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From beets and brussel sprouts to turnips and sirloin steak, Eric and Jonathan talk about their top underappreciated ingredients. 
In honour of the release of our Italy Fundamentals as well as our Fundamentals 101 V 2.0 for Black Friday week, we thought we'd have Tony chat about Tomato Sauce and Sugo. But by extension he fondly talks about his Mom, Italian Culture, and the Sopranos.  By the way, those of you interested in our online courses can go to and find out more about our Black Friday Sale. 
In this episode, Eric and Jonathan talk about their favourite tools. And in a shameless plug, those people who sign up for our Black Friday deal on, they'll get a full list of all our essential tools. 
In this episode Eric and Jonathan answer some questions posed on the cooking sub-Reddit ranging from maintaining the protein integrity in a family soup recipe, re-using old frozen stock in new stocks, the order of ingredients in a mushroom risotto, and simple, but tasty recipes. PLUS, there is one bonus question. 
In this episode. Eric and Jonathan talk about the newly released Michelin Guide recommended restaurants in the city including 8 who got one star and those who got the Bib Gourmand and Recommended status.  For those wanting a full list you can go here.
In this episode Tony and Jonathan talk about a few more things including a continued chat on kitchen ergonomics, mise en place, nightmares, and an ingredients "this or that" quiz. 
In this episode, Tony and Jonathan touch on a number of topics including cutting boards, choosing a knife, and using recipes to emphasize techniques (why Azteca-style soup is in Chapter 1 of the Fundamentals 101) 
This Episode is a cross-over episode of our soon-to-be-released Youtube series "Between Two Chitarras" and The Northwest Method Express. In this episode, Eric, Tarek, and Jonathan discuss the challenges that cooks face every day. It's a bit of a chicken and egg thing. Do you need great technique BEFORE you try to be creative? Or do you need creativity to motivate you to learn something new? (Hint: it's a little of both).  Apologies: Because this was our first time filming AND our first time crossing over episodes, there are some rough patches in spots. As well, the Intro and Outro do not necessarily match what you might see on Youtube. Live and learn!
In this episode Tony and Jonathan talk about how working on a reboot of the online Fundamentals 101 has really stoked Tony's teaching in the classroom. 
In this episode, Eric and Jonathan talk about how using social media can help you track your progress in the kitchen, and showcase your experiences to the world. We talk about a couple of things in the podcast, so we've included some links below.  The NWCAV Instagram: @nwcav_chefs The NWCAV Youtube channel
**Warning - this is a long one!!** In this episode Tony and Jonathan talk about how it's not necessarily recipes that are the bain of a home cook's existence, it's how they are read and understood. As well, they reflect on the cookbooks and food magazines of the past, and how they have, often inconsistently, been replaced by the Internet. 
After two incredible weeks with the AM and PM Bootcampers, Eric and Jonathan sum up the great experiences and the lessons learned. 
In this episode, Tony and Jonathan reflect on the first week of TWO two-week bootcamps that are going on at the school right now. It has been such a wonderful experience to have more than 40 people from all over the world enter our kitchen. They are such voracious learners. 
In this episode, Jonathan and Eric talk about the coffee course that Eric is developing for The Northwest Method, and use it as a springboard to chat about a number of topics, including: keeping cooking as a hobby even when its a career, using failure as a motivation to try new things, and how using basic understandings of technique and science to do deep dives into specialty topics in food. 
This episode is a little unique. Tony, Jonathan, and another "Method Actor", Alana talk about alliums (onions and garlic). This episode is excerpted from a series of podcasts we'll be doing for each practice in version 2.0 of Fundamentals 101. 
In this episode, Jonathan and Eric pick four questions from the /Cooking Subreddit to answer: Rubbery steak Foccacia the sticks Eggs sticking to a stainless steel pan What is the perfect omlette?
After listening to Episode #32, Eric couldn't wait to chime in with his thoughts on the gumption trap. 
In this episode Tony and Jonathan talk about the challenges that get in the way of the home cook diving head first into learning to cook. 
In this episode Tony and Jonathan get down to the nitty gritty about defining what cooking is and what it is not.  Oh, and by the way, Tony won the bet (you'll need to listen to the end to find out what the bet was).  ----- Oh, and apologies to those people who loved the previous intro and outro transition music...Anchor FM got rid of it. Let us know what you think of the new one. 
In this episode, Tony is excited to reveal the epiphany he has had while working on the Best of Italy online course. He also follows up on last week's discussion on influences, while reflecting on the visit with his Mom. Oh, and he somehow talks about getting his toenails trimmed...
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