnerabilities within the crypto space, how insurance works within the crypto industry, and how traders can protect themselves with existing crypto insurance solutions.
The largest DAOs currently account for $12B in treasury funds, managed by roughly 1.7m voters – and that’s only what’s being recorded on-chain. These decentralized organizations are becoming increasingly consequential, yet the true size of the rapidly growing DAO ecosystem is difficult to measure.Why? Because most DAOs are burgeoning communities that have not yet shifted their treasuries, governance processes, and other activities onto a blockchain network. And yet DAOs are increasingly changing everything about how we organize people and resources, from high school and chess clubs to international governments and everything in between. Anyone who wants to organize people and resources in the future will be asking themselves whether they want to do it the old way or through a DAO, so if you want to know which way the wind is blowing then tune in today.
This conversation with Nikita Ovchinnik of the 1inch Network is a great listen for anyone who’s interested in how crypto projects approach business development. Why? Because crypto biz dev is unlike that of other industries, in that multi-million dollar deals are often executed without a formal contract or completed between fully decentralized projects that don't even have a leader. But because projects come out with partnerships and announcements all the time, and it's often very difficult for ordinary users or community members to understand what's important to a project’s long-term success versus what's just for show. To that end, this episode is an expansive conversation that covers what’s truly important for business development in the crypto space – whether you’re interested in raising funds, teaming up for a new product launch, or expanding your project onto an entirely new chain.
Today we're talking about international payment systems, especially with respect to what it means for crypto. My guest is Peter Dittus, the former Secretary General of the Bank for International Settlements.
Today we're talking about taxes in crypto with Patrick Larsen of ZenLedger, a leading provider of crypto tax software. Trust me, you're going to want to listen to this episode. 
Today we're talking about sourcing, hiring, and retaining talent in crypto with Paul Veradittakit of Pantera Capital, one of the oldest and largest crypto investment funds.
Decentralized Exchanges have started processing an enormous volume on the order of $100 billion per month. There's on chain, peer to peer, and peer to pool decentralized exchanges and traders really need to know about these different options so they can get the best price.Decentralized Exchanges are the core to doing things with crypto. So in this episode, we'll dig into the different types of decentralized exchanges, the risks and opportunities and how they compare to centralized exchanges. 
It seems from the headlines like entrepreneurs are raising at insane valuations--sometimes just off a deck or as first-time founders. I invited Regan Bozman to walk me through what's really going on here and what traders need to know.  Episode details here. 
Crypto Conferences

Crypto Conferences


Today we're talking about in-person events in the crypto space. How do they manufacture FOMO? And as a crypto trader, how important is it that you attend? Episode details here. 
Today we're talking about being a good actor in the crypto and the surprising ways in which you can accidentally act poorly. In this episode, we find out how you can keep yourself safe and avoid harming the ecosystem. Episode details here.  
Regulation in Crypto

Regulation in Crypto


Today we're talking about regulators. What are they doing, how is the crypto community engaging with them, and what lessons can we draw from other industries who engaged with regulators in the past. Episode details here. 
Pseudonymity in Crypto

Pseudonymity in Crypto


There are billions of dollars entrusted in products built by completely anonymous and pseudonymous developers. What do everyday crypto investors need to know about projects with anonymous team? Episode details here. 
Today, we're talking about yields in crypto. They are really high, but where do they come from and what are pools? Episode details here. 
Welcome to WTF, Crypto

Welcome to WTF, Crypto


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