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As a bonus to season 1 of Xing The Gap, we're releasing video versions of your favourite episodes. Now you get to see AND hear some of the extraordinary Canadians we spoke to this season, plus live drawings by Rick Miller, and multimedia by Kidoons. To watch Asha, Rick and Ravi, click here. Enjoy!Rick speaks with Ravi Jain and his mom Asha, stars of the international hit show Brimful of Asha. Ravi is the co-artistic director and founder of Why Not Theatre, a trailblazing company that celebrates cultural diversity and gives access to a younger generation of Canadian artists. The mother-son pair, with an assist from dad Ramesh and baby Rohan, share stories about arranged marriage, raising kids in immigrant communities, hipsters, gentrification, inter-generational cohabitation, ... and getting by a blank check from the Rolling Stones. Sweet Dreams… are made of this.#BuildBridgesNotWallsXingTheGap.comBoomTheShow.comRickMiller.catw: @RickMillerActorig: @RickMillerActorig: @seeravirun, @whynottheatreto
As a bonus to season 1 of Xing The Gap, we're releasing video versions of your favourite episodes. Now you get to see AND hear some of the extraordinary Canadians we spoke to this season, plus live drawings by Rick Miller, and multimedia by Kidoons. To watch Bruria, Rick and James, click here. Enjoy!In this special cooking episode, Rick speaks to Bruria Cooperman - “the Rebel Bubbie" - and chef James Mayer, a Millennial who starred on Master Chef Canada. Bruria is an artist, storyteller, and author of “For THIS I Survived? Children of Survivors Beyond the Trauma”. By day, James works for the Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation, and by night, he’s a classically trained, private chef for friends and family. We talk about family dinners, tradition vs. innovation in cooking, Hellman's vs. Miracle Whip, stomping gefilte fish, remembering Woodstock, cooking with pearls, and other pearls of wisdom. Plus a game show, and Japanese fusion Matzah Balls. Bon appetit! @bruriacooperman2fb: @BruriaLCoopermanig: @chefjamie
As a bonus to season 1 of Xing The Gap, we're releasing video versions of your favourite episodes. Now you get to see AND hear some of the extraordinary Canadians we spoke to this season, plus live drawings by Rick Miller, and multimedia by Kidoons. To watch Mary, Rick and Jamie, click here.  Enjoy! Rick's two guests are Mary Walsh and Jamie Pitt, who bring us inter-generational perspectives from Newfoundland. Mary is one of Canada’s most recognized comedians, a founding member of CODCO and This Hour Has 22 Minutes, and a prolific writer, producer and performer. Jamie was a student of Mary’s, then her executive assistant, and is now a successful casting director, editor and educator. We talk about Newfoundlanders doing things their own way, gender and intersectionality, underrepresentation of older women in culture, looking under the hood of who we are, hurtful words, and heartfelt conversations with family.Plus a Canadian legend gets her butt whooped in a game show.#BuildBridgesNotWallsXingTheGap.comBoomTheShow.comRickMiller.caig: @xingthegaptw: @rickmilleractorig: @officialmarywalsh
As a bonus to season 1 of Xing The Gap, we're releasing video versions of your favourite episodes. Now you get to see AND hear some of the extraordinary Canadians we spoke to this season, plus live drawings by Rick Miller, and multimedia by Kidoons. To watch Fiona, Rick and Meher, click here.  Enjoy!  Today's guest are Fiona Reid and Meher Pavri, two incredible Canadian performing artists. Fiona’s a legend of stage and screen, member of the Order of Canada, and a mother of  two. Meher's a multidisciplinary Millennial who does it all: opera, musicals, theatre, film and TV. The conversation covers generational misunderstandings, technological transformations, evolving views on policing, institutions and authority, letting go of old ideas, being frightened of social media, acknowledging algorithms, stretching phone cords, and admiring your parents even though they don’t know what LOL means. That, plus a game show!#BuildBridgesNotWallsXingTheGap.comBoomTheShow.comRickMiller.caig: @xingthegaptw: @rickmilleractorig: @MeherPavri
In this episode - the last of Season 1 - Rick has put together a "best-of" trivia edit: 5 minutes each from 7 of your favourite episodes. It’s just silly fun, but these days, it’s more important than ever to laugh - especially at ourselves. So enjoy this special episode, featuringMary Walsh & Jamie PittBruce Kuwabara & Roxane BejjanyDaniel MacIvor & Zach Running CoyoteKaren Johnson-Diamond, Stephanie Wolfe & Griffin CorkRobert Lepage & Lyndz DantisteColin Mochrie & Debra McGrathJeremy Dutcher & John LerouxStay tuned for video edits of season 1 episodes, and a brand new XTG season of intergenerational conversations in the Fall of 2022.#BuildBridgesNotWallsXingTheGap.comBoomTheShow.comRickMiller.caig: @xingthegaptw: @rickmilleractor
It’s Mother’s Day today, and Rick's gift to you is a conversation with Sian-Pierre Regis and his mom Rebecca Danigelis. They’re the team behind the internationally acclaimed documentary film Duty Free, which has now been seen by over a billion people around the world, and has changed the conversation around ageism. Sian-Pierre is an award-winning journalist, cultural critic, and contributor for CNN, HLN, MTV and CBS. Rebecca, when the film was made, was a 75-year-old housekeeping supervisor at a hotel when she was fired - unfairly - and the film follows their amazing intergenerational journey. Together, they talk aboutCorporate restructuring  Suffering in silenceBeing gaslit by your employerConfronting ageismThe POJA Bill: Protect Older Job ApplicantsCollective action to make changeLiving intergenerationallyBucket ListsAnd jumping out of planesXingTheGap.comBoomTheShow.comRickMiller.caig: @xingthegaptw: @rickmilleractordutyfreefilm.comig: @rebrexitig: @sianpierreig: @dutyfreefilmtw: @sianpierrefb: @dutyfreefilm
Rick speaks to one of his favourite writers, Adam Gopnik. Adam's recent book A Thousand Small Sanities: The Moral Adventures of Liberalism is written as a letter to his daughter Olivia, who joins us for this intergenerational conversation. Adam’s been a staff writer for The New Yorker for 35 years, and has won multiple National Magazine Awards for his essays and criticism. Olivia is studying history at Harvard, and has often figured prominently in her father’s writing, from Bumping Into Mr. Ravioli all the way to today. They talk aboutThe shock of Trump’s electionGrowing up in Montreal, NY and ParisThe Relevance of LiberalismPrivilege vs. Good FortuneSharing your Good FortuneMacro Events, Micro ConsequencesIdentity Politics on College CampusesRock and Roll in the 60sEmpathy in TheatreJewish IdentityThe Institution of BaseballAnd a Game Show#BuildBridgesNotWallsXingTheGap.comBoomTheShow.comRickMiller.caig: @xingthegaptw: @rickmilleractoradamgopnik.comtw: adamgopnikig: oliviagparker tw: gopnikparker
In this episode, Rick speaks with Dr. Kenneth Montague and Emilie Croning. Kenneth is a Toronto art collector and the founder of Wedge Curatorial Projects, a non-profit organization that supports African and Diasporic artists. He’s also a dentist, but more on that dual-life later. Emilie’s a curator, artist and art historian of Jamaican and Lebanese descent, who digs into the intersections of feminist theories, post-colonialism, and criticism. She’s not a dentist, but she does work with Kenneth on Wedge Curatorial Projects and manages his private Wedge Collection. As a Boomer-GenX-Millennial trio, they dig intoStraddling the US-Canada borderChoosing dentistry over musicJames Van Der Zee’s photographyAppreciating vs. AppropriatingPushing for Black art collectorsLifting As You RiseCo-opting the Canadian FlagThe cycles of Rights MovementsThe transformative power of ArtAnd the slap heard round the world.#BuildBridgesNotWallsXingTheGap.comBoomTheShow.comRickMiller.caig: @xingthegaptw: @rickmilleractorwedgecuratorialprojects.orglink to Kenneth's book "As We Rise"ig: @drkmontagueemiliecroning.comig: @emcroning
Rick speaks with 2 multi-talented, multi-disciplinary guests from the Maritimes, Jeremy Dutcher and John Leroux. Jeremy is a Polaris Prize and Juno Award-winning performer, composer, activist, and member of Tobique First Nation in New Brunswick. He's an outspoken advocate for Indigenous and LGBTQ+ issues, and his first album Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa bridges all kinds of gaps. John Leroux, a GenXer, also hails from New Brunswick, and is not only the Curator at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in Fredericton, but an architect, PhD art historian, Rick's very good friend, and (Johnny’s words) a “very poor runner”. It's a super-lively chat that coversHow art connects usTwo-spirited (identities)Including everyone in the circleBeing yourself onstageLosing languages  Curating inclusionCourageous conversationsJesus Christ SuperstarAnd where to put your Juno.#BuildBridgesNotWallsXingTheGap.comBoomTheShow.comRickMiller.caig: @xingthegaptw: @rickmilleractorjeremydutcher.comig: @jdutchermusictw: @jdutchermusicbeaverbrookartgallery.orgig: @curatorlerouxtw: @JohnnyLeroux1
“If music be the food of love, play on.” (Twelfth Night, W. Shakespeare)Play on, music fans, because you’re in for a feast, as this episode features two musical giants of their generations, Alexina Louie & Michael Bridge. Alexina is one of Canadaʼs most celebrated composers, and her works for orchestra, opera and film draw influences from her Chinese heritage to the classical canon, from pop culture to musical theatre. She’s an Officer of the Order of Canada, and an inspiration to an entire generation of young musicians like… Michael Bridge. Michael’s a musical maverick, and a virtuoso superstar on the accordion. He tours the world, teaching and performing, and breaking all expectations of what’s possible from a musical instrument. Together with Rick, they riff onVancouver’s ChinatownPiano lessons Free-bass accordionThe ethereal art of musicHow it builds empathy“Desert Island” BachComposition vs. interpretationWearing many creative hats   Finding your own voiceOperas about Toothpaste, Burnt Toast and Brian MulroneyAnd an improvised tribute to Alexina.#BuildBridgesNotWallsXingTheGap.comBoomTheShow.comRickMiller.catw: @rickmilleractorig: Esprit Orchestrawatch Mulroney: The Opera
Rick speaks with Lu Hanessian and Nick Kepron, a multi-talented mother and son. Lu is an award-winning journalist, author, former NBC network anchor and Discovery Health Channel host, who has hosted more than a dozen TV shows over 25 years. She's a mind-brain resilience researcher and adjunct professor of peace and justice studies. Her articles and essays have been published in The New York Times, Mindful, Mothering, and USA Today, and she hosts a new podcast, The Foreseeable Now. Her son Nick, 23, is a musician, painter, composer, arranger, producer, educator and instrument builder - and as you’ll hear, one helluva drummer. From their home near Washington DC, they talk aboutvisions for new systemsreclaiming historyreading two stories, and inventing a 3rdthe space for choicesynesthesiaare Tuesday yellow or blue?meeting Rufus Reid, Neil Peart, and Jimmy Cobbliving up to our idealsintegrating resiliencethe foreseeable nowthe paradox of timeand heavy metal drummers.#BuildBridgesNotWallsXingTheGap.comBoomTheShow.comRickMiller.catw: @rickmilleractorig: @xingthegapluhanessian.comtw: @LuHanessianig: @theforeseeablenowpodcastfb: @theforeseeablenowpodcastnickkepronart.comig: @nickkepron
In this episode, Xing the Gap crosses the US border to speak with a couple of extraordinary Americans, Dan Millman and his daughter, Sierra Prasada. Dan’s a giant in the field of personal development. His first book, “Way of the Peaceful Warrior”, was adapted into a film starring Nick Nolte, and has changed countless lives, including mine. Sierra's also an accomplished writer and voice actor, who produces audiobooks with her life partner Serafim, and collaborates on books with her dad, like “The Creative Compass: Writing Your Way from Inspiration to Publication”. As an inter-gen trio, we talk about The creative journey,Collaborating through difference,A Peaceful Heart, and a Warrior Spirit,The theatre of life,The many characters within us,Cultivating a flexible mind,Finding our own path,The influence of Joseph Campbell,The Buddha’s final words,And life-changing
Drop in your nickel, folks, because the doctors are IN. Today, Rick speaks with two prominent psychiatrists, Dr. David Goldbloom and Dr. Juveria Zaheer, who both have ties to Canada’s East Coast, but now live and work in Toronto. David’s the Senior Medical Advisor at CAMH (the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health), an arts lover, educator, author, and Officer of the Order of Canada. He also sits on so many boards, it would get boring to list them all here. His colleague Juveria, a geriatric Millennial (her words), works as a Clinician Scientist and Education Administrator at CAMH, and is an Assistant Professor at U of T’s Department of Psychiatry. Together, they riff onThe Oregon Trail generation “People” innovations in mental healthUnderstanding the universe of othersThe promise and peril of AISocial media avoidance and addiction Nature, nurture and neuroplasticityProtecting the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortexAnd forgetting to put your pants on. David: “In less than 1 second, that entirely social construct of embarrassment translates into an intense psychological and physiological experience."Five cents,
Improv fans, you’re in for a treat, as Rick speaks to Colin Mochrie and Debra McGrath. Colin’s about a big an improv star as you can get, with over 2 decades on the TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, both the UK and US versions. But he’s not “Just for Laughs"... Colin’s also done Shakespearean tragedy, and played a serial killer on Murdoch Mysteries. He’s joined by his life partner Debra McGrath, an award-winning writer, producer and comedian, who co-starred with Colin in the CBC series Getting Along Famously. And as you’ll see, they do get along famously as we talk about being "OK Boomered", making Mulroney: the Opera , master plasterers, life’s twists and turns, laughing through tough times, helping their trans daughter choose a new name, free speech vs. hate speech, punching below your weight, hope in the younger generations, change in older generations, an improv game, and a game
Rick welcomes two prominent Montrealers who have made - and are continuing to make - a huge difference in his hometown. Andy Nulman is an entrepreneur, educator, author and speaker who’s always ahead of the curve, and happy to tell you so. He helped build the Just for Laughs festival into the world’s most prestigious comedy event, and he oozes with “Creativity, Courage and Guts” - that’s also the title of the MBA course he teaches at McGill. His pal Martine St-Victor is a powerhouse in her own right. She is General Manager at the Montréal office of Edelman, and is a frequent contributor to CBC, Radio-Canada, RDI, La Presse and The Gazette - in both official languages, bien sûr. Together, we talk about meeting in elevators, looking like Al Pacino, bridging "Les Deux Solitudes", Jewish and Haitian moms, how difference is an advantage, how politics can kill that advantage, changing your purpose to suit the problem, and fanboying over The Boss. (TW + IG)@martinemontreal (TW + IG)
XTG extends a big Bienvenue to 2 Quebec artists, Robert Lepage and Lyndz Dantiste. If you’re into theatre, film, circus or opera, chances are you’ve heard of Robert Lepage, artistic director of Le Diamant, Ex Machina, and one of the world’s most celebrated living director/writer/performers. His groundbreaking vision and technical wizardry are what inspired Rick to do what he does and he's fortunate to have worked with him on many productions earlier in his career. Robert is joined by Lyndz Dantiste, an up-and-coming young actor and dancer, onstage and onscreen, who is also the co-founder and co-artistic director of Théâtre de la Sentinelle in Montreal. Together, they talk about "La Sentinelle" ("Ghost Light" in English), staging the classics in Creole, different identities in different languages, BIPOC representation onstage, the absence of memory, learning from older generations & giving younger generations a chance, Jean-Paul Riopelle & Joni Mitchell, tapping into the universal, killing the father, transforming the “Self”, engaging the “Other”, and dancing with Sylvie Guillem. (Robert) “Each leg is insured for 6 million dollars, so when she runs at you and you have to catch her in mid-air, that’s what you think about.”Break a leg? Or not.
Rick speaks with fellow podcasters Stephanie Wolfe, Karen Johnson-Diamond, and Griffin Cork, the voices behind "The Breakfast Dish", "Scamtime", and "Bridging the Gap Between Generations Who Assume Things About Each Other”, which Rick guested on in 2021. Stephanie and Karen are renowned Albertan actors and improvisers. Steph’s a founding member of the Canadian Comedy Award Winning Live Improvised Soap Opera, Die-Nasty. Karen’s the co-founder of Dirty Laundry, another awesome Albertan improv company. Griffin is Karen’s son, and a fine actor and producer in his own right. As a quad, they cover the art/chaos of podcasting, assuming things about others and being wrong, how teenagers will save the world, how facebook and TikTok split generations, finding meaning in bullshit jobs, how GenX invented the internet, from “Yes But” to “Yes And”, seeing change as opportunity, and why learning people’s pronouns is - to quote Griffin - “less effort than helping them move". The Gap podcast@dienastyimprov@fraud.broads ( Scamtime )@dirtylaundryyyc@karenjohnsondiamond@GriffinCork
In this XTG episode, Rick interviews Steve Anthony and Malaika Astorga. For Canadian GenXers, Steve Anthony is a household name, as one of the early stars of MuchMusic. Steve then cut his locks, and spent the next decade hosting CP24 Breakfast, helping it become the #1 Morning TV show in Canada. He’s joined by Malaika Astorga, a Latinx B. Comm graduate from Concordia, and co-founder of Also Cool — an online arts and music platform, plus podcast. She’s also a strategist for an L.A based media company, and a social media consultant for a ton of artists. As 3 generations, they riff on Mexican-Canadians in Quebec, VJs at the dawn of the internet, the Montreal-Toronto gap, how music tethers generations, how Algorithms create niches, how social media changes businesses, dealing with declining relevance, taking TikTok seriously, and trying to stump a pop culture icon in a game show.
It's inter-generational theatre time! Rick speaks with Daniel MacIvor and Zach Running Coyote. Daniel’s one of Canada’s most renowned writer/performers, winner of the 2008 Siminovitch Prize, and too many other awards to list here. If you’ve been through theatre school in Canada, you’ve probably studied one of his monologues. Zach’s a twenty-something, multi-talented writer/performer, only a couple of years out of acting school, who I bet the next generation of theatre students will be studying. As a trio, they dig into generational cuspers, the recognition of intersection, solo vs multi-actor performance, cross-generational writing, repeating past mistakes, failing better, Betty White vs. Satan, Why Twitter makes us want to leave social media, and the trainwreck of Reality TV. Plus the players play a game show!
XTG is about building bridges, and Rick speaks to 2 building experts (like, literal buildings). Bruce Kuwabara is a founding partner of KPMB Architects, Chair of the Canadian Centre for Architecture, and an Officer of the Order of Canada. He’s joined by Roxane Bejjany, an up-and-coming KPMB architect, who brings a Millennial perspective on work, life, and everything in between. Through the lens of architecture (which is what Rick studied in school) they talk about plurality in Canada, the concept of openness, the meaning of buildings, how hard it is to make great architecture, office towers that breathe, designing for mental health, mentoring from boomers, learning from GenZ, and thinking long-term. All that, and the usual game show silliness.
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