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Radio archives for South Florida talk radio hosts including Rick & Suds, Bob Lassiter, Jorge Rodriguez, Stan Major, and others. We will also be publishing requests from our sister podcast The Neil Rogers Show.
146 Episodes
ZETA 4 theme for NEIL
July 1999
From 2003. Before the Iraq war.
Jorge responds to the Cubans that closed the causeway. Plays Phil's Mariel boat race 12-minute bit (1:57)
Guns, Rosie vs Tom Selleck, Stern, State of Israel and the Middle East, Star Wars
Jim Skyler from Hot 105 calls in, Neil & Bird eat pizza, Date estimate
Neil and the Bird on Zeta 4. 8-10am
Two segments of Neil with Glen, and Cap'n Dave. John Ford found a CD of oldies 45s, Neil goes through some of them, including Dicky Lee's "I Saw Linda Yesterday", which Boca uses for a parody. Brian McKenzie brought in a magazine article about dead musical artists. Info includes when, where, and how they died, and their big hits. Artists include Elvis, Bobby Darin, Dennis Wilson, Duane Allman, and Gram Parsons. date approximate
Norm's "gate card" would not let him in this morning, and technical difficulties with show, and tape. The Gulf War is the main topic. RIP Norm
Religion talk
Mickey - Dead Hooker

Mickey - Dead Hooker


bit from the Neil Rogers Show
Clips of Ted on the Rick and Suds Show on WIOD.
It is Memorial Day on Super Talk's Rick and Suds Show. A caller is bringing in pies, taxes, Mrs. Sud's car was totaled, and "Cows With Guns" played over, and over, and over...
15 minute clip of the boys with Adam, and Jorge. Rick is giving out bad advice today. A certain chronic gets on the air.
Yesterday was Rick's birthday. Ciscos, scams, small claims court, and free stuff on your birthday.
Rick had a rough weekend. His son is getting a lowrider. How Suds got his name. They helped a caller get a new job. Karen Kay is tired of being bashed on air. Will Danger Boy be back?
Kids and their clothes, contests, old lady thinks she is speaking to Neil, and Suds had his eyeball licked.
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