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Author: Mardia Umar

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In-depth analysis, incisive commentary and beyond the surface look at the top and trending news of the day.

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Education, they say, is the only tool used in empowering the girl child. It offers girls the necessary skills and information necessary to excel in a chosen career in the future.But unfortunately, not all girls have access to quality education like they should and deserve.In this episode of our Daily Podcast, we look at the extent girls go just to get educated
In the past week, over 5 journalists have been harassed, victimized and even killed across the country.Why are journalist being attacked?In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we look critically into why there is a surge in the attack against journalist across the country
The tribunal for the Kano election has decided, and a winner declared.What next?In this episode of our Daily podcast, we look at the way forward for Kano state.
One chance, kidnapping and even car snatching, has gradually started becoming a norm in the Federal capital territory.The once peaceful and safe FCT, is beginning to have its fair share of insecurity.In this episode of our Daily Podcast, we look at what is been done to curb the resent spike in insecurity across the FCT.
In the spirit of renewed hope, president Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has appointed two new ministers in charge of the Ministry of Youth.In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we would be asking if the youths are satisfied with the Nominated ministers.
The new season of harvest is here. However prices of grains keep soaring.In this episode of Nigeria Daily we find out why?
There is been a massive crash in transport fare in Borno State in the recent times. How sustainable is this? Find out in this episode of Nigeria Daily.
The increase in tuition fees by schools as a new session begins has thrown many parents into a nightmare. The hike in fees is coming at a time when disposable incomes of families are shrinking occasioned by the removal of petrol subsidy which has had spiral effects on prices of goods and services in the country.In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we find out how this is affecting parents and even the schools.
In more than 17 LGAs, there has been a recurring and concerning issue of  state governments running local council caretaker committees instead of electing LGA chairmen. In this episode, we see the reason why this happens and why it needs to end.
In Niger state, boat mishaps have become a recurring and concerning issue, leaving many wondering about the reasons behind these tragic incidents. In this episode, we see the factors contributing to this problem and discuss possible solutions for a safer future on the waterways.
Following security concerns in the northern part of the country, the northeast governor’s forum has blamed an influx of bandits in the region on traditional rulers and local authorities whom they say give shelter and cover for the perpetrators in the region.On this episode of Nigeria daily, we seek to find what roles traditional institutions play in curbing insecurity in the region.
The death of Sheikh Abubakar Giro Argungu has been described by many Nigerians including President Bola Ahmed Tinubu as a great loss to the nation. What are the lessons to be learnt from the late renowned Islamic scholar? Find out in this episode of Nigeria Daily.
 No legal challenge to the outcome of a presidential election has succeeded in Nigeria, which returned to democracy in 1999 after three decades of almost uninterrupted military rule and has a history of electoral fraud.Could the 2023 Presidential Election Petition Tribunal verdict be business as usual? Find out in this episode of
During the last 100 days, President Tinubu has been engaged in the process of restructuring his strategies and framework for governance and development.In this episode, we see how well this is playing out in major sectors of the country.
 The cattle markets in Zamfara are not just trading hubs but have been the heart of sustained livelihoods for decades.In this episode, we dive into the reasons and implications of this disclosure on not just Zamfara but other states
A Social media video making rounds of women arrested for reportedly being responsible for fainting from knocking people’s doors in Northern Nigeria.On this episode of Nigeria daily, let’s find out if this claim is true.
Indiscriminate urinating in public places has become a menace in the society, as many Nigerians have given deaf ears to warning from the government.In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we discuss the reasons why Nigerians must stop the act of open urination.
The suspension of a prominent political figure such as Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, According to report will mark a new milestone for the New Nigeria Peoples Party NNPP.In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we discuss the controversy rocking the party and also try to find out the real issues around the alleged suspension of Kwankwaso.
The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Lagos is gridlocks and the stress that comes with it, but the large population and influx of people suggests otherwise.In this episode, we see what people really think about the city of Lagos.
Behind the scenes, small business owners often encounter a myriad of challenges that can test their resilience and determination.On this episode of Nigeria daily, we’ll take a look at what small business owners face concerning the inception of their ventures.
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