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Listen in to an anonymous coaching session with a business owner who has lost the spark for the work that they do, but feel trapped financially and a sense of duty and responsibility. For more on the concepts of red light/green light - access free training
Time is the greatest illusion of our realities and as physics is coming to understand, a construct of consciousness. While we perceive time as linear that is tracked based on entropy, the truth is that we are constantly moving through time every day of our lives.Memories are movements into the past.Visualisation and goals are movements into the future.Illumination is a technique whereby we enhance or change personal behaviours or character traits (ex: an addiction or procrastination).Retroactive refers to a past moment in time.This guided pathworking session is intended to help you heal past traumas or dysfunction. To access more training and pathworkings visit 
Discover a powerful method of guiding yourself straight into what you desire AND of reducing dysfunction and stress in your life (so simple even a fourth grader could grasp it)The red light/green light system is a process of knowing when to push go (on investments/hiring/firing/projects etc) and when to step away.  It will change the way you show up in your business, relationships and personal life will fast track your own transformation and expansion.Tune in to uncover the revolutionary red light/green light method.  
Recalibrate the relationship with money - heal anxieties, fears, and sabotaging beliefs.  This guided meditation session can be completed seated in front of a blue candle or lying down with eyes closed.  The intention of the sensory is to take you on an auditory journey to encounter the blue money dragon to recalibrate relationship with money.To access more guided calibrations head to 
This guided session is best listened to lying down an in a comfortable position.  Enter a guided focus sprint where I take your surfing through various perspectives.  When we develop the ability to fluidly shift between perspectives not only do we foster more empathy towards all other beings, we also are able to assist our own expansion. Remember - you do not need to fear the reality tunnels I take you into, know that you are merely the observer and are more powerful than the experiences themselves.  Best listened to using headphones for full binaural beat benefits. 
What happens when you are at the helm of a business you have dedicated many years into growing, and while it has had some good days, and financial booms of $30K months, it's also had plenty of $0K months and resistance. When I used to see revenues behaving like this in the agency owners I would work with, one of the first questions I would ask is "do you feel purposeful or excited about what you are building or creating?" The answer would usually always be something along the lines of "not really". At which stage - if reality is simply a mirror of us - it becomes evident why resistance and financial yo-yos exist. But there's an important distinction that needs to be made at crossroads like these, because a lot of the times what happens is that a person loses their mojo for their business and get discouraged BECAUSE they encountered resistance.  They were maybe building things, in flow even - maybe even getting a few months of growth and promising revenues, and then bam, they hit a snag, a $0K month, a month when everything goes wrong, and their focus naturally shifts to the problems in the reflection, and the image changes as a result.  We then push harder, blame and coerce ourselves and the entire dynamic of the energy from which we are now creating has shifted.So before we burn our business or job or relationships to the ground and abandon ship we must first ensure that we are grounded back into focus and patience. Usually, when this happens, the thing that caused such grief before dissipates, the problems are solved or solutions become evident, our partners suddenly don't repulse us as much, our jobs or tasks on our to do lists don't irritate us as much.  If that is NOT the case once a "green light state" has been achieved.  Then this an indication that a new desire of creation is needing to be acknowledged and explored.  When we ignore this, the more resistance we encounter. And so we must continually make it life commitment to pursue dreams.  In the latest episode of the Flow Protocols podcast, I speak to an agency owner going through a similar thing in an anonymous 1:1 session. 🦋 DOWNLOAD FREE FLOW PROTOCOLS (GUIDED FOCUS SPRINTS & TRAINING) 
I'll be honest - this has been a somewhat uncomfortable episode to share and was recorded impromptu on the day I was supposed to publish another one. It felt important that I speak openly about recently experiencing thoughts of depression  because I am also trying to hold a space for others going through this themselves. There has been some interesting timing of events happening in my life recently where I declared that I would follow a life led by intuition and my declaration was heard and granted - the requirement,  of course, being that I am willing to actually live a life led my intuition, which means fully trusting and surrendering to this guidance. I said - "sign me up!" And my first mission was assigned, and my legs wavered almost immediately. Life is the most talented scriptwriter I have seen to date - the serendipity of this declaration and all of these massive shifts happening in the way that they have has led me to further surrender. The depression was never about self sabotage. It's about trying to steer me. But this shift requires the acceptance of an uncomfortable ask:  When you're at the crossroads of a big unknown  - full of question marks and irrationalities - will you trust yourself to guide yourself through the grey? I thought I did, but I guess I'm still human, the unknown is scary no matter who you are, I pushed back, more times that I should have,. And depression came nipping each time.  This is how it's playing out in real time, even thought it's still a bit raw it's happening so fast I felt I wouldn't know how to explain it later on.  I hope my journey it serves you in your own. Note - If you do experience depression or heavy thoughts and things are too much for you to cope on your own  - owning your story means first reaching out to someone and letting your tribe  (even if it's a perfect stranger) support you.  Remember any big life or death decision should never be made from red light states - wait till you get back into green light until you think about such things again - from there you will see you won't be inclined to think of them and that your own wellbeing is always the precedent.  Find me on Insta @cathowell or check out for protocols 
Short guided meditation aimed to help you to place the sensation of worthiness in your nervous system.  It is recommended that you find a comfortable place to sit or lie down when listening to this meditation. 
Three moments in my life  when I encountered fear that almost derailed a good thing and how I was able to move through it 
Listen in on a 1:1  session with myself and an anonymous entrepreneur who is no longer sure if his shiny object syndrome is the result of self sabotage or simply his true nature. He feels unsuccessful and frustrated by his lack of focus and would like to streamline his ideas to find more simplicity and success in life.  Listen in to hear my response. Check out for an extended Masterclass that dives into these ideas in more depth. 
It is recommended that you are sitting or lying down somewhere private to listen to this episode as I will take you through a guided meditation. Remember:▲ Try to ask open ended questions...▲ Be in a calm "green light" state before trying to encounter your intuition.. ▲ Intuition doesn't always use words to communicate, if symbols come through to you then identify how you first interpreted it, before the rational mind got involved...what does it mean to you, not what you think it should mean… ▲ write down what came through and create an reminder in your calendar three weeks from now to review…it usually makes more sense with time behind it…▲ It’s normal to struggle with this your first few goes. It will be difficult for you to discern the cloud of thoughts that is your fears speaking and your own guidance system, but it’s yours for a reason, it can always be accessed with a bit of intention…
Yesterday I made a post about my fascination in the occult on Facebook and - perhaps unsurprisingly - it caused a stir with many people advising me I needed to find Jesus or that science and data are the only truths.    While this only cemented my point that we tend to crush ideas that don't confirm to our own I wanted to clarify how I define the occult and why it is that I believe it is a beneficial practice.To me I see the occult is a simple and effective way to achieve deep states of intentional focus. The human mind is untapped potential, and there is little question that beliefs and perceptions determine the fringe at which reality is experienced.Any tool that can assist an individual to create new thought patterns or beliefs that are useful to them, should logically be integrated.  This is not about being a witch in front of a cauldron casting evil spells on people (on the contrary, when I know a loved one or friend is in need I will think of them thriving, feeling, well. This is no different to prayer in many ways), this is about training the mind to become an active participant in thought patterns. While you can achieve this through religion or reiki or crystals or dancing naked outside or what not, the reason I like the occult practices specifically, is because it incorporates rituals.And what I have observed is that across all cultures and borders, species wide - humans love rituals and incorporate them into everything we do - from marriage, to new years, to deaths!  Our ancestors used them and we continue to subscribe to even the most ridiculous ones - like diamond rings for engagements to crossing ourselves to ward off danger.  They help us to quell anxieties, bond, and give us a sense of meaning. I have found rituals especially beneficial in getting my busy mind to settle into focused thought patterns - something I would otherwise struggle with.  I achieve something similar when I meditate but I find rituals are slightly more fun then meditation and are ESPECIALLY handy if you are a kinaesthetic or visual learner. So to me "magic" works not because there's anything woo woo about it but because it essentially intentionally focuses your mind even but for a moment by using the power of rituals.And when you learn to focus your thoughts in such a way and you are in integrity and have love for others, everybody benefits. When we soften to these ideas, and accept that science and faith are both just trying to make meaning of the magic that is life, we can begin to unlock the parts of ourselves we have perhaps been led to fear or have lost in the texts of time. Share this episode if it feels aligned. 
A cautionary tale of perspectives.   In this episode I share how some insecurities led to me perceiving things that didn't exist, a streak of business betrayals, and an optimist's take on the pandemic.  
Anxiety and fear are emotions all of us will come to experience at some stage in our lives, for some of us it is something that we deal with on a daily basis. In this episode I share three of my personal experiences dealing with panic and fear, including financial anxiety and how to handle it as it comes up. 
Most of us view our sense of self worth as this elusive thing that is difficult to come by, let alone sustain.   Many of us find ourselves manically chasing the success, accolades and money in pursuit of a sense of sense worth - but what happens when you find yourself at the top of the mountain depressed and unfulfilled. In this episode I unravel how to stretch into a sense of sense worth. 
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