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Our trauma doesn't define us but it sure can impact the way that we see the world and connect to others (especially as you move through different points in your healing!). I'm breaking down my latest IG post and getting into 6 (of many) signs that your past trauma can be showing up and impacting your relationship or dating life.
My dad was one of the greatest people I've had in my life and continues to leave his imprint on me. I was devastated losing him and had to do a lot of growing while figuring what life without him looked like. I stayed stuck and in denial for a long time refusing to move forward when it came to starting to take the steps to get professional and even asking others for help like car trouble when I ran exhausted from feeling defeated on my own. Healing hasn't been easy and continues to require me to adapt, ask for help and tap into some of the most vulnerable parts of me. I'm sharing what I know so far in my grief journey with a huge focus on realities, fears what's been helpful for me when coping, friendships strengthening and others falling a part and what grief looks like for me today, 11 years later.
Female Friendships

Female Friendships


The joys and complexities of female friendship is something that we learn over time. Are you ready to reflect on what female friendships have meant to you from when you were a child to a teen and now an adult? Connection is always a foundation piece in what brings two people together whether you're 8 or 30 but what that connection means for you will differ over time. Not to mention, your needs changing and growing together or a part (or in some cases giving each other the space to grow on our own).
Have you had that person in your life that has come and gone over and over? It somehow makes sense for you in your journey but you still feel like something might be wrong with this pattern. This is the episode you've been waiting for. Inspired by an earlier GGH post of mine, I wanted to dedicate an episode to why we recycle relationships. If you haven't heard of the term before, I'll explain at the start but it is as it sounds. There's no shame in it and why we do it. In fact, from a trauma lens it's understandable why we keep old relationships close at times. 
I asked you to send me some of your questions or feelings around your current relationships including the one you have with yourself! Answering seven of your questions in this VALENTINE'S DAY inspired episode. Everything isn't always hearts and roses. Relationships take real work. Allow yourself to make connections and ask questions as you listen to this episode diving into grief in relationships, age gaps, therapy and self-love.
Get Your Pap Test Sis

Get Your Pap Test Sis


This is your bestie here reminding you to prioritize your health! Get that long over due physical and pap test. In this episode I talk about what to expect during a pap and my experience with having my first one done and the discoveries that that led to as well as an honest dialogue on some of the reservations we may have about seeking support. I share a part of my healing journey in the context of my reproductive health in the hopes of connecting to more of you out there who also have struggled with painful conditions. We need to normalize having more conversations like these and encourage one another to ask questions, push for answers and never minimize the pain or discomfort we go through. 
I left my job without a plan but knew that I couldn't stay. The pandemic has brought out a lot of challenges and surfaced issues that may have been there all along in our workplaces. On the flip side, it has brought to our attention what our needs are and whether they're being met or not. I share my rollercoaster experience of leaving, being unemployed, feeling completely lost and insecure, dating while being unemployed and some powerful reflections from this point in my life. So much of what we associated with who we are is linked to our schooling and career. But who are you when you have nothing?
What is Love Bombing?

What is Love Bombing?


Have you ever heard of the term love bombing or have had a friend tell you that you're being love bombed? We unpack all things love bomb related in this episode from signs to look out for, some of my own experiences with it and the connection it has to trauma for both those who have love bombed and those on the receiving end. If all signs point to you don't panic! It's okay! It's about looking inward too and understanding all perspectives while being clear about our own standards for our future partner. As always, it starts with us and the relationship we have with ourselves.



Expectation after expectation hits hard in your 20’s and no doubt can continue onwards. We each have a unique experience with how our tiny world around us has influenced the expectations we feel from society and from within. Trying to reach an expected milestone or keep up when working through trauma that has set you back developmentally is unfair and can exacerbate the pressures we already feel at this age. Let’s get into some of the more challenging and raw feelings that can come from years and even decades of not falling in line with the life we thought we would or were made to believe we needed to have. Catch some tips on how to deal and know that you are not alone.
Bracing for the holidays is a feeling, a trauma response and entire experience for those who have had their fair share of losses and mental health struggles. From putting on a fake exterior to family to pushing through events that you’re not mentally able to be at to your best ability. This episode is especially important for all listeners because it sheds a light on mindfulness and showing compassion for others who may not be in a space to indulge in this glamourized time of the year. Nothing feels lonelier then knowing you don’t feel the same way as the ads, music, your workplace, family unit or partner is feeling. The holidays mean something different to each of us. Let’s take some time to reflect on where we’re at. 
Meeting yourself where you’re at is a GGH fundamental. This goes beyond a phrase and is a practice for our healing, eager, self-sabotaging and pressure filled self. In this very first episode, I share a bit of my own journey in arriving at this point. Trauma plays a huge role in how we seek support, when we seek support and our ability to show ourselves self-compassion depending on the nature of our experiences. We talk about one’s evolution through healing and explore how self-awareness has supported us in where we’re at and want to go.
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