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The West African Examination Council (WAEC), has confirmed that public schools in Sokoto and Zamfara States, will not be sitting for this year’s West African Senior School Examination which is holding from May 16 to June 23, 2022. In Nigeria Daily, we look at why there are no WAEC candidates in the States.
On May 19th 2021, Daily Trust Launched it’s podcast.How has the journey being so far?In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we share the story behind the Daily Trust podcasts and the journey so far.
In the early hours of Tuesday, an explosion rocked the Sabon Gari area in Kano metropolis, leaving scores wounded.So many speculations and unconfirmed information have made rounds on the social media as a result of the explosion. What truly happened?In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we find out who caused the explosion in Kano.
In Northern Nigeria, bandits have been terrorizing villages and sacking people with impunity.One of the consequences is that farmers are fleeing their farmlands for survival.In this episode of Nigerian Daily, we look at how these attack might threaten food  security
There is high security presence in Sokoto amid Curfew announced by the state government to restore normalcy to the state, after violence erupted arising from angry mob taking the law into their hands.In this episode of the Daily, we discuss the legality of mob justice and the situation in Sokoto, the city of Caliphates.
There are more questions than answers over the controversial Section 84(12) of the Electoral Act 2022, as the president of Nigeria is already asking executive council members who are vying for political positions in 2023 to resign.Who will be spared and why?In this episode of Nigeria Daily we discuss the development.
In Nigeria, the average period for a university student to graduate ranges from four  to seven years, depending on your course of study.In some cases, we find students spending more time than expected in school due to different reasons.In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we look at what keeps university students in  school beyond the time they are supposed to graduate.
As the 2023 elections draw near, the scramble for power has intensified.Amidst the most recent surprising and not so surprising moves, reports of an  unknown group purchasing the 100 million Naira APC nomination form for Goodluck Jonathan is one of those that stand out.In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we uncover the true identity of the unknown group.
Agriculture is highly dependent on good weather.In Nigeria, many climatic occurrences have affected agricultural practices and food production.In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we look at how climate change will lead to shortage of food in 2022.
The 2023 elections are gathering momentum as sales of forms are ongoing in the PDP and APC ahead of the primaries.A rundown on the expected revenue from the electoral process shows APC may generate over 20 billion from the sale of its forms.Can this put the APC in a vantage position against opposition?
Despite the sensitization programmes of NGOs and development partners, the percentage of women occupying elective and appointive positions has not been very cheering.  Recently, the united nations has also joined the call for more women and youth participation in the nations electorals. will this make a difference?In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we discuss the possibility.
Ramadan fast 2022 is almost over, and Muslims across Nigeria and the world are preparing for the Eid el Fitr celebration also called Sallah, but before the  celebration, another important act of worship known as Zakatul Fitr, a charity for the break of fast needs to be given. In this episode of Nigeria Daily we discuss how best to give Zakatul Fitr.
The Department of State Services has alerted Nigerians to a plan by criminal gangs to public places, including relaxation centers.This alert comes a month after the bomb attack on the Abuja Kaduna train.In the episode of Nigeria Daily, we look at the state of Nigeria’s security a month after that incident.
Airlines have become a turning point for people who intend to travel to see their loved ones, especially with the spike in insecurity on the roads.Why do airlines hike their prices out of the reach of those who could once afford them?In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we look at why airlines hike their prices, especially during festive periods.
The Almajiri system of education involved sending male children to Islamic schools under the custody of a learned Islamic scholar.How did it change from that to street begging?In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we look at how begging was introduced into Tsangaya schools
Nigerians have expressed concerns in the frequent crashes of military aircraft, which has claimed lives of its personnel. At least four Nigerian military aircraft have been involved in deadly crashes since last year, including one that killed the nation’s army chief and 10 other soldiers on board.Why is this happening frequently?In this episode of Nigeria Daily we discuss the possible reasons for these crashes.
The last ten nights of Ramadan are regarded as the best nights and Muslims all over the world are encouraged to intensify their act of worship to earn Allah’s blessings and MercyIn this episode of Nigeria Daily we discuss the Significance of the last days/nights of the month of Ramadan
With the 2023 elections fast approaching, political parties are starting to sell their tickets.What does this mean for Nigeria’s democracy?In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we look at why political parties give out their elections forms at high prices.
Insecurity  has been at an alarming level in Imo state for a while now.The latest hotspot is Orlu, which has been portrayed on social media as a grave town.In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we look at how crises have turned the town into a shadow of itself.
The late Mallam Aminu Kano was the first Nigerian to have picked a woman as a running mate when he contested for president in 1983.Thirty-eight years since his death, how much progress have women made on the Nigerian political scene?In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we look at the enduring legacies of the highly respected politician.
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