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Your time is valuable. Your listening space is limited. So we cut to the chase! (...we get to the point quickly!... if you’ve ever wondered what that means 😉) with raw conversations that grapple with faith, following Jesus in a broken world, and living lives of eternal impact! Some names you’ll recognize, some you won’t. But all of them are on a common journey–striving to follow Jesus and join Him in the work He is doing in and around them. We invite you to join the conversation!
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Lisa Anderson is accustomed to taking on a variety of challenging assignments with deadlines and late nights.However, when she took on the unexpected role of being a caregiver for her mom who was battling dementia, it was the hardest — yet most rewarding — role of her life. Lisa never anticipated how the Lord was writing a story of hope and inspiration amid some very dark days. Today, as she reflects on her role as a caregiver, Lisa clearly sees how the Lord’s faithfulness and His grace were on display — allowing her to spend quality time with her mom and reminding her about the sanctity of life.
When was the last time you had a real and meaningful conversation? Especially with someone who holds a worldview that differs from yours?  Differences of opinion have always been part of life. For decades, spouses, family members, co-workers, and neighbors have had spirited conversations about politics, social issues, religion, current events, and even sports. But what was different in the past is that these disagreements wouldn’t sever ties between family and friends. Today, we live in an argumentative “cancel” culture that has led to nearly a third of people reporting they have stopped talking to a friend or family member due to a disagreement. Nearly two-thirds of people say they stay quiet about their beliefs due to the fear of offending others. From cyberbullying to hate speech, demonizing political language, verbal abuse, and intolerance, the vast majority of us―eighty-seven percent―no longer feel safe in public places to share our opinions. Tim Muehlhoff and Sean McDowell are calling Jesus-followers higher. Can we End the Stalemate and have meaningful conversations?
Think of your toughest relationship. Think of a relationship that is good but could be great. Think of a group of people that drives you nuts. You want to show more kindness and generosity, but sometimes you’re just tired, stretched, and frustrated. Besides, would small actions make that big a difference? Shaunti Feldhahn says, “Yes!”   This social researcher did years of extensive research, and concluded that kindness is a superpower! It can change any relationship, make your life easier and better, and transform our culture. Turns out, you really can show kindness when you don’t feel like it.   Listen in and find out how The Kindness Challenge can make your toughest relationships better and your good relationships great—starting today. For more information on Shaunti’s book:
As a parent, your role changes drastically after your kids grow up… at least, it should.  Too many of us have faced heartache and strained relationships when our children choose difficult--even seemingly wrong--paths. In, Love, Pray, Listen: Parenting Your Wayward Adult Children with Joy, Mary DeMuth shares a gracious, practical resource for navigating the rocky terrain of parenting grown-ups. If you’ve wondered: What do I do when my kids make choices that don't align with my values? Or, how do I keep communication lines open with my grown children? When do I speak, and when do I listen? And, how do I avoid the temptation of meddling in my kids' lives? ...this conversation will help. This is your invitation for spiritual growth and a path toward fulfilling relationships with your adult children.
48 million Christ followers will approach retirement age over the next two decades. Most have no real plan for impact in their retirement years. Unfortunately, too many Christ-followers have embraced the world’s retirement plan: it’s all downhill, then you die, so jam as much leisure as you can into those years.   In, The Retirement Reformation Bruce Bruinsma changes the way we think about what our culture calls retirement. While acknowledging the reality of longevity, Bruce challenges both individuals and faith-based organizations to reexamine, reshape, reform, and revitalize the fastest-growing segment of our society. God has a unique call for each of our lives, and it does not stop at sixty-five or seventy.
When life hurts, you need more than bubbly inspiration. To get through life’s storms, you need a God who meets you in the blurry confusion of heartache and carries you through to the other side. In her book, You Can Trust God When Life Hurts, Amber Albee Swenson helps you see how you can find faith when things don’t make sense, adopt a hope-filled perspective in hard times, receive grace for when you fail, and so much more!  Whether you’re navigating hurt right now or fortifying your faith for the days to come, our guest wants to help you see how you can hope in God no matter what comes your way.
In her latest book, Recipes for a Sweet Child: Creative Bible-based Activities to Help Your Family Thrive, author Katie Trent combines her counseling and ministry expertise with her own parenting experiences to provide you with a creative guide to work past challenging childhood issues in a winsome way. Searching for answers to help turn your children’s grumbling into gratitude? Trying to navigate ongoing issues like sibling rivalry, tattling, unforgiveness, peer pressure, or bullying? Katie will help you teach your kids how to apply biblical wisdom in any situation. Discover simple tools to bring peace and joy into your home with easy, interactive activities and Bible lessons and enjoy making delicious recipes with your kids.
The world needs young men to grow up into real men. But with young men receiving so many conflicting messages about what it means to be a man, they find it hard to know what masculinity looks like when men are at their absolute best. Brant Hansen paints a refreshingly specific, compelling picture of what men are designed to be in a world of cultural confusion.
We were created to work, and our work provides unique meaning and purpose in our lives. Yet today, we are living in a crisis of apathy and ignorance regarding work’s theological and existential nature. David Bahnsen believes our understanding of work and its role in our lives is deeply flawed—we are unmoored from what he calls “created purpose". It is in work—effort, service, striving—of every kind, that we discover our meaning and purpose; a significant and successful life is one rooted in full-time productivity and cultivation of God’s created world.
Cultivating within kids a heart for generosity and wise habits around earning, saving, investing, and spending money will impact every aspect of their lives—their relationship with Jesus, their future marriage, their ability to make a difference with their lives, and much more. Matt Bell shares stories, motivation, and the guidance you need to help your kids develop powerfully effective biblical money-management attitudes and behaviors. Matt’s book, Trusted will equip you to teach your kids the purpose of money and how to pursue biblical financial priorities—everything they need to get on the right path for a lifetime of effective, joyful, God-glorifying money management.  For more information about Matt’s book:
Whether you’re facing the ordinary, daily pressures of squaring away today’s to-do list or an unexpected season of suffering that seems to have no end, sometimes it feels like Jesus’ promise of “overflowing joy” is simply not within reach for your real life. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Author and Bible teacher Tara Dew takes us to Jesus’ words in John 15 to reveal three surprising paths to a truly joy-filled life. If you’re willing to take Jesus up on His teaching, you’ll find that God’s pruning, God’s presence, and persevering in God’s commands have the power to deliver not just a taste of joy as a fruit God is developing in your life, but an overflowing bushel of it!
Do you want well-behaved kids? Or, kids with good character? Ideally, both. How do we get there? Too often, parents misguidedly prioritize behavior. Behavior modification does not guarantee g ood character qualities.  In her latest book, Parent Differently, Kathy Koch says it’s character that influences decisions. It shows up in our speech, actions and attitudes. It’s about who we are and what we do. As Christians, we want to see the character of Jesus Christ in our children. We want our kids to be brave, compassionate and joyful. Whether a parent, grandparent or teacher, we all want to see our children grow in humility, gratitude and respect—for others and themselves.  The founder of Celebrate Kids, Dr. Kathy Koch will help us define character and why it matters as she unpacks the crisis of character in our culture today. Listen for some great tips on steps we can take to teach and develop character in our kids.
Taking on the moniker “Purveyors of Good News,” Rend Collective is a band that seeks to be authentic while delivering the Gospel in a simple old-fashioned manner.  Amid so much heaviness consuming events of today’s world, Rend Collective is sharing good news as a response to that brokenness. The five-member group identifies as a worship band with nothing to prove… just being faithful.
We live in a possession and money obsessed culture where the average American has far more than they need. Yet, many of us feel incredibly insecure, and we grasp tightly to what we have and continue trying to gain more. This impacts both how we think about our God-given resources and our willingness to be generous with what God has given us to steward. In his book, Gospel Generosity, Nathan Harris points to the Gospel as the source of life transformation that enables us to turn our focus from ourselves to others and to follow the way of Jesus.  Harris calls Gospel generosity a way of giving that is rooted in the saving work of Jesus Christ. It is the Christian’s joyful awareness of what Christ has done for us and how we are privileged to participate in proclaiming that work through giving and advancing the Gospel.
Brant Hansen is convinced that, regardless of circumstances, you can have a deep sense of well-being. Not only is it possible, it’s promised to all who follow Jesus. Our guest doesn't claim to follow a success plan. He just keeps simply showing up and taking Jesus very seriously. And by taking Jesus seriously in all of life, Brant has become more joyful, more peaceful and full of laughter.  In Life Is Hard, God Is Good, Let's Dance, Brant does what he does best—shares stories from around the world, as well as from his own heart and head, with a writing style that will likely make you laugh, cry, and rethink your outlook on life and the kingdom of God. Link to Brant’s book:
What if it’s all true? What if the Bible truly is the words of God written down by the hands of men? What if Jesus was more than just a good teacher but actually the Son of God – what might that mean to you and me personally? Rick Beckwith has served with Young Life for more than 40 years. In his new book, What If It’s All True?, our guest explores this question by investigating the Person and promises of Jesus. In a culture that views absolute truth as a fixture of the past, it is necessary to have a deeper explanation of the hope available to us in Jesus. If this explanation is indeed plausible and the Bible is true, then the implications for how we live are nothing short of profound!
When JJ Weeks was a teenager, someone recognized he had some serious vocal talent. It was a talent that he learned God could use to share His love and grace through song. Though he never learned to play an instrument, he still formed the JJ Weeks Band in 2001. While today he’s a solo artist, God still has JJ Weeks on mission, singing Gospel truth. Most well known for his song Let Them See You, the native of Macon, Georgia who was once labeled a “powerhouse voice” is still intent on being used by God to make a difference in people’s lives.
Darren Mulligan is a single-minded Irishman who writes rock n’ roll anthems and intimate earthly psalms for messy, broken people. Our guest is the frontman for We Are Messengers, a band whose stated goal is to engage culture in conversation about the goodness of God. It shows up in their songs that address some of the hardest things we feel as humans. After spending nearly a decade living in the Nashville area, Mulligan and his family have moved back to their homeland. Darren joined us from just outside his farmhouse in the hills of Ireland. 
Through The Truth Project, Focus on the Family’s Del Tackett helped millions of viewers learn how to “be transformed by the renewing of your mind” by looking at life through a Biblical perspective.  Now, through The Engagement Project, our guest is ready to help you take the next step –– to engage the world around you. Not in the way we’ve been doing it –– but ––  in a new and fresh way. The way God wants.
All too often, couples bail from their marriages before they reach the sweet spot. The enemy of your soul loves to steal, kill and destroy, and he will whisper lies to try and tear apart your marriage. As presenters at the Family Life Weekend to Remember Marriage Conference, Pastor Dan Brenton and his wife Julie have been helping couples for nearly 30 years. Let’s be real –– on the wedding day, no one is really prepared for marriage. The honeymoon ends quickly, life gets real, then little people enter our lives. That’s when you have to realize that you are one with your spouse, not one with your kids. Through the Weekend to Remember, Dan and Julie help you figure out how to keep your relationship with your spouse front and center in the midst of busy family life.