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This week we breakdown  Q1 2022 calendar earnings from Disney, fuboTV and DISH including subscriber gains/losses, ARPU and revenue growth rate. We also detail some engagement numbers highlighting what engagement looks like across gaming (Roblox, Activision Blizzard), trading (Robinhood, Coinbase), social (Facebook) and other platforms showing how consumer's behaviors have changed since the pandemic. Companies, and services mentioned: Netflix, Disney, fuboTV, DISH, Sling TV, AMC, Hulu, EPSN+, Hotstar, YouTube TV, Vizio, Facebook, Roblox, Peloton, Carvana, Coinbase, Activision Blizzard, Robinhood, Charter, Call Of Duty.Questions or feedback? Contact:
This week we breakdown the key numbers you need to know from Q1 earnings reports including updated subscriber and ARPU numbers from Paramount+, Roku, Peacock TV and cord cutting numbers from Charter, Comcast and Verizon. We also detail the revenue growth rate, GAAP net loss/gain from cloud vendors and streaming vendors including Akamai, Alphabet, Brightcove, Fastly, Limelight, Microsoft, Vimeo. Come up to speed on important Q1 earnings you should know about, all in 30-minutes.Companies, and services mentioned: Comcast, Peacock TV, Paramount+, Roku, Amazon, Fastly, Limelight, Akamai, Brightcove, WicketLabs, Microsoft, Amazon Prime Video, NFL, Alphabet, YouTube TV, Vimeo, Charter, Verizon. Questions or feedback? Contact:
This week we discuss some of the news from the NAB Show, detail some of the products and services we saw on the exhibit floor and talk about the hottest topics discussed at the Streaming Summit. We also detail attendee numbers, some of the NAB's plans for the new show in NYC in October, how engineering teams are building out video applications and what the future of the media business looks like.Companies, and services mentioned: Meta, Agora, FOX Sports, LaLiga, Hulu, Sling TV, Netflix, HBO Max, Eluvio, Livepeer, Brightcove, Mux.Questions or feedback? Contact:
On Monday April 25th, Google  announced a new commercial CDN offering called "Media CDN", as part of their Google Cloud platform. For this special podcast, I sat down with David Reisfeld, Customer Engineering Manager, Network Specialist at Google to discuss the news. We cover why Google is entering the CDN market, what their new service consists of, how Media CDN is leveraging YouTube's infrastructure, the importance of Media CDN to Google's Cloud platform and what their product roadmap looks like for the rest of the year.Questions or feedback? Contact: 
This week we breakdown Roku’s business model discussing their challenges but also the large opportunity they have in the market when it comes to the strength of their advertising platform. We also discuss Roku’s ARPU, international growth and the success they have seen in their OS platform for TV manufacturers. We also highlight some AVOD news in the market and discuss Netflix adding an ad supported tier (before Netflix earnings came out).Companies, and services mentioned: Roku, HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, Apple, Facebook.Questions or feedback? Contact:
This week we discuss the holy grail of of the streaming media industry, a single platform to aggregate streaming media services. With new Discover and Universal Watchlist  functionality from Plex and news from Verizon about their +Play platform to centralize subscription services, we debate what might really take place in the market. We also cover some streaming viewership numbers from March Madness, the news of Disney+ getting live content with Dancing With the Stars and breakdown some of the technical limitations of the MLB stream on Apple TV+.Correction: The MLB games on Apple TV+ will be free for the "first 12 weeks", not just the first game like I suggested.Companies, and services mentioned: Apple TV+, MLB, Disney+, Plex, Verizon, Netflix, Peacock TV, NFL.Questions or feedback? Contact:
This week we discuss the complex streaming sports licensing business and the challenge sports fans now have in finding and consuming games from MLB and the NFL. With both league's doing exclusive streaming only deals for distribution, many consumers will now need cable or cable like bundles to get access to all games. With MLB on Apple TV+, Peacock, ESPN, TBS and some RSN services, it's getting to be a complex mess. The NFL is also getting more complex with Thursday night games now exclusive to Amazon Prime Video and won't be broadcast anywhere else, even in local markets. We debate what the impact could to the NFL and MLB when it comes to the future of fan viewership and engagement. Companies, and services mentioned: Apple TV+, MLB, NFL, Amazon Prime Video, MLB.TV, Sinclair, Peacock, ESPN, TBS, MoviePass.Questions or feedback? Contact:
This week we debate the real impact that password sharing could have on revenue and ARPU of streaming services. We also try and decipher confusing data from Antenna on the conversion rate from free trials to paid subscribers. We question who’s watching AVOD services when so much of the content is old and not exclusive to any single platform and discuss what the financial impact could be to OTT services when adding a lower priced ad-supported tier. And we touch on the launch of CNN+ and wonder who the target demographic is for the service when so much news content is now just commentary.Companies, and services mentioned: Netflix, Antenna, YouTube TV, Pluto TV, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney+, CNN+, Roku, Xumo, Tubi, IMDb TV, Vizio, Discovery.Questions or feedback? Contact:
This week we preview some of the speakers and content that will be at the NAB Show Streaming Summit, taking place April 25-26 in Las Vegas. Hear what companies like Netflix, HBO Max, Paramount+, Disney, Fire TV, FOX, MotorTrend, La Liga, DAZN and others will be discussing and some of the main topics that will be covered in the program. We also discuss how industry conferences have changed since the pandemic, the role of hybrid events, what show organizers are doing well and what others need to improve on. Companies, and services mentioned: Netflix, HBO Max, Paramount+, Disney, DAZN, fuboTV, Oracle, Red Bull Racing, AWS, Salesforce, Korea Content Platform, Adobe, Dolby, Samsung, LG, Demuxed, Roku, Fire TV, Vizio.Questions or feedback? Contact:
This week we discuss the Apple and MLB deal and debate the importance of sports streaming to the content strategy of Apple TV+ going forward. We also highlight what the deal might mean for other sports streaming companies like Sinclair’s DTC service, which will have go-fenced games from some MLB teams and we talk about the difficulty consumers are having in finding sports content from one league on a single platform. The discussion also breaks down the news by Verizon of a new platform called +play, which will allow consumers to purchase and manage some of their favorite subscriptions across entertainment, audio, gaming, fitness, music, all with a single point of billing.Companies, and services mentioned: Apple, MLB, Sinclair, Apple TV+, MLB.TV, Netflix, Hulu, Verizon, Roku, Vizio, LG, Samsung, CNN+, Verizon Fios, Disney, NBCU, Peacock TV, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video, Antenna, FOX Nation, Sony. Questions or feedback? Contact:
For this special edition of my podcast, I sit down with Limelight’s CEO Bob Lyons to discuss the details around their news to acquire Edgecast from Apollo Funds in an all stock deal valued at approximately $300 million (1x Edgecast revenue) and to rebrand the combined companies as Edgio. We also discuss the current state of the CDN market including the competitive landscape, pricing trends, the expected mix of Limelight's revenue between CDN and security as well as what Limelight’s product strategy looks like going forward. Note: The podcast was recorded the night before the news was announced, so any impact to Limelight's stock price on Monday March 6th is not covered. The new website for the combined companies will be
This week we highlight HBO Max entering the live sports market with the news that they will broadcast more than twenty Women’s and Men’s National U.S. Soccer matches each year. We also discuss what Disney’s new ad-supported subscription for Disney+ might look like, when the option launches in late 2022. We also break down AppLovin’s acquisition of CTV platform Wurl for $430 million, based on projected 2023 revenue of $75 million and the challenges and opportunities for the entire CTV market going forward. Companies, and services mentioned: HBO Max, WarnerMedia, Netflix, Turner Sports, Disney+, Paramount+, Netflix, Vizio, Pluto TV, AppLovin, Wurl, Human, fuboTV, Roku, Samsung, LG, NBC Sports.Articles Mentioned- AppLovin, which announced their plans to acquire Wurl for $430 million has now disclosed Wurl revenue. Wurl is projected to do $75 million in revenue by 2023.- Vizio Q4 Earnings: Platform+ revenue of $105.1M, up 74%; SmartCast Active Accounts grew 24% to 15.1M; ARPU of $21.68, up 67%; Total revenue of $628.8M, down from $734.3M y/o/y.- Turner Sports and the U.S. Soccer Federation have reached an eight-year multimedia rights agreement that will make TNT/TBS and HBO Max the exclusive English-language home to more than 20 Women’s and Men’s National Team matches each year.Questions or feedback? Contact us at
This week we breakdown the 70,000 subscriber losses from Sling TV in Q4, the injection of $4.3B into DAZN and the upcoming soft launch of Bally Sports RSN streaming service. We also cover the key numbers you need to know from FuboTV, who ended 2021 with 1.13M subs and Discovery, who wrapped up 2021 with 22M D2C subs. We also discuss what’s behind so many streaming vendors slashing revenue growth projections for this year when compared to 2021.Companies, and services mentioned: DAZN, FuboTV, Sinclair, Bally Sports, BT Sports, DISH, Sling TV, Discovery, HBO Max, Sabio, Vidillion, Haivision, AVIWEST, Kaltura, Brightcove, Fastly, Vimeo, Agora, Limelight Networks, Akamai, Qumu, Hopin.Articles Mentioned- Discovery Q4 2021 Earnings: Gained 2M paying D2C subs, ended 2021 with 22M; Expects merger with Warner Bros. to close in Q2- DISH Q4 2021 Earnings: Lost 70,000 Sling TV subscribers in Q4 to end 2021 with 2.49M Sling TV subscribers; Total revenue in Q4 of $4.45B, flat y/o/y- FuboTV Full Year 2021 Earnings: Ended 2021 with 1.13M subs; Projects to end 2022 with 1.74M total subs; Total 2021 revenue of $637M, up 144% y/o/y; Net loss of $383M for the year- Sinclair says the DTC “soft launch" of 5 Bally Sports RSNs with MLB teams is expected in Q2 of this year, with full launch and the addition of NBA and NHL teams to take place in Q3 of this yearQuestions or feedback? Contact us at
This week we breakdown the confusing streaming numbers given out by NBC Sports from the Super Bowl and cover what you need to know about revenue growth, profit/loss, market cap and revenue guidance based on earnings from Roku, Paramount, Fastly, Akamai and Brightcove. We also call out Phenix for their bogus ultra-low latency claims around the Super Bowl and the narrative they are pushing with the media claiming “sports streaming is broken”, when it isn’t. Finally, we cover the latest impact to streaming media related stocks which had another bad week, with some seeing big declines in their stock price.Companies, services and people mentioned: NBC Sports, Peacock TV, Paramount+, AMC Networks, Roku, Akamai, Fastly, Brightcove, Kaltura, Phenix, Chas Mastin, Alex Zambelli, Will Law, Catie Keck.Articles Mentioned- Q4 Earnings: Key Numbers From Brightcove, Akamai, Fastly, Cloudflare and Vimeo- NBC Sports Confusing Super Bowl Streaming Numbers- The Super Bowl Didn’t Offer Ultra-Low Latency Streaming Because There Was No Business Value In Offering ItQuestions or feedback? Contact us at
This week we breakdown earnings from Disney including the new subscriber numbers and ARPU they announced for Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+, while also losing $593 million in their D2C business in Q4 2021. We also detail earnings at Vimeo along with some major problems in their business and multiple changes they announced regarding their go-to-market strategy. Other news highlighted include revenue numbers from FOX Corporation, new bundling pricing from fuboTV, Brightcove's appointment of a new CEO and the problem many in the media and industry have separating facts versus opinions.Companies and services mentioned: Disney+, ESPN+, Hulu, Disney Streaming Services, FOX Corporation, Tubi, Vimeo, Brightcove, fuboTV, Needham & Co., Netflix, Allure Security, Discovery, WarnerMedia, Innovid, TVSquared, Roku, Peloton.Questions or feedback? Contact us at
This week we breakdown earnings from Amazon, Meta and Alphabet including Amazon's disclosure of revenue from its fast-growing advertising business, AWS revenue growth of 40% and Amazon raising their Prime membership fee. We also cover Apple’s negative impact on Meta’s business, estimated to be in the order of $10 billion in 2022, and YouTube's ad revenue of $8.6 billion, up 25%. We also cover Brightcove's acquisition of audience insight platform Wicket Labs and Dolby’s acquisition of ultra-low-latency video platform Millicast.Companies and services mentioned: Amazon, Meta, Alphabet, YouTube, Discovery, HBO Max, Starz, Brightcove, Millicast, Lionsgate, Apple, Wicket Labs, Dolby, AWS, Instagram, BT Group, WarnerMedia, Comcast.Questions or feedback? Contact us at
This week we breakdown Q4 earnings data from Comcast, Verizon, Apple, AT&T and Charter and discuss different pricing and bundling trends of OTT services. We also highlight new subscriber numbers given out on Peacock TV and HBO Max as well as the latest number of pay TV losses reported by the cable operators. We also debate the global TAM for streaming media households, estimated by Netflix to be 600-800 million, and question why if that number is accurate, Netflix is having trouble growing faster in low-penetration regions such as Europe and APAC.Companies and services mentioned: Netflix, Comcast, Peacock TV, Apple TV+, Verizon, Charter, HBO Max, Discovery, Disney+, Spotify, AT&T, Hulu.Questions or feedback? Contact us at
This week we breakdown Netflix's Q4 earnings after watching the stock drop over $100 the next day, also causing new 52-week lows for stocks from Disney, Roku and fuboTV. We also discuss the proposed $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, announced on the same day that the DOJ and FTC discussed plans to update and modernize merger enforcement guidelines, something that could mean more rigorous scrutiny of major tech and media transactions. Other news highlighted includes Limelight Networks earnings, the rumor of DAZN in talks to acquire British channel producer BT Sports for $800 million and fuboTV raising their RSN Fee in New England.Companies and services mentioned: Netflix, Disney, Roku, fuboTV, Limelight Networks, DAZN, Microsoft, Activision Blizzard, Discovery, WarnerMedia, Amazon, MGM, Vimeo, Peacock TV, Apple, Amazon, NHL.Executives mentioned: Bryan Walls, Eric Iverson, Eric Black, Lexie Knauer, Lisa Bennett.Links to articles mentioned:Netflix Q4 2021 Earnings: Added 8.3M subs; has 222M total subs. Forecasts Q1 2022 paid net adds of 2.5M. Full year revenue of $30B Q4 2021 Earnings: Revenue of $62.9M, up 14% y/o/y, GAAP net loss of $7.7M; Total 2021 revenue of $217.6M or feedback? Contact us at
This week we talk about industry challenges with churn and retention and highlight some of the major problems when it comes to the methodology being used to compare services. We also discuss Netflix's recent price increase and the potential impact it could have on their subscriber growth. We also cover the recent sports licensing deals with the news that ViacomCBS secured the exclusive rights to stream English Premier League soccer; Sinclair announced a new distribution rights agreement with the NBA and we've read rumors of Apple talking to MLB. We also highlight new subscriber numbers from fuboTV, the growth of IMAX's revenue in 2021 and our take on the attendance numbers from the CES Show.Companies and services mentioned: Netflix, ViacomCBS, Paramount+, Discovery, Sinclair Broadcast Group, fuboTV, IMAX, Vimeo, Roku, NBA, Apple, MLB, V-Nova, Disney, Salesforce. Links to articles mentioned:Over 58% of OTT Services Surveyed Have “Limited” to “No” Insight Into The Main Reasons for Churn must compete against all other standards, starting with AV1 which is a royalty-free codec or feedback? Contact us at
This week we breakdown the latest HBO Max/HB0 subscribers numbers just released by AT&T and question how the industry should define sub growth. While 73.8M sounds like a big number, the service had 61M at the end of 2020 and won’t have day-in-date releases this year. We also debate some of the latest “estimates” released on vMVPD subscriber growth and highlight the challenges faced with vMVPD packages now averaging $65 a month. We also touch on some of the latest numbers given out at the CES show around Five TV device sales and Google TV adoption.Companies and services mentioned: HBO Max, Fire TV, Peacock TV, Sling TV, Hulu, Disney, Netflix, Discovery, WarnerMedia, Apple, Roku, Samsung, TCL, Google TV, YouTube TV, fuobTV, Philo, DIRECTV STREAM, PlayStation Vue, ESPN+, Comcast, AT&T, Fastly, Cloudflare, Brightcove, Limelight Networks, Haivision, Kaltura, Qumu, Vimeo, Twitter, Akamai.Executives mentioned: Jay Utz, Noah Levine, Robert Coon, Guy Paskar, David Belson.Links to articles mentioned:AT&T says they ended 2021 with "approximately 73.8 million total global HBO Max and HBO subscribers of vMVPD Services Stalling: Sling TV Added Only 260,000 Subs in 4 Years says they have now sold over 150 million Fire TV devices globally says that Premium Peacock customers will be able to stream every minute of every live event of the 2022 Winter Olympics, "All in One Place" or feedback? Contact us at
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