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We all start off with great intentions. we try to implement those good intentions and actually be more productive or be more consistent. Yet when it comes to the moment in time where we want to make that change, we find ourselves doing the same as we always do. We don’t make the changes. We don’t make the time to do the thing. Or we justify why we can’t. We don’t feel like it. And so we don’t do it. In this episode I talk about why do we do that And how we can change it. I bust some common myths and then give you actionable tips to get you going - even when you don’t feel like it.
There are 23 reasons that may be tripping you up when it comes to successfully implementing time blocking in your business. Sometimes its not that time blocking won’t work for you, its that there is one small thing that needs changing up to make it work better! So dive into this episode, take note of the mistakes you may have made in the past, and then set up your time blocking this week with those things in mind. Remember that it’s important to evaluate and tweak to make it work for you. I have free mini 121 sessions available to help you get unstuck in your business so if you are struggling to implement time blocking after this episode, please get in touch so I can help you.
There are 12 steps to take in order to successfully implement time blocking as a way of getting more done in your business.   I go through each in detail in this episode to ensure you get the most out of time blocking - by starting off in a way that sets you up for success but is easy to evaluate and adjust if you need to. 
Today on my podcast I am talking to you about throwing your hat in the ring - and the three biggest reasons that you are avoiding going for that thing that you aren’t putting yourself forward for right now. There is something that you know you aren’t putting yourself forward for right now that you know would propel you forward if you did it. Here’s the thing though, if you want it, no matter what it is, then you are in fact, ready to go after it. So let this episode help you go for it! Once you have listened, if you need a little more support with going for it, then go here and book a free mini 121 with me so I can help you go after whatever it is you are avoiding going for right now.
This week we are talking about confusion when it comes to making offers in your business. I talk to you about how making offers can be like going fishing - and illuminate for you where you might be going wrong - and how you can get some clarity and fish your river successfully!
When we know we are going on holiday, we work faster, we have more focus and we put in a hard boundary. I am going away gosh darn it and I am NOT working whilst I am away! So why is it that when we are at home and want to make sure we clock off at a certain time every day and not let work creep into our evening schedules and weekend time, is it so hard to actually stick to it?! I am talking about this today and then give you some tips on how to hack your brain a little, to bring that going on holiday productivity and focus to the majority of your work time! I would love to have you try my ideas and then let me know how you get on!
100% belief in your goal and in yourself is great when it comes to going after your goals in life and business. But today I make it clear that not only is it not compulsory to achieving your goals, you can still get there without it. I talk about my big podcast goal for February - hitting it and what position I would have been in had I not used the other tools in my arsenal to make sure I hit that goal. Then I give you 5 easy actionable steps to aid you when going after you goals - no matter how big or scary they are.
Today I am talking about something I have seen come up time and again with my clients - navigating the discussions that come up when you want to make an investment in your business but don’t necessarily have the cash in your business account to cover it. It’s a conversation that a number of women are struggling to have and then are ending up not making their investment because of the response from their partner. I talk about why this is a problem, and how we can go about handling these conversations and situations in such a way that makes them productive and won’t leave you feeling like you were talked out of something or coming away feeling unsupported. This stuff isn’t always easy to navigate and may well bring up some stuff for you, and if that is the case then please listen all the way through, think on it a little and see what conclusions you come to in the end. I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please get in touch with me at
There are three ways I hande clients when they are struggling with their strategy, and I talk about them in this episode. I then go on to ask what is my strategy? What am I doing on a regular basis, to try to build my business? Is the strategy working for you? Then give you 4 options about what to try if your current strategy isn’t working. If you are struggling with your strategy in business right now and your days are full of doing what you really don’t love, get in touch with me on insta or facebook @kirstyknightcoaching and I will give you some help.
As part of their marketing strategies, it has become the norm, by some, to shame others in their field who may not be as far ahead in their journey, or to have experienced the same things as they are helping their clients with. Today I talk to you about the 9 reasons I believe that kind of thinking to be inaccurate and unhelpful when it comes to who you can help and how well you can do that! Spoiler alert - your experience level has absolutely nothing to do with how well you can help your clients. Listen to this episode for a confidence boost if you need it, and for a differing perspective if that’s the kind of messaging you have been using. Take it as an opportunity to rethink! We can all benefit from seeing the opposite side of a situation after all.
Today I am going to talk to you about wanting to make more money - and why that is OK - and why you should! There are so many things in the world, holding us back, impacting our lives and influencing them, but money brings you an economic power that means that you can change what impacts you and how. You can make the changes in the world that you want to see - and you can do that by making more money and then using the freedom that brings to make choices that empower you and other people. So let’s go deep on money and some of the reasons you might be talking yourself out of making more - and how you can turn that around!
A lot of highly driven, motivated, determined, ambitious women like yourselves struggle with going after what they really want, whilst looking after themselves along the way. And I have a recent experience of this; I learned a lot of things along the way and I would like to share with these you. I’m going to dive into why impossible goals are actually awesome to go after, and how best to strive for them whilst taking care of yourself AND improving your chances for success. I’d love to hear about what goals you are striving for right now. Are they impossible? Are you taking care of yourself as you strive for them? Are you on track to reach them? Would it be a good idea to rethink, reset and go again? Get in contact with me and let me know.
How much time is a lack of self-belief, self-confidence and courage costing you in your business? Each of these three foundational areas of mindset deserve a whole episode, but today I will give you an introduction to each - and how they might be holding you back whilst you build a life and business you love. Before you listen, ask yourself this question, and then brainstorm on it: What are the things that you could be doing right now, and implementing in your business, that you know of, that you think would potentially give you faster results, or have a massive impact on your time? And if you have something on that list…why aren’t you doing it? Once you have your answer, come listen and then if you need help with any of these things, get in touch!
How much are you enjoying your time? How much fun are you having in your business right now? And how much fun are you having outside of it? Rate your enjoyment between 1 and 10, and then listen to this episode to find out what that number tells me about whats going on for you in your life and business right now.
How does your opinion of you - your self identity effect how you show up every day in your business in life? And can you change the ways that you think about yourself? Listen to this episode and find out!
Would you know, if we were to sit down and quantify it? And look at all the areas in your business where you might be people-pleasing how much time that actually equates to? And how much it is costing you - because either that people-pleasing isn’t paying you or whilst you are doing that people-pleasing, your attention isn’t elsewhere, creating value? So there are four key areas where I typically see people-pleasing crop up in business. So I’m going to be sharing what those are - see if you relate to any of them, and then I’m going to talk about why we do it, and give you the stages you need to go through, in order to rein back on that people-pleasing tendency of yours. So how much people-pleasing are you doing and when you are honest, how much is it costing you?
How much is a lack of self-trust slowing you down in your business? Or how much do you trust yourself to have the answers when it comes to your business? The problem with taking multiple courses, doing numerous courses and deferring to someone else about how your business is run, is that using someone else’s model of how your business should run, doesn’t allow for the uniqueness of YOU, of your business and for your skills. Your business is a puzzle - a unique one, made up of a number of differing factors that even if they seem the same as someone else’s on the surface, are actually completely different up close. The answer that solves their unique business puzzle, is not necessarily going to be the one that solves yours. You need to trust that you have everything within you to work out the answers to this puzzle - and that if you need help and support along the way, you can seek that too. In this episode, I talk about my 2 widely varying experiences of both ends of the self trust business conundrum and show you where a good middle ground lies. So if you want to gain more confidence and self trust that you can actually figure this out, come and listen to today’s episode. And if after that you still need support, this episode will point you in the right direction for that too.
How much self discipline do you have - or to put it another way, how good are you at making yourself do things that you don’t want to? Self discipline as a term has a lot of negative connotations, so instead let’s think of it as honouring our commitments to yourself. So when you think about it like that, how good are you at doing what you said you were going to do for yourself? If you struggle with this at all either in your business or in life in general, then listen to this episode where I teach you techniques to help you start to build that self trust, and if you need further support, you can always get in touch with me.
How good are you at cultivating creativity? At optimising it, within your brain and within your business? Now I never used to think of myself as a creative person before. I never really identified as someone who was creative. I mean, I used to love writing stories as a child - adventure stories, magic stories, horror stories, and all sorts. But I think I thought that when I no longer did that, I pretty much stopped being creative. And I certainly didn’t think there was a need for creativity in any of the projects I had worked in as a Construction Project Manager or in any of the businesses I ran - my campsite business, or the holiday furnishing and letting business. Or even when I became a coach and started helping others with their businesses, and their confidence and their productivity, I didn’t think there was any creativity going on. But actually, the more I have coached, and well, the more I realised that building a coaching business is actually more like 90% marketing and 10% coaching when you first start out, I realised that actually, creativity has a massive role within your coaching, your consulting business, any business you have, really.
So I’ve talked a little bit about strategies that can help set you up for focusing, but I want to dive a little bit deeper into it here, and also talk about flow. Because really the better we get at optimising our focus, at strengthening that attention, and the better we get at getting into a state of flow, the more we get done, in less time. And that is the goal, right? Achieve more, in less time. So you are using your time for the things that create results in your business, and still having time for you, and your friends and family and loved ones. So let's dive in.
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Claire Black

Wowzers, it's like you're in my head! Awesome podcast. Subscribed and looking forward to hearing more :)

Dec 22nd

Louisa Ellins

Kirsty's podcast is an essential listen for any businesswoman who is feeling a bit stuck in their business, for whatever reason. She has so much wisdom to offer and I'm really looking forward to the next episode!

Dec 21st
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