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Author: Dollhouse Lightning

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Every episode Clover Nahabedian and Mark Dennis help a musician craft the perfect song sandwich by discussing 3 songs.
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Definite article enthusiast and general swell dude Bear from Handsy joins us to talk about music by the pAper chAse, The Blood Brothers, and The Wonder Years. I'm sure there's lots of funny jokes but I edited the episode like four days ago and I don't remember what they were. I think I say the words "ghost jizz". follow us on ig @song_sandwichand tell a dang friend about us if it's not too much trouble
Song Sandwich official gen z correspondent Nevin Kosinski (Bochek) is back with a sandwich of tunes by Kitty Craft, Arthur Russell, and Gum.mp3. Clover gets distracted by a video game and Mark convinces the entire world that learning music theory does not compromise your artistic integrity. Glad we can put that one to rest.follow us on instagram @song_sandwich
Returning guest and absolute charmer Mackenzie Price (New Here, 60% of song sandwich censorship beeps) brings us a seasonally appropriate spread of holiday songs. We discuss the golden era of bad parenting, the long history of Christmas music about fatal traffic accidents (and whether an iceberg really sunk the Titanic), and the second worst pop punk song ever featured on the podcast. But mostly we give a lot of love to Joseph Washington Jr's perfect album "Merry Christmas To You". follo...
Fellow candy enthusiast Joe DeGeorge (UNMEN, Downtown Boys, Harry and the Potters, some freaky saxophone shit) joins us to talk about the E Street Band and all the wonderful music they make when they are able to escape from Bruce's vaudeville bob dylan prison.
We are joined by the legend Max Legassie of angusisdead(oneword) to talk about a sweet trio of songs from Rusty Kershaw, Man Is the Bastard, and Warren Zevon. Also, Max teaches us to "ride the snake", a record label blames their collapse on September eleventh, and we accidentally send a everyone's favorite Massachusetts-born TV chef to Joe Walsh Heaven.Listen to the new angusisdead singles on Bandcamp, they're great!follow us on instagram @song_sandwich so that you can vote on Clo's Concoctio...
Weirdly horny stranger Adam Howe (JIMSOBBINS, Balloon Thief) joins us to talk about music by The Fall, The Kinks, and Jim Sullivan. Also a new podcast within a podcast, Clover's Concoctions, because #nodistractionsfollow us on instagram @song_sandwich
We're joined by Steve Moreno of Kraanerg (Boston, not Houston) to talk about music by Scarcity, Ornette Coleman, and Defeated Sanity. Also, Clover complains about a recent experience at Market Basket.Follow us on instagram @song_sandwich
We are joined by the soon-to-be notorious Sam Coren (Astral Bitch) to discuss music by Tina Turner, Gossip, and Sparks. But first, a discussion about post-peak Degrassi, because #nodistractions. The outro music is "You've Got It Wrong" by Astral Bitch.follow us on instagram @song_sandwich
Composer Jess Rowland joins us to talk about music by King Missile, Frank Zappa, and Jacob TV. Also, an entirely uncensored update to last week's censored bathroom trash controversy. The outro music is "Plastiglomerate" by Jess Rowland. follow us on instagram @song_sandwich#nodistractions
Andrea from (MK Naomi) joins us to talk about detective etiquette, "short music for short people", and how the movie Mulan shaped Mike Pence's views on foreign policy. Also we talk about songs by No Doubt, Lunachicks, and AFI. The censorship music is "My bathroom is a private kind of place" from the 1968 musical The Bathrooms Are Coming. The outro is an unreleased MK Naomi track called "Wasserman." Follow us on instagram @song_sandwich
We talk to Mattie from The Michael Character ( about Margo Guryan, Des Ark, and Arthur Russell
We talk to Ryan Wasoba ( about They Might Be Giants, Dionne Warwick, and Bars of Gold
We talk to Craig Bidiman ( about music by The Blood Brothers, Dredg, and As Cities Burn
We talk to Georgia from Handsy ( about music by Chat Pile, The B-52's, and Crass
We talk to Biff from Battlemode ( and he tells us a bunch of embarrassing stories surrounding songs by Bubba Sparxx, Guttermouth, Selena, and he also helps Mark discover the magic of Wicked.
We talk to Eric Paul (Psychic Graveyard, Arab On Radar, The Chinese Stars, and Doomsday Student) about Public Image, Ltd, Pere Ubu, and Six Finger Satellite.
Top 20, Finale

Top 20, Finale


Mark and Clo celebrate Valentine's Day...or something with the final segment in their top 20. Talking John Cale, Stravinsky, PS Hitsquad, and more.
We talk to Zach Burton, who has been in a whole bunch of bands but Hammer and The Tools is the newest one ( about At The Drive In, Bloc Party, and Minutemen.
Juno from Sorry Mom ( talks Modest Mouse, Mitsubishi Suicide, and the Bulgarian State Television Female Choir.
We talk to Em Timm ( about The Mountain Goats, DIRK., and Calyx