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This show is a roundtable of love for the soul curious - coaches, therapists, energy & body workers and other healing practitioners as well as those who are on their own healing journey. Come explore your edges.
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In today's episode I'm sending you all love and a couple things about emotion to think about, as Powerful Be-Longing goes on hiatus for the rest of December.I also invite you to join me for some free body-mind-soul love through the Wild Soul Movement classes I'm offering free through December.  If you'd like to know more and rsvp to one or more of the classes, just reach out using one of the contact resources here in the show notes and I'll hook you up!PS - this is actually episode 29...I called it episode 28 in today's show, because I can't count.Reach out at Instagram at Lisa_HatlestadFacebook at Lisa HatlestadEmail at
Today's show is a shorty - about 20 minutes or so, and it's off the top of my head...unscripted and pretty organic, so you'll get to hear me in all my spiral-ly glory. What can I say...sometimes I just want to say the words instead of writing them (but you can always subscribe to Sunday Muse, my email newsletter, for the bigger picture). What I offer in this episode is a phrase that I want you to consider: "Right now..." and why.For your consideration, beautiful souls.I'd love to hear your thoughts! Reach out at Instagram at Lisa_HatlestadFacebook at Lisa HatlestadEmail at pvs@lisahatlestad.comSubscribe to Sunday Muse emails
Today’s show is a conversation with my friend and coach Bridgette Boudreau. I’ve had Bridgette on the show before to talk about her mosaic approach to being guided toward our purpose and joy, and if you didn’t get a chance to listen to that one you can find it as Episode 12 of this podcast.Today’s conversation is about wayward coaches. Intrigued? I hope so, because whether you’re a coach or not... or if you are a coach, whether you’re practicing or not...there is so much in today’s conversation about the influence of marketing and popular culture on us all, and how regardless of the intention of any of it, we can so easily internalize it to mean that there’s something wrong with us, that we don’t belong.The coaching world NEEDS heart-centered people with a call to healing. And to see wonderful humans who want to help but feel turned off or turned away from the industry because of loud messaging just leave their dream behind is incredibly sad.Yet hyperbolic messaging and loudness is not going away. BUT just because it's so amplified, it's  not the only  way. I’m really passionate about amplifying other voices, such as Bridgette's, that are down to earth, kind and wise voices out there that, like our own inner voice, our intuition, are quieter. More subtle and substantial and meaningful to our soul. It’s my great pleasure to bring this conversation to you and I hope you enjoy. Find Bridgette & her parlor at:BridgetteBoudreau.comThe Mosaic Life Purpose LabFollow Bridgette on InstagramFollow Bridgette on Facebook Here's Bridgette's FaceBook post on red flags to watch for in personal/spiritual development marketing.Like this episode? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Reach out at Instagram at Lisa_HatlestadFacebook at Lisa HatlestadEmail at
Hello Beautiful Souls!  I’m bringing you a special conversation between myself and my good friend and colleague Dr Sonia Wright, The Midlife Sex Coach (TM). We’re talking all about something exciting that will be happening in the world in Spring 2023: our upcoming project the YES (Your Empowered Sexuality) Sexual Intimacy Coaching School.Sonia has a goal to impact the sexual intimacy of millions of women around the world, work she's already doing  in so many ways, and certification in sexual intimacy is just another way for women to start fully owning their sexuality and pleasure. We’re creating a movement where it’s OK to talk about sex and sexual intimacy and to own yourself as a sexual being, and we invite you to come along for the ride.In this episode, find out why we decided to create this program, some important factors about it, and some of the phenomenal things to expect. We talk about the importance of dismantling internalized shame we have absorbed from the patriarchy and share our hopes, dreams, and plans for this powerful program. You may have caught my Sunday Muse email where I talked about Hell Yesses not always being on point...I had plenty of time to consider partnering with Sonia on this training once she asked and I'm here to tell you...this was a Hell Yes and continues to be a Hell Yes for me, and you're invited to make it a hell yes for you, too. There's plenty of time, and the best way to discern if this training is in your future is to get on our "wait list" where you'll be the first to get all of information over the next few months on the program, the how's and why's, the cost and scope, and how to register, no strings attached. Get your name on the list now. ❤️Or, you can reach out to me at pvs@lisahatlestad.comand/or check out Sonia and her work here.
Cutting Cords

Cutting Cords


Today's episode holds an announcement I'm proud to make about a collaboration between my friend and colleague Dr. Sonia Wright (The Midlife Sex Coach) and myself, and then I get down to business talking about cutting cords.We all tether ourselves to things that, whether they were necessary, fabulous, "right" for us at the time or not, are now tying us down in ways that feel oppressive and constricting. Yet we might not want to fully see those cords's scary to see them. To acknowledge them. If we're conscious of something that needs to change, we usually feel compelled in some way to either do something about it or make peace with it. Neither option feels particularly comfortable to most of us. Today I talk about why the thought of cutting a cord - of ending an affiliation, a way of doing things, a way of being, a belief system, even a relationship - can feel so very scary...and I offer some reality on severing these tethers that bumps up against a lot of conventional, commercialized "wisdom" that's more ideal than congruent with human experiencing.If you want to learn more about the YES Sex and Intimacy Coaching Training, get your name on the wait-list. There's literally no obligation, but if your discernment leads you to wanting the training, our waitlist people will have the first opportunity to enroll when the sales door opens. Here's the waitlist link.I'm so excited to be launching my Emobodied Arcana call series in late November-early December. Each call will be focused on one archetype from the Tarot Major Arcana, and you'll come away intimately acquainted with how this archetype lives within you and how to harness the gifts it offers you. ALL subscribers of my Sunday Muse emails will have free invites to these calls and also be able to access  the archive of call recordings. For more information and your invite, subscribe to Sunday Muse today, if you're not already. Lastly, I have SO much gratitude for all listeners, and if it's possible to feel even more grateful (I think it always is), I have those who reach out after a podcast episode or Sunday Muse posting to thank. It means the WORLD to me to know anything I'm musing & talking about resonates with you. Thank you so, so much.I have a few spots for new clients available, and my podcast and Sunday Muses are a great way to get familiar with me...but the absolute BEST way is to reach out to schedule a free discovery call where we'll have a no-pressure, no-obligation,  come-as-you-are conversation. You and me, sharing space. Message me on social or email me directly using the links below...I hope to meet you!Wanna touch base? I'd love to hear from you and welcome comments, questions, insights and of course, introductions.  Seriously. ❤️Instagram at Lisa_HatlestadFacebook at Lisa HatlestadEmail at
I wasn’t going to record this week, as I’m on retreat, but had a few thoughts and a worthy values exercise come to mind to share with you today so…here it is. 
A Ruby-Red Apple

A Ruby-Red Apple


Today's show is brief and simple - a gift from me to you that you may reject.And that's okay.Because *simple* is not a concept we love. Oh, we love the thought of simplicity...and then we buy a shit ton of books and classes and magazines and sessions from a simplicity mentor to simplify our life; in essence pre-undoing how we want to be.Even today, as I was recording this, I wanted to make it deeper, more complicated. I felt the urge to embellish so it would seem like more to you...but if you listen, and if you're open, it's possible you'll grasp the enormity of the simple tenets offered in today's show. Hold them.Play with them.Allow them.Just for today, a minute...three minutes. An hour. Whatever.I offer it to you like a ruby red apple made of...ruby. Like love. It's simple. It's easy to carry. And it may not feel like enough for you. But it can be.If all this is feeling a bit mysterious and esoteric....take the 8 or so minutes to listen and see for yourself.The next episode of Powerful BE-Longing will drop on September 23, 2022. See you then, beautiful soul!Here's where to reach out:Instagram at Lisa_HatlestadFacebook at Lisa HatlestadEmail at
WTF Crisis 101

WTF Crisis 101


On this week's episode, we return to the stew pot for a chat about identity. crisis, whether you know it as a mid-life crisis (mid life is NOT the only time these crises can happen), "the river of misery," being "person soup," or simply "what the FUCK is happening to me?"Picking up on the kettle of boiling soup metaphor from last week, I unpack some of the "why" behind the pain (and therefore sense os crisis) of such times in our lives, and how we can help this process....and note, I'm not talking about prematurely shortening it or bypassing harnessing our ability to let go.I invite you in to this process, and next week, we'll take a much deeper look into letting go - releasing - trusting....if that makes your spine shiver (with dread or doubt), I get it. But hang in here with me...and with your beautiful self.And hey - if you have questions; if this episode sparked something within you, your questions and insights and shares are welcomed and deeply honored. Here's where to reach out:Instagram at Lisa_HatlestadFacebook at Lisa HatlestadEmail at
Today's episode is all about being boiled alive, and as gruesome as that sounds, it's something we go through many times in our lives. It the pain of identity shifting when we are losing something that has been super important to our ego-ic self, but is imprisoning our actual self. Our soul.So, bring some ice water along for the ride and...enjoy. Poem read on today's show: Chickpea to CookRumi – Translated by Coleman BarksResonate with the episode? Feeling it?Let me know!Instagram at Lisa_HatlestadFacebook at Lisa HatlestadEmail at
Pretty much every story arc of the myths and fairy tales and stories most loved by humanity starts with the idealistic innocent - the one who operates by the principals of simplicity - and this isn’t wrong or bad, it just is, because we ALL start here. The Innocent then goes on a quest where every single one of those simple principals is challenged. At the end of the story arc, the innocent has reached their nirvana, but they have changed. They’re more. They have greater perspective, nuanced understanding that helps them go on the next quest, because there’s always a next. Part of that expansion and change is the integration of the orphan archetype, which shows up in times of betrayal. We don't go back to being completely innocent and "clueless" like we were before the journey began, yet we are able to embrace a trust in ourselves and lives that ready us for the next journey. We NEED our innocence, and we also need the experienced wariness the orphan brings to our lives. They are integral parts of our growth through our human lives, and both offer unique gifts that work together when we're aware of these energies and not being driven by their shadows.Join me today for a 101 on these two archetypes and how they're interwoven, and then...sink into the complex relationship between YOUR Innocent and Orphan. Where and how do they show up? What gifts can you find in them to ready you for what ever is next in your life's journey?In my mostly weekly email, the Sunday Muse, I'm unpacking even more on the themes of betrayal (the Fall) the Innocent (The Fool) and the Orphan (The Exiled), so if you love today's show and aren't yet subscribed to Sunday Muse, sign up here.Let's connect here:Instagram at Lisa_HatlestadFacebook at Lisa HatlestadEmail at
Welcome to Powerful BE-Longing - formerly known as Prairie Visionary Soul.While most of us balk at the thought of conformity or changing ourselves to be more like another person or a group of people,  most of us also spend a good deal of time feeling verrry uncomfortable and exposed when we don't fit in to a social group we either have to be in (even when it's our family of origin) or want to be in. We talk a lot about being our self, and how silly our inhibitions are...after all, it's not like someone will kill us for being different, right?And yet people have been ostracized, cast out, persecuted  - and yes, harmed and killed - for being different since the beginning of time. That's a huge generational inheritance for us to carry, even if we have the privilege of living in a fairly liberal and tolerant society. No wonder we get angsty about social occasions and (secretly, at least) fantasize about life as a hermit.And no wonder we may find ourselves trying to assimilate in order to fit in. No matter how savvy we might be, we are built to adapt for our own safety.In this show, I talk about that adaptation skill, and unpack the difference between "fitting in" and "belonging." They're not the same thing; we can "fit in" in all the ways that count, and yet still believe we don't belong. And we can experience a beautiful sense of belonging even when nothing about us is congruent with what's around us.Belonging is it's own thing, and the reason the name of this podcast is Be-Longing is because the way I understand belonging is through our powerful longing to simply BE. Ourselves. No masks, no acting or faking, feeling no pressure from the external, critical gaze. That longing can never completely be eased long-term, and the hardship of believing that we've finally found our belonging, only to find that that blissful acceptance can only ever be temporary and may even have been delusional in the first place, can feel like the a cruel betrayal.That heartbreak is the province of the Orphan, an archetype we all carry - some far more than others. In next week's show, I'll begin introducing you more officially to the the Orphan, because that energy within us needs to be brought to light and to love through us so that it isn't driving us continually. Today's show gives some keys to beginning to locate how the Orphan lives within you.I hope you enjoy, and I hope if you have questions or anything you want to share with me about this show, you'll reach out. I so welcome you!PS - My  Sunday Muse emai on 8/14/22  is about betrayal too.  Subscribe here.PPS - At the end  I give a loving and  unsolicited plug to the work of one of my favorite teachers and practitioners, Karen (KJ) Hawkwood, whose teaching and work have deeply enhanced my life. and work. Her most current offering is the Mermaid Adventure, happening in late August 2022, where you can take a deep dive (pun intended) into this mysterious, incredibly impactful, beautiful and also heartbreaking archetype in late that, although not the same thing as the Orphan, is a close blood relative. Her website is karenhawkwood.comMeet me here:Instagram at Lisa_HatlestadFacebook at Lisa HatlestadEmail at
I return from my July hiatus  ready to share some of my own thoughts on what I do and why.  I announce that Prairie Visionary Soul will have a new name, beginning with the next episode: Powerful Be-Longing.If you've been following this show, you don't need to do anything - the show will continue to show up in your podcast feed, but as Powerful Be-Longing. You'll also be able to access full transcripts of each show, and listen to the podcast with closed captions/subtitles on YouTube soon, beginning with the next show. Most shows will drop Fridays. Be sure to subscribe, if you haven't already, in order to catch them and any special broadcasts.In today's show, I also offer some questions for you to explore your own relationship to your embodied you. In the show I use Elizabeth Dialto's word for the intentional separation of women's awareness and their body: Sacred Body Wound, which is what I refer to as our Belonging Wound. Grab a journal and dive in:How do you relate to your body? Do you rest when you’re tired or push through? Do you trust your intuition or know the difference between your  inner guidance and the voice of the inner critic?  Do you override pain, do you live in your head, do you feel safe only when you’re following external “rules” or so-called wisdom?Do you live and experience life through your body, or through your cognitive processes?  What’s your relationship to your emotions? Are you comfortable in your own skin, in your body, or do you feel too seen, too judged?Is what you want, desire, strive for, aligned with your true self, or is it in response to cultural influences? Do you feel like you belong, or are you more devoted to fitting in?Toward the end of the show, I share some ways I work with clients and invite you to reach out to me if you'd love to take advantage of my current pricing and offerings, as they'll be changing later this fall.  If this sounds like your next step, shoot me an email at or message me on Instagram or Facebook (links below) and let's talk. Instagram at Lisa_HatlestadFacebook at Lisa HatlestadEmail at
Today I share some heartfelt words that are as honest as I can possibly speak them, about my need for pause and rest, and I share them in hopes that if you need the same, you'll summon your own beautiful and righteous courage to give yourself that.Prairie Visionary Soul will be on hiatus for a few weeks while I regenerate, and I'll have so much love and goodness for you upon its return and mine. In the meantime, take good care of you, and know I'm holding you in my heart.XO,LisaYou can find me and reach out to me  in these spaces:Instagram at Lisa_HatlestadFacebook at Lisa HatlestadEmail at
I've been so excited to bring Joanna Lindenbaum back to the show to unpack a topic that's both intriguing and also a little mysterious and sometimes misunderstood: Shadow.Joanna teaches master level facilitation and coaching skills to coaches, healers and speakers, drawing on her extensive background with human behavior, archetypes and Jungian shadow, and I'm so grateful to be one of her students, beginning in 2020...a year that most definitely warranted some deep dives into all the things I just mentioned!If you’ve been following this show for a while, you’ll remember Joanna from Season one, where she shared generously from her rich knowledge on the art of ritual, and it’s one of my most-loved episodes, so if you’d like to catch up on that one, it’s episode 11 in season one.In today's show, Joanna shares her expertise on what Shadow is, how we can learn to recognize it, and WHY it's important to recognize AND integrate it.She also helps us understand  how, in the process of befriending our shadow, we not only allow our whole humanness, we also reunite ourselves with our unique gifts, desires, and purpose.I know you're going to enjoy and learn so much from this episode, and you may find yourself wanting to explore Joanna's world, which includes her signature Sacred Depths and Advanced Depths practitioner trainings, both of which will be happening this summer, beginning in July. Here's how you can find Joanna online:Joanna Lindenbaum on InstagramJoanna Lindenbaum on FacebookJoanna's work: Applied Depths Practitioner InstituteContact Joanna
Into the Void

Into the Void


In today's show, I begin a new tradition I'm calling "Sowing Wild Grass" every-other-episode feature where I field and unpack a question from you, and/or share a potent but brief ramble from my own life. It felt completely right to premiere this new feature with humble and heartfelt words of gratitude for my listeners and a personal share around the painful experience of believing you're shouting into a void, not being seen, heard or received, and what that's taught me. If you're listening, you're my people, and I always want that to be reciprocal. It's a natural and tender human instinct to both want care and want to care for others. I invite you to co-create and co-tend our sweet humanness together by reaching out with your questions, requests for what you'd love me to unpack on future shows, and anything else you'd like to share. You aren't speaking into a void. I'm listening. I hear you. I'm. here to catch your self-songs (from a snippet of a poem I read to you near the end of today's show), hold it, amplify it, and respond. You can find me and reach out to me  in these spaces:Instagram at Lisa_HatlestadFacebook at Lisa HatlestadEmail at
Sacred Rejection

Sacred Rejection


Let me count the ways I've tried to dodge rejection in my life.Actually, don't. It would take a long time. Also, you yourself may be pretty familiar with the art; most of us are.Rejection hurts. Sometimes it just stings, and sometimes it feels as though the ground has opened to swallow us up forever. It triggers a core wound in us: maybe I'm not enough, and if I'm not enough, I won't be able to survive.The threat of rejection can bring us in line with the very things we reject. We might find ourselves tolerating conditions or people or behavior our soul cannot stand.We might say yes to things we in no way want to do, or present ourselves in ways that are not at all in alignment with our nature and preferences. We might stay quiet about something truly important to us.We might quash our own spirit, squinch ourselves as small as we can, tiptoe through life to not make waves, put everyone else's needs and wants before ours, ignore our needs entirely, tongue-tie our own self-expression, quash our creativity.We might not ask for what we need, what we want...and in some cases, move all the way to the other end of the spectrum, becoming hyper-independent and disdainfully proud in our loneliness.All to avoid being rejected, being told "no," being left, being left out.The above things are no less painful, but we feel that we're in control of that pain.But let's face it, we're still being driven by the fear, and shit.In today's show, I unpack rejection - why we fear it, and how it's a sacred initiation for us individually, every time it happens. Every time we open to it, and even when we don't but it happens anyway. Because honestly, we can't avoid it, no matter how hard we might try.You're invited to join me today at the Roundtable of Love for the Soul-Curious to play with rejection intellectually and spiritually in today's show: Sacred Rejection.I made this worksheet for you to continue the play after the show...and I'd love to hear what comes up for you, or answer any questions that come up for you. Find me on FaceBook, Instagram, slide into my messages, or reach out via email. I'd be delighted to hear from you.Also - I have a couple of spots open for one to one coaching this summer. If you've been curious about or wanting to work with me, now is a great time to make that happen. Reach out, and let's have an obligation-free, absolutely no-pressure conversation.Instagram at Lisa_HatlestadFacebook at Lisa HatlestadEmail at
In this episode I lay down some personal truth about disillusionment and invite you to see this relatively painful state in a different way, and even be grateful for it.I also thank and invite anyone who attended my Re-Membering workshop or took my Create a Personal Manifesto to share their insights with me, and invite anyone who wasn't able to sign up before the workshop but still would love the free mini-course to let me know. I'll take care of you!Instagram at Lisa_HatlestadFacebook at Lisa HatlestadEmail at
Why does "being honest with ourselves" sometimes make us squirm and avoid being honest with ourselves?The answer is our fear of our shadow. What we judge (and perhaps...just maybe...we've picked a bit of this up from our family, our society, mass media, our religions of origins and other predominant Hm? Maybe?) to be wrong about us and therefore refuse to be conscious of.Which then ironically allows our unconscious shadow to drive how we interact with life.In today's show I share an experience of my own where this happened (and sometimes still does) - where I was in pain, really struggling, and yet refused to see the truth of the situation, and how I eventually liberated myself from that vicious cycle. I talk about how LOUD shame and judgement are, and how quiet, unassuming, yet powerfully persistent the voice of conscience from our soul - the better angel, as Abraham Lincoln coined it,  of our nature - can help us let go of what we know is harming us but won't let ourselves see.This is an episode you're going to want to listen to and listen to again and share with others because there is powerful truth within. See for yourself. 😘I also share about a free mini class and workshop I'm offering (because my birthday is coming up and I WANT to you to share in it and give yourself a birthday gift), and some other updates about where I'm showing up and what I'm doing.Enjoy!XOLisaTo learn about the free Create Your Personal Manifesto mini-class and workshop, sign up for my email updates at Instagram at Lisa_HatlestadFacebook at Lisa HatlestadEmail at
The Truth About Truth

The Truth About Truth


Hey loves! Today's episode is the last show of Season One of Prairie Visionary Soul. It's been amazingly delicious to be able to connect with you all in this way, and even more delicious to be able to connect you with some of my own teachers and colleagues who are brilliant, loving, incredible forces for good in the world. I'm taking a short hiatus before the Season Two launch in mid-April. I'll keep you informed in my subscription emails - if you're not already signed up, head over to and get yourself on the list. I don't spam my subscribers...and that is the truth.Speaking of which, that's what we're unpacking today. Truth.For such a definitive word, its definitions can be...a little slippery, and we seem to seldom ask ourselves what our beliefs about truth are, and how we decide what's true or not true (pssst...a lot of what we think is true or not is operating from default in our heads). One reason I'm particularly delighted to be talking about this today is because season two is devoted to The Art of Being True. So a good discernment about truth seems like a fabulous idea leading up to that.I seeded some questions into the beginning to today's show that you may want to jot down, pause the podcast, and do some exploration/journaling on because, when's the last time you defined your truth about truth. Come find me in any of my communities to join the conversation about today's or any other PVS show.Instagram at Lisa_HatlestadFacebook at Lisa HatlestadEmail at
Today's conversation is with master coach for people who give a damn  Bridgette Boudreau, and our hot topic is purpose. Life purpose, to be exact. I suspect we all - at least to some extent - have a sense that there is a meaningful purpose unique to us...meant for us...and if this is something you're sensing, and yet you don't know, for sure, what exactly that purpose're not alone, friend. This maddening out-of-reach-ness causes many people no small amount of stress.Part of the problem is that we have come to understand "purpose" as a thing - a destination at which we arrive with great certainty and permanence, when that is not the typical reality. Imagine believing that there is something specific you're supposed to be able to know and access in order to feel happy and fulfilled, and you'll understand the frustration and pain of a whole lot of people who are watching the clock of their lives tick away the minutes while they still haven't found "it."I'm so gratified to be able to bring my conversation with Bridgette around life purpose to you in today's show, and you won't have to listen long to get the gist of the  loving, wise, honest orientation of her work. Bridgette is the creator of the Mosaic purpose-finding framework. Here's what she has to say about it:"You can live your purpose. It's right there in front of you if you're attuned to it.The Mosiac was born out of my own frustrations. I always felt called to something and was tortured by not being able to figure out what the hell it was.Using the Mosaic framework and my 12-plus years of coaching experience, I help people depart the beaten-down paths of conventional living and bushwhack their way into the life that’s meant for them. More importantly—I’ve been through it, and feel confident guiding others through the dark to arrive blinking into the blazing sunlight of their own shiny being."In today's show, Bridgette and I  demystify the process of finding your purpose by shooting down those old myths and misconceptions that keep us chasing our own tails in pursuit of "the one thing" and Bridgette shares wisdom from her Mosaic process to help you began your own grand journey toward living your life purpose.Bridgette Boudreau is a Master Certified Coach and creator of the Mosaic Life Purpose Framework. For over 15 years as a personal coach and business consultant, Bridgette has personally trained thousands of life coaches, has developed and launched two top-tier life coach training schools, and has specialized in turning around distressed businesses as a C-level executive and business consultant. All of these experiences informed her Mosaic Life Purpose Framework, along with her frustration at not being able to connect with her own sense of purpose.Bridgette's coaching style is like the love child of Bob Ross and Mary Poppins: She's going to love and encourage the hell out of you to do it your way, and you're also going to get it done⁠.BridgetteBoudreau.comThe Mosaic Life Purpose LabFollow Bridgette on InstagramFollow Bridgette on Facebook 
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