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Author: Mike Dodd

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Indoor cycling, Zwift, Racing, Parenting? We cover those and all of our hopes and dreams in between. Welcome to the Talk DIRTy to Me Podcast, an entertaining look into the lives of everyday people trying to achieve virtual cycling glory from our basements and garages from around the world. This podcast is rooted in Zwift, and has evolved into found friendships, fitness, health, and little sprinkle of humor. This may be one of the only podcasts where a little heavy breathing shouldn’t scare you away, because we are all riding while recording it.
49 Episodes
Two Gregs, One Podcast. Vermont can't contain him, neither can Virginia. It's a good day to be a Greg. --- Send in a voice message:
Steve K, The Squirrell, and Serkit join us to talk about their accomplishment of 22 team time trials in a 24 hour period! --- Send in a voice message:
DIRT's very own "fun-sized" Canadian Badass, Laura Perry. Nuff said. --- Send in a voice message:
"The Coffee Snob" himself tells us about his recent charity ride, among other things. --- Send in a voice message:
It's time to check in with our long lost pal Kelso. Also, we discuss a denim debacle. --- Send in a voice message:
We talk college sports, family, alliterated names, and long lost relatives with our friend Dan this week. --- Send in a voice message:
Welcome to Tiago Town. It is rumored that he only does races that exceed 10 hours, that his FTP is measured in days, and that his doctoral dissertation was titled "Excellence in Human Performance" with the only thing written on it being his name. --- Send in a voice message:
Ian Wilson comes by to talk with us and tells about dopplegangers along the way. --- Send in a voice message:
Our favorite Unfailingly positive Canadian stops by and tells us what the true meaning of the holidays is. (Hint, it's a photo)  Apologies for the wind noise, we are plagued by technical difficulties as of late. --- Send in a voice message:
Self explanatory right? For those that know him, they will confirm. Pete Keller is a legend. Crack a beer and enjoy! --- Send in a voice message:
DT, Dave Thompson from the 5:05 ride chats with us about things that will make your heart skip a beat. --- Send in a voice message:
Steve joins us for more shenanigans, as usual. --- Send in a voice message:
Brosta is back, 'nuff said. --- Send in a voice message:
Jeff tells us about his goals to reach and subsequently his experiences with the Kona IronMan --- Send in a voice message:
Joy Murphy performs a hostile take over of the 'cast. I'm also fairly certain i need to change some passwords now. En-Joy --- Send in a voice message:
It's here, the time you have all been waiting for (whether you want it or not) Jason Stern hangs with us and we talk about origins of DIRT and possibly where it's headed. --- Send in a voice message:
The time has come, we have talked about him on countless episodes, it's time to give the man his due. Ladies (3 of them) and gentlemen (used loosely), Steve Bonica. --- Send in a voice message:
Craig drops in to tell about his multiple athletic achievements, tethered and otherwise. I think my tongue is bleeding from how often I had to refrain from saying "that's what she said". --- Send in a voice message:
This week Clay joins us for some bike maintenance tips, some Tour talk, and technical difficulties. Sorry guys and gals, we are a work in progress! --- Send in a voice message:
Alan and Fremont tell us about their experiences while doing the Belgian Waffle NC. Oh, and Sully is back! --- Send in a voice message: