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Episode 17 Dr. Erez Dayan

Episode 17 Dr. Erez Dayan


Dr. Erez Dayan, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, leading the way in minimally invasive, outcome driven procedures. Juicy stories, and candid answers. Join us to get the real real, on this doctors work life balance, and his passion for the craft. the show
Episode 16 Pat Russo

Episode 16 Pat Russo


Pat Russo- His rising Social Media Influence combined with his never give up spirit has Pat using his artistic talent to create beautiful works of art with wood, and O, did i ment he's a quadriplegic? Join me in talking with an incredibly inspirational man as I ask all the questions...... even the awkward ones.  Support the show
#15 ShaRae Conrado Toxic Relationships, Hostage Crisis, Your Mine and OursSupport the show
Casey Wike: Sex Educator and Parenting CoachUs Promo Code Hillary20 at checkout to receive 20% off one on one coaching with Casey.Website; Media: the show
#13 James Wright, Marine Veteran, CEO of Kimonos for Kai, a Non Profit Organization for the prevention and family support of teen and preteen suicide. Kimonos for Kai website: Media: the show
#12 Ken Hendrix- My Dad, Legacy Leaver, New Home Builder, All around Good Guy.Jenuane Communities- Rio Mar Grande- the show
#11 Michael Carreno, Businessman, Immigrant, Legacy Creator PresGroup- the show
#10 "JoeComedy" Joey Sorgani, Rising comedian, MC, and dad of a blended family.Instagram - lounge Facebook - the show
#9 Danita Grenert: Childhood Cancer, Mental Illness, and Alcoholism. Join us as we talk about everything from Danita's son's cancer diagnosis, to her struggle with bipolar disorder, and beyond. Support the show
#8 Shelley Neil, Join us while we talk about Shelley's Journey through eliminating MD from her future family  tree, and how she talked to her kids about sex. Bonus I out myself about what's happening in my life!Support the show
#7 Scott (Scotty) Nelson, brilliant entrepreneur, jiu jitsu black belt, and the founder of CHIPSA hospital,  working on mind, body, and soul to treat their patients. CHIPSA HospitalON THE MAT Support the show
#6 Shayla Gifford, is a woman blazing trails in a place of business typically blazed by men. She's breaking the mold of a traditional job, and fighting the fear of judgement, mom guilt and jet setting her family into new cultures and experiences. Shayla Gifford InstagramShayla Gifford and the Guild Mortgage TeamBig Truck HatSupport the show
#5 A'ric Jackson International Youth Leadership Speaker and Coach, the work, his sexuality, vulnerability, authenticity, racism and taking the time to understand each other. Support the show
#4 Paul Renker is a Business and New Homes Sales Genius, whos losses during the 2008 recession were more than just the wealth he had created. Hillary Simply Youtube InstagramSupport the show
#3 Katie Steenberg is an early education revolutionary thinker,  who has some amazing insight and ideas on  challenging the status quo. Hillary Simply Youtube InstagramSupport the show
Laura Garcia is the founder of a beauty empire, La Di Da Beauty,  dare I say, future tech mogul, acceptor of her ego, and chose weight loss surgery as part of her empowerment journey.La Di Da Beauty:La Di Da WebsiteInstagram La Di Da FaceBook La Di Da SalonFaceBook La Di Da On Location Team Hillary Simply Youtube InstagramSupport the show
Mackenzie Ross is a new mom of 1, entrepreneur, real estate agent, blogger, and sexual abuse survivor.Blog - - Media - Simply Youtube - Media - the show
The Intermission

The Intermission


Hey Community, I am so grateful and appreciative  of your support, please continue to tune in and catch the stories of amazing people with me. Support the show
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