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Where Are You From, From?

Author: Alex Kim & Ann Chun

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Where Are You From, From? is a comedy podcast where two Asians not from America talk about living in America. Hosted by Alex Kim (@alexkimedian) and Ann Chun (IG, TikTok @annchuncomedy)
14 Episodes
Did you miss us?! We're back to give you guys a one-off update episode. We're not starting the next season quite yet, but wanted to let you know what's been going on in our lives and also 'cos we miss ya.  In this episode, Alex comes out to some more family members, and it turns out he's not the only one holding a secret. Ann talks about her upcoming solo show Asian Divorce, which is a story of how she became a ho AKA her "ho-rigin" story.  ANN CHUN PRESENTS: ASIAN DIVORCE - JUN 9 GAYSIAN SUMMER - JUN 1 Where Are You From, From @whereareyoufromfrompod (IG)Follow Ann Chun @annchuncomedy (IG, TikTok, Twitter)Follow Alex Kim @alexkimedian (IG)
It’s our last episode of Season 1! This one is a must-listen. Alex opens up about his experience being in a gay open relationship—how he approached the topic with his partner and how they communicate about it—while Ann takes notes and reflects on what an open relationship would mean for her. We also reflect on what we learned and what we’re looking to on our next season.Thank you to all our listeners who have been with us since the beginning. Subscribe or follow us on social media so you know when our new season drops. We'll see you soon!Follow Where Are You From, From @whereareyoufromfrompod (IG)Follow Ann Chun @annchuncomedy (IG, TikTok)Follow Alex Kim @alexkimedian (IG)
(Trigger Warning: violence, suicide)This week, we sit down with Lee Lan, a NY-based comedian and producer who grew up in Inner Mongolia. Lee spills about how she has become a Swiftie, comedy in China, and her new writing project, a spinoff for Kimchee from Kim’s Convenience.We also discuss violence against Asians where Lee shares her personal account of being attacked in NY, and the group discusses the recent tragic passing of Christina Yuna Lee and the need for systemic change.Please consider donating to Christina Yuna Lee Memorial Fund: Lee Lan @iwantpomeranians (IG)Follow Where Are You From, From @whereareyoufromfrompod (IG)Follow Ann Chun @annchuncomedy (IG, TikTok)Follow Alex Kim @alexkimedian (IG)
On this week's episode, we speak to the multi-hyphenate and international nomad, Binbin Natalie Narkprasert!  Binbin has lived across 3 continents, and we discover that both she and Alex were fellow Hotelies in college. Binbin has lived in France, so Ann could not help but talk about Emily in Paris. Binbin discusses raising $100k for COVID Thailand AID, organizing rallies in support of BLM in Thailand, and creating Karma Suitya, a LGBTQ+ lifestyle brand with her sibling and former WAYFF guest, Pangina Heals. Share, subscribe, rate and review to support the podcast!Since Binbin doesn't use social media, she'd like you to follow her international drag queen sibling, Pangina Heals (ig: @panginaheals) Where Are You From, From Pod @whereareyoufromfrompod (IG)Ann Chun @annchuncomedy (IG, TikTok)Alex Kim @alexkimedian (IG)
Palestinian comedian Shatha Yas joins the show this week to discuss living in the Bahamas, going to Quaker school in Palestine, crossing the Jordan-Palestine border, annoying Harvard kids, and getting interrogated by the FBI like a bad b*tch.Share, subscribe, rate and review to support the podcast!Shatha Yas: shathayas (IG) shathayas.comWhere Are You From, From Pod @whereareyoufromfrompod (IG)Ann Chun @annchuncomedy (IG, TikTok)Alex Kim @alexkimedian (IG)
(This episode was recorded in November of 2021)On this special episode of WAYFF, we sit down with Pan Pan Narkprasert aka international drag superstar Pangina Heals! Pan Pan talks about his upbringing as a global citizen, and how that has influenced what he's trying to do with drag and the founding of House of Heals. Ann and Pan Pan bond over their hate for the amount of malls popping up in Thailand, and Pan Pan even gives Alex some advice on how to come out to his family. We also talk about racism within and outside of the gay community, and how to tell the aunties who comment on your weight to shut the f*** up. Share, subscribe, rate and review to support the podcast!Pangina Heals: panginaheals (IG) panginaheals.comHouse of Heals: houseofhealsbkk (IG)Where Are You From, From Pod @whereareyoufromfrompod (IG)Ann Chun @annchuncomedy (IG, TikTok)Alex Kim @alexkimedian (IG)
Ryosuke Hoshiyama, a NY-based filmmaker who grew up in HK, sits down with us to talk about his identity as a Third Culture Kid (TCK), Asians with different English accents, and how he started the Japanese Culture Club at NYU. To learn more about Ryosuke and his work, check out his website, including the trailer for "442,"  a short about Japanese American soldiers during WW2. Please support the podcast by rating and reviewing!IG: @whereareyoufromfrompodRyosuke Hoshiyama: @hoshiyama (IG) Ann: @annchuncomedy (IG, TikTok) Alex: @alexkimedian (IG)
From The Egg Harvester

From The Egg Harvester


This week, Ann is opening up about her recent experience getting her eggs frozen. Then Ann and Alex talk about the prospects of having children and what that means as Asians and as comedians. Things get real as we talk about our families and what our expectations are in this world.(Trigger Warning: Suicide)Share, subscribe, rate and review to support the podcast!Where Are You From, From Pod @whereareyoufromfrompod (IG)Ann Chun @annchuncomedy (IG, TikTok)Alex Kim @alexkimedian (IG)
Get ready for a banger episode y'all. Lise Sasaki is an Illustrator and UX designer from Japan, based in Brooklyn, NY who happens to also be the person behind our pod cover! She joins the pod this week to talk about how a white dude once apologized to her after she said she's from Hiroshima, going to an international school in Thailand, feeling like a tourist in Japan, and decolonizing her brain as a visual artist. Share, subscribe, rate and review to support the podcast!Follow Lise Sasaki @lisesasaki_art (IG)Where Are You From, From Pod @whereareyoufromfrompod (IG)Ann Chun @annchuncomedy (IG, TikTok)Alex Kim @alexkimedian (IG)
It's 2022! Happy New Year from Where Are You From, From! Both Ann and Alex have been doing a bit of traveling to see the family. Ann rants about international travel in a Covid world and how she nearly wasn't able to leave the country. Alex continues his straight charade when visiting family in Jersey. PLEASE RATE AND REVIEWAnn: @annchuncomedy (IG) // @annchuncomedy (TikTok) // @annchuncomedy (Twitter)Alex: @alexkimedian (IG)
We have our first podcast guest this week! Jordan Leung is a stand-up comedian based in Hong Kong who has performed and lived in New York City and San Francisco. Jordan shares how he headlined four sold-out shows in Hong Kong and is continuing to crush the Expat-dominant comedy scene. We bond over our experiences going to an international school, and how American high schools are not what they are on TV. Please support the podcast by subscribing and reviewing!IG: @whereareyoufromfrompodJordan Leung: @69ranch (IG) // @sixtynineranch (Twitter) // 69ranch (YouTube)Ann: @annchuncomedy (IG) // @annchuncomedy (TikTok) // @annchuncomedy (Twitter)Alex: @alexkimedian (IG)
It's Where Are You From, From Pre-Holiday episode! This episode was recoded shortly before Thanksgiving. Alex and Ann talk about the importance of food in family gatherings and what we're dreading and looking forward to this holiday season. Please support the podcast by subscribing and reviewing!IG: @whereareyoufromfrompodAnn: @annchuncomedy (IG) // @annchuncomedy (TikTok) // @annchuncomedy (Twitter)Alex: @alexkimedian (IG)
From the Closet

From the Closet


Ann and Alex open up about their sexuality. Alex talks about waiting to come out to his family and being gay in various chapters of his life from (while living in Abu Dhabi vs NY). Ann shares how queer is treated in her family and how homophobia manifests in Thailand. Please support the podcast by subscribing and reviewing!Instagram: @whereareyoufromfrompodAlex: @alexkimedian (Instagram)Ann: @annchuncomedy (Instagram) // @annchuncomedy (TikTok) // @annchuncomedy (Twitter)
Where Are You From, From Pod's FIRST FIRST episode! In our premiere episode, Alex and Ann explore the question that strikes fear in all our hearts, "where are you actually from?" And yes, Abu Dhabi and Bangkok both sound very funny. Alex confesses that he grew up as an "expat" but has since recovered. And Ann thanks her parents for moving to a better country. Having both attended an international school, Alex and Ann discusss the weirdness of "International Day". And of course, we talk about white people. Please support the podcast by subscribing and reviewing!Instagram: @whereareyoufromfrompodAlex: @alexkimedian (Intagram)Ann: @annchuncomedy (Instagram) // @annchuncomedy (TikTok) // @anchunncomedy (Twitter)
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