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Elevating men’s mental health and well-being. Charles and Dan are just two guys talking about relationships, health, and self-improvement. Join them as they discuss books and media, as well as their (sometimes messy) personal stories, to encourage men to join the fight for their mental, physical, and emotional health--because a world of healthy, resilient men is a thriving and more secure world for everyone.
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Or, in slightly more contemporary language, "the clothes maketh the man". Join us as we start to discuss fashion and style, and the part that the clothes on your back make in communicating who you are.Support the show
Memory is so often triggered by smell, that to be positively memorable, a man should not neglect to curate his entire presence, including his smell.In this episode, we'll talk about attraction through scent, and discuss our own personal experiences trying to be men that are remembered for smelling good.Support the show
We're all stuck with the voice we've got, right? Maybe not. There are behaviors you can learn to sound more attractive when you speak, and we'll discuss them in this episode.Support the show
Over the hill? Past your prime? Nonsense! Your age (much like your height and hair status) isn't getting in the way of successful dating. In this episode we'll discuss how dating changes for men, as they get older--and hopefully wiser.Support the show
A topic that many men spend considerable time thinking about, joking about, and worrying about, is the size of their penis. In this episode we'll share some data that says you're probably more "normal" than you think, and it probably doesn't matter as much as you hope--or fear.This episode contains explicit content (obviously).Support the show
Hair is good. No hair is good. Time spent in between these two choices is not so good. We'll talk about going bald, dealing with your options, and why the best choice probably involves a razor.Support the show
The furry stuff on the top of your skull can either be a source of strength or weakness,  depending on your mindset. In this episode, we'll talk men's hair and hairstyles, and how much you should (or shouldn't) worry about going grey.Support the show
Look Strong, Be Strong

Look Strong, Be Strong


"Fitness: an organism's ability to survive and reproduce in a particular environment."Biology and culture agree that being "in shape" is more attractive than not. In this week's episode, we'll discuss some of the markers of fitness, as well as the advantages that men who are fit (and appear fit) enjoy, and, most importantly, how to get started.Here are some links to things we discuss during the episode:Starting StrengthBuy the bookLearn the lifts, with Brett McKay, from "Art of Manliness": IntroductionLow Bar SquatOverhead PressBench PressDeadliftSupport the show
In this episode (number 69), we continue laying down the foundation of how men attract women, and explore a case study about two guys, one woman, and a coffee shop.Support the show
Attractive men experience richer lives because they have more options. Your genetics and childhood determine some of your attractive traits, but so many more are within your control... today! In this episode, we'll start exploring what men (both those in a relationship, and those looking for a relationship) can do to better themselves in ways that will make them more attractive--particularly to women.Support the show
We've finished "Tiny Habits" by BJ Fogg! Join us as we discuss our final thoughts, and what we hope to carry with us, and we introduce our next book, "Atomic Attraction", by Christopher Canwell.Support the show
In this episode, we cover the final full chapter of Tiny Habits, by BJ Fogg, and talk about how we can use our knowledge to create change in others--and we focus on how and why we should (or shouldn't) attempt to do so.Support the show
BJ Fogg's Behavioral Model applies to all behaviors and habits--even the ones we don't want. In this episode, we'll talk about how we can break down our "unwanted" habits into the components that create them (prompts, ability, and motivation), and manipulate those components to eliminate or replace the "bad habit".Support the show
OK, so you've gotten to the point that you do two push-ups every time you pee... now what? In this week's episode, we discuss how to take your newly-cemented tiny habit to the next level.Support the show
Your success in creating new habits depends on your ability to train your brain--to train its decisions, thoughts, AND feelings.In this week's episode, we'll discuss the essential nature of celebration as a part of changing your behavior, and creating your new habits.Support the show
We do what we do because we are prompted to--prompted by a thought, or a feeling, the context of what is happening around us, or by a system.In this episode we'll discuss the power of prompts, and how we can use them to develop the new behaviors that we want.Support the show
If you want to reach an important goal, by creating new habits, you MUST figure out how to make those habits small and easy. In this week's episode, we discuss the "Ability" component of the Fogg Behavior Model from "Tiny Habits".Support the show
Motivation is a factor in every thing that we do, but we all over-estimate how motivated we'll feel in the future. In this episode, we discuss how to use our motivation--without relying on it too much--to accomplish our goals of creating new habits.Support the show
Coming at you two days late (because Charles has the flu)! This week we'll cover chapter one of "Tiny Habits" by BJ Fogg--where he (quite convincingly) makes the case that human behavior can be explained by a simple and intuitive equation.Support the show
This week, we cover the introduction to "Tiny Habits" by BJ Fogg. BJ suggests that the cliche of "Change is Hard" is just a myth, and that we can modify our behavior relatively easily, if we understand why we do what we do.Support the show
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