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Stolaroid Stories was initially intended to help adult learners of English improve their language skills through personal stories and photos (stories+polaroid). After 100 episodes, however, the podcast evolved into a show to help curious minds explore ideas and perspectives about writing in a second language, education, and self-development. Listen to the show for conversations with brilliant thinkers like Seth Godin, unscripted rambles, and (sometimes) rants. Hosted by Fabio Cerpelloni, a non-native English speaker from Italy turned English writer and teacher. --
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In this episode, I tell a personal story that might make you reflect on how you try to avoid uncomfortable situations. Listen to what happened to me in August 2022 while I was camping in Portugal. It might give you something to think about.  Episode Links Join my private email list at for:  announcements about my bookclubs and programs special discounts language learning tips nonfiction book recommendations inspiring true stories free events I organize content updates (new blog posts, podcast episodes and more)
Behind any creation, there's the work of a mind. That mind is often fearful and insecure. "They might not like this. They might not like ME." You're an artist. You can't afford to let someone else's mind harm your own. But you're also an artist who wants to be liked and accepted. Do you have the courage not to be? I invited my friend, Bree Aesie, to talk about this. Bree studied psychology and has been building on the internet since 2020. Consistently. She's the host of "Into the Story," a wonderful storytelling podcast for learners of English I wish had been around when I was a learner myself. You'll learn more about the psychology of creativity, and hear about our fears, frustrations, and joys as creators. Enjoy! (You can watch us on YouTube too -- BREE'S LINKS Into the Story (Bree's show) - FABIO'S LINKS Better Writers - We mentioned... - Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell - The Practice by Seth Godin - Alan Watts (British writer) - Laurie Skreslet (Canadian mountaineer) - Sound School podcast with Ira Glass - This American Life (podcast) CHAPTERS 00:00 Intro 03:15 Bree + creating 09:10 The practice 15:55 Sincere vs serious 19:10 Move your body 26:00 The Lizard Brain pt.1 29:20 Creating is satisfying 37:35 Originality 41:30 AI for creativity 47:20 The Lizard Brain pt.2 54:40 Productivity and discipline 58:40 No.1 tips 01:02:10 Conclusion
Write Without FLUFF

Write Without FLUFF


Suggestions on how to cut the fluff in your writing (watch on YouTube - Join Better Writers, my weekly newsletter for online writers who speak English as a second language. I share writing tips, insights, and resources to help you do one thing: become a better writer -- My website --
Henneke didn't see herself as a writer. She didn't even think she was creative. In school, English was her worst subject. The next was Dutch, her first language. Henneke never kept a journal, never wrote a poem, never published anything. Later in life, she realised there wasn't that much magic about writing, and discovered a passion that led her to some amazing achievements: - Publishing “Blog to Win Business,” a book that was recommended as a must read for business writers by and HuffingtonPost. - Landing an interview with and on the topic of seductive writing. - Being named one of “50 Incredible Women in Marketing to Follow” by Search Engine Journal. - Writing for Sally Hogshead, a Hall of Fame speaker. Today Henneke describes herself as an "irreverent writer and educator on a mission to stamp out gobbledygook." Her courses, books, and clean-looking blog -- Enchanting Marketing -- teach both first and second language English writers how to improve their writing skills. What can we all learn about writing, blogging, and engaging storytelling from Henneke? You're about to find out :) (If you prefer watching, here's the link to the YouTube interview - HENNEKE'S LINKS - Henneke's LinkedIn- - Enchanting Marketing - MY LINKS - Better Writers, my weekly newsletter for online writers who speak English as a second language. I share writing tips, insights, and resources to help you do one thing: become a better writer. -- - My website --
3 simple things I did to improve my written English grammar (watch on YouTube - Join Better Writers, my weekly newsletter for online writers who speak English as a second language. I share writing tips, insights, and resources to help you do one thing: become a better writer. --
Watch the episode on YouTube -- Philip Charter is a short-fiction writer and an educator from the UK who's worked as a writing coach since 2018. He uses his expertise as a language teacher and as an author to help multilingual professional writers develop their skills and future-proof their careers. He also runs the world's best community for multilingual pro writers. In this episode, we talked about: - His passion for writing - Finding writing ideas - Online writing - Creativity - Helping multilingual writers We hope this is helpful to you. LINKS - Phil's website - - Better Writers (my private email list) -
We often mistake being creative for being original, but these are two different things. Watch on YouTube - *** Sign up for Better Writers, my weekly newsletter for online writers who speak English as a second language. 👇
Watch on YouTube - "Non-native English Voices" is a Medium publication for people who have learned or are still learning English as an additional language. It’s for those who are aware their English isn’t as good as their first language but understand that showing their writing to the eyes of an audience is essential to becoming great writers. If this sounds like you, you’re welcome to join. Free of charge, free of judgment. Join me here -
Reading online is not like reading on paper. (Watch on YouTube -- *** Sign up for Better Writers, my weekly newsletter for online writers who speak English as a second language. I share writing tips, insights, and resources to help you do one thing: become a better writer. Here --
Watch on YouTube - Let me show you how to read like a writer. I dissect a short paragraph by Seth Godin, one of my favourite authors, and take you through 7 writing lessons I learned from it. I hope this is helpful! BETTER WRITERS (my new writing course for non-native speakers of English -- Links and resources: - Linchpin by Seth Godin - - Storyworthy by Matthew Dicks - My website - - The video is based on an article I wrote, which you can read here --
Watch the episode on YouTube -- How do you find the time to read and write? Fiction or nonfiction? How do you come up with ideas for your stories? Do English language exam preparation courses really teach writing? English teacher, writer, and editor (of the International House Journal) Chris Walker joins me in one of the most insightful conversations about writing I've ever had. Enjoy! Links Get Chris' books -- The blog post I mentioned -- The blog post I read out -- Any Language You Want (my book) -- My group for non-native English writers (opening soon) -- Other books we mentioned: The Penguin History of The Second World War 2666 by Roberto Bolano The Pillars of Hercules by Paul Theroux Someday Is Today by Matthew Dicks The Secret Lives of Somerset Maugham by Selina Hastings Earthly Powers by Anthony Burgess Consider the Lobster by David Foster Wallace The English Verb by Michael Lewis 100 Ways to Improve Your Writing by Gary Provost Chapters 00:00 Intro 02:00 Why Writing 06:11 Fiction vs Nonfiction (Pt.1) 09:56 Finding Writing Ideas 16:07 Chris' Writing Approach 25:29 Reviews & Amazon 30:42 Finding the Time to Write 39:23 Being an Editor 42.52 Fiction vs Nonfiction (Pt.2) 50:54 Useful Writing Strategies 54:30 English Is a Simple Language 59:32 English Exams vs Writing 01:09:12 Tips for Non-Native English Writers 01:15:24 Bye Bye *** Visit my website:
Learn more about the group here (add your questions) -- My private email list - Watch the episode on YouTube -
I hope this episode will help you find more ideas for writing, so you'll never say "I don't know what to write about" ever again. Links My blog - My Medium blog - Watch the episode on YouTube -
Seth Godin is one of the most generous people I've ever met. He's an American entrepreneur, speaker, and the author of 21 bestsellers that have been translated into 39 languages. Seth Godin, most of all, is a teacher. A few years ago, he wrote a manifesto on education titled "Stop Stealing Dreams: What Is School For?" This free e-book has been downloaded over 4 million times. Because I'm a teacher too and because, without exaggeration, Seth Godin is one of my heroes, I invited him to have a chat with me about some of the ideas in his manifesto. I'm so grateful I had the chance to talk to Seth for 40 minutes and I hope you'll enjoy listening to him. I always do. (You can watch the episode on YouTube -- Links Download and read "Stop Stealing Dreams" (illustrated version) - "Stop Stealing Dreams" (text-only version) - Read "Stop Stealing Dreams" on Medium - Watch Seth Godin's "Stop Stealing Dreams" TED talk - Seth Godin's website - Seth Godin's blog - My website -- Chapters 00:00 Intro 02:26 Stop Stealing Dreams 06:15 Solving interesting problems 07:40 What to teach 13:00 The Drinking Bird 15:24 Teachers 19:30 Textbooks 25:40 Choosing what to study 28:50 Conforming 32:05 Passion 35:23 Creating 38:48 What is school for?
"The Carbon Almanac: It's Not Too Late" is a book of facts about a problem we should all talk about: climate change. In this video, I tell you about "The Carbon Almanac," why I decided to read it, and why I think you should read it, too. Links: The Carbon Almanac -- The Story of Stuff (the other book I mentioned) -- Watch the episode on YouTube --
An episode where I go through one of my most viewed articles on Medium. The full title of the article is "Words of Encouragement for Non-Native English Writers Like Me: On doubting your writing, imitating writers, English grammar, and publishing with mistakes." Watch the episode on YouTube -- Comments? Questions? Reply on Spotify or email me - Links Read the article on Medium for free -- The article about using ChatGPT to learn how to write -- My book -- Chapters 00.00 Intro 00:32 Beginning 01:54 Doubting Your Writing 07:50 Imitating Writers 12:20 Beyond Grammar 18:20 Publish Imperfect Article(s) 22:35 Let's Rock 26:45 Conclusion
Barbara Serra is an award-winning journalist, TV presenter, TEDx speaker, author, and documentary-maker. She was born in Italy but has lived in the U.K. since the 90s. English has been her dominant language since learning it as a teenager in international schools across Europe. Over 20 years ago, Barbara Serra made history as the first non-native English speaker to present a primetime news program on British TV, a remarkable achievement attained through hard work, determination, and a passion for her job. Since then, Barbara Serra has worked for some of the most renowned international news networks, including the BBC, Al Jazeera English, and Sky News, where she is currently employed as a TV presenter and news anchor. I invited her on my podcast, Stolaroid Stories, to discuss the challenges of presenting news with a foreign accent, her career as a non-native English journalist, diversity in journalism, the interplay between pronunciation and identity, and her course designed to help non-native speakers find their authentic English voice. Links Barbara Serra's newsletter. "News with a Foreign Accent" -- Barbara Serra's Course: Barbara Serra's LinkedIn: *** Find out more about me on my website: My Book: Any Language You Want --
Journaling is super easy. In this episode, I tell you how I do it and why. I also recommend a great book to help you get started with journaling. It's titled "Journal to the Self" by Kathleen Adams. Questions or ideas? Write to me in the comments. Watch the episode on YouTube -
What's anthropology? How can it change the way we perceive other cultures? And what's Lithuania like? I invited Paulius Juodis, a Lithuanian teacher with a degree in anthropology, to tell us more about these subjects. You can watch the episode on YouTube: Links Get in touch with Paulius: My interview with Paulius on his podcast: Resources Mentioned Timothy Snyder's work: His book "The Reconstruction of Nations: Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, 1569–1999" and his free lecture series on Ukrainian history are available on YouTube. Videogame: Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition ***
Some suggestions on how to deal with grammar mistakes when you're writing in English. I hope this is helpful. Watch this episode on YouTube: Check out my 3-week writing program -- Consider joining my private email list --
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rozhan vaghar

Oh i LOVE vale♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ She's one of the most inspirational woman I've ever met in my whole life I guess I'm following her over a 6 year and to be honest i learned much from her than my school

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