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The Time and Productivity Podcast for Entrepreneurs

Author: Kirsty Knight

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Are you an ambitious Type A entrepreneur who knows exactly what you should be doing to make more money and free up more time in your business, but you can’t seem to take action?

Join Kirsty Knight each week, so she can help you develop the self-belief, confidence, courage and discipline you need to get out of your own way and create a wildly successful business that you love.

Kirsty will be sharing lessons from her own business journey, diving into the psychology behind why you aren’t taking action, and also teaching you practical strategies for not only handling overwhelm, managing your time better and being more productive, but for stopping self-sabotage, procrastination, perfectionism and people-pleasing in your business too.

If you are trying to build or scale an online business, this potent mix of business strategy, goal setting, time management, productivity and mindset advice, is exactly what the doctor ordered. Implement it and you will blow your mind with what you are capable of!
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  Do you know the four core areas in which your mindset impacts on your time?    If you don’t - then you need to listen to the latest episode of the Time & Productivity Podcast for Entrepreneurs, where I am going to help you audit yourself in each of the four areas.    Because awareness of where you might be getting in your own way - is always going to be the first step to changing it.    And if you don’t do the work to change it - next year is going to look scarily like this year has done…   Where you are not quite creating the life you actually want.   
  Do you know what your biggest productivity saboteur is? The reason behind you not getting enough sh*t done in your business during the hours you work?   If you don’t - then you need to listen to the latest episode of the Time & Productivity Podcast for Entrepreneurs, where I am going to help you identify which of the top 6 you probably need to be focused on getting help with.    Because awareness of it - is always going to be the first step to changing it.    And if you don’t do the work to change it - next year is going to look scarily like this year has done…   Where you are not quite creating the life you actually want.    Listen to the episode  
Join Chartered Accountant and Profit Strategist, Nicola Hagemen and me in this conversation around the three core areas to focus on if you want to earn more money in your business and work fewer hours.  Nicola shares:  The most important things to remember to factor in when pricing your services Her 3 must-have apps to save you time when it comes to your business finances Why the art of planning your finances is so important to the success and your enjoyment of your business  
So I wanted to talk to you today about - what if lack of time isn’t the problem?  So oftentimes we use time as the reason (or lack of time, shall we say) as the reason why we don’t get to things. We can’t fit things in. The reason we can’t fit in a work-life balance. The things for our health - our exercise, enough rest, any self-care or time for ourselves, our hobbies, seeing family and friends, spending as much time as we’d like with family… Because the math doesn’t actually add up. So one of the things I do with my clients, is make sure that the math does add up.  But sometimes, the math does add up. You can fit it in. And time isn’t necessarily the problem. Lack of time isn’t the problem.   
Join Sandra and me in this short episode for some handy actionable advice around ditching the long-form sales page and all the perfectionism and dread around it, and replacing it with something that shows the value of what you offer, alongside your personality and passion to help them with it.    Sandra shares:    3 actionable pieces of advice that will have you saving time and creating your personality-filled sales page with ease Why sharing the price is a good idea in this current climate What should absolutely be included in the very first paragraph  
Join me in this episode with the fabulous Katy Bradbury, registered nurse and nutritional therapist, who shares her biggest tips on how to ensure you are eating for high performance in your business.    Katy shares:    The 3 macronutrients you need in each meal to ensure high performance throughout your day as a business owner.  A simple way to ensure you are eating them in the right proportion  The number 1 most important macro you should add into your diet to help you avoid those 3 pm energy slumps  
Today we are going to be talking about some of the symptoms that you can use to recognise and identify the fact that you might be tying your worth to your business success.   
One of the biggest time investments you are likely to make in your business, is putting out marketing content in order to make sales. Whether that is organic marketing content or paid ads, the best way to make sure that time investment isn’t wasted, is to make sure that the content you are putting out is as effective as possible, at doing the job of getting in front of the right people, and helping them see that you are the right person to help them.    Tune into this episode to hear how to make it more effective at doing that.    Helen shares:    How you can identify if your messaging in your content is off The very first step you need to take in order to fix it Her GRASP framework that helps you see all of the elements that should be included within your content in order for it to be more effective Her own experience of getting rid of things that didn’t light her up in her business, to make space for more time for herself, her family, and the things that do - and the impact that has had on her revenue
One of the best ways to free up some of your time in your business is to hire help or outsource certain tasks. But both hiring in your business and outsourcing for the first time involves a time investment, a financial investment, and a dollop of courage. Tune into this episode, where the fabulous Alison Blackler will be giving you some advice on navigating some of the challenges that come from that experience, the first time you do it.    Alison shares:    The first challenges you are likely to face when you decide this is your next step The difference between being a Manager and being an Inspired Leader Why mindset is so important to consider and get help with when you decide to hire   
In today's episode, I am joined by renowned brand strategist Rachel Vigers. With over 25 years of experience in marketing and branding, Rachel brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to the table. Together we delve into brand strategy, discussing its impact on business success and offering valuable tips to build a brand strategy that really works for entrepreneurs. We also explore the importance of setting boundaries, reaching the right audience, and creating a distinctive offer in a crowded marketplace. A strong brand can transform your business and ensure long-term sustainability.  To find out more from Rachel after this episode go to
Join me as I talk to a former client of mine, Julie Gibson, who shares some fabulous entrepreneurial mindset nuggets that I think will help you, if you decide to adopt them.    We talk about:    Why stepping out of your comfort zone is the quickest way to your business goals How to know when it’s time to give yourself permission to quit when something isn’t working The importance of alignment and passion in your business How to think about failing in a way that serves you Why you shouldn’t let your non-paying community dictate what your business offers What it’s like to be one of my coaching clients   To find Julie and The End of the World Reading Club head to:
In this episode, I am talking to the fabulous branding photographer Amanda Hutchinson, who not only gives us some advice on saving time and being organised with your branding photos, but also shares the value of a long-term vision, teamwork, and planning ahead when it comes to juggling a newborn baby with a business that involves travel.    Tune in to listen to this great conversation.   
On this week's episode join me and my first ever guest, Morgan Gillis!  We will be talking all things Instagram - how to use it, how to make your time on platform productive and effective and we will talk about Morgan's personal experience of time management, productivity and delegating. Morgan helps coaches sign clients using Instagram.  You can find her here:  and if you follow her and then DM her "Selling In The DMs" if you want the free mini course she talks about with me in this episode! This episode covers The best way to increase your productivity is through SKILLS Why continuing to "nurture" your audience is KILLING your sales! Morgan’s 7 Step Process To Creating Time Flexibility Through Selling In The DMs - and the ONE mistake you don't want to make!  
So I heard someone say this once - “Before you get to 6 figures in your business, strategy is more important than mindset”...   And I thought I would take today’s episode to give my two pennies worth about it…   Because this kind of thing happens a lot in the personal development and online business world…   Where one person is arguing FOR one thing and AGAINST another - it happens with types of strategy, it happens with mindset vs strategy, mindset vs somatic work, conscious mindset work vs subconscious/unconscious work.   
On this episode of The Time & Productivity Podcast for Entrepreneurs, I delve into the topic of why I don't advise hustling to your first 100k. As a podcast dedicated to helping ambitious, high achieving women achieve work-life balance and success in their businesses, I aim to debunk advice and common beliefs that may not be helpful or applicable to all situations for small business owners and online entrepreneurs.  I explore the various sources from which these beliefs may stem, including society, families, government, gurus, mentors, and admired individuals and how they can negatively impact business success, work-life balance, results, finances, time, and productivity. Many individuals put in extra hours and constantly doubt whether their efforts are enough, leading to hesitation and indecision. This perpetuates self-doubt, resulting in a cycle that keeps you stuck. I point out that some individuals believe that their success is solely due to their excessive effort and overworking, failing to recognise the true factors that contributed to success. This belief traps you in a never-ending cycle of hustling, as you feel the need to maintain the same level of effort to achieve similar results. You often lack the time to evaluate what truly worked in the past and fear narrowing down your approach or taking time off, thinking it may negatively impact their future success. However, I argue that relying solely on time and effort for success is limiting because there is a cap on how much one can put in as a human. Believing that constant hustle is necessary for success can create a fear of not working enough. Overworking leads to a decrease in focus, creativity, problem-solving abilities, and the ability to process complex information. Quantity without quality is unlikely to yield better results. The idea of constant hustle also causes a fear of taking time off, preventing entrepreneurs from recharging, maintaining their health, and nurturing relationships. I emphasise that taking time off allows for gaining perspective and fresh ideas. Overworking and trying to do too much often leads to feeling overwhelmed and not getting the desired results. Lack of time and effort leads to a half-assed job on multiple tasks, preventing the evaluation of results and causing wasted effort and uncertainty. To address the specific notion that one must hustle to earn their first 100k, I explain that making six, seven, or even eight figures in the online education and coaching industry is a common goal. However, I suggest that small business owners assess if their business model is scalable to achieve these figures. Believing that excessive effort is necessary may unintentionally resist further growth and prevent entrepreneurs from benefiting from economies of scale. I share my personal experience of resisting expansion in my campsite business because I already felt overwhelmed with my current workload. I emphasise that breaking out of the habit of overworking and hustling becomes difficult after achieving success through this method. It becomes challenging to simplify and constrain one's business strategy without knowing what specifically will lead to success since efforts weren't tracked or evaluated. Tune in to this episode of The Time & Productivity Podcast for Entrepreneurs to gain valuable insights on the role of hustling in achieving business success and why it may not be the best approach to reaching your first 100k.
On this episode of The Time & Productivity Podcast for Entrepreneurs, I dive into the topic of fear of failure. I explore how our brain releases dopamine to incentivise improvement and how mistakes and hard times in business actually provide opportunities for learning and skill development. I discuss the importance of learning and implementing what I have learned to improve our skill set. Throughout the episode, I emphasize the idea that even when I lose in the entrepreneurial game, I still win because failures can be used as valuable lessons for personal growth. I discuss the negative impact of failures and how to overcome them through healing and seeking coaching or guidance. I also explore the mindset of viewing entrepreneurship as a means for personal growth and how this can help overcome the negativity associated with business failures or mistakes. I talk about the importance of consciously doing inner work and addressing triggers to find value and lessons in failures. Furthermore, I discuss how lessons from failures can be used to improve and grow in the future. I touch on the tendency for most people to quit after losing in a challenging game and the three reasons why some individuals continue to play despite the difficulties. I also tackle the reality that even established and successful businesses can suddenly go out of business, highlighting the parallels betIen entrepreneurship and gambling. I delve into the idea that setting up and running a business can be difficult and can result in pain and discomfort. Throughout the episode, our host Kirsty Knight shares her own experiences of mistakes and failures in her various businesses, highlighting how they have helped her develop better services, skills, and a stronger business overall. She acknowledges the personal difficulties associated with these experiences. Ultimately, I emphasize the importance of embracing failure as a crucial part of the entrepreneurial journey and the role it plays in learning and growth. I encourage listeners to detach their worthiness from success and focus on the journey, progress, and challenges of entrepreneurship. Join us on this episode as I explore the personal and professional impact of failure and provide insights and strategies for overcoming the fear of failing in your business.
On this episode of The Time & Productivity Podcast for Entrepreneurs, join me, Kirsty Knight as I delves into my biggest fails and mistakes in business so far. In this candid and insightful conversation, I emphasise the importance of learning from failures and exploring past mistakes without judgment. I shares personal stories of the ups and downs I have experienced in my entrepreneurial journey, from converting old farm stone buildings into accommodation to offering project management services for nervous clients. I also discuss the lessons I learned about pricing, delegation, and the importance of constraint. I reveal how failures in glamping, finance tracking, launching, and content strategy shaped my understanding of business and helped improve me role as a CEO. My stories range from tension with a business partner to setting unrealistic goals for clients, with valuable insights about communication, partnerships, and mindset coaching along the way. Tune in to this episode to gain practical advice, inspiration, and a fresh perspective on failure as a necessary step towards achieving success in business.
On this episode of The Time & Productivity Podcast for Entrepreneurs, I talk about why we should be running towards failure. I shares a personal experience that made me realise the importance of celebrating wins and taking risks, even if there's a chance of failing. I encourage my listeners to audit themselves, identify areas of avoidance, and take action to face challenges. I also introduce the idea of creating a jar of awesome, where you celebrate your wins, progress, and lessons learned from failures. I believe that avoiding failure can lead to missed opportunities and growth. I urge you to bet on yourself and embrace failure as a path to success.   [00:00:05] Kirsty explains importance of embracing failure. [00:05:44] Trying and betting on oneself leads success. [00:08:52] Loose strategy, fear of failure, wasted time. [00:11:41] Celebrate wins, failures, put in jar.
So this episode is for you - dear friend, dear high-achieving, highly ambitious, driven, hard-working, hustling female entrepreneur/woman business owner - whatever you call yourself… Who never stops to celebrate your wins. Or spend longer than 2 seconds and a quick “yay” before you are back to work.  You get to that goal and you barely acknowledge it, it doesn’t feel quite so impressive once you are there, you kind of dismiss it, and are already on to the next thing…  
The importance of your why is often spoken about in motivational circles.  Usually the reason they give is that you can use a strong why to keep you going when you are tempted to quit.  But what they are talking about is the big quit - the moment of thinking “this isn’t for me. It’s too hard”.  And that is valid - because we do tend to start questioning it when it does get hard. Last week I shared on the podcast how I briefly considered burning it all down and starting over - I think this is normal every once in a while - but it is rare.  But actually for me, my clients - who are typically these kind of ambitious, Type A, driven, motivated high-achieving women, it is not that that is the problem. They can do hard. It’s not that they are necessarily tempted by the big quit.  It’s the little quits that are the problem. The little quits on the day-to-day decisions and operations that make all the difference to them having a business that they originally wanted - and those little quits come from them not remembering their why - why they wanted a business in the first place.  Listen on to find out more. 
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Rebecca McManus

Love this podcast. Kirsty gets to the point. No long winded intros or waffle. No selling of Kirsty's or anyone else's solutions. Just fantastic advice from someone who knows her stuff!

Nov 30th

Claire Black

Wowzers, it's like you're in my head! Awesome podcast. Subscribed and looking forward to hearing more :)

Dec 22nd

Louisa Ellins

Kirsty's podcast is an essential listen for any businesswoman who is feeling a bit stuck in their business, for whatever reason. She has so much wisdom to offer and I'm really looking forward to the next episode!

Dec 21st
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