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Today on Leadershipedelics, we talk about music for psychedelic assisted therapy with Phil Dames, the music maker and director of operations at Roots to Thrive. We've had other members of Roots to Thrive on the show, Dr Pamela Kryskow and Shannon Dames. This is very intentional: they’ve got a great team and they’re doing great work. Roots to Thrive is Canada’s first and only multidisciplinary, non-profit healthcare practice to legally offer evidence-informed, group therapy programs that use a community of practice model, uniquely designed to address trauma and to promote resilience, and to also include the option of psilocybin-assisted and ketamine-assisted group therapy.” It’s a pleasure to get to know them and share their work. With Phil being a music maker, and music playing such an important role in psychedelic assisted therapy, we go deep in what it takes to create the perfect playlist for a therapy session, how different types of music are used at different points and with different medicines. We share many resources, all listed in the show notes. And of course, we bring it all back to leadership comparing leadership to a cattle dog, imagine that.💡Highlights💡Ketamine therapy in group settingCrafting and curating playlists for psychedelic-assisted therapyCreating more inclusive playlistsDifferent music for different medicineStructuring a playlistCustomizing at the cohort levelUse of tension and textures in songsLeadership as a cattle dogConnecting with PhilRoots to Thrive: about PhilPhil is the Director of operations at Roots to Thrive, a 12-week program aimed at addressing PTSD, treatment resistant depression, anxiety, and others. Phil comes to Roots to Thrive with a focus on developing the structure to guide and inform the operations of the program. Phil has a long history of working with families and corporations, in the management of their financial well-being. Phil’s passion surrounds men’s health and the cultivation of environments that promote emotional awareness and expression. Phil developed the structure of the Roots to Thrive virtual program, which is currently is being used for RTT and RTT-KAT. Resources mentioned in the showEric Sienknecht: by Solar Fields (“brain scrambler”): by Jade Cicada: (Avengers Endgame): the Johns Hopkins playlist mentioned during the interview: Weekend playlist by Eric Sienknecht: with SébastienFooyad.comSpotify
Today, we talk about psychedelic music and therapy with Jason LeValley, the founder and Editor of the online Psychedelic Scene Magazine. Prior to Psychedelic Scene, Jason built a popular and successful radio station which was recognized as Best New Radio Station by Tucson Weekly. Jason shares his love and knowledge of psychedelic music bands, and his experience earlier this year with ketamine therapy, which stressed the importance of doing your research before selecting a clinic and the importance of using the right music for a psychedelic therapy session. We also explore the intersection between psychedelic music, recreational vs. therapeutic use of psychedelics, and creativity.  Enjoy 🙏❤️💡Highlights💡Psychedelic Scene MagazineLessons from Jason’s ketamine experienceImportance of integration workAntidepressants and psychedelics Music for therapyHistory of psychedelic musicRecreational use vs. therapeutic use and creativity🧠 Memorable Quotes 🧠[About Ketamine Clinics] “You have to research which clinic you’re going to and what their practices are, because a lot of clinics will just take your money and tell you to come back for more without really helping you.” “There has to be integration involved because just the ketamine alone is not enough to have a therapeutic value. It’s the combination of it: the integration with the ketamine therapy.”[About Music in Psychedelic Therapy] “If you’re listening to music that has lyrics, you sort of take on the theme of the lyrics and get removed from your own eternal self-processing.”“Presumably at some point people who are seeking healing through psychedelics will be healed and then what? Will they be done with psychedelics or will they want to continue to take them for the purpose of inspiration and recreation.”Connecting with JasonJason on LinkedIn: Scene Magazine: to resources mentionedKetamine treatment article: on 5-MeO-DMT experience: Hopkins: MusicFor Psychedelic Therapy - Forest: Music for Mushrooms: with Sé
In this episode, meet Claire Jones. Claire is a Senior VP of Operations for a digital advertising company in Toronto. She’s passionate about people and mental health. She’s studying for a master’s in psychology & neuroscience, and also volunteers for several non-profit organizations focused on mental health. We talked a few weeks after Claire got back from her first ayahuasca journey in Costa Rica. She recounts her experience, from preparation, to the actual ayahuasca ceremonies, to the integration phase where the hard work begins. She shares many lessons she gained along the way and how she’s integrating them in her work. We cover many topics, from trauma to the importance of slowing down and making space and time for yourself. Enjoy. 🙏❤️💡Highlights💡The dire need for more focus on mental health in the worldPersonal aspect of traumaLack of early education in mental healthClaire’s journey to Costa RicaThe journey back and the integration periodLetting go the fear of vulnerabilityCreating space and time for yourselfAnd more…Connecting with Claire·      LinkedIn with Sé
In this episode, meet Shannon Dames. She is a professor and researcher at Vancouver Island University, a resilience Health professional investigator, and the Research and Development director for the Roots to Thrive Ketamine assisted therapy program. She is working to develop and study the combination of resilience development and psychedelic-assisted therapies within a novel outpatient mental health model.We discuss the role of community in the healing process and why the healing journey should start at the basement of the soul, rather than at the mind. Shannon talks about bringing together western medicine and the indigenous ways of healing and working with the medicines of the land. And finally, she shares her own personal healing journey.  Enjoy. 🙏❤️💡Highlights💡Staying grounded while flowingOver-preparing’s impact on inspirationHealing through CommunityTaking resilience development beyond the mindOperating as whole personHealing at root level rather than top downThe basement of your soulPartnership with First Nations Honoring the indigenous ways of knowing and working with the medicine of the landShannon’s spiritual journey Connecting with Shannon with Sé
“What kept me in LA wanting to make films for all these years was my ego.”~ Martin de Bókay In today’s episode, I travelled to Arizona to meet with Martin de Bókay for a live video interview in the beautiful red rocks of Sedona. Martin, who goes by “French Guru” on Instagram, was someone I had to meet. After watching a few of his videos, it was clear he’d done a lot of deep personal work and had had quite a journey. Sure enough, the story he shared was nothing short of inspiring and energizing. Martin spent half his life in Europe and half in the US. He’s worked as a producer in the film industry in Hollywood on music videos, films, documentaries, TV shows and followed his dream to make films. On all accounts, he had it all, but it all came to a head when he realized he wasn’t honoring his core self and felt a strong calling to elevate himself and bring alignment to his life. He crossed path with the plant medicine Ayahuasca and then everything changed.This is his story.I recommend watching the interview on our YouTube channel if you can: 🙏❤️💡Highlights💡Creativity in the film industryFinding spiritual realization in hikesThe magic of SedonaWhen ego takes over your dreamListening to your internal voiceExperiential side of AyahuascaProtecting yourself in order to give to othersWeathering the unexpected in lifeHonoring your uniqueness and your core valuesBringing your passion and voice back into your life Connecting with Martin de BókayFrench Guru on Instagram: Sébastien and the Sacred Creativity RetreatContacting Sébastien: fooyad.comSacred Creativity Retreat: #create #creator #authenticity #authentic #yourvoice #plantmedicine #ayahuasca #spiritualjourney #journey #spiritual #inspiration #mentalhealth #filmindustry #hollywood #sedona #leadership #leader #leadershipedelics #podcast #live #interview
This week, meet Lakshmi Narayan. Lakshmi Narayan is the co-founder and editor of, a non-profit collective wisdom blog about the inner journey with entheogens, and founder and creative director of Awake Media a digital media coalition offering media products and services to clients in the transformational wellness community, particularly entheogenic medicine. She has a decades long interest in the cause of repositioning psychedelics in the public mind, and educating people about the benefits, cautions, best practices, and timeless wisdom that can be had from these experiences.We talk about Lakshmi’s spiritual journey from childhood to crossing path with Ayahuasca in the 90’s, well before it became as popular as it is today. We cover a lot of ground from ibogaine, to integrating 2 years of journeying over 20 years, from climbing the ladder of consciousness to remembering who we are and finally we talk about what led Lakshmi to start Awake Media and Awake.Net. This is a beautiful journey of awakening and following your path to help others 🙏💡Highlights💡Creating media that awakensThe divine delusion of individualismClimbing the ladder of consciousness20 years to integrate 2 years of intense journeysFinding the willingness to make change happenWalking on top of the AmazonPlant medicine as a dimensional doorwayThe story behind Awake.NetAccessible and affordable online integration coursesRaising money to fund 100 Ibogaine treatmentsSearching for mentors and masters  🧠 Memorable Quotes 🧠“The journey of life is to remember.” ❤️ Seb's favorite ❤️  About 2 years of intense journeying with psychedelics - “It took us 20 years to actually integrate” 😮”I just want to tell people who’re getting into it, don’t be in a rush to crystalize it into something you can sell or could teach.”“You have this body of knowledge that wakes up in you and it’s available to everybody because we’re very very old as a species.”Connecting with LakshmiHelp raise $1M for 100 Ibogaine Treatments: Media: https://awakemedia.comLinkedIn: Sébastien and the Sacred Creativity RetreatContacting Sébastien: fooyad.comSacred Creativity Retreat:
In this episode, meet with Amélie Beerens ✨ Amélie is a customer experience (CX) leader and career coach obsessed with putting humans at the heart of everything ❤️ Her journey to overcome trauma and burnout has reconnected her with her magic, her emotions, and her humanity. This has redefined how she approaches her work and how she helps others through coaching. We talk about breaking the rules to rediscover yourself, overcoming burnout & trauma and the tools she used along the way, from EMDR to yoga, from kambo to microdosing.  Amélie’s energy is infectious, you can feel her love for life and the creativity she brings to the world. She’s a true maverick, who helps others through creative work, showing up as she is, as her whole self.Enjoy 🙏❤️💡Highlights💡Humans at the heart of everythingBreaking the rules and rediscovering yourselfDealing with burnoutMaking time for self-careConnecting with your whole self and emotionsComing as you are, with the good, and the badMicrodosing for sleep, creativity, and lifeShoe shopping and mind workBreaking away from anxietyCreative work to help othersMavericks and certificationsEMDR therapy, yoga teacher training, Kambo, and more… 🧠 Memorable Quotes 🧠“We are all creatures of magic.” ❤️ Seb's favorite ❤️  “The moment I started to feel better is the moment I started connecting with myself.”  “This element of being my real self and being able to be really compassionate with the people I work with because I can be compassionate with myself, that was what was missing with my practice before.”Connecting with AmélieInstagram: simply: Sébastien and the Sacred Creativity RetreatContacting Sébastien: fooyad.comSacred Creativity Retreat:
Today's guest is internationally renowned artist and poet, Nicholas Kirsten, known as Honshin 🙏Five years ago, Honshin’s art changed my appreciation of the present golden moment and reshaped my own spiritual path.  Now 5 years later, I had the privilege to meet with him in his studio and talk creativity, spirituality and even play a little harmonica while he shared his poetry. Honshin’s art and poetry reflect his experience with ancient Eastern spiritual practices and the philosophies of Christianity, Tibetan Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, and ancient Mesoamerican cultures. He sees art as a form of spiritual quest and his artwork is a message from a pure heart. His intention is to communicate the unity of consciousness and life of all things in the universe.He lives in Sedona with his wife, Krystal Kirsten, where they operate two galleries - The Gallery of Wholeness, Harmony, and Radiance, and The Ascending Spirit Gallery. You have to stop there if you ever visit Sedona.This was truly a golden moment. Enjoy 🙏❤️Connecting with Honshin••• IG: Leadershipedelics and the Sacred Creativity Retreat• •  Sacred Creativity Retreat:•  Contacting Sébastien: #art #artist #sedona #spirituality #moment #present #goldenmoment #goldenmoments #presentmoment #beherenow #mentalhealth #leadership #leadershipedelics 
Meet David Wood, David has been on a mission to broaden regulated access to psychedelics. He is the Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel at Psygen, a Canadian company manufacturing pharmaceutical-grade psychedelics for clinicians and researchers. David also runs R-Group Legal where he provides legal support for a small number of operators in the cannabis industry and the psychedelic space.We talk about substance regulation in Canada versus the US. We cover the special access program available for end-of-life distress for psilocybin in Canada. We cover the war on drugs and bring it all back to leadership with a bit of perspective on the mycelium network, and a touch of Steve Jobs, Smashing Pumpkins and Pink Floyd.Enjoy 🙏❤️💡Highlights💡Substance regulation in Canada vs. USPsilocybin for end-of-life distress and the special access programPure synthetic psilocybin vs. naturalThe war on drugsDisruptive potential of psychedelicsPerspective in life and leadershipBreaking the stigma associated with psychedelics Pink Floyd, Smashing Pumpkins, the Mycelium networkDavid’s journey from the biggest national law firm in Canada to PsygenAnd more… 🧠 Memorable Quotes 🧠“The war on drugs lumped a bunch of substances together that have very little to do with each other, other than the fact they are all prohibited, and they all put you off baseline with very different ways and consequences.” “Psychedelics are a substance that are very disruptive to mental healthcare and to the pharmaceutical industry that supplies drugs for mental healthcare.” “Psychedelics are pharmacologically and therapeutically relevant but there is also something so connected to what makes us humans human that cannot be overlooked.”Connecting with DavidPsygen: Leadershipedelics and the Sacred Creativity Sacred Creativity Retreat: reatreat.fooyad.comContacting Sébastien:
Meet Holly Huber, a Neuromodulation Consultant in the pursuit of bolstering  the spiritual consciousness and connection of humanity. Holly has worked with neurofeedback in mental health and for intensive brain training with peak performance elites. She’s seen humans push themselves past the possible, find Spirit and their superpowers.She’s doing work with the NeuroEnlightenment team in the Sacred Valley, provides NeuroTraining and is starting NeuroRetreats in the US this August.We talk brain, psychedelics, the divinity of life, poetry, and the magic around us. This episode was loaded with insights, filmed on location in front of a majestic waterfall which you have to see it (on our YouTube channel) to believe it (and also explains the background noise and 12 hours to clean our audio).Enjoy 🙏❤️💡Highlights💡Brain mapping & training and psychedelicsRemote neurofeedbackFlow state and creativityOur superpowers withinDivinity of lifeSpirituality, magic, & poetryBurnout and the brainBrain, heart, and consciousness  🧠 Memorable Quotes 🧠 “I have worked in mental health, and I worked in peak performance, and over and over I see this divinity, this beauty within life and aliveness with people.“ “Resiliency is an opening and a flexibility to life. It is changing the tread in your journey to fit the new paths that you’re on.”  “Psychedelics are such an opener and connector and then it’s up to us to do something with it afterwards.”Connecting with HollyWebsite: neuroholly.comTarot website: thebrightheart.comBook: Our Dreams That Are Promises: Huber, Holly: 9798812389062: BooksAbout Leadershipedelics, Sébastien, and upcoming Sébastien's projects: fooyad.comOctober 2022 Creativity Retreat: #brainmapping #braintraining #psychedelics #divinity #magicaroundus #waterfall #creativity #leadership #mentalhealth #burnout #leadershipedelics #superpowers #humanity #peru
In this episode of Leadershipedelics, meet Hanifa Nayo Washington. Hanifa is a social entrepreneur, cultural producer, and healing justice practitioner. She is a facilitator, reiki master, singer, song writer, and a creator who works at the intersection of mindfulness, place making, and social justice to create organizations, gatherings, spaces, and experiences rooted in the values of beloved community.She is the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer for Fireside Project. She is involved with the American Psychedelic Practitioners Association, East Forest’s Journey Space, and the Global Wellness Institute Psychedelics & Healing Initiative. She is the co-founder of One Village Healing, a BIPOC centered healing, resilience, and psychedelic wellness space and is a lead facilitator of the New Haven Community Leadership Program. We cover a wide range of topics including Hanifa’s medicine songs, her creative process, and how these songs have helped her and others in their journeys. We talk about the importance of listening in our lives, in leadership, in helping one another, and to drive change. We cover the Fireside project, its mission, training approach, and upcoming equity initiative. Hanifa closes our interview by singing a song from her Mantras for the Revolution album.Enjoy 🙏❤️💡Highlights💡Hanifa’s creative and integration processSinging in morning rituals, ceremonies, with breathwork and somatic workReverence and awe about lifeConnecting with the vibration of everythingThe sacredness and honor that come from holding spaceFinding coherence with each other in an intentional wayImportance of listening for leadership and changeFireside Project’s mission and approachFireside Project’s new equity initiative The power of silence and reflective questionsAcknowledging and addressing power dynamicsGenerational trauma, wisdom, and giftsAnd much more🧠 Memorable Quotes 🧠“Listening is at the heart of change, of connection. When we think about social justice movement and liberation, listening, or not, is how we use our power.”“When we are listened to, it is one of the most absolute gifts and declaration of respect we can give one another.” “Healing is a birthright and people just need more and more access to it.”Connecting with Hanifawww.handsofhanifa.comMantras for the Revolution albumIG @thehandsofhanifa@firesideproject@onevillagehealingAbout Leadershipedelics, Sébastien, and upcoming Sébastien's projects: fooyad.comOctober 2022 Creativity Retreat: #healing #songwriter #singer #mentalhealth #BIPOC #psychedelics#creativity 
For this interview, I flew to Peru to meet with Jose Franchini Vasquez, an Ayahuascero from a small village in the Peruvian jungle near Pucallpa. Jose has been working with the plant medicines Ayahuasca and Chacruna for over 13 years. He was taught by his uncle, the highly honored teacher Antonio Vasquez Galarreta, and he is the brother of Pepe Franchini Vasquez who was featured in the movie The Last Shaman. I’ve known Jose for several years and we’re working with him and his brother on a very special retreat for this October.Jose opens and closes the interview with one of his medicine songs known as an Icaro which makes this meeting even more special. We talk about his journey with plant medicine, the diets, fasting, and challenges he had to overcome. We discuss how he heals others whether they’re from his village or as part of a retreat. We talk about life outside his medicine work as a teacher, dad and respected community leader, the meaning behind Shipibo tapestries and the properties of tobacco as plant medicine. The interview is both in English and Spanish with many thanks to Kunti Trejo for providing her help as translator. Don’t miss this one. Enjoy.💡Highlights💡The journey of an AyahuasceroWorking with plant medicine from the jungleDiets, cleansing, and medicine songsClearing energy blockagesRunning ceremoniesLife outside medicine workTobacco as a medicine plantHealing with natureThe meaning behind Shipibo tapestries Connecting with JoseYou can connect with Jose through our contact form on the web page and we will forward you your contact information. About Leadershipedelics, Sébastien, and upcoming creativity Sébastien's projects: fooyad.comOctober 2022 Creativity Retreat:
This week on Leadershipedelics, meet Doctor Pamela Kryskow. Dr Kryskow is the medical lead on the Roots to Thrive Nonprofit team that provides psilocybin therapy for patients with end-of-life anxiety who have section 56 exemptions from the Health Minister of Canada. She is a founding board member of the Canadian Psychedelic Association and is actively involved in research related to psilocybin, MDMA, ketamine, mental wellness, chronic pain, and neurogenesis. She is also a co-investigator on the largest microdosing study which is ongoing with over 14,500 enrolled participants. We talk about mentors in our human journey, the curiosity of children, foraging, the healing power of nature, giving time for integration without rushing to the next thing, light heartedness, and human connections in life.This is a beautiful interview. Enjoy. 🙏❤️💡Highlights💡Mentorship in our human journeyPam’s daily morning ritualNurturing all the parts withinGift of childlike curiosityForagingFinding humility in how we talk about psychedelic experiencesIntegrating an experience before jumping to the nextUsing nature to heal and integrate your experiencesSomatic therapyImportance of light heartedness and connections🧠 Memorable Quotes 🧠“You have to nurture all these parts of you, you have to nurture the physical, the spiritual, and the intellectual and recognize you’re not a thing, you’re not a title. You are many things.”“Life is to be savored and enjoyed in the moment.  If you’re going to do a profound medicine that is going to be transformative, why not transform? why not take advantage of it and see the world through the new eyes and the widening of the blinders.”“Everyone is on a unique path in their life and needs different things at different times.”Connecting with Dr Pamela KryskowLinkedIn: About Leadershipedelics, Sébastien, and upcoming creativity Sébastien's projects: fooyad.comOctober 2022 Creativity Retreat:
This week, meet Kunti Trejo. Kunti is a medicine woman from Mexico who lives in the Sacred Valley of Peru. She practices many modalities of healing and has dedicated her life to the service and study of ancestral traditions of natural medicines and ways to heal from Mother Earth. Kunti is also a mom and a talented artist who paints, creates clothing, and performs medicine songs. We talk about the traditional Temazcal sweat lodge ceremony, her path to become a medicine woman, and the healing aspects of creativity.I’ve known Kunti for several years, wrote about our first encounter in the book Stairway to Healing and have always been impressed with her work, her music, and her art.  We’re also collaborating on a sacred creativity retreat this October (more info at  For this interview we met in person down in Peru ❤️ on a hill overlooking the Sacred Valley as the sun was setting, near the retreat center we will be using later this year. Watch it on YouTube, this was a magical moment.Enjoy!❤️🙏Connecting with KuntiYou can follow Kunti on Instagram here: see her art here: Leadershipedelic, Sébastien, and the upcoming Sébastien's projects: fooyad.comThe retreat will take place on Oct 5th 2022 in the Sacred Valley of Peru. More information available at: #retreat #plantmedicine #ayahuasca #temazcal #medicinewoman #mentalhealth #peru #sacredvalley #create #liveinterview  #leadershipedelics #psychedelics #leadership #sweatlodge
This week, we meet with Sean McCormick. Sean is an expert in performance biohacking , the host of the Optimal Performance Podcast and a certified life and performance coach with clients like NFL and MLS players, CEOs and TV stars. Disclaimer: Sean helped me in my own journey when I was making big changes to my life.We talk about his journey from starting Float Seattle over 10 years ago, to the insights he’s gained along the way, as a dad, as a coach, from his experiences with psychedelics and as an expert health optimizer and entrepreneur.  Sean shares his first experiences with Ayahuasca over ten years ago and his more recent experience with 5-MeO-DMT (Toad) where somehow Google AI showed up in the middle of it. We talk about children and the importance of curiosity in their lives and we bring it all back to leadership and cedar trees. Enjoy 🙏❤️💡Highlights💡Starting Float Seattle, becoming a dad, and Sean’s first Ayahuasca ceremonyDepth of consciousness gained in realizing we are not our bodiesGetting your body to a place of vitality so your brain works properlyLightheartedness and the AWE that is this lifeAppropriate, responsible psychedelic experiences as tools to orient ourselvesWhen Google AI showed up in the middle of a 5-MeO-DMT experienceCleansing the residue from daily interactionsShipibo tapestries as a representation of energyThe role of curiosity and stupid questions, especially with kidsLeaders that make you lean forwardLeadership as a cedar treeHealth optimization🧠 Memorable Quotes 🧠 “The leaders you resonate with the most are the ones that make you lean forward.” ❤️ Seb's favorite ❤️ “What’s a good leader? It’s not someone who has all the answers all the time, it’s someone who asks great questions and finds solution and gets people excited about what they’re doing.” “We should all suspend our beliefs and keep an open mind and an open heart to continue to learn because there are lessons in every moment of every day that if you’re paying attention and open to receive, you’re going to learn things. And that’s going to make you a more complete person.” “Insatiable curiosity, just engagement with the world, engagement with the people around you, with the ideas you’re thinking about, that level of curiosity can be taught and instilled in young people.” “Insight doesn’t come watching Netflix. These important moments that orient your way happen in the shower, on the beach somewhere, meditating by a creek, on a walk without your phone. And they also happen when you are in an altered state of consciousness (with psychedelics).” Connecting with SeanSeanmccormick.comInstagram: @realseanmccormickInstagram: @optimal_podcastLinkedIn: Seanmccormickcoaching Leadershipedelics, Sébastien, and upcoming Sébastien's projects: fooyad.comOctober 2022 Creativity Retreat:
This week on the Leadershipedelics Podcast, meet Jéssika Lagarde. Jéssika is a psychedelic-assisted medicine guide in the Netherlands. She’s also a freelance writer in the psychedelic space and co-founded Women on Psychedelics (or WOOP), an educational platform that advocates for the end of stigmatization around women’s mental health and substance use, and the normalization of psychedelics for therapy and healing. Jéssika’s passion for storytelling, women's empowerment, and psychoactive substances comes alive in WOOP's content since 2020.We talk about Jéssika’s travels across 30 different countries, the impact psychedelics have had on her life, what she’s learned from guiding others in their journey, the act of creating for reconnecting with your body, and the story behind women on psychedelics and much more. Enjoy 🙏💡Highlights💡Lessons from travels to 30 different countries in 5 yearsImpact of toxic relationships on self-love How working with psilocybin and magic truffles changes her lifeSelf-expression and flow state to reconnect with the bodyBeing present with the act of creatingStory behind Women on PsychedelicsHolding space to enable others to be vulnerableLessons from guiding psychedelic sessions Listening to the love inside yourselfLeadership is like mycelium (again) 🧠 Memorable Quotes 🧠 “There are two types of travelers, people who are looking for something and people who are running away from something and back then I was a mix of both of those.” “Psychedelic experiences have connected me much more with my true essence behind everything that has happened to me, all the insecurity, all the narratives, all the stories I tell myself about who I am, and they brought me to this deeper part of me.” ❤️ Seb's favorite ❤️ “These (psychedelic) compounds can bring you more self-awareness and when we start from this place of self, that’s where it ripples, and it can affect other people with that.”  “Leadership is like the mycelium network. It’s how you’re able to connect people with other people, see everyone as their own unique person, no one being better than the other but when we all come together, we can create this incredible thing.”Connecting with Jé Leadershipedelics, Sébastien, and upcoming Sébastien's projects: fooyad.comOctober 2022 Creativity Retreat:
This week we meet with Jason Grechanik. I met Jason 7 years ago when he was a facilitator for ayahuasca ceremonies at the Temple of the Way of Light in the Amazon jungle. I was super impressed then and I’m even more impressed now after our conversation. Jason has such a depth of knowledge. He shares the wisdom he’s gained from his fascination with ancient cultures and what he’s learned from his lifelong journey working with plants as food, nutrition, and medicine. We also talk a bit about martial arts, where he got his discipline from and the importance of principles in challenging times. And of course, we all connect it with leadership. I really loved this conversation. Enjoy.💡Highlights💡Plants as food, medicine, and nutritionMartial arts, shamanism, ancient culturesInsights from running dietas and facilitating ceremoniesWhat it means to be a “bridge keeper”Self-discipline in spiritual workShift of consciousnessFear as the root of sufferingLeaders as a reflection of usThe profound resonance withinPrincipled leadershipTrusting in a higher source of goodness🧠Memorable Quotes 🧠(there were even more but couldn't list them all)“Nothing is free there is a reciprocity for everything.”“Most of us, we’re constantly in this state of all of these thoughts arising and we believe they’re all real and we live our lives in this cloud, in this fog.”“We want the world to be sane or good and yet we don’t want to be doing the work ourselves, so we expect other people to change the world. That’s one of the things these plants are pointing towards, it’s that it’s up to us to change the world, it’s not up to anyone else.”“It’s much easier to have a principle when we agree with the thing that is happening. It’s much difficult to have a principle when we don’t but that’s when the principle becomes so vital.”“When something is coming from the heart, there is truth there, it’s ‘life giving’ and that principle we should cherish like a gem.’”  Connecting with Jasonwww.NicotianaRustica.orgHis podcast: YouTube:  : Leadershipedelics, Sébastien, and upcoming Sébastien's projects: fooyad.comOctober 2022 Creativity Retreat:
This week we meet with Susan Guner. Susan is a trained, somatic, trauma-informed holistic psychotherapist. She’s also the host of the Psychedelic Conversations Podcast. Her mindfulness-based approach is grounded in transpersonal psychology and integrates the mind, body, and spirit aspects of human experience for personal growth and development. This approach focuses on gaining a holistic perspective and increasing self-awareness through introspection, insights, and compassionate self-exploration. We talk about resilience, self-agency, congruency, somatic and psychedelic therapies. Susan shares how her journey shaped her approach to therapy, we talk about the story behind Today’s Vibe posts which are often dark and intense, and much more. 💡Highlights💡The story behind the intense “Today’s Vibe” postsThe importance of self-agencySomatic therapy, what it is, and how it can helpWorking with trauma, darkness, and intensityUnderstanding that healing takes timeThe “being skinned alive” concept in healing experiencesBalancing lightheartedness with serious workSafe “containers” and why they matterThe need for a more trauma-informed societyThe power of fragility and leadershipBook recommendations🧠Memorable Quotes 🧠“The healing never happens magically. The only time I’ve seen healing happening super fast is when the person is really ready to let go of everything. They’re ready to shed, they’re ready to just release what’s holding them back and they just go for it.” “We became this culture where we can’t take anything, any information that has any negative or dark or intensity to it. We can’t handle it. This is becoming a bigger problem because it’s showing us where that capacity is, where that resilience is.” “My idea of healing is becoming so strong and resilient that you become so unshakable and centered within you that you can contain everything.”  “Let’s not forget we are fragile being. We are made of bones, skin and blood. We are here for a reason. We are in this physical realm experiencing this physical body which is finite. “Connecting with Susan Leadershipedelics Sébastien's projects:
This week we meet with Saba Candari. Saba has extensive experience in the wealth management and financial sectors, he is the founder and CEO of Entheo Ventures. His primary focus is to offer business management and financial support to underserved organizations leading the resurgence of plant medicine and psychedelics. We talk about Saba’s early life arriving in the US at age 7, having to play catchup in a new country, the challenges that followed, and his very intentional journey to become the person he is today. We cover the learnings from his psychedelic experiences and what it took to integrate them back in his life (hint: it wasn’t doing more psychedelics). We talk about making space for yourself, leadership, authenticity and more.Enjoy. 💡Highlights💡Intentional transformationMoving away from what drags you downSurrounding yourself with people to learn from5-MeO-DMT journeyAre psychedelics shortcuts or not and for what?Connecting with NatureGiving space to integrate lessons from psychedelic experiencesMaking space for yourselfEnergy and authenticity in leadership🧠Memorable Quotes 🧠“Once I went through that journey of being healthier, eating cleaner, not drinking, not doing some of the things that dragged me down, that was really the beginning of my journey.”“As far as psychedelics go, when the phone rings I pick it up. I have to be called to it or I won’t just do it. If it doesn’t call me, I’m not going to get peer pressured in doing it.”“Psychedelics are shortcuts, but they are shortcuts to see something. It’s like binoculars. I can see I can get there, it’s true, it exists, I can get from point A to point B but the reality is that you still have to do the work to get to it.”“Take your time, turn your phone off, take a pause in life and start taking an inventory of yourself. And to me that was more important than running to another ceremony.” More about SabaSaba Candari is a 15+ year veteran in the Financial Service industry. He began his career helping entrepreneurs position themselves for successful early-stage capital raises. Soon after, he pivoted into strategic development of internal infrastructure for sustainable growth and scale of midsized companies.The next decade of his career was spent working with high net worth clientele to build and grow personal wealth as a Certified Wealth Strategist®, managing over $130M in assets under management with Cetera Financial Group and SagePoint Financial. Saba has specialized in serving C-Suite level executives in both their personal and business-related ventures.  Saba completed his BA in Business Management and MBA at Pepperdine Business School, and holds the following licenses; Series 7, Series 66, CWS, and is a Member of the Financial Services Institute. As the Founder and CEO of Entheo Ventures, Saba’s primary focus is to offer high-level business management and financial support to the underserved companies and organizations leading the resurgence of plant medicines and psychedelics, as tools for the evolution of humanity.IG: @sabacandari @entheoventuresTwitter: @sabacandari @entheoventures Leadershipedelics Sébastien's projects:
This week we meet with Stefany Nieto, the COO of Gwella Mushrooms. We cover Stefany’s journey from working on sustainable projects at an early age to her work at Gwella and her experiences with psychedelics. We talk about killer bees 🐝 in Kenya, water filtration 💧in India, growing food 🌱 in the Arctic, Gwella’s product philosophy 🧠, and much more. This episode is packed with insights. Enjoy.💡Highlights💡Sustainable projects: Killer bees in Kenya, water filtration in India, and Green IgluFirst experience with magic mushroomsPreparation, intention setting, and integrationHaving your identity tied to a companyHonesty with yourself about your needsLearnings from guiding othersMicrodosing and creativityGwella’s product philosophy Mycelium as the essence of leadership 🧠Memorable Quotes 🧠 “It wasn’t my place to tell them how to do things or what to do but rather to ask them what they wanted to do and how could I support that. It really shaped the way I do business now.”“Nothing will stagnate, things will move on, even if they don’t seem like they will in that moment.”  “It’s a real healthy balance to be able to dream big but also look at what we can realistically do and set realistic timelines.”☀️ Special Offer ☀️Get 20% off your order at with code: LEADELICS20  Note: Leadershipedelics is NOT getting paid for promoting Gwella, we're just a fan.More about Stefany & how to connectStefany is a 26-year-old entrepreneur whose early life was characterized by adaptation and resilience despite immigration woes, loss, and financial hardships. Her values have taken her around the world, re-conceptualizing ideas and creating meaningful impact, including water purification in India and micro-loans in Kenya.  As a full-time student at 19, Stefany dove headfirst into her first company, Green Iglu, a NFP tackling food insecurity in remote Canada, including the Arctic, through tech and training. After eight years, Stefany is now exploring a new space, wellness, and psychedelics, through Gwella as Co-Founder and COO. The company is focused on designing mushrooms for modern life.  Deeply committed to Toronto’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, Stefany continues to consult for startups and mentor low-income women and newcomers to Canada as the launch their entrepreneurial journeys. Leadershipedelics  Podcast: 🙏Sébastien: 🕺
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